Edge of Venomverse #2020

Edge of Venomverse Marvel Comics Clay McLeod Chapman Edge of Venomverse Symbiotes are stirring all across the Web of Life and Destiny Are they just hungry to find worthy hosts or has something sinister got them riled COLLECTING EDGE OF VENOMVERSE

  • Title: Edge of Venomverse
  • Author: Marvel Comics Clay McLeod Chapman
  • ISBN: 9781302908560
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • Edge of Venomverse Marvel Comics Clay McLeod Chapman Symbiotes are stirring all across the Web of Life and Destiny Are they just hungry to find worthy hosts or has something sinister got them riled COLLECTING EDGE OF VENOMVERSE 1 5
    Edge of Venomverse Marvel Comics Clay McLeod Chapman

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      128 Marvel Comics Clay McLeod Chapman
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    One thought on “Edge of Venomverse”

    1. This volume serves as a prelude to the main Venomverse book and introduces a member of the cast in each chapter Said characters are alternate universe versions of Wolverine, Gwenpool, Ghost Rider, Old Man Logan and Deadpool, each of whom has bonded with their universe s version of the Venom symbiote.Each issue collected here is by a different creative team so the quality is variable The best story, for my money, was the Deadpool issue The worst was the Old Man Logan story, although it did have g [...]

    2. Sigh In my review of The Unworthy Thor, I said the great thing about it was how the story used the wider continuity of the Marvel Universe to create dramatic irony, to give actions consequences, and to put its characters in new and interesting situations.Edge of Venomverse doesn t do that Edge of Venomverse is an exercise in merchandising, throwing the fan pleasing Venom symbiote at a handful of currently hot properties so the hardcore of whom Marvel appears to have a very low opinion on the evi [...]

    3. This was a really good surprise Don t go in expecting anything enriching, you won t find it here What you will find are some fun What if one shots leading up to the main Venomverse event where these characters will feature Each one shot does its best impression of the main series the character is from in both writing and art, all with a a dark humor edge to it Just a lot of fun silly, corny, over the top, and bordering on satirical.Issue 1 X 23 Writing 4 5Art 5 5Issue 2 Gwenpool Writing 5 5Art 4 [...]

    4. Read as single issues Edge Of Venomverse is an anthology series, where each issue focuses on a different character bonding with a Venom symbiote and then being drafted into Venomverse proper To the writers credit, all of them do show up in the main story, with varying levels of importance from a little to barely any at all, but still , and as with any anthology, it s full of ups and downs.The opening issue focuses on X 23, which is a heartfelt little story about saving your friends, with some ve [...]

    5. Venom is generally awful and stories with Venom are also awful And yet this collection of almost connected Venom stories are really pretty good Okay, except for Deadpool but I never expect much from Deadpool or Venom so together they are not improved Gwenpool was a standout but I d expect nothing less X 23 Venom was a bonus.

    6. Complete lack of imagination in the alternate realities What if so and so got the Venom symbiote but literally nothing else changed This is not compelling storytelling.

    7. The over arching story is too loose for me to say it s it works as a setup but there s the pieces for an enjoyable anthology End of the day this was no edge of spider verse

    8. Collects Edge of Venomverse issues 1 5 and Venomverse War Stories issue 1Much like the Edge of Spider Verse issues that came out in 2014, each of the issues in this collection feature a Venom themed character from the Multiverse with the thread tying all the issue together being a Captain America version of Venom who is recruiting Venoms for an ongoing war against some sort of Poison The Venom themed characters in this collection include X 23 Gwenpool best issue of the collection Deadpool Ghost [...]

    9. All setup all the time I do wonder who this Cap Venom isbut otherwise it s just introducing us to heroes from the crossover that is coming.

    10. 60 100.Est bien, es una introducci n al Venomverse Los personajes, exceptuando Laura y Logan, no es que me llamen mucho Y sin duda, la mejor introducci n de todas ha sido la de Old Man Logan.

    11. It was fun to see all the different venoms Two Deadpool and two wolverine venoms made it repetitive though.

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