The Beatles: The Biography #2020

The Beatles: The Biography Bob Spitz The Beatles The Biography Even before the Beatles hit the big time a myth was created This version of the Beatles legend smoothed the rough edges and filled in the fault lines and for than forty years this manicured version

  • Title: The Beatles: The Biography
  • Author: Bob Spitz
  • ISBN: 9780316013314
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Beatles: The Biography Bob Spitz Even before the Beatles hit the big time, a myth was created This version of the Beatles legend smoothed the rough edges and filled in the fault lines, and for than forty years this manicured version of the Beatles story has sustained as truth until now.The product of almost a decade of research, hundreds of unprecedented interviews, and the discovery of scores ofEven before the Beatles hit the big time, a myth was created This version of the Beatles legend smoothed the rough edges and filled in the fault lines, and for than forty years this manicured version of the Beatles story has sustained as truth until now.The product of almost a decade of research, hundreds of unprecedented interviews, and the discovery of scores of never before revealed documents, Bob Spitz s The Beatles is the biography fans have been waiting for a vast, complete account as brilliant and joyous and revelatory as a Beatles record itself Spitz begins in Liverpool, a hard city knocked on its heels In the housing projects and school playgrounds, four boys would discover themselves and via late night radio broadcasts, a new form of music called rock n roll.Never before has a biography of musicians been so immersive and textured Spitz takes us down Penny Lane and to Strawberry Field John later added the s , to Hamburg, Germany, where amid the squalor and the violence and the pep pills the Beatles truly became the Beatles We are there in the McCartney living room when Paul and John learn to write songs together in the heat of Liverpool s Cavern Club, where jazz has been the norm before the Beatles show up backstage the night Ringo takes over on drums in seedy German strip clubs where George lies about his age so the band can perform on the lonely tours through frigid Scottish towns before the breakthrough at Abbey Road Studios, where a young producer named George Martin takes them under his wing at the Ed Sullivan Show as America discovers the joy and the madness and onward and upward up the charts, from Shea to San Francisco, through the London night, on to India, through marmalade skies, across the universel the way to a rooftop concert and one last moment of laughter and music.It is all here, raw and right the highs and the lows, the love and the rivalry, the awe and the jealousy, the drugs, the tears, the thrill, the magic never again to be repeated Open this book and begin to read Bob Spitz s masterpiece is, at long last, the biography the Beatles deserve.
    The Beatles: The Biography Bob Spitz

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    1. The Bob Spitz biography of The Beatles was the first musical biography that I read a few years back Not sure that I would be all that interested and yet having read some very positive reviews, I picked up this one and had a really hard time putting it down The story is absolutely fascinating from their humble beginnings, the sad and shameful way they disposed of Pete Best for Ringo Starr, the song writing teamwork of Paul and John and the charm and genius of George is just amazing the revolution [...]

    2. Holy crap is this book long And informative Also fun to read, so yay Here s some fun stuff I learned 1 They all had gonorrhea when they recorded Love Me Do 2 John was a huge asshole.3 Brian Epstein would invite really rough dudes back to his house to beat the crap out of him.4 Yoko was even worse than John.5 Paul was kind of a dick, too.6 But Ringo was a nice guy.7 During early Beatles concerts, theater owners or whoever would wheel retards into the front row until John started making fun of the [...]

    3. The opening chord of A Hard Day s Night George, on a twelve string, plays a Gsus chord From bass to treble that s G,C,F,A,C,G On a twelve string guitar, the bottom four notes get doubled at the octave, while the top two are doubled in unison Underneath, Paul plays a D And John strums a Dsus chord, ADADG, leaving out the bottom string So from bass to treble we get the following D, G, A, C, D, F, G, AA, CCC, DD, F, GG, A The result is a perfect collaboration, and a beautiful example of the Beatles [...]

    4. Rating for the quality of the book 4 out of 5Rating for how much I enjoyed the book 2 out of 5I realized as I was finishing this book that I wished I hadn t read it Don t get me wrong it was well written and well researched and I learned a great deal I didn t know about the Beatles And therein lies the problem.There is a whole lot I learned in this book that I wished I didn t know I mean, I knew there was drug use I knew there were countless affairs I knew that none of them were standup human be [...]

    5. A threshold book If your interest in The Beatles is only so so, you ll be bored stiff by the book and I suspect you won t make it to page one hundred The writing is only fair in style not quite historical, not quite journalistic, and not quite pure tabloid y entertainment and the substance is frankly too thin to warrant eight hundred plus pages of reading for all but the most maniacal of Beatle maniacs For good or bad, I am such a one And so I raced through it over a long weekend It doesn t lack [...]

    6. Inconsistent, riddled with errors, inaccuracies and wrong information Lots of mistakes Such as photos from 1960 and 1961 being labeled as being at the Star Club, which didn t open until 62 States that George met Pattie Boyd on the set of Help when they actually met on the set of A Hard Day s Night Just a couple of examples Terrible book And when the list of errors was pointed out to the author, he just insulted those who were telling him Isn t that nice Wanker.

    7. It s not a perfect book, but I think this is a decent enough Beatles biography It s certainly a long one I can t believe I just read an 800 page book It took a little under a month to read The good Spitz really captures the insanity of Beatlemania and the craziness that came with being a Beatle With all the strange goings on during the latter part of their career, it s amazing that they pulled it together enough to create such magic on record Spitz touches on all the biggies Hamburg, Sgt Pepper, [...]

    8. I m a huge Beatles fan HUGE And this book was telling me things I didn t know This is a brilliant book that made me completely bereft when I was finished with it The first hundred pages gave me the impression that it was going to be yet another John worshiping biography, but if anything, Spitz pulls no punches when it comes to Lennon, while also managing to portray Paul as much than the cheery one or the Machiavellian one, which is the other typical McCartney you see in band biographies Another [...]

    9. Still finishing this up, but it s certainly the most comprehensive Beatles bio out there, and very well written and readable The best chapters are probably the school years and the Hamburg period which the author fleshes out with much detail than I ve ever encountered He also has a talent for making it feel immediate when you are reading, with great descriptive passages that give you a sense of what the dives in Hamburg were like and just how grueling the Beatles early touring schedule was for [...]

    10. Well, I only read the last half, to see what jolly Bob Spitz could do with the tale of hippy woe which is the decline fall of the four jolly boys I was expecting a whole lot of fun to be had in the style of Bob s outrageous biography of the other Bob, Dylan In that one, Spitz makes up whole conversations, assumes things when he hasn t got any facts or sources, jumps into Dylan s head to riff on what he probably would have been thinking, kicks him when he s down, and all in all has a right good l [...]

    11. This Beatles biography now considered the definitive one is very well written and full of a lot of colorful, interesting detail As a long time Beatles fan, I thought I was already pretty familiar with the Beatles trajectory, but I learned many things I hadn t known about the boys before And a lot of it I kind of wish I had remained ignorant about.While this book gave me a new appreciation for the Beatles as musicians, I felt really disappointed and even a little disgusted at who they were as peo [...]

    12. This is an excruciatingly poorly written book that still manages to tell a great story Tiresomely exhaustive near the beginning, it forces you to wade through much flowery language and such unnecessary flourishes as tracing John and Paul s respective ancestry back to Ireland and a discourse on the Liverpool shipping industry given how much of it is filler, it s unconscionable that the book runs nearly 900 pages Quotations are unforgivably mangled, with far too much fussily inserted in brackets o [...]

    13. One of the better rock biographies I ve read as of late, this one really gets down into the history of the Fab Four and all the dirt and eccentricities that came out of the Beatles, Beatlemania, and the eventual personality clashes as they grew older Personally, I ve never quite understood the popularity until Rubber Soul and Revolver, their music was pretty staid and lackluster some good riffs and licks, a good backbeat, but nothing out of the ordinary I know it was their Beatlemaniac arrival t [...]

    14. Added 1 13 17 audio, abridged First published in 2005 Interesting biography about The Beatles but sad the way their lives went Their lives went through so many stages This audio makes one realize how hectic their lives must have been The reader was Alfred Molina, whose voice and expression give the story a mysterious and dark atomosphere Believe it or not, I never realized before this that the word beat in Beatles was related to the beat of music In fact, they first spelled the word as Beatals T [...]

    15. It s all Yoko s fault the Beatles broke up and Bob Spitz does take the time to explain why Actually, she just brought out the discontent that was already there My cousin once told me success was the kiss of death to a rock band The money comes in, you began to believe your own press, etc What made the Beatles great is that they never rested on their laurels, but that also brought about their demise They reached a pinnacle no other band will ever reach They stopped touring, they stopped releasing [...]

    16. This was a Xmas gift that sat on my shelf for a few years before I gave it a chance, and what do you know, it s really good Spitz did an absolutely hellacious amount of research, but the book has to survive as a narrative, and does Although a little slight on the music, it evokes the day in day out experience vividly, as well as the dynamics behind this greatest of show biz myths.I have to point out that Spitz, rather incredibly, uses the adjective horseshoe shaped three times in just two pages [...]

    17. having spent the better part of the last 15 years ingesting any written documentation of the beatles lives and careers that i could get my grubby paws on, i was fully prepared to be undewhelmed by yet another lengthy beatle book so it was thrilling for me to find a text that not only provided me with new fab four facts, but also offered new insight into the same stories i have been reading for so long while this book is decidedly john centric and spends far time documenting the first half of th [...]

    18. Good info on the pre stardom Liverpool Hamburg stuff after that, it s pretty hard to come up with info that hasn t been written a zillion times before One annoyance the author had the habit of ending chapters with such portentious cliches as Little did they know all that was about to change , which were doubly ill conceived since anybody shelling out the cash for this book already knows what s coming next.

    19. A great, thorough read on the world s most famous band Spitz started and ended this hefty biography with the same word Well rounded and well done

    20. I grew up after The Beatles had already disbanded, so most of what I knew about them was from the music they left behind when they were together I found their early music trite and sophomoric and still can t figure out why that music catapulted them to fame as the godfathers of the Liverpool sound I was surprised at how many bands I did not realize came from Liverpool who went on to make it big here in the US during the British Invasion.I found their later music very uneven from really good A Da [...]

    21. I m telling myself, as I pulled Bob Spitz s The Beatles The Biography off the bookstore shelf, that reading yet another Beatles book is superfluous I mean, what else could possibly be new And I m not saying that because I consider myself a Beatles expert pfft hardly But there is the cynicism that, unless the author had a place in that coveted inner sanctum of the FabFour, there really couldn t be any other tidbit that can be dished out that hasn t been told in the past 3 or 4 books I ve read.And [...]

    22. This massive biography over 850 pages of text of The Beatles is, if anything, comprehensive Spitz does a wonderful job in setting the stage no pun intended to fully cover the meteoric rise of the band as he goes into such details as painting a history of the Liverpool area and delving into the band members families In the early part of the book the Lennon s and McCartney s are, understandably, given the comprehensive back story, but I would have appreciated the same treatment with the Harrison [...]

    23. Synopsis This is the decisive biography for the Beatles Published in 2005, it includes over 100 pages of notes for a book that was obviously painstakingly researched and carefully written The book covers each of the Beatles from birth including a history of their parents and then follows the Beatles up through their tumultuous breakup in 1970 Nothing from the Beatles past is off limits in the book The book details Beatlemania and their encounters and addictions to drugs, sex, music and .My Revie [...]

    24. I have been a huge fan of the Beatles for most of my life and have had this book in my pile of to be read books for a couple of years I have put off reading it, one, because it is a huge book and two, because I was not sure that I wanted to learn all the horrible details concerning my heroes lives In the end, I am glad that I read this book because it was extremely well researched and written I would say, like a lot of other reviewers, that the author s main focus does seem to be on John Lennon [...]

    25. Amazing, sad, disturbing, funny, ridiculous, disgusting, unbelievable, humorous, awe inspiring basically just about every type of emotion that could be experienced in reading a book This is a very through account of The Beatles It starts with a history of Liverpool and then takes you from the beginning of John, Paul, George and Ringo s life and shows all that the band went thorough in it s formation and rise in the late 50 s and early 60 s Then the absurdity of Beatlemania And everything thereaf [...]

    26. I didn t have tons of exposure to the Beatles growing up and while I realized they were part of and had made history, they lived in a pop music category in my head but weren t anything special Then I read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and he uses them as an example of the 10K hour rule to be an expert you must have put in 10K hours of work Gladwell briefly discusses their time in Hamburg, how the whole hard days night wasn t just a song title I was intrigued I listened to as many of their albums [...]

    27. Spitz goes into the deep painstaking details that die hard Beatles fans are looking for in a biography I ve read a few of them and this is by far the best Its unique in that it goes beyond a simple biography to tell the story with feeling and personality At times the story read like a work of fiction Spitz treats the Beatles like characters in a novel and tries to get into their motivations and desires Very easy to get into from both the rock biography point of view and as a story even if it is [...]

    28. I can t vouch one way or the other for the accuracy of this book Although I ve listened to the Beatles for over 20 years they were the first band I liked I never knew the details of their lives and their fame As a result I have no problem with giving the book five stars Spitz made the gods human for me and I appreciate it I never knew what a prick Paul was, for instance, or that George garnered so little respect from the two main stars of the show.Is it better to burn out quickly or linger for 4 [...]

    29. Five stars for information I wanted to know the history of the Beatles and I got it This fatty novel is extremely informative and supposedly the most accurate of its kind to date without being dry And just for the record George Harrison is underrated AND the author CRACKS me up, because seriously every chapter ends with a cliff hanger like this But for Brian Epsteine worst was still to come And in those ten minuteshe made the biggest mistake of his life And if I had a dime for every cliff hanger [...]

    30. I quit reading about half way through the book It is really well written and tons of details I stopped reading because it was taking my love of the Beatles into a dark place All the drama and true life underhanded ways made me really sad I knew some stuff but it was just not nice I know it is the real world but I just want to listen and enjoy their music Learned a lesson on what not to read.

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