História de quem foge e quem fica #2020

História de quem foge e quem fica Elena Ferrante Maurício Santana Dias Hist ria de quem foge e quem fica No terceiro volume da s rie napolitana Lenu e Lila partem para os embates da vida adulta Numa sequ ncia angustiante e sem espa o para a inoc ncia de outrora Elena Ferrante coloca o leitor no meio do

  • Title: História de quem foge e quem fica
  • Author: Elena Ferrante Maurício Santana Dias
  • ISBN: 9788525063496
  • Page: 416
  • Format: ebook
  • História de quem foge e quem fica Elena Ferrante Maurício Santana Dias No terceiro volume da s rie napolitana, Lenu e Lila partem para os embates da vida adulta Numa sequ ncia angustiante e sem espa o para a inoc ncia de outrora, Elena Ferrante coloca o leitor no meio do turbilh o que se forma das amizades, das rela es sociais e dos interesses individuais Hist ria de quem foge e de quem fica uma obra de arte a respeito do amor, da maternNo terceiro volume da s rie napolitana, Lenu e Lila partem para os embates da vida adulta Numa sequ ncia angustiante e sem espa o para a inoc ncia de outrora, Elena Ferrante coloca o leitor no meio do turbilh o que se forma das amizades, das rela es sociais e dos interesses individuais Hist ria de quem foge e de quem fica uma obra de arte a respeito do amor, da maternidade, da busca por justi a social e de como transgressor ser mulher em um mundo comandado pelos homens.
    História de quem foge e quem fica Elena Ferrante Maurício Santana Dias

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      416 Elena Ferrante Maurício Santana Dias
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    1. This book left me speechless.I ve spent the last few weeks reading Ferrante s Neapolitan novels, and I have grown increasingly attached to her two main characters, Elena and Lila These women are so well drawn and seem so real that I was anxious about what will happen to them When I finished this book last night on the edge of my seat, by the way, because there was yet another dramatic ending I was so unsteady that I had to rest a moment, pondering the fates of the women.I refuse to spoil anythin [...]

    2. I finished this today, the day Elena Ferrante s identity has reportedly been revealed I confess I feel a bit guilty now because while reading this there were several times I found myself wishing I knew how much was fiction and how much autobiography I wondered this because it struck me that when Lila disappears from the pages so too does the electric charge Ferrante s writing has Ferrante writes well about Elena s initiation into university life, the Milan literati, Italian political unrest, abo [...]

    3. SEI PROPRIO UNA BRAVA RAGAZZA, POVERA TE Due nomi, belli come Elena e Raffaella, storpiati in Len e Lina, o Lila Due donne, belle, intelligenti, sensibili, con almeno una marcia in pi , rivoltate come calzini, esplorate nei loro sentimenti pi ingarbugliati e molesti, scandagliate, scarnificate, messe a nudo negli aspetti peggiori, al punto che la mia mediocrit si sente meno sola, e a volte, perfino, superiore.Scavare nelle parole e tra le parole, in quello che ci gonfia e rompe, nel lato oscuro [...]

    4. 4.5 stars Review to come But obviously it was great Ok, now that I ve had time to come up with some thoughts though, no promises that they will be coherent I can attempt to write a review of this one Like the 2 preceding novels in the Neapolitan novels series by the fabulous Elena Ferrante, this one is quite hard to rate on its own The stories are so dependent on one another, and Ferrante so excellently doles out information that your reading of 1 book in the series seriously affects your percep [...]

    5. Finally getting back to this series I thoroughly enjoyed books one and two by Ferrante But I waited to get to book three I started this series via audio and wanted to finish them all via audio Oddly, my library only had books 1, 2, and 4 in audio So I waited for them to get it But the main reason I waitedI dread seeing the end of this absolutely amazing story Again we are drawn into the lives of Elena and Lila This book picks up immediately where book 2 left off, though they all do that Elena is [...]

    6. Each of us narrates our life as it suits us Lila CerulloMount Vesuvius simmers on the edges of Naples, a dragon in slumber, a metaphor for the rumbling, teeming city that erupts in violence without warning The view of the volcano s hulking presence, seen through the windows of an upscale apartment, serves as proof that one has risen above the squalor of the neighborhood to arrive in the loftier heights But no amount of money or education can sand away the rough resentments of those raised to fig [...]

    7. I NEVER WANT TO READ ABOUT NINO AGAIN Okay, I ve calmed down enough to write a review like a review so that I can move on to the next book This installment was the most frustrating one to read thus far It feels disjointed and the entire middle of the book is sloooooow It s hard to tell if this is an artistic choice does the reader have to experience the same sort of ennui that Elena does as a new mother if so, are hundreds of pages appropriate or if the story simply drags out this period of Ele [...]

    8. From Le nouveau nom I wrote and rewrote my review of Elena Ferrante s third volume, but each version I produced seemed stupider than the last empty words, tired formulas, a well crafted and earnest nullity of expression In the end, although I had promised myself I would not do so, I emailed the draft to my friend and asked for her advice An hour later, she skyped me back So what do you expect me to do she asked She seemed to be in a particularly bad mood You re the reviewer You understand this s [...]

    9. Become I wanted to become, even though I had never known what And I had become, that was certain, but without an object, without a real passion, without a determined ambition I had wanted to become something here was the point only because I was afraid that Lila would become someone and I would stay behind My becoming was a becoming in her wake I had to start again to become, but for myself, as an adult, outside of her I finished this third book in Elena Ferrante s Neapolitan series three weeks [...]

    10. Each book in the Neapolitan series has its different delights In Volume One, My Brilliant Friend, it was childhood, education and ambition In Volume Two, The Story of a New Name, the zombie like mindlessness of youthful sexual awakening Here, its wealth and poverty and the irrationality of lovers.Author Ferrante shows us why Communism was embraced by so many hardworking Italians Her tale may be beholden to Ignazio Silone, yet it gives one a compelling understanding of the hopes and dreams the id [...]

    11. Elena is married, living in Florence with a husband she fights with often.They have two daughters.king her life even complicated Choices need to be made Will she leave.or will she stay And regardless of her choice what else has to happen For her Her children Husband Is being happy with yourself dependent on if you stay OR leave Basically Elena is not content as a Betty Crocker type domestic woman She spends a great amount of time evaluating her every move, her every thought, questions her value [...]

    12. Series described as, inter alia, Passionate, Vicious, Intimate, Sweeping, Challenging, Flummoxing, Ferocious, High Stakes, Subversive and Blisteringly Good on Bad SexIf you ve not started reading them, WHY NOT Neapolitan actress Valeria Golino Hot, Hot, Hot The 3d of the Neapolitan Novels tetralogy by Italian novelist Elena Ferrante a pseudonym Ms Ferrante says she considers the four volumes to constitute one novel Instead of giving an overall description of the books again, I ll just include a [...]

    13. From the beginning, the reading of Ferrante has been a visceral experience Yet, reading her standalone novels first did not prepare for me for what a hyperrealistic fever dream these Neapolitan Novels have been Unlike hyperrealistic works of visual art where what is underneath proves that the picture is not real, what is underneath here seems all too real Upon finishing this installment I even felt guilty, as if I were complicit in the character s decisions.The narrator s scholarly work on male [...]

    14. Political turmoil rages through the Italian landscape when Elena finally gets married to her professor, Pietro Airota, and Lila has settled down living with Enzo Their worlds are a million miles apart as far as the two different lifestyles they have chosen is concerned It doesn t take long for Elena to realize, what Lila could have told her anyway Marriage by now seemed to me an institution that, contrary to what one might think, stripped coitus of all humanity Years pass in which they do not ha [...]

    15. Tamb m eu fui contagiada pela ferrantefever, e neste momento a nica terap utica saber como isto vai acabar Nestes dias de leitura e em conversas a prop sito da mesma, tenho tido alguma dificuldade em explicar o tema dos livros que, se para o primeiro volume aceit vel dizer que a hist ria da amizade entre duas raparigas e da vida no bairro onde vivem, nos seguintes a narrativa vai ganhar densidade a n vel pessoal das personagens, assim como aprofundar temas com ra zes bem reais e mostrar uma real [...]

    16. Oh, Elena Como conheces t o bem o ser humano Li em nove dias as cerca de novecentas e cinquenta p ginas dos tr s primeiros livros das Cr nicas Napolitanas E, agora, lamento me por n o conseguir ler em ingl s, ou italiano, para ir desencantar, em qualquer lado, o volume final das vidas de Lila e Len Estes tr s livros merecem a melhor review que eu poderia ser capaz de fazer, no entanto, sinto me sem as palavras que lhes fa am justi a Talvez no final consigaPor agora, deixo lhe um Sol representand [...]

    17. Reading Elena Ferrante s trilogy has been a marathon of never ending awe I m still electrified from reading the last volume Lila and lena will stay with me for a very very long time Pleease read My Brilliant Friend trilogy and keep in mind that it gets better and better and better and better as you turn each page.

    18. I am completely and utterly spellbound, bewitched Each novel in the series is getting me hooked Again, where do I start I ll just write a few thoughts.It s the 70s Elena is married to her university boyfriend, who s now a Professor and a very dull individual Ferrante is brilliant at conveying the loneliness of domesticity The conflict between loving your family and wanting to be there for them and the mind numbness of the constant chores Even the sex is a chore Elena is disappointed to discover [...]

    19. I am barreling through Ferrante books and loving them In book 3, Elena and Lila are now in their 20s and 30s and still living parallel and occasionally intersecting lives with mariage, lovers, kids, and lots of self questioning There is not one particular aspect or scene that comes to mind, but the overall impression of a very Proustian inspired look at the varying fates of these two women and how much they are changed and unchanged by the society that is changing around them The secondary and t [...]

    20. Ferrante s singularity is to make a glory of introspection and turn it into theatre There s a dark ardour present in her writing, and a thrilling physicality to her metaphors, boldly translated by Ann Goldstein She speaks of the anxious pleasure of violence , of desire feeling like a drop of rain in a spiderweb Her charting of the rivalries and sheer inscrutability of female friendship is raw This is high stakes, subversive literature Catherine Taylor for The TelegraphA theatre of introspection [...]

    21. Originally published on my blog, ShouldaCouldaWoulda Books.Hello and welcome back to the third edition of Kelly Freaks Out Over Elena Ferrante Theater I hope that you didn t come in here with the expectation that this was going to be the time that I got disillusioned with Elena, did you Because that seems unlikely to happen Ever At least not with these Neapolitan novels These things are like crack brownie ice cream pot insert adjectives that indicate addiction and deliciousness here sandwiches [...]

    22. This book was pretty readable and I m curious to find out what happens to the characters after having read the two previous books in this series but there are literally no likeable characters at all They re all such insufferable self obsessed arseholes who are hideous to each other and completely self involved Really weird I guess I ll read the last one cause this one certainly ended on a cliffhanger.

    23. I give up Elena Ferrante and I are not simpatico I have this novel I m skimming I m dreading the wordiness, the limbo, the chatter of the novel They are simply grim books, filled with agony after agony in detail Life is tough enough but to have to expose myself to the microscopic examination of lives which never seem joyful, the minutiae of the mundane, the scrutiny of unfulfilled lives I give up Those who love these books go for them We all have choices These aren t mine Bye, Elena.

    24. It s now Lenu s time to successfully climb out of the dreaded neighborhood Having published her first novel, about to be married to the son of a famous university professor, and starting anew in Florence, what else could our heroine possibly wish for Apparently, nothing that can t be fixed by putting some distance between her and the neighborhood but Lenu finds that the world keeps moving at breakneck speed She needs to build a career, have an opinion about the student protests, and also find th [...]

    25. Grande balde de gua fria levei em cima nas ltimas 30 p ginas, com a viragem do comportamento de Elena que me decepciona completamente N o que n o tivesse come ado a sentir algum desligar emocional do livro a partir do in cio deste 3 volume com os epis dios das lutas pol ticas e o desligar de Lila mas fui aguentando bem tudo com os regressos a N poles, com o modo como Ferrante conduzia o contar de hist rias, sempre com surpresas e reviravoltas nas vidas dos personagens.Cheguei a pensar que todo o [...]

    26. YOU GUYS i am currently having major angst i somehow managed to totally miss the fact that there will be a 4th book in this series and that it does not come out until september, 2015 i stay away from reviews until i have had a chance to read a book books for myself so while this series was all over my radar, i did not know too much about the books at all so now i have to wait to find out where this is all going i am really at loose ends here and a little twitchyyway my suffering asideelena ferra [...]

    27. 4.25 starsPart three of the Neapolitan series It s a continuation of the ever fascinating lives of the girls from the neighbourhood, Lila and Lenu Their evolution and their friendship, still complex, is still compelling.While reading this, I had some thoughts 1 Amid all the fighting and drama of which there is a never ending supply , NO ONE seems to be having good sex 2 Lila is so unlikeable, about 99.9% of the time I have a hard time understanding why Lenu hangs onto her Some of the things Lila [...]

    28. Talvez o melhor dos quatro livros Elena Ferrante oferece nos um c digo de leitura do mundo no alfabeto das mulheres, como quem borda em ponto p de flor uma la ada frente, meia la ada atr s, uma la ada frente, meia la ada atr s, para no fim o fio do desenho ser muito mais espesso do que uma simples soma de la adas em frente.As duas amigas inventam um novo desenho, especial para cada ocasi o umas vezes com ajuda, outras sem.

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