Pulling Your Own Strings #2020

Pulling Your Own Strings Wayne W. Dyer Pulling Your Own Strings INSTANT NATIONAL BESTSELLER WITH OVER MILLION COPIES SOLDFrom the bestselling author of Your Erroneous Zones a directed and practical book that shows you how to stop being manipulated by others

  • Title: Pulling Your Own Strings
  • Author: Wayne W. Dyer
  • ISBN: 9780061092244
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pulling Your Own Strings Wayne W. Dyer INSTANT NATIONAL BESTSELLER, WITH OVER 3 MILLION COPIES SOLDFrom the 1 bestselling author of Your Erroneous Zones, a directed and practical book that shows you how to stop being manipulated by others and start taking charge of your own life.Wayne Dyer reveals how we all can prevent ourselves from being victimized by others and begin to operate from a position of power atINSTANT NATIONAL BESTSELLER, WITH OVER 3 MILLION COPIES SOLDFrom the 1 bestselling author of Your Erroneous Zones, a directed and practical book that shows you how to stop being manipulated by others and start taking charge of your own life.Wayne Dyer reveals how we all can prevent ourselves from being victimized by others and begin to operate from a position of power at the center of our own lives Asserting that we alone are responsible for how much we will be controlled by others, Dyer offers his practical plan for developing new attitudes toward the most common sources of victimization and manipulation, such as family members and authority figures in the workplace.For example, families can be tremendously coercive and demanding, but they can also be an immensely rewarding part of your life Dyer shows how to cope with the negative side and contribute to the positive In their working life, many people stay in unfulfilling jobs because they feel constrained by their present experience or because they fear change Dyer shows that by being enthusiastic and flexible, you can find the work to be happy Life, Dyer says, is a beautiful thing as long as you hold the strings Pulling Your Own Strings will give you the dynamic strategies and tools to master your own fate.
    Pulling Your Own Strings Wayne W. Dyer

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      300 Wayne W. Dyer
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    One thought on “Pulling Your Own Strings”

    1. I read this in the late 90s, and so did my mother It changed her life and those around her How Well, first this, the book tells you how to do what you want and not be manipulated by others If you don t want to do something, don t This is how it worked out for her and for us kids My brothers and sisters came to visit her one year, and we were sitting at the dinner table All the sudden we noticed that her macaroni salad wasn t on the table Where s the macaroni salad we asked Her salad was the best [...]

    2. This author was highly recommended to me by my cousin Michelle I have heard of him before and have been wanting to read his work for awhile now I think now was the right time Any earlier and I may not have gotten through it.I did not realize that the book concentrates on helping people who victimize themselves.I don t see myself in this light, as a victim But I read it anyway.It was about 70% in where I found the area I was interested in reading about which pertains to judgement and reality Noth [...]

    3. Pulling Your Own Strings has been really helpful for me to detach from other people s opinions of me and be able to act in ways I believe in For example, I referred to it when I my electrician lost his temper with me I was able to go back and talk with him in ways that made me feel empowered, authentic, and effective This book is excellent I wish I had read it in high school It would have helped me in so many situation where I was clueless in dealing with people who treat me poorly Now I have a [...]

    4. Well, you ll certainly never be a victim again if you follow this one s instructions At times I thought it bordered on victimizing others, but for the most part it s a valuable tool in learning to live life on your own terms.

    5. It s probably not a bad idea for everyone and anyone to take a read of something Dyer has done He s got a lot of practical wisdom for life but he keeps it very simple That being said, Pulling may be one of his useful books.Dyer can often be redundant, sometimes in the same work and often across his many books This book, which was originally published in the late 70 s, is less repetitive than his others and I think that s because it was one of his earlier works.I read this on a friend s recommen [...]

    6. I didn t actually finish this book The beginning was excellent and getting out of that victim mind was helpful However, then it started to present tools that at first seemed helpful, but I felt were victimising others and I developed a lot of anger for other people I realised that this book wasn t leading me in the direction I wanted.

    7. I appreciate how Wayne W Dyer narrated this audiobook as though he was speaking directly to me His advice and insights helped me to at least calm down, and I hope that I will be able to take some of what he said and apply it to my life.I do feel like I could have benefited from specific tips for how to approach sticky situations, but there s no way that Dyer can predict a situation and offer a solution to it What this really all comes down to is establishing your own self esteem, respecting you [...]

    8. In the introduction, Wayne Dyer states, This is the only life you get, and it is too precious to let others take their own advantage of it you should determine how you are going to function , and your functioning ought to bring you the joy and fulfillment of pulling your own strings rather than the pain and misery of victimization This book does an awesome job leading you out of the victim mentality with practical advice and simple strategies You don t have be a rebel, you just need to have the [...]

    9. My mom gave me this book and said it changed her life and I read it and it changed my life.The assertive, commonsense writing style makes you feel confident and good about the logic of being a non victim and taking control of your own life.I recently realized that there is no punishment for being happy and am living my life by that motto, and this book was great for providing a logical explanation for exactly why being quietly effective and smart and happy in your life is the right, human decisi [...]

    10. Who isn t pulling their own strings from time to time and letting themselves become the victim in certain situations I liked this book because it points out the kinds of situations you might fall into, how you might typically react as victim and how you might react instead as a stronger person Lots of examples Lots of scenarios Lots of opportunities to role play in your head And if you re not a victim in certain situation just don t read that part I liked it.

    11. The second best book by Wayne Dyer, teaching you how to take control of your life His later books are interesting, and have many good points, but unfortunately sink deeper and deeper into New Age woo woo until you reach the point where you begin to realize the Dyer thinks he is the reincarnation of St Francis and can levitate himselfeez

    12. This book started off so well and then devolved into a diatribe about avoiding clerks and always going straight to management Having been a clerk, Wayne Dyer obviously had an axe to grind That aside, this book had some valuable information about how our culture is generally manipulative victimizing, but I don t think it actually provided useful strategies for dealing with it Being assertive is not enough In the end, we need to assess our deeper belief systems, claim our responsibility, and deal [...]

    13. I feel like I ve just been holed up in a dank cabin with Dr Phil, having a deep and meaningful Are they bro pals Three stars for classic 1970s gender stereotyping and lessons in assertiveness Useful reminders, but I do hope in this age of narcissistic self enlightenment seeking, maybe we re a bit beyond this now.

    14. I think this is very useful and pragmatic book There are good techniques and it s very useful for creating a new, beeter life.

    15. I read this book sometime after Your Erroneous Zones Helpful to me, even though it said about the same things as the previous books Not a bad self help book.

    16. Dyer s Your Erroneous Zones was one book in the flood of self books which burst into bookshops in the 1970s and show, as a category, no sign of abating that stood above most of the others, but this book did not strike me as covering that much new ground.

    17. Oldie but goodie, first time reading The book deals with victimization, and how to not allow yourself to be a victim Lots of good information on being assertive, and importantly on how to live life on your own terms.I agreed with most of the content, but there are a few times when it seems Dyer is encouraging people to become victimizers themselves And as a teacher, I disliked the part when he encouraged a young student to refuse to do the coursework required by her professor and had her deman [...]

    18. This book is instrumental in the adaptation of a assertive personality Dr Dyer provides the reader with excellent information regarding self victimization and ways which to overcome a victim mindset Although, this reader personally found some of Dr Dyer s techniques to be somewhat overly assertive, this book as a whole is truly an eye opening literary experience for anyone who feels they are lacking assertiveness, whether it be at home, at the office, or in any public or social setting Pulling [...]

    19. A useful and interesting reference for those of us tend to let others victimize us, frequently because we have in effect taught them to do so It provides a number of hypothetical situations for which we can apply his principles He particularly has it in for clerks and other bureaucrats I agree with some reviewers who point out that in some of the hypotheticals, it appears as if the author is encouraging the reader to victimize others.

    20. Don t be a victim is the theme of this self help book The focus is taking back control of your life by being aware of circumstances and how you are manipulated by bureaucracy, people and even your self The first step is to identify that you are a victim, taking action to stop the cycle and being happier in the long run Power of positive thinking and believing in your self are also ways to pull your own strings.

    21. I read this book when I was 17 years old and had endured some manipulative and borderline abusive relationships scenarios as a college freshman I remember finding the insights and advice very helpful and spent the summer getting strong and fit physically and emotionally and returned as a sopho feeling like a new person Glad to see the book is still out there helping people take charge of their lives.

    22. I read this book 7 8 yaers back back then i had self esteem problem and this book did gave me lot of new ideas to look at things in gernral in very assertive manner now when i look at most of the concepts i do feel diffrent as i have changed a lot even author has changed his thinkinh as it seems from his recent books.

    23. I read this when I was 16 in order to try and find answers to the bullying that seemed to follow me everywhere I learned it wasn t me This book was the best thing I read, and is still practical to this day as a way of explaining bullying and how to handle it.

    24. This book has opened my mind to new ideas which is what reading is about yes The book was insightful and gave me areas for improvement I don t, however, know that I would want to be the person indirectly personified in this book, yet, I do want to pull my own strings And I can.

    25. My first self help book Picture this 19 yrs old sitting next to a pool 5 miles from a beach and reading this book at my apartment complex The book wasn t profound enough to change me but the fact I can remember that is absurd Lol

    26. Fantastic for helping you realize how you set yourself up to be victimized, and how to keep people from taking advantage of us A great read for anyone who has a hard time saying no The hard part is having the courage to put his ideas into practice

    27. This was a somewhat funny read It was one of Dyer s first books and filled with some interesting and maybe not quite yet fully formed ideas The basic foundations of Dyer are here though and you can glimpse his start on the path to spiritual insight and development.

    28. I really liked this book a lot of interesting ways of dealing with people the downside of this book is that it takes life a little too seriously and it makes all interactions not lighthearted and playful, it s like you always think they must not cross my boundaries.

    29. Life changing While his tone can be harsh at times, it is exactly what needs to be said Highly recommended for anyone who seeks to take control of their life and radically transform their circumstances.

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