Barbarian's Lady #2020

Barbarian's Lady Ruby Dixon Barbarian s Lady You d think a tall woman would fit in on a planet of seven foot tall aliens but even on the ice planet I m still a weirdo and an oddity I m everything all the other cute dainty human women aren t O

  • Title: Barbarian's Lady
  • Author: Ruby Dixon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Barbarian's Lady Ruby Dixon You d think a tall woman would fit in on a planet of seven foot tall aliens, but even on the ice planet, I m still a weirdo and an oddity I m everything all the other cute, dainty human women aren t One guy in particular the alien Harrec is determined to embarrass me by pretending he s interested He s a jokester that flirts like mad and hits on me constantly just toYou d think a tall woman would fit in on a planet of seven foot tall aliens, but even on the ice planet, I m still a weirdo and an oddity I m everything all the other cute, dainty human women aren t One guy in particular the alien Harrec is determined to embarrass me by pretending he s interested He s a jokester that flirts like mad and hits on me constantly just to make me feel foolish He gets under my skin He makes me so frustrated I want to scream When a side trip to a glacier turns into a nightmare and the two of us are forced to survive alone, I see another side to the enticing blue alien Even with no one else around, his compliments keep coming and I start wondering if the attraction between us is real.
    Barbarian's Lady Ruby Dixon

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      467 Ruby Dixon
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    1. Note to self I have to stop reading Ice Planet Barbarians in public.I don t know about you, but I am usually bored to death when I visit the hairsalon So, I try to avoid going there until I cannot help it Yesterday, honestly, I spent 4 hours of my life there dyeing and straightening my hair By the end of the second hour, I wanted to kill myself.It is a good thing that I had my ebook reader with me.Anyway, what was I saying Yes, about the blue barbarians Not good reading in public Firstly, I was [...]

    2. 3.5 stars, rounded upThis is Harrec and Kate s story Harrec is adorable and so flirty and sweet He kind of reminded me of Aehako, only a virgin Both leads were in this one It was mainly drama free, although the whole premise of Kate not liking Harrec at first was based on The Big Misunderstanding But, it was a light and fun read, so that didn t bother me It felt a little formulaic, but definitely satisfies the itch for the blue aliens.Plenty of steamy scenes, ridges, spurs, tongue mating, all th [...]

    3. Even after 13 books, I still enjoy this series and hope it will continue to be as good Every story is similar, but at the same time different It s the first time that I don t mind that The big blue barbarians are so cute and their problems with English language is hilarious This story is cute too an who has problems with her stature It s endearing and hilarious at the same time And Harrec was wonderful too He just couldn t get it she has problems with her being a big woman LOLHis attempts at hu [...]

    4. Lady and the ScampKate and Harrec as I see them Blonde and Blue.Bean pole and Bigger Bean pole Shy and Gregarious Self conscious and Lets It All Hang Out Strong and Faints at the Sight of Blood Yeah, the girly fainter is Harrec These two are a classic case of opposites attract The instant Harrec sees 6 1 Kate, his little heart goes pitter patter and he works to make her his In Harrec s eyes, that means doggedly lavishing attention on Kate Kate is than a little freaked out by the attention and [...]

    5. No surprise here but I loved the book I thought he hero and heroine both were hilarious and i love how we see their love grow in this book I m always impressed how Ruby Dixon manages to find new ways of telling stories in this series, you would think after this many books hey would get a little cookie cutter but they don t and she yet again has managed to bring something new and exciting to come Though we don t know exactly what it is I m really excited and hopeful that will prolong these series [...]

    6. I didn t know my review didn t save I enjoyed this one I loved how funny the hero was I noticed the last few books have changed some I want my ott I ll provide in every way and take care of my woman heroes back I just love that style.

    7. I m gonna go on and rate this book That s how much faith I have in the author LOVE this series UPDATE Okay so I loved this book It might have a little something to do with I relate with Kate probably than any of the others being nearly 6 ft tall and big boned than model figured I felt her pain Literally lol I loved the carefree attitude they both had and I loved the ending It had me on my seat wondering if she was going to start purring for someone else I thought nah that won t happen but a li [...]

    8. Not a huge fan of Kate and Harrec this kinda left me feeling a bit mehBut that preview into the next book was definitely intriguing Looking forward to Summer s story

    9. 3.5 StarsI think I wasn t in a mood for a light hearted read and so I didn t get to enjoy this book to it s full potential Overall Barbarian s Lady was a pretty decent read, but it was one of the lighter ones and so the angst was low and the pace okay Harrec was so sweet and funny I really liked his personality He s the only alien that would tease his mate into liking him Kate doesn t like the teasing so she continues to ignore Harrec I really enjoyed the personality of Harrec and Kate I found i [...]

    10. I can t get enough of these ice planet barbarians This is book 13th in the series, Harrec s and Kate s story Harrec and Kate are now my favorite couple They were both such relatable characters.Kate is very insecure about her height despite being surrounded by blue people with horns and tails She towers over the human females and is the same height as the Khui female Kate has had so bad experiences in the past where people made fun of her because of her height So it doesn t help that that s the f [...]

    11. 3.5 starsAnother enjoyable entry in the Planet Blue Balls saga I gotta say I m impressed how Ms Dixon manages to give me a little something new while playing with the familiar formula for this series Kate s a bit of a Negative Nelly at first and Harrec is a bit oblivious to how his compliments landed like a lead balloon with her, but as they grew on each other, they grew on me Onward Ms DixonI m still riding this cracky fun train with you For reviews, visit

    12. I was worried at first that Kate was going to spend most of the book hating Harrec and fighting her feelings towards him Thankfully, when his plan backfires, Kate is forced to rescue him and the romance can truly begin.These 2 virgins are perfect for each other.

    13. Adjusting to the ice planet hasn t been easy on Kate ian tall and often mistaken for a professional athlete or that chick who plays the knight lady on Game Of Thrones, Kate hopes that finally she ll be seen as sexy and desirable since she closely resembles the other native sa kuri women It s a case of d j vu as Harrec, one of the few remaining unmated males, frequently refers to her size and makes her the butt of his jokes going so far as to follow her wherever she goes keeping up his running co [...]

    14. Another fun little sci fi romance I continue to enjoy these novellas This one was fairly light hearted.

    15. When Ruby had cover reveal of this I asked her don t you think the girl is rather tall to which she replied Kate is a big girl and so it seems.We women are very insecure about our bodies small or tall, fat or thin and list goes on and on.Kate s suffering is something I can related to I was never heavy built but I am tall and was super thin growing up so I know how it feels when people comment about your imperfections all the time sigh Harrec also got on my nerves because he doesn t know how to c [...]

    16. Sigh to be very truthful I did not finish this story I skimmed through it hoping that I would come to like Brooke but I didn t The chip on her shoulder w just too bigpoor hereveryone hated her because she s bigally I just never saw what Harrec saw in herlove is blind The author has other books d future books I will read but I think I am finished w this series.I love this series I love the first booksw Meh view spoiler And the hero stealing the human away is getting really old hide spoiler

    17. New girl Kate is a big girl six feet tall and according to her, built like a linebacker And very self conscious of her size Harrec is a jokey flirt completely enad of Kate because she is so strong and capable She takes his initial advances as ribbing of the type she has endured throughout her life and wants nothing to do with him Harrec must convince her otherwise.Loved the affable Harrec and fun back and forth between he and Kate Dixon using the same formula from book to book guy pursues girl, [...]

    18. Five Icy Blue StarsWell another male bites the dust Good for Harrec, he deserves to have all his dreams come true This time around Kate is totally confused about just how she feels about Harrec In the past he height and big boned temperance has caused human males to not be kind Lucky for her sa kuhi males like women of all shapes and sizes This is one of my favorite little series These human women have such obstacles, that I totally find it fascinating They are lots of fun as well as sweet and s [...]

    19. s this really book 13 Normally when a series has hit this many books, I start to get weary and bored and begin to wonder why they haven t brought it to a close yet But, with Ice Planet Barbarians all I want is , I can t get enough of these horny blue guys So, yes we are at book 13 and I m already impatient for the next one.What I like about these books is that some are intense than others, it helps keep the series feeling fresh and exciting with each new book that comes out Barbarian s Lady vee [...]

    20. WARNING More blue barbarian fangirling ahead Because I seriously can t get enough of these big, blue lugs They re just so stinking sweet A little clueless sometimes and they all have wonderfully dirty mouths, but they care about the human women who ve ended up on their world and they treat them like the treasures they are.It takes a while for Harrec to realize Kate doesn t see his teasing as his way of showing his affection Once he does, he devotes himself to making sure she understands what she [...]

    21. I loved these two Hassen and Kate were just too funny Hassen is the tribe flirt and once he sees Kate for the first time he wants herbut she doesn t want him Not when the first words he says to her are what a mountain of a human A compliment but Kate having been a giant of girl back on Earth finds the subject of her body touchy Of course she s smaller than the sa khui but she s still the tallest and biggest human woman on the planet She takes Hassen s flirting as mocking but he s relentlessd may [...]

    22. This one was a bit repetitive Same thing, alien slips away with girl into a cave I think this series, while I love it, has run its course Hopefully she changes things up with the next book If not, it s time to close it out I think.

    23. One of my favourite ongoing series Still after 13 books this series has not grown old for me yet It is fun and refreshing each time when a barbarian finds their mate

    24. Just because we have not resonated does not mean that my heart will forget yours Kate and Harrec were such a sweet couple There was some friction in the beginning of their relationship due to a misunderstanding, but they resolved it The time they spent apart from the others was quite adventurous I loved the way Harrec helped Kate when she was self conscious about her height I also liked seeing Kate fall in love with Harrec as she gained confidence She thought Harrec was making fun of her, but w [...]

    25. Eh, not a fan of stretching out the book just to make the book longer This book could have been wrapped up in 50 pages but nooooo i had to read how tall and insecure the heroine was 60 million times.

    26. 4.5 stars I have loved this series and this book was no exception the hero in this one was so unique he was quirky, funny and so adorably accident prone I liked that both the hero and heroine were both virgins and yet their physical relationship progressed slowly and with so much respect towards one another their relationship was very solid This was a great installment to an already amazing series.

    27. Gotta love those blue aliens I really enjoyed this book Though I am tiny and only 5 2 myself I think that Ms Dixon did a wonderful job describing the struggles someone who is tall goes through especially a female who is tall I love Harrec s humor and how he has that one issue that he struggles with I can t wait to read Summer and Warrek s book and what the next adventure is for the people in Not Hoth.

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