NYC Vamps: Vampire Romance #2020

NYC Vamps: Vampire Romance Sky Winters NYC Vamps Vampire Romance There is a vampire war on the rise in New York City and lust is to blame Nora has always been different but she could never anticipate this dark fate Kidnapped Bound in Chains And sold to the highes

  • Title: NYC Vamps: Vampire Romance
  • Author: Sky Winters
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • NYC Vamps: Vampire Romance Sky Winters There is a vampire war on the rise in New York City, and lust is to blame Nora has always been different, but she could never anticipate this dark fate.Kidnapped Bound in Chains And sold to the highest bidder Keiran is part of the Hell s Kitchen Society of vampires He is a rogue, and detests his own kinds urge to drink the blood of humans But on the night of the an There is a vampire war on the rise in New York City, and lust is to blame.Nora has always been different, but she could never anticipate this dark fate.Kidnapped Bound in Chains And sold to the highest bidder Keiran is part of the Hell s Kitchen Society of vampires He is a rogue, and detests his own kinds urge to drink the blood of humans But on the night of the annual auction, when a strange beauty appears, the course of his world, and that of his vampire society, will become forever altered It s Twilight meets 50 shades, in the debut book of the NYC Vamps series 18 Readers Only Bonus stories included.
    NYC Vamps: Vampire Romance Sky Winters

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      233 Sky Winters
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    One thought on “NYC Vamps: Vampire Romance”

    1. Overall the story has promise yet I have questions I m sure the next part of the story will address those questions but it has to be mentioned.This book is than just the NYC Vamps romance The NYC Vamps is only a small portion of this book, which I did not know otherwise I will say that I have not started the other stories at this time.Questions Why kill those bought after only a week I m sorry but I really didn t understand the reasoning behind that I hope that will be addressed completely in [...]

    2. I love this book, started reading it last night and reluctantly put it aside for sleep It sucked me right into Nora and Kieran s world and the suspense was wonderfully subtle, with a few unexpected twists and turns Not as long as I expected, but the perfect length for me If you have a sense of humour or love vampires and justice, then this is for you Purchased the e book as it looked interesting and was free on yesterday Going to read the additional stories included with it now

    3. Got for a honest review.Nora gets abducted and sold to a vampire named Kieran I liked both charatcters and thought they had great chemistry together Nice light steamy spots in the book The story had a nice steady pace that kept your reading to find out Hope to read .Thank you for letting me read your story.

    4. Utterly sillyI gave it two stars instead of one because I feel the author has talent but not dedication to the stories These are a collection of thoughts like maybe one of them could be a real book one day.

    5. A collection of booksYou get a collection of books for the price of admission to a series on vampires The NYC Vamps Vampire Romance is the first book in a series on vampires who are categorized by their ethnicity Irish, Italian, Polish, etc This story is about an Irish vampire who purchases a deaf woman who was kidnapped and sold to him A romance between them ensues but, it is against the rules of the vampire society for the vampire to not feed and kill their purchased human Dilemma plot conflic [...]

    6. Nora is a deaf person living in NYC She has recently noticed a special skill that is her hearing aid is turned off, she sees auras that seem to show peoples feelings One day she was coming home from teaching Braille to a student when she is drugged and kidnapped She wakes up and finds herself chained up in a room with lots of other pretty ladies Some strange pale men come in and seem to hypnotize the other girls but it doesn t affect Nora Nora is prepared and sold at an auction where Nora brings [...]

    7. This is a interesting, intriguing book to read and I absolutely enjoyed reading it What you will find in this book is a good collection of short stories filled with drama, intrigue, suspense, abduction, action, adventure, attractions, fear, doubts, needs, desires, romance, lust, attractions, emotional feelings, love and erotic scenes The various story lines and plots are well thought out and written The characters are quite well developed with emotional feelings according to the situation they f [...]

    8. NYC VampsSince I had previously read the NYC Vamps novella, I thought I knew what to expectwrong It was so much Loved the chemistry of the characters Just wished it was longer On to book 2 the Italians.

    9. Different to what I usually read It was a good book I would encourage anyone who likes Vampire books to get this one it is a good story A warning it s a little darker than I like but still worth your time and effort Go now and check it out.

    10. Quick readIt was nice to read a shorter story for once, at least it seemed shorter Sky Winters writing pulled me in However, I was surprised at how it ended Moving right into the 2nd book and hope there is about book 1s characters.

    11. So torn with how to rate this book The story itself was a good read, had a little action, a little romance, a lot of WTH sThe characters were solid and the story has the possibility to really go somewhere I enjoyed the read.My problem They purchase their food at auction spending a fortune on what should be a five star, live in chef instead it turns out it is only a five star meal for a week And why go through so much trouble to acquire not to mention how they went about it the meat they sold at [...]

    12. NYC VampsTwo many books in one , not good editing Two stories repeated Did not like the take on Wizzard of Oz

    13. selling girls for meat, rich guy just happens to buy one he liked and finds out he can t drink her not a great book didn t really care for it so did try a second and that s all i ll read

    14. Good storyA good story but it was way too short There was so much that could have been expanded on Characters were good also.

    15. Pretty good.I liked this story A little short, and I hope we find out about them in the next book, but overall a good read.

    16. This story is about an underground society of vampires There are different branches of the society, Irish, Italian, Ukrainian and Polish Once a year they all get together and bid on humans for their personal use Nora was kidnapped and brought to this place where she was auctioned off to the highest bidder Kieran, of the Irish society, won the bid.Kieran knows that after you win the bid you are supposed to dispose of the merchandise when you are finished with it, but instead he lets her go Marcus [...]

    17. This was a short, quick, easy, read I enjoyed it Although, I felt that it ended abruptly It left me wondering about different aspects of the story that weren t addressed Things like what type of powers does Nora have

    18. I love vampire stories and this one was no exception Sky winters is a great writer with strong characters a story line that leaves this one where it can move on to I d love to see it become a series I can t wait too see where this may lead Sky is one writer I ll be keeping on my radar from now on.

    19. I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book Okay, I must say that this book makes me want a vampire of my own D Nora was kidnapped and forced to be bid on in an auction for vampire men Luckily, it was Kieran who bid on her, winning the bid This was an excellently written story with very intriguing characters I loved Nora and the fact that she could read people s auras The only thing that confused me, and this could be a Spoiler , was why the vampire s food had to be disposed of o [...]

    20. This story was a short read I did enjoy it The hero is an honorable vampire and the heroine is an innocent young woman She has a hearing problem There is, of course, a villain I think I would enjoy reading of these stories by this author There are other short stories in this book This is a book you read at the doctor s office, at lunch or on the bus on your way home.

    21. It is a quick read and features an interesting story The characters find themselves drawn to each other There is a lot of danger surrounding the situation I would like to know about this world and the choices they make There are a lot of questions not answered yet and will hopefully be answered in later books.

    22. A good vampire book I would give it 5 stars if some of the unanswered questions were answered That would make it a very well written book I did enjoy what there was though I do recommend it if you like unanswered questions.

    23. This had a great story line Short sweet Her characters were real enough to pull you in The only problem I had was the ending It just stopped No conclusion.

    24. I loved this book Once I started reading it I could not put it down I can not wait for the next one.

    25. NYC VampsThis was a good story I liked it a lot I read a few of the other stories, but couldn t really get into them I skipped a few because I wasn t truly interested I did like the last story the gray So for NYC vamps the gray I give 4 Thumbs up

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