A Bloody Good Secret #2020

A Bloody Good Secret Sierra Dean A Bloody Good Secret After cheating death twice in one night confessing her true nature to her werewolf soul mates and being asked to kill one of her closest friends Secret took a much needed vacation By running away No

  • Title: A Bloody Good Secret
  • Author: Sierra Dean
  • ISBN: 9781939291196
  • Page: 255
  • Format: ebook
  • A Bloody Good Secret Sierra Dean After cheating death twice in one night, confessing her true nature to her werewolf soul mates and being asked to kill one of her closest friends, Secret took a much needed vacation By running away.Now she s back in town dragged kicking and screaming determined to clear Holden Chancery s name Right after she finds out what he s accused of It shouldn t be hard Holden hasAfter cheating death twice in one night, confessing her true nature to her werewolf soul mates and being asked to kill one of her closest friends, Secret took a much needed vacation By running away.Now she s back in town dragged kicking and screaming determined to clear Holden Chancery s name Right after she finds out what he s accused of It shouldn t be hard Holden has a habit of using their new and scintillating psychic bond to break into her thoughts and dreams at some very, shall we say, awkward moments.Just a few things stand in her way a secretive Tribunal leader, a group of would be vampire slayers and two werewolf boyfriends who refuse to let her operate in her customary lone wolf style Even less amusing are the terrifying creatures that someone is using in an attempt to gain control of the council Even for this out of the ordinary bounty hunter, it s a challenge with potentially deadly teeth.Warning Contains an ever plucky heroine with no shortage of weapons, super hot mind games, an ever complicated love triangle and one hell of a creepy amusement park.This book was previously released by Samhain Publishing The new edition contains minor word changes but no story changes.
    A Bloody Good Secret Sierra Dean

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      255 Sierra Dean
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    1. I m very sorry Secret You started out well, but this is where our paths must separate.Your author hit one too many of my pet peeves, and it s better to leave you now instead of ending up hating every last bit of you.For one thing, your nagging about hanging onto your humanity is getting on my nerves You re a half blood by birth, 50 % wolf, 50 % vampire and 0,00% human Suck it up already and start behaving like the supernatural heroine that you set out to be in the prequel instead of the irrespon [...]

    2. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsThis series is quickly becoming an addiction of mine Luckily, I only have one book to read in order to get caught up I was starting to feel bad about neglecting the other novels waiting in my queue Sierra Dean left me with no other choice though Something Secret This Way Comes left me begging to know what happens next I opted to save face a little and bought the next novel instead A Bloody Good Secret starts off a little slower than its predecessor but don t worry, you ll [...]

    3. Posted at yummymenandkickasschicks A Bloody Good Secret is the second book in Sierra Dean s Secret McQueen series A series about a seriously kick ass chick who is half vampire and half werewolf The first book ended in somewhat of a cliffhanger I didn t find it to be an OMG I am going to track down the author and throw water balloons at her for doing this to me kind of ending, just an OMG Really As if What is Secret going to do now kind of ending Basically, the perfect sort of cliffhanger for me. [...]

    4. Sierra Dean created a fantastic world and characters for her book Starting from the heroine s personality, job and her jumbled relationships the reader gets an explosive and energetic story It s simply grabs your attention and doesn t let it go until you re on the last page A Bloody good secret strats three months after the events from the previous book Wich means we miss this three months form Secret life, there is only a few brief mention of it in the whole book And let me tell you I I would l [...]

    5. In this installment of the Secret McQueen series, Secret is left reeling from an assignment which was given to her at the end of Something Secret This Way Comes Secret McQueen, Book 1, which a few readers believed to be a cliff hanger.I will say that some of the aspects of the story have improved, like Brigit not being such a huge pain in the ss However, some aspects went from bad to worse The love triangle if you want to call it that as she has yet to make love to Lucas and spends most of her t [...]

    6. I like this author s voice, but at nearly exactly 50% in the book, I pretty thoroughly disliked the heroine while she was interacting with one of the love interests, which makes this difficult, since this is a first person voice book I thought she was selfish and self centered and contemplated abandoning the book but didn t because I DO like the world I also have a lot of trouble with any woman who s willing to just blithely accept stringing along not just two, but four four potential love inter [...]

    7. I have a hard time deciding if I liked this book or not I found myself not liking Secret She was so cold and nasty to Lucas,for reasons that made absolutely no sense And overall to everyone she was very bratty, and not the so called strong character I expected her to be A good example is forcing a character to admit he loved her,then getting up and just walking away What a cold nasty person Makes it hard to like her.I really liked Lucas sister, and i think she and Secret could end up being good [...]

    8. First of all there will be spoilers from book 1 as I am gonna squee and ramble on.I read book 1 today and thought, why did no one tell me the series is so good ok maybe they did and I did not listen After finishing it I had a serious case of withdrawal and you know I had to get So I had to get and start book 2 and I did not put it down No dinner was made today, the dishes from yesterday s dinner is still in the sink, the bed was not made You get the point I was all about schhhhhh I am reading t [...]

    9. Originally posted at smexybooks 2011 09 revFavorite Quote Don t let those wolves bowl you over, Secret You re the prize, not the property A Bloody Good Secret picks up about 3 months after Something Secret This Way Comes When Secret was given the name of her next assignment at the end of Something Secret This Way Comes, she decided the best way to handle it was not to and ran to her grandmother s house But Secret should have realized that she would not be able to hide for long so when she is kid [...]

    10. Wowzer Another 5 star read from Sierra Dean this series has catapulted up my favorites list to land in the top 5, hang on, there s a lot in my top 5, I will have to start calling it my top 10 This series is phenomenal watch this name soar Secret is extraordinary She is one kick ass heroine, and anyone that has ever discussed books with me knows that strong minded, clever, snarky, tough protagonists rock my world.This book starts off 3 months after Something Secret This Way ends Secret has run aw [...]

    11. Another fabulous installment from Sierra Dean, who is quickly climbing to my top shelf of favourite authors The last book left me choked, a sinful ending but one that can be forgiven ONLY because I had this book at the ready A great storyline, but so, these books seem to get me thinking than most My friends know I try to second guess books and this one is the same but because there is the the wolfish double bonding extra, I m fighting with my feelings Lucas seems the ever hotness of the book b [...]

    12. A few years ago had the chance to enter into the world of Secret McQueen when read book 1 Something Secret This Way Comes and the series opener hooked me on this half vamp half werewolf hybrid.Since read the first book way back in May of 2011 it amazed me how easy it was to pick up book 2 A Bloody Good Secret and pick up where it left off with only a short period of adjustment to get into the rhythm and flow of the story.Secret still has that indefinable something that makes me enjoy her as a fi [...]

    13. This book starts 3 months after Something Secret This Way Comes Secret has been hiding at her grandma s to avoid starting her new assignment and the 2 wolves But Sig, the vampire Tribunal s leader, thinks it s time for Secret to come home and has his own way to get her back by kidnapping her yep, good old SigNow all Secret has to do is find a way to prove Holden s innocence, which is not easy with the vampire Tribunal not telling anyone what he s accused of As usual Secret gets herself into plen [...]

    14. I really had no intentions of reading past the first book in this series, but I forgot that I had recommended A Bloody Good Secret to my library and I felt honor bound to read it after they added it as an ebook seriously, they almost never add anything I suggest I know lots of UF series become drastically better after the first book, but I don t think that will happen with this series There just really isn t much time left for story telling when your main character is juggling a love work relati [...]

    15. I m really enjoying Secret, the series is interesting enough to make me want to continue, but the book length is a bit to be desired For me, the things that happen in the book take a bit to go, but when they do they go and when they end it s like it s overbut then the author needs us to find out stuff and leave us in a semi cliff hanger state It isn t exactly a cliff hanger, but what happened at the end annoyed me It annoyed me because we didn t get back to the scene we were in and because as I [...]

    16. Maybe slight spoilers regarding the love triangle in the bookyou have been warned.I m annoyed I really enjoyed the first book and was VERY aware that I was heading into a love triangle I typically don t like them, especially when they result from one party cheating, but when it s open and choices haven t been made yet, I can cope and the author was very open about what you were about to get into before reading the book in the synopsis, so that was cool and I went in prepared With that being said [...]

    17. I read the first book of this series and thought wow, this is pretty lame secret talks big all the time but when she gets in big or LITTLE fights its like she barly makes it through and only after a dramatics of almost dying and whining But i like the concept and thought the next book would be better, hell anything would be better since the first book was full of trash the chick who is weak as hell, bitches all the time about everything Expecially her genes you would think she would learn about [...]

    18. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, as well as the prequel novella, so I was looking forward to getting stuck into this one.After the Tribunal gave Secret her latest assignment, she took off How can she kill Holden without knowing what he s accused of So, she s gone to spend a bit of time with her grandmother But when she s forcibly taken back to New York, Secret has no choice but to face everyone and everything she ran away from.Now, she s determined to clear Holden s name Which inc [...]

    19. Good, but not as good as the prequel view spoiler There was one scene which I didn t really get It was as if the author gave me too much credit and assumed I d understand what the heck it d be all about scratches head That was kinda sad XD In hinsight I suppose there wasn t to it than I assume it was, but it felt bigger Sig doing the same thing to her that she did to Nolan Why She knew her place, after all.Didn t like Secret s relationships Luke saying he s in love with her Uh huh What is this [...]

    20. This book was ok but Secret really annoyed me in parts view spoiler Most of them included her treatment of Lucas I cheered when he called her a spoiled princess bc she was being exactly that I hope this treatment of Lucas stops Another thing that I didn t like was out the four possible love interests, she picks the weakest, clingiest one Desmond is a nice guy, but when you have the wolf king Lucas, the 2000y.o tribunal vampire leader Sig and the sexy 200 y.o vampire friend, he doesn t stand a ch [...]

    21. I liked this second installment better than the first, which is usually rare for me I feel like, with this book, the story is really coming into its own It is losing its similarities to other books in the genre and taking on of its own character I fell like Secret is becoming of a nuanced character, as are the supporting characters I am already starting on the next book in the series.

    22. So while I m not a fan of love triangles, or lovewhatever s going on in Secret s life, I actually really like Desmond and I think he s a nice side male character and Holden was not in this book nearly enough because he is so interesting and I really love his interactions with Secret Lucas is a jerk and I m glad he was in this book so much less Then we come to Sigoh my lawd Sig I think I like Sig because he is like no other character, not even Calliope He is ancient, and wise, and silly at times, [...]

    23. The ending was great Learned about Sig and a few others, which was interesting Some cool action scenes Her relationship with Desmond is turning out nice, but not so much with Lucas And Holden is just another can of worms that s about to be opened Very interesting.

    24. I read each of the first 4 of this under the radar e book series in a day or two over a short period of time It s really entertaining high on action, and with great characters The main character is a 20 something half werewolf half vampire in NYC who started off as a rogue vampire hunter in book one and moves up in the supernatural world quickly I loved the snarky humor and Secret s very complicated love life Holden and Desmond are to die for awesome, and I really like Sig, too If you are into v [...]

    25. You re kidding me How is that I pointed to the offending object, civilized than drinking it from the bottle She had found an old Sesame Street cup, depicting The Count His cartoonish fangs beamed at me, and I read the writing on the side which proclaimed, One One Glass of Milk I wanted to stab myself in the face with the broken shards of my dignity.This book picks up roughly three months after the first one Secret has run away to her Grandmere s house to get some space and clear her head But th [...]

    26. Review originally posted here thebookpushers 2011 09 14 Publisher SamhainPublish Date September 20thHow I got this book eARC from AuthorSecret McQueen is back for another action packed UF novel from Sierra Dean We pick up after that INSANE cliffhanger with Secret running away from her problems But after a few months, she is kidnapped back by Sig, and forced to deal with the Holden issue She is set on clearing his name, and will do whatever she can to make sure he doesn t go down for a crime he d [...]

    27. GENRE Paranormal RomanceTHEME Vampires WerewolvesRECEIVED Review Request by AuthorBLOG seeingnight REVIEW A Bloody Good Secret is the second novel in the Secret McQueen Series I seriously can t get enough of this series or its characters, I absolutely loved the first book and novelette, Sierra Dean really knows how to suck you into her story and make a girl fan herself with all the men who make girls swoon.Secret McQueen has just been assigned her last kill But she wasn t prepared for who her ta [...]

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