Headstrong Prince #2020

Headstrong Prince Michelle M. Pillow Headstrong Prince He s a catshifting prince from another planet She s a human who says she s not interested in an alpha boyfriend When they meet there s an undeniable attraction but is simple chemistry enough to overc

  • Title: Headstrong Prince
  • Author: Michelle M. Pillow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Headstrong Prince Michelle M. Pillow He s a catshifting prince from another planet She s a human who says she s not interested in an alpha boyfriend When they meet there s an undeniable attraction, but is simple chemistry enough to overcome intergalactic odds Find out if this Headstrong Prince can win his princess.A Dragon Lords Romance This book features a cat shifting prince Reader Note Ivar s story.
    Headstrong Prince Michelle M. Pillow

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      397 Michelle M. Pillow
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    1. Three and a half If like me you ve read the Determined Prince which started this prequel series then you will be delighted to finally find out how Ivar finally finds himself a bride His journey started with him in a bar being confused with a drag queen so I thought that hopefully this book would be hilarious but actually no it didn t go in that direction really These stories are what happened before the Galaxy Brides started going to Quirlixen so it s interesting seeing how the cat shifters and [...]

    2. Get That Tiger God I love these Dragon Lords, but I love the Var tooThey are so hot These were the first to go to earth to find women before the Portals were closed and the Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides started shipping woman to Qurilixen.Prince Ivar never imagined that Prince Finn had concocted a scheme to stay on earth in hopes of getting the Elders to leave the Portals open But Ivar turned the tables on Finn, he shoved him into the Portal and the human female who saw them fighting also, but [...]

    3. Michelle Pillow Headstrong Prince Captured By A Dragon Shifter Book 6 At last we get to see what happens to Prince Ivar, the Var Prince that got left behind at the end of Book 5 The Mischevious Prince Needing to make sure the Draig Prince gets back to his planet and also sending the woman who saw the two Princes in shifter form through the portal was a brave move Unfortunately it left Ivar on Earth as the portal closed and would not reopen for another year.This story reveals what happens to Ivar [...]

    4. Prince Ivar was reluctant to through the portals to Earth but egged on by his friend, Finn, they stumble in New Orleans and hilarity ensues Finn proposes to just about every female he sees and gets rejected at every turn, even though he is a very handsome lad But when he tried to pull a fast one and stay on Earth, Finn and Ivar come to blows and Ivar is accidentally left behind when the portal closes.Not exactly immersed in Earth customs and language, Ivar makes a life for himself, all the while [...]

    5. You gotta feel for these fellas Their homeworld, Quirlixen, is beautiful, lush and verdant, with three suns generating a special radiation to make them strong, healthy, and very long lived, and reducing the birth rate for girls to almost zero Single women are nearly non existent, their species is in danger of dying out, but there are just not enough visiting females willing to stay on a planet full of male shifters, no matter how handsome and sexyIn desperation, the ruling royal families begin t [...]

    6. Headstrong Prince Ivar and BethPrince Ivar came through the portal with another prince, without permission, to travel to earth in search of mates He was stranded when he pushed his friend through the portal just as it closed, He d have to wait for it to open again What would happen when he didn t return His planet needed wives, mates Female children were no longer being born If they couldn t change that they were doomed During his extended reluctant stay, he was drawn to a female Could he talk h [...]

    7. I loved this installment of the Captured by a Dragon Shifter Cat Shifter and friend to Prince Finn Prince Ivar is a by the book follow the rules kind of guy Becomes trap on earth for an extra year when the portal him and Finn had traveled from closes Now left to fend for himself he has no choice but try and survive till he can return home again He has poor hopes of finding what he came for, his true mate ,maybe while he is here he could find a suitable bride and when he returns home the elders w [...]

    8. I love how Michelle Pillow brings this story together Ivar goes to our world in order to find a wife to keep the portal open for his people His goal is to bring someone home, even a half mate, if it means helping his people find love Little does he know that fate has a different story for him He gets stuck on our world for almost a year Michelle does a great job bringing each character to life I only wish we had I highly recommend reading this story.

    9. Prince Ivar of the Var was stranded on earth for a year He has to find a way to survive on Earth and find his mate Beth just happen to be in the same city the night prince Ivar showed up on earth She is an artist nor really looking for a man or catshifter until he showed up.Love the mystery action and fun in this story, the characters are fantastic and so much fun Syfy fans your going to love it, Voluntarily reviewed a copy and I honestly loved it.

    10. Prince Ivar was stranded in Mississippi he caught a glimpse of his true mate and then she was gone It was 10 months before he saw her again in New Orleans Beth was trying to take some pics to start painting again but when she saw Ivar he scared her and she ran home She had thought her muse would kick start her career not knock on her front door This is a warm and romantic suspense I was given a copy as a gift by the author I have provided a honest review with no obligation.

    11. Where princes go mayhem follows Armed with desperation and a lot of miscommunication, Princes Ivar and Finn sneak through the portal to find mates, prove the portals should remain in use, and get home before they get into trouble Good luck with that Terrific addition to the Dragon Lords world, packed with humor, sass, plenty of trouble and as always steam A read and read again must I voluntarily chose to review a copy of this book and I have not been compensated in any way

    12. Another amazing book from this author I love how things never go your way is portrayed throughout but the best is the heart knows is too I love how the story shows an alien race not superior to human, but different I love how the characters draw you in wanting A book that engages all reader preferences, sci fi, war and conflict, love and passion a great mix to keep it interesting and fresh I can t wait to read the next books Honest voluntary review from ARC

    13. Another Prince bites the dust Here is the story as to what happened to Ivar while he was stranded on Earth A chance meeting between him and Beth, a struggling artist in New Orleans We get a great update on the Cajun Alligator Men Sparks fly between Ivar and Beth It s a great addition to the series I d love to find out what else is planned for the series

    14. Draig VarI love the dragon shifters and cat shifters in the multi series saga of Draig Var on Quirilixen Great romance, funny miscommunication and an amazing alien world make these books a blast to read I hope Michelle Pillow continues to write love stories of the Draig Var.

    15. I was so waiting for Ivar s story because after the ending of Mischievous Prince, I was completely ready to read about him This was an amazing read, I loved every minute of this story Ivar and Beth were perfect together he was the man she thought she didn t want and she was the woman he couldn t resist This story was definitely one of my favorites from this series.

    16. Headstrong Prince.Stranded on Earth, with no way to get home.Earth is a strange and frightening place, with no money, and no Earth skills.What is a Prince to do He must wait one year before the portal will open again.Ivar feels a pull to a lady in a white skirt, then loses her in the crowd.I liked this book The Princes adventurous tale is well worth the read 10

    17. I voluntarily read and reviewed this advanced readers copy of this story I just love all the dragon lords stories and this one is no different I enjoy the authors writing style and her imagination I loved this book and couldn t put it down even though I had to at times I do hope there will be stories in the dragon lord series that I can get my hands on to read.

    18. this story was written a little differently than the others still a wonderful story and a captivating read I was caught by surprise when I figured out where the story would coincide with another series.

    19. I really liked this book I read it in 6 hours I like the characters and steamy chemistry between the characters I am looking forward to the next book in the series Gifted copy by author L

    20. This was another great book in this series My review will be kinda short because I don t want to share too much Ivar and his friend Finn take a chance to go through the portal to find brides on Earth but after a fight with Finn, Ivar accidentally gets left behind.While walking around Oxford taking pictures Beth meets a strange man who tried to propose to her later by chance she sees a man sitting on a bench so she takes his picture but something doesn t seem quite right

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