The Billionaire's Boyfriend #2020

The Billionaire's Boyfriend Geoffrey Knight The Billionaire s Boyfriend Matthew Darcy is a romance writer in a rut He s been stuck on Chapter One of his new book for as long as he can remember and so has his love life But when his on the side job as a flower delivery guy

  • Title: The Billionaire's Boyfriend
  • Author: Geoffrey Knight
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 125
  • Format: ebook
  • The Billionaire's Boyfriend Geoffrey Knight Matthew Darcy is a romance writer in a rut He s been stuck on Chapter One of his new book for as long as he can remember, and so has his love life But when his on the side job as a flower delivery guy puts him in the right place at the right time to save the life of billionaire banker Calvin Croft, Matt s life takes an unexpected detour toward romance With billions to hMatthew Darcy is a romance writer in a rut He s been stuck on Chapter One of his new book for as long as he can remember, and so has his love life But when his on the side job as a flower delivery guy puts him in the right place at the right time to save the life of billionaire banker Calvin Croft, Matt s life takes an unexpected detour toward romance With billions to his name, Cal Croft has everything except someone to love But is Cal s paparazzi pursued life something that Matt is willing to take a chance on Can a struggling romance writer who delivers flowers have anything in common with a handsome billionaire with his own Lear jet And could the secret that Cal s keeping tear these two lovers apart just when their romance begins to blossom
    The Billionaire's Boyfriend Geoffrey Knight

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      125 Geoffrey Knight
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    One thought on “The Billionaire's Boyfriend”

    1. I m not one for slapsticks This was trying so very hard to be funny that I could only roll my eyes Yes, there were a couple of funny scenes, but most of it was just too much.I think it was supposed to be funny to talk about Cal s huge, uhm appendix at the dinner table, and to have the drunk elderly neighbor grab her date s package all in front of the other neighbor s 12 year old daughter, but I wasn t too amused And everyone thought it pretty funny that their neighbor Mr Banks constantly broke i [...]

    2. MehThis book started out promising, but quickly devolved into saccharine sentiment, cliched plot devices, and nonsensical shenanigans Even the humor, which was good at the beginning, became overused and annoying The hurdle at the end made very little sense, and Matthew was just plain unlikable.

    3. This is a merry romp, emotional, funny, and heartwarming Check your reality coat at the door Matt, delivering flowers, saves billionaire Cal from being crushed by a dump truck It makes the news, and the paparazzi descend We have a bevy of crazy, quirky, funny characters in Matt s life.There is an impromptu dinner planned and it s at the same time Cal is there, wrapped in a towel, but his good nature joins in and he helps them out It is insta love, but so much is going on Cal has a mysterious pe [...]

    4. Stalled at 10%Maybe I ll pick this up again on some other day this feels like it s trying way too hard to be funny.

    5. Billionaires, as far as most of us are concerned, live so far out of range of the ordinary that they are pretty much modern day fairy characters Princes or knights, it doesn t matter, they are way out there It s probably why I like reading stories about them I also love a good fairy tale and why, when they are lonely despite all their money and really only want to find love, they move a little closer to being a mortal human again That s my explanation as well as I can put it anyway, and it s als [...]

    6. Sweet and saucyI didn t think I would need tissues But I did I needed it to wipe the tears that pooled as I laughed at some scenes The characters came alive for me I loved Mr Banks, Tilly, Angus, and Mrs Mulroney Secondary characters, yes, but they made Matt Darcy and his life fulfilling, uplifting, and funny I loved how the story began with a chance encounter And that despite how almost crazy as it sounds, even though Cal and Matt took different paths in life, they had a spark that you feel whe [...]

    7. What can I say about a book that made me laughed so hard Brilliant In the back of my mind, I knew it s a cliche plot It s also over the top with the humor But, who care It made me laughed.Matt saved Cal s life from a garbage truck Imagine what the grandkids face will look like with that opening line.There was attraction on both side that led to an awkward dinner complete with neighbors and friends and a trip to Rome.The dinner was the funniest part of the book Yes, there s flaw but, I like it.Wh [...]

    8. Like Rock CandyA sugary, sweet, cotton candy read The cast of characters gave me the giggles and I smiled throughout this cotton cute read If you are looking for a serious, true to life love story, don t read this It is cute, romantic and has a very out there plot that can only be enjoyed if you are in the mindset to read a goofy story with an even goofier bunch of characters Enjoy.

    9. A Joyfully Jay review 5 starsI Loved This Book I m a sucker for a billionaire story because they most of the time anyway are always so romantic The Billionaire s Boyfriend gave me that romance in spades Calvin Croft was so sweet and so sexy, and Matthew was adorable I fell in love with both men from page one.Matthew is having a writer s crisis, but he has the support of a family he s assembled from the tenants in his apartment building Together, the four of them are charming and absolutely hilar [...]

    10. FOUR STAR REVIEW Judging a Book by it s Cover A man in a suit, sans jacket, stands before a large cityscape at dusk presumably , with the sky filled with vibrant colors and the lights of the city all lit up Dual title font is okay Author font is nearly missed Synopsis provides interest than the cover, to me I ve yet to read any work by this author, so this experience will be completely new to me Looking Deeper POV First person, narrative telling Chapter One Matthew is a Romance Writer currently [...]

    11. I wanted something light and funny and this book fit the bill.Quirky characters Socially awkward hero Funny situations.And then it went off the rails with a freak out and too much wish fulfillment and not enough Happily After Time.

    12. Very funny, but almost no sex A shame, because sex would have made this so much better It read like a screwball comedy and I was laughing out loud on numerous occasions So 4 stars for comedy, 2 stars for smexy times That makes 3 stars in total I won t be reading another one I miss the smexy times too much.Oh, and Calvin was a real jerk to Matt in Italy He doesn t let him finish explaining and the secret Calvin s keeping is not even worth keeping Why he goes over the deep end is beyond me So mis [...]

    13. I am usually not a fan of Billionaire stories but I have to say Geoffrey Knight just changed my mind and heart.This story got me from the first line and kept me going to the end I laughed and cried happy tears Did I mention I laughed OMG, I laughed so much Why might you ask Mathew is a romance writer that also delivers flowers He lives above the flower shop in one of four apartments One is lived in by the owner a feisty Irish woman that always has a flask on hand, one by an old man that is alway [...]

    14. Delightfully hilarious tale of love.What a delightfully hilarious take of love I haven t laughed so much at the written word in ages Geoffrey Knight certainly has a grasp of one of the most difficult areas of authorship genuine laugh out loud scenarios The characters and I do mean Characters with a capital C are so out of this world funny I needed multiple tissues to dry my eyes so I could continue to read every single utterance out of their mouths.Geoffrey Knight is truly a genius of the comedi [...]

    15. I don t think that I ve ever laughed so hard at a book before Matthew Darcy is the perfect combination of snarky and insecure that makes you love him even When he saves Cal s life, everything changes for him but he doesn t believe that he deserves it, although he falls for Cal each time they meet The story has a great cast of secondary characters that bring the story to life, it s Matthew and his feelings for Cal that make the story absolutely wonderful For a good laugh and a lovely romance, th [...]

    16. Perfect holiday readI was genuinely laughing out loud reading this book The characters were brilliant and the whole book had a magical quality It could have done with being a bit longer, building up Matt and Cals relationship just a bit But really that s me just wanting to spend time with them 4.5 stars rounded up because this book gave me serious smiles.

    17. CALThis book was fun, fun, fun to read, it reminded me of the kind of movies I used to watch as a kid I needed something to lift my spirits and I sat down and read The Billionare s Boyfriend I will look out for other reads written by this author I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in light fun romance Enjoy

    18. I fluctuated between a 3 and 4 star rating The story is good It s very far fetched and very fairy tale like, which I won t explain because I don t want to spoil this for anyone It a a good escapism story where the impossibility of such a thing happening is pure fantasy In fact, it s one of those fantasies many romance readers probably have.

    19. This is a new author for me but I loved this one so much I am going to have to check out his other stories This book was cute and funny I loved all of the neighbors in Matthew s building The story was happy and uplifting It is a perfect read if you just want something sweet It was well written with hilariously funny characters Totally worth reading.

    20. Very dramatic This is my first brush with this author and let it be said that he s very talented with words The only thing is, the story is quite dramatic and over the top For a light hearted, afternoon read, this is just the book for it I just wasn t in the mood for a light hearted, afternoon read Lol.

    21. This had so much promise I loved the basic premise a normal guy romance writer flower delivery man saves the life of a billionaire, who s instantly attracted to him However, the story quickly devolved into slapstick comedy and crazy shenanigans I didn t like those bits.

    22. Love, laughter and tearsI was just looking for a quick read and the title caught my eye There was a lot of laughter A small bit of tears fell due to the love that was found This was a great quick read.

    23. 2.5 stars rounded up to 3 stars When the billionaire and his boyfriend were focused on this short book was okay Unfortunately there were a lot of side characters and the action with them seemed a little over the top, almost slapstick, and I really didn t find it as funny as some others might So, just an okay read for me.

    24. Sooooo many things wrong here You know me, I ll be back with that list Borrowed from Kindle Unlimited I want to clear this from my KU queue

    25. Best read everThis book has everything you could want in a book I laughed and cried and laughed some If you want a Sweet comedy romance this is the book to read

    26. Great storyThis is the first time read a story by this Author and I just have to say it would be the last Great story

    27. Absolute Trope central here but I went in knowing this Wasn t massively keen on the love Intrest but I love me a millionaire Passed a good evening.3 stars

    28. O my goodnessWhat a great book, funny, loving, with a crazy cast of characters A great read Thank you for your writing Can t wait to read of your work.

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