The Sea Fairies #2020

The Sea Fairies L. Frank Baum The Sea Fairies Nobody said Cap n Bill solemnly ever sawr a mermaid an lived to tell the tale Why not asked Trot looking earnestly up into the old sailor s face They were seated on a bench built around a giant aca

  • Title: The Sea Fairies
  • Author: L. Frank Baum
  • ISBN: 9781421818887
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Sea Fairies L. Frank Baum Nobody, said Cap n Bill solemnly, ever sawr a mermaid an lived to tell the tale Why not asked Trot, looking earnestly up into the old sailor s face They were seated on a bench built around a giant acacia tree that grew just at the edge of the bluff Below them rolled the blue waves of the great Pacific A little way behind them was the house, a neat frame cottage pNobody, said Cap n Bill solemnly, ever sawr a mermaid an lived to tell the tale Why not asked Trot, looking earnestly up into the old sailor s face They were seated on a bench built around a giant acacia tree that grew just at the edge of the bluff Below them rolled the blue waves of the great Pacific A little way behind them was the house, a neat frame cottage painted white and surrounded by huge eucalyptus and pepper trees Still farther behind that a quarter of a mile distant but built upon a bend of the coast was the village, overlooking a pretty bay.
    The Sea Fairies L. Frank Baum

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    One thought on “The Sea Fairies”

    1. L Frank Baum wasn t writing this book for me His target audience was probably little girls from a bit before 8 years old to a little beyond 10 So, anything I may write may be less than relevant to that demographic This is a whimsical story about a young girl and her old salt sailor friend and their adventure below the sea s surface with the fairie royalty There is a lot in the world of 100 years ago that does not resonate well with present day Baum sets out a benign view of slavery even as pract [...]

    2. A sea captain, a little girl, magical mermaids, an evil wizard and an odd assortment of sea creatures all combined in an under the sea story My thoughts turned to a fantastical, amazing ocean adventure created through L Frank Baum s imaginative writing abilities YES Sorry, no Unfortunately, this is my least favorite book that I have read by Baum so far The story seemed to be driven by the need to include a wide variety of sea creatures and most were given unlikable human qualities The mermaids t [...]

    3. TeamZogtheTerribleandHisDevilFishOkay, not really, because attacking strangers to indirectly spite an enemy is a pretty feeble motivation, but at least Zog brought some plot action to the scene If I had to read any twee description of pretty rooms and dresses and fish I might have gone in for some meaningless violence myself.

    4. I made up a melody for the barnacle song, and I always sing it when I m walking in the woods now I don t see why the mermaid said it was stupid.

    5. I must be honest, after reading the Oz series, this book did not live up to the tradition I would think that this would be right up my alley, taking place in the ocean depths but alas, not so much That is not to say it was not a good story, just not great Both Avery and myself were not at all impressed with Trot She came off as a sassy, spoiled brat who was too often combatitive and rude Given that she is merely a little girl, her manners could have been forth coming and yet never was there a c [...]

    6. My mother recently got a Kindle This was the first book she downloaded She was really excited to reread it because she remembered really enjoying it as a child Since she was so excited about it, I decided that I should read it.Can t say I was that excited about it I didn t like either of the main characters particularly Trot After I read it, I asked my mother what it was that she liked so much about it She said that she mostly enjoyed the illustrations when she was little Since the kindle versio [...]

    7. The descriptions of the mermaids and their dwellings and sea life was much different than I had expected All good Just different The story revolves around a young girl and an old seaman that are graced with the presence of the mermaids during one of their boat rides The mermaids have decided to turn the humans into mermaids in order to abolish a rumor that mermaids are evil The mermaids are hospitable and introduce them to the ways and creatures of the sea But as they make their way from place t [...]

    8. I rather enjoyed this quirky little sea tale I found it enchanting, but also I was waiting for the other shoe to drop Like why are these mermaids so nice to these humans and what s the real plan, to kill them or harm them I must read too many books with terrible twists and turns in them But this book turned out not to have ulterior motives and the mermaids simply wanted to be friends It s a lovely little bedtime story or something to read to your kids Certainly interesting characters throughout [...]

    9. ___________Standard I read this, but damned if I can remember exactly when or why disclaimer My rating is based on my memory of how much or little I enjoyed the book at that time In some cases, at that time might mean before most users were born OTOH, it could mean a couple years ago Your mileage may vary Heck, given how all our tastes change over the years and the fickle nature of memory, my own mileage might vary if I re read it today.

    10. Well Frank Baum had a great imagination I did get a bit bored but then I m an adult I loved his Oz books but this is not one of them although the charachters of Trot and Captain Bill eventually go to OZ in a later book The thing I loved about the OZ series is the great Art Nouveau illustrations When you read books on the older Kindle you don t see those illustrations.

    11. Everyone knows The Wizard of OZ by Frank Baum but he also wrote several other OZ books, short stories, and several books about mermaids The Sea Fairies is one of the mermaid books I read the first few chapters of this book aloud to second graders and point them to gutenberg for this and other free books that they can read online or on various devices like iPad and Kindle.

    12. Trot and her friend Cap n Bill go on an exciting adventure below the sea with Queen Aquareine and all the mermaids They are introduced to all the sea creatures, learn quite alot about the ocean dispelling alot of the myths that they ve always heard, and get into a bit of danger too

    13. A pretty cute book I liked Trot and Cap n Bill, and the word play of King Anko s speeches and the names of the sea creatures was clever This book also managed to drum up some dramatic tension in the climax, and do away with a much demonic bad guy than is common in the Oz books.

    14. Very funL Frank Baum is probably the first person to create a book that has a largely girl cast in a fairytale environment that still can appeal to all A bit grim at times, the villain s end is rather grisly, but a great read for lovers of fairytales.

    15. A wonderful children s story As much fun as the Wizard of Oz, but this one occurs under the sea I was happy to read this as an adult I just wish I had know of it when I was a kid.

    16. There isn t a plot until about halfway through the book, but I enjoy Baum s writing so much that it didn t bother me This is a highly enjoyable undersea adventure that is fantastical and funny.

    17. I began reading this as a bedtime story for one of my goddaughters during a camping trip In short, it certainly worked to put both her and me to sleep Truth be told, we never finished the book The writing was too wooden The protagonist seemed to be along for a ride that she had no control over, yet one that seemed to pose no real threat to her or her uncle at any time Antagonists were introduced as potential monsters to be feared, then quickly neutered by their host and guide, the queen of the m [...]

    18. I wanted from this story It started out interesting enough with a sea captain and little girl getting invited by mermaids to venture under the sea But once they were underwater nothing really happened They kept meeting new creatures until finally encountering a big baddie Unfortunately because the mermaids literally say they are invulnerable, due of magic, there was no conflict or danger in the story Overall it was whimsical, but boring.

    19. Wonderful I just finished my pre read before I read with my GrandKids, and what a joy it was I look forward to their reaction, almost as much as I enjoyed the education I ve received.I do owe a great deal to Mr Baum for sharing the story

    20. Good storyGreat story but needs detail , the boom went to fast to enjoy the excitement of visiting the mermiads.

    21. After working at Books of Wonder for two and a half years, it was interesting for me to finally read some Baum I can understand why so many people are charmed by these books especially this one, I mean, mermaids, man , but I can also understand why so many people have gone on to write continuations of Baum s stories That part isn t exactly a compliment His writing style feels rather amateur at times, and I can see people thinking hey, I could do this to be fair, though, Christmas in Oz Pretty su [...]

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