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Plume Isabelle Simler Plume In this lovely book young readers are introduced to a variety of beautiful birds from the familiar chicken to the exotic ibis But lurking in the background of every page is a cat who also seems ver

  • Title: Plume
  • Author: Isabelle Simler
  • ISBN: 9780802854926
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Plume Isabelle Simler In this lovely book, young readers are introduced to a variety of beautiful birds, from the familiar chicken to the exotic ibis But lurking in the background of every page is a cat, who also seems very interested in the birds With its funny illustrations and engaging concepts, this clever counting book will invite readers to linger over every page.
    Plume Isabelle Simler

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      294 Isabelle Simler
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    1. I ve been reading the New York Times Best Illustrated Children s Books of 2017 This is my favorite My daughter agreed This is the one to purchase as a holiday gift for a 2 5 year old Beautiful oversized work themed around birds and their feathers as described by an elegant feline who appears in some portion on every double page spread A single species name per illustration provides wonderful reading incentive for young minds Beautiful endpapers feature feathers and lovely words to read quetzal [...]

    2. ADORABLE As a proud owner of a mini black panther and someone who enjoys feathers I decided to jump onin the chance to review this childreen book, and I think is a very sweet one for a younger audience They can see the bird and its feathers, and can play a spot the cat game on each of the illustrations Also, the cat is in no way menacing or trying to hunt the birds, and in the end explains she only wants the feathers to make a pillow, so all very friendly

    3. I received this from Netgalley in excharge for an honest review This is a picture book that helps children indentify feathers and birds They can use this at home or even at the zoo The concept of this is great but I did not find it that special I think it should have a small description a line or two of each bird But I understand that children who do not know how to read are the ones who are going to read this book The illustrations are fantastic

    4. I received this ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.This is a stunning book that introduces birds from exotic birds to chickens Beautiful drawings and the fun of following the cat throughout the book.

    5. This book is so cute The artwork is gorgeous Each page features the cat and a different bird I love that it teaches about birds and what their feathers look like showing the feather in amazing detail I also love that the cat Plume peeks in each picture I really hope there is a second book full of different birds and Plume.

    6. The delicate drawings in beautiful color of the feathers plumage or plumes, is a real treat to ponder over.The amazing variety of birds pictured by Isabelle Simler is wonderful and while the feathers are rather detailed and startlingly beautiful, the birds themselves are less natural or detailed They are quite sufficient to identify the bird and she has imbued them with subtle expressions that indicate their knowledge and fear of black cat which is nearby.Young children probably won t fully appr [...]

    7. A cute little mix of cat and birds Teaches kids that there are many different kinds of feathers, and keeps them occupied with trying to find out what kitty Plume is doing As an adult, I enjoyed the pretty pictures Received a copy on NetGalley.

    8. 4 Stars Plume is a good book for a child interested in feathers I like how it includes different types of feathers from the same bird The illustrations are cute and not too cartoonish I think it would be something that ll entertain a child for a couple minutes.

    9. This is a wonderful book that introduces birds from exotic birds like a peacock to chickens We see each bird, labelled, and a grouping of their feathers to show that all the feathers are not the same As well the reader can play Where s the cat on each page You do not see the full cat, perhaps just an ear or the tail The cat is not trying to hunt the birds, but it seems they are observing along with the reader At the end, we find out that the cat just wanted feathers to make a comfy pillow The il [...]

    10. I m torn by this book On the one hand, there are gorgeously detailed illustrations of the feathers of all different kinds of birds, but they are paired with illustrations of those birds that are not as detailed The emphasis is on the individual feathers though At the same time, on each page spread, with each new type of bird, there is a part of a black cat we can see following throughout the whole story But when it gets to the end, the cat says he collects feathers because view spoiler he likes [...]

    11. This is one book that made me fall in love with it just since of the cover illustration and since of the combination of cute cat with beautiful feathers I just wanted to open it up to read it Unfortunately at the first I was actually quite disappointed with the book for the lack of the plot but soon the book s beautiful illustrations captured me This is one book that children will most definitely enjoy who are still into picture books for the words are really minimal Instead the reader will find [...]

    12. Recensione Review Libro bellissimo senza bisogno di parole ci vengono presentati diversi tipi di uccelli e il piumaggio che li caratterizza.In ogni pagina intravediamo un dettaglio estraneo cosa sar mai quell ombra nera cos interessata alle penne e alle piume Libro con illustrazioni realistiche e meravigliose, un piccolo gioiello.Ringrazio l editore per avermi fornito la copia necessaria per scrivere questa recensione.

    13. I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.Isabelle Simler s books are simply exquisite This is the second I ve had the pleasure of reviewing The art in her books is so lovely and the stories are gentle and peaceful Here we have many lovely birds, their delicate feathers, and a curious cat named Plume, but not for the reasons you may think.

    14. As a cat lover owner, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which uses a handsome black cat to guide us through bird identification via the feathers from them that he has collected.

    15. Startling in beauty and simplicity the plumage is a bit ornate and detailed than the individual birds on each page, but both are visually engaging, bold, bright, and colorful Adults and children alike will come for the amazing digital illustrations the child in everyone will stay to catch glimpses of the black cat and follow it from page to page as it investigates each feathered friend The feathers alone make this book a keeper, and there are even samples from different birds in the beautiful [...]

    16. A bright, bold guide to bird feathers, told with humour reminiscent of Rosie s Walk On every double page spread, there is a picture of a bird and it s feathers As a subtext, the birds are being stalked by a cat She gets bolder throughout the book, reaching her paw out and stalking the birds There is some gentle humour, eg the turkey is so large it almost covers the cat I love the colour pallete the pictures are big and bold, but the colours are toned down Cat stands out with her striking black c [...]

    17. I would have adored this book when I was a kid The illustrations are gorgeous the feathers are incredibly detailed, the birds have a very geometric, textured style, and the stark contrast of the kitty on each page adds some nice contrast.Even though this is a kids book, I can see it being a nice coffee table book for bird lovers of any age Most of the birds shown have a variety of feather types highlighted main flight and tail feathers, semiplume feathers, and down I wasn t expecting that, and i [...]

    18. This is a beautiful book with oversized spreads centered around creatures in nature with feathers, and in the background of each picture, a cat fascinated by these birds.The author illustrator depicts the birds themselves in a stylized way on one half of the double page spreads Next to the birds are the feathers which are shown realistically The birds range from the everyday like the blackbird, the jay, and the turkey, to the exotic like the stork, the ibis, and the peacock The pictures of the [...]

    19. This book is simple and the illustrations are simply stunning I have no idea how you can depict feathers so beautifully and intricately but it is accomplished perfectly inside its covers.On each page is a gorgeous, curious black cat observing all the different types of birds Her name is Plume She appears to the reader to be stalking each unique bird that is presented The cat is pursuing for sure, but the reason that is disclosed at the end of the book is a lovely surprise and exposes her gentle, [...]

    20. Simler, Isabelle Plume, PICTURE BOOK Eerdmans, 2017 17.Extra tall pages features feathers on one page and the bird from whence the feathers came on the opposing Some examples are duck, pigeon, eagle, and swallow There is an added feature of the appearance of a cat, who is fascinating with the feathers and is finally revealed to be a feather collector.The feathers in this book are incredibly drawn, they are just stunning The birds seem like a quick afterthought I would add this book to my library [...]

    21. Note I was given the opportunity to read this early through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I wasn t sure what to expect with this book Children s books are often dull or uninteresting for the adult reading them to the child Maybe it s my love of felines or the contrasting colors and textures on the pages but I enjoyed the book despite the lack of words It was clearly intended and communicated that the reader is supposed to count and just enjoy the variety of birds This can be used to [...]

    22. For those who read this blog regularly stop laughing this book is by the same author as The Blue Hour, which featured style than substance while portraying beautiful landscapes That kinda happens here too, although with a very different subject.The book starts with a spread containing numerous feathers, to show how different they can be Each page after that has a painting of a bird and its feather on a white background And in every shot there s a bit of a cat stalking it That s it.Thought it s [...]

    23. Gorgeously illustrated near wordless picture book with full two page spreads showing a slightly stylized type of bird and, floating nearby, some wonderfully detailed examples of a few of its feathers The ears and tail of a cat poke into the picture, too, adding a bit of narrative tension, resolved cutely and with language that clearly isn t US English at the end Lovely labeled feather endpapers, different front and back My only quibble the overall feel is of scientifically rendered feather info, [...]

    24. Each double page spread features a named bird, its feathers and a glimpse of a black cat, with plenty of surrounding white space The illustrations of the birds and cat are simple but it s the richly detailed and beautifully illustrated feathers which make the book The addition of the feather collecting cat was a bit anticlimactic and disrupted the flow at least for me I wish there were details on each bird, either as smaller print on the spreads that older readers could choose to read, or on a p [...]

    25. This deceptively simple looking picture book may be short on text, but it certainly is the with visual interest I look forward to Shari,g this as a read aloud to,watch my students discover what is hidden in the pictures I suspect some will catch on right away while others may take a bit longer I love that, in the end, I was surprised at where the story took me The detail in the feather illustrations is wonderful, although the feathers seemed real and detailed than the birds from which they came [...]

    26. Thank you for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review I voluntarily reviewed an Advance reader copy of this book You can find my review on both and On karenwhittard on under k.e.whittard from publication date And on instagram bookfairyukNot only is this book a very sweet counting book It can also be used by younger readers to find the cat who is lurking in every page and it is also great for older toddlers as it informs them about the different names of lots of very sweet birds It [...]

    27. Wow That s a beautiful cover the woman at my library s circulation desk said It won an illustration award, I told her The New York Times New York Public Library Best Illustrated Children s Books Award And it definitely deserves that award Beautiful, simple, and fun, Plume delights from the front cover to the end papers, and across every page Computer rendered drawings depict various birds and their feathers, but don t miss the cat He is hiding on every page The cat is sneaky, funny, and as enthr [...]

    28. At first glance I thought this was a non fiction book showing the many types of feathers belonging to a number of different birds And then I noticed The Cat Each double page spread in this tall book show a bird on the right hand side, and an arrangement of it s various feathers on the left side The name of the bird is written in simple font on the lower right corner of the right hand page Colorful images are vibrant against the white background, and the solid black cat makes a slight appearance [...]

    29. From the domestic to the exotic Simler depicts delightful illustrations of birds and their feathers with a find and seek game with a collector of feathers I thought this book was adorable I loved Simler s illustrations of simpler birds paired with their finely detailed feathers I can see that kids would love to find the little black cat on each page while enjoying the bright colorful illustrations The ending is very child friendly as Plume is a collector of feathers for it s over sized pillow I [...]

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