The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse #2020

The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse Miriam Norton Garth Williams The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse When a family of mice find a tiny kitten in their nest they decide to raise him as a mouse

  • Title: The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse
  • Author: Miriam Norton Garth Williams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse Miriam Norton Garth Williams When a family of mice find a tiny kitten in their nest, they decide to raise him as a mouse.
    The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse Miriam Norton Garth Williams

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      Miriam Norton Garth Williams

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    2. From this book I learned that kittens who think they are mice are absolutely adorable It s true check out the pictures for yourself I also enjoyed how the story was actually an investigation into that age old question nature or nurture Once the kitten discovered he was not a mouse, would his instinctual mouse hunting needs kick in, or would the love for mice that had been nurtured in him override said instincts Because this is a kids book, the nurture side of the debate won out You can t exactly [...]

    3. Where do I begin with what s wrong with this book The kitten that looks like a possum That the mice family has Lester and unnamed sisters Yeah, I m calling out that sexism The rigid outdated depictions of gender Interspecies deception The psychological abuse and Stockholm syndrome of a poor kitten by the family of mice that adopted him The mysterious and sudden appearance of Paul and Peggy On the surface, this looks like a cute little children s book, but, really, this is a book about deception. [...]

    4. This is a funny and sweet story about a family of mice who adopt a baby kitten and raise him to think that he is a mouse The illustrations are wonderful and our girls really enjoyed the story The second time I read this book 26 June 2013 , it was the one with ISBN 9780375848223, and while the story and illustrations were the same, the story lost a bit of its charm for me Still, I am sure it will appeal to young children.

    5. This is a cute story of a kitten who ends up living with a mouse family and is raised as a mouse As with most adopted children soon the kitten begins to question who is This was a cute story and not one of the Golden Books that I had read as a child My son enjoyed it though he thought that a few times the cat looked weird and I have to agree that it looked like a possum than a cat at times I d read this again just because of my son s obsession with cats.

    6. My 5 year old son picked this out at a used book store He s cat crazy I love illustrations by Garth Williams Sweet story, not earthshaking, but my son liked it A family of mice take in an abandoned new born kitten and raise him to think he s a mouse Eventually he figures out he s a cat, but he still visits and loves his mouse family.

    7. You really can t go wrong with a Little Golden Book This one was great, although it might make your child sympathetic to pests like mice I like the lesson that children are taught certain things about life, for example where they fit or that parents have to match In that way this is a great introduction to what family can look like and how to accept others who do not look like you.

    8. Why do the sister mice NOT HAVE NAMES No, we all know why The story was also a little too pat but at least he didn t eat his mouse family in the end, I guess It does have the unfortunate side effect of seeming like the mice are only using Mickey for their benefit.

    9. A kitten is found by a mouse family and raised as a mouse, but eventually discovers he is a cat and goes to live as a cat, while remembering his mouse family.

    10. Such a cute little story I think Looney Tunes made an animated short about this story It is very similar and had the same theme to it It a story about loving someone despite the differences.

    11. My family completely fell in love with the story And you can t beat the names of the characters, especially the kitten in the title

    12. I remember reading and loving this book when I was little I looked on for a cover picture, and I know this book Warm feelings

    13. A cute story about a kitten that gets taken in and is led to believe it is a mouse My daughter enjoyed this book Would recommend.

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