Cinder & Ella #2020

Cinder & Ella Kelly Oram Cinder Ella alt cover ISBN It s been almost a year since eighteen year old Ella Rodriguez was in a car accident that left her crippled scarred and without a mother After a very difficult recovery

  • Title: Cinder & Ella
  • Author: Kelly Oram
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 406
  • Format: ebook
  • Cinder & Ella Kelly Oram alt cover ISBN13 9780991457960It s been almost a year since eighteen year old Ella Rodriguez was in a car accident that left her crippled, scarred, and without a mother After a very difficult recovery, she s been uprooted across the country and forced into the custody of a father that abandoned her when she was a young child If Ella wants to escape her father s home andalt cover ISBN13 9780991457960It s been almost a year since eighteen year old Ella Rodriguez was in a car accident that left her crippled, scarred, and without a mother After a very difficult recovery, she s been uprooted across the country and forced into the custody of a father that abandoned her when she was a young child If Ella wants to escape her father s home and her awful new stepfamily, she must convince her doctors that she s capable, both physically and emotionally, of living on her own The problem is, she s not ready yet The only way she can think of to start healing is by reconnecting with the one person left in the world who s ever meant anything to her her anonymous Internet best friend, Cinder Hollywood sensation Brian Oliver has a reputation for being trouble There s major buzz around his performance in his upcoming film The Druid Prince, but his management team says he won t make the transition from teen heartthrob to serious A list actor unless he can prove he s left his wild days behind and become a mature adult In order to douse the flames on Brian s bad boy reputation, his management stages a fake engagement for him to his co star Kaylee Brian isn t thrilled with the arrangement or his fake fianc e but decides he ll suffer through it if it means he ll get an Oscar nomination Then a surprise email from an old Internet friend changes everything.
    Cinder & Ella Kelly Oram

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      Kelly Oram

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    1. 2.5 stars This turned out to be the kind of book that was agreeable enough to read the first 50% than the other half though but that, when you think of the content, right after finishing it, it may possibly be that you end up having very mixed thoughts That s how I feel I enjoyed reading it and getting to know the characters some of them but I nonetheless cannot stop thinking about how improbable it was for this story to actually take place in our world Well, I know it is fiction contemporary f [...]

    2. Richard and Kahlan.She mentioned Richard and Kahlan.Ella almost fainted when she got to meet Richard and Kahlan.Excuse me while I try to compose myself.I loved it I loved it I EFFING LOVED IT That goofy smile on my face is just the tip of the iceberg I can feel my heart dancing salsa and pink clouds raining candy canes on my head I need a moment to thank Rachel E Carter for recommending me this book Seriously Rachel, you re like the cute contemporary guru Cinder Ella is a surprise, surprise Cind [...]

    3. AWW I loved this book I loved everything about it Yes, it may not be the most original, the most literary, the most developed, etc etc but it made me smile the whole time I was reading it This book was just a really sweet romance and I didn t even mind the switching POV S which is huuuge because I never like them.Kelly Oram reminds me of Meg Cabot in her writing style that fuzzy, feel good, fast paced awesomeness that I fell in love with in middle school This is the book you read when you are in [...]

    4. 4.5 stars Cinder Ella is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and sad books I ve ever had the pleasure of reading Even going in with different expectations, I did not get disappointed While I was expecting a light and fluffy read, instead I got a dose of all the feels Which was fine, because this book was amazing.Cinder and Ella both lead hectic lives in their own way, and they each find solace and peace in the same thing a chatroom where they can talk for hours on end They are, essentially [...]

    5. To see review with gifs click here.You know what I hate about being a lawyer, the fact that I can t watch Law and Order or any other lawyer ish show and call foul anytime something isn t factually correct The thing is, I give the shows a lot of leeway For the most part, they actually try to do research about the legal issues they re presenting.I don t think Kelly Oram did that all with Cinder and Ella or she probably didn t care But it really annoys me.Before I go into particulars, I am going to [...]

    6. first read April 2 3, 2015first reread June 20, 2015second reread April 3, 2016third reread Febryary 1 , 2017 You want to know why you ve never been able to make me cry Because you re trying to tear down someone who s already hit rock bottom You can t make me feel any worse about myself than I already do JUNE 2015 I was without internet phone for over 24 hours, so I thought I d reread some of those 2015 favorites so I wouldn t be upset that I couldn t update on GR.So, of course, I reread this I [...]

    7. Me ha ENCANTANDO Qu sorpresa tan bonita Me adentr en este libro por su portada y su nombre, sin saber mucho m s Ya sab is que no me gusta leer las sinopsis y tal pero OMG No imagin que me iba a encontrar una historia tan bonita en l Esta historia entre Cinder y Ella me ha parecido lo m s cuqui y bonita del mundo Lo suyo surge despacio como la espuma Son mejores amigos, y de ah acaban perdidamente enamorados el uno del otro Pero nada es f cil, porque Ella ha sufrido much simo, ha pasado por mucha [...]

    8. Aghhhh so unrealistic and cheesy but soooooo good I LOVE reading this stuff right now Just the cutest re telling ever And, again, totally sprinkled with cheese.For of my reviews, please visit

    9. 4.25 HAPPILY EVER AFTER STARS True beauty comes from inside a person If you feel beautiful, then you ll look beautiful to others no matter what s on the surface This was such a lovely read and just what I needed after the huge mindfuck that is called Dangerous Girls lol.Make no mistake though, this book dealt with some serious topics like death, bullying, physical and mental scars and so onReview to come

    10. First re read Just as amazing as the first time around It s such a great mash up of real life and fairy tale very slightly based on Cinderella I love that both the main heroine Ella, and Brian, famous movie star are such a fantasy book lovers Ella is also a big fan of Richard and Kahlan They met through her blog, and instantly became best friends for years, until an accident which changed Ella s whole life Things became much complicated and their friendship even essential and indispensable.Thi [...]

    11. Este libro es genial No, no es perfecto, pero es una lectura bastante entretenida.Ella Ella es bastante t pica S , tienes problemas de autoestima por su apariencia f sica en un accidente de auto se quem gran parte de su cuerpo Hmmm, esta fue la semana de las protagonistas con quemaduras , pero por todo lo dem s es una protagonista bastante genial Ella tiene que lidiar con mucha mierda en la escuela y ver c mo supera todo eso me gust bastante Adem s de todo el bullying, tambi n tiene que lidiar c [...]

    12. I m really a fan of Kelly Oram Just got the ARC Thank you, Kelly 3Days after Finally finished it Just now Lol.First of all WHERE CAN I GET THE DRUID CHRONICLES BOOK Second, if this is purely fantasy, PLEASE WRITE THE STORY OF DRUID CHRONICLES, KELLY ORAM I BEG YOU.Third, I FREAKING LOVE YOU KELLY ORAM Fourth, I DEFINITELY LOVE CINDER ELLA REVIEW This was such a cheesy story which I definitely enjoyed All the feels I have it Kelly Oram is simply one of the best writers And I am off to preorder th [...]

    13. 5 starsA modern twist to an otherwise famous fairytale, this book had me tearing up one second then smiling the next This is only by first book by Kelly Oram and it was unexpectedly amazing Not normally a fan of YA, this one made me second guess my reasons for not normally reading YA books This story had no sex scenes as expected however the author made it up with love, family and friendship This book also deals with abandonment issues and bullying, chapters which really broke my heart Cinder El [...]

    14. Pues me ha parecido una historia excesivamente dram tica con respecto a la crueldad, algo que me ha resultado poco creible y un poco infantil la protagonista no aparente la edad que tiene.Esperaba otra cosa no me ha convencido.

    15. I don t know why I wait so long before I read the next Kelly Oram book I ve really enjoyed each and every one so far And this one amazed me I wanted to cry for Ella in like every chapter And for being a Hollywood manwhore, Cinder Bryan was a total sweetie pie I love Cinderella stories

    16. Cuidado, esta rese a puede tener spoilers.Cinder Ella es mi noveno libro de Kelly Oram, el cual narra la historia de Ellamara y Brian y lo inicie sin ningun tipo de expectativa, debido en parte a que no quise leer ninguna rese a ni critica sobre la novela para asi poder formarme una opinion honesta y no ir con ideas preconcebidas.Contrario a la opinion popular mi parte favorita del libro no fue la romantica, la cual senti muy cliche y basica, con eso no digo que fuera mala, solo que la relacion [...]

    17. Reread October 2016Loved this I was not planning on reading this book yet because it doesn t come out until October 1st and there are several other books I really should have read first I picked up Cinder and Ella to just read the first chapter and didn t put it down I read the entire thing in one sitting This really shouldn t have surprised me because I love Kelly Oram Honestly there are just a few authors that write in a way that sucks me in and won t let me come up for air until I ve finished [...]

    18. ABSOLUTAMENTE PRECIOSO Justo acabo de terminarlo y no quer a esperar mucho para dar mi opini n, prefer a tener todos los sentimientos recientes.Silo he le do en menos de un d a, pero es que simplemente no pod a dejar de leer Qu puedo decir de este libro Lo empec buscando una lectura ligera y fresca, pero no he encontrado eso exactamente He encontrado mucho m s Una historia preciosa que me ha enamorado y con la que he sufrido much simo Una historia que nos habla del dolor, de la superaci n person [...]

    19. Ha resultado ser una historia muy bonita a la vez que he sufrido con la protagonista por las personas que la tratan mal Me gusta que Ella no sea perfecta y sea luchadora Grata sorpresa Pr ximamente rese a en rincondemarlau

    20. 3 Fairytale starsI m going against the norm I wanted a cute, light YA read and yes it had those qualities, it also had a lot of angst and it dragged a bit.You know the movie, You ve Got Mail You know how they didn t meet until the end of the movie Well Cinder and Ella is exactly like that They meet in person a total two times in the book Had I known that, I am not sure I would have read this book I kept with the story because I found the storyline adorable and I was just waiting for the two to m [...]

    21. One sitting y all Kelly, why must you be so amazing Stop that, or I will be permanently green image error

    22. KELLY ORAM WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME God dammit, I want Show me their cute adorable babiessssssss my babies need babies And Jules, and Vivian AND Rob need their own stories, respectively.This was perfect I can t even.

    23. Nem sei por onde come ar LEIAM, esse o conselho que posso te dar Ele um jovem adulto maduro, Ella tem 18 anos e ainda est no col gio Mas as coisas que ela enfrenta, est muito al m dos problemas da adolesc ncia.Ella sofreu um acidente de carro, e a vida mudou drasticamente Agora tem que enfrentar tantas coisas O destino d uma rasteira e ela n o conta com ningu m mais al m do Cinder, seu melhor amigo uma pessoa que que conversa pela internet e nunca o conheceu pessoalmente O romance em si fofo, ma [...]

    24. 1 mill n de Cinder stars ARGUMENTO En las primeras p ginas de este libro nos encontramos a Ella y su madre en un viaje a Vermont por el cumplea os de Ella Ambas van discutiendo de que har n en el spa pero Ella est m s ocupada respondiendo a los mensajes de su amigo cibern tico apodado Cinder La gracia de la amistad de estos dos comenz con una discusi n sobre los libros preferidos de Ella, en realidad llamada Ellamara, nombre que le puso su madre por los susodichos libros Las cr nicas de Cinder P [...]

    25. There were so many emotions to feel I went into this book thinking it d be a light hearted star falls for fan type story I was totally wrong This is a story about a girl who lost everything, and now has to deal with starting a new life with a family she doesn t even know She s damaged and lost, and this is of the story of how she gets past a lot of hurt, not just the recent ones that happened, but old emotional scars However, the star or in her world, her best friend, is her emotional strength [...]

    26. Ignore the cover this book is AWESOME I absolutely adored this Cinderella tale Kelly Oram has managed to put a fresh spin on a story that has been told a thousand times I loved Cinder.I loved Ella.I loved the friendship between them.Rob, Juliette, Vivienne and her two dads made fantastic fairy godmothers friendly mice depending on your interpretation.I absolutely loved Oram s version of the glass slipper Didn t see it coming but looking back, I thought it was perfect I just loved it all It was f [...]

    27. This little nugget took me completely by surprise I think it was a freebie or close to it and it s been sitting in my kindle for quite some time now.Cinder Ella was far emotional than expected and I caught myself crying on several occasions It s a modern day fairy tale mix between Beauty the Beast and Cinderella and my little girl princess heart loved every minute of it It s very YA but with some very serious subject matters, such as depression, attempted suicide, and bullying There were few in [...]

    28. 4.5Tiene una cuantas cositas que criticar pero es Kelly Oram, es una de las pocas escritoras que en realidad puede meterme en una historia rom ntica.Tengo una sonrisota en este momento, kelly paga mis cremas para las arrugas Rese a m s coherente prontoRese a m s coherente supuestamente Tambi n en El Extra o Gato del Cuento No es un hecho desconocido mi gran admiraci n por Kelly Oram, sus libros siempre son divertidos y hasta relajantes Mis ganas con este libro eran demasiadas, cuando me lleg el [...]

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