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Domain James Herbert Domain The long dreaded nuclear conflict The city torn apart shattered its people destroyed or mutilated beyond hope For just a few survival is possible only beneath the wrecked streets if there is time t

  • Title: Domain
  • Author: James Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780333761274
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • Domain James Herbert The long dreaded nuclear conflict The city torn apart, shattered, its people destroyed or mutilated beyond hope For just a few, survival is possible only beneath the wrecked streets if there is time to avoid the slow descending poisonous ashes But below, the rats are waiting.
    Domain James Herbert

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      154 James Herbert
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    1. And so my journey through James Herberts early works continues all be in through the night which may in hindsight might not have been the smartest thing.This concludes what is often seen as the Rats trilogy as I have said before there is a short graphic novel set in the same universe which is actually the 4th part and of all of them this is the bleakest I guess Mr Herbert wanted to go out on a high note By now however the power of the first two books had started to wane a little the book still w [...]

    2. There is a whole bunch of Brit horror authors, who are than equal to their famous American cousins Ramsey Campbell is like Peter Straub on ketamine, Graham Masterton is the snappier version of ole King, Barker is Barker, Brian Lumley is Robert Howard meets Lovecraft meet Clancy, Shaun Hutson is like a better paced John Saul, and James Herbert James Herbert learned to write like Dean Koontz a decade before Dean Koontz learned to write like Dean Koontz, only James Herbert s structure of the stor [...]

    3. 3.5 stars.Okay, so I loved James Herbert s first two excursions into a land being overrun by nightmare rodents Herbert s The Rats, and its follow up Lair, concerns a plague of giant black rats sweeping through southern England, and they are wonderful examples of genre fiction They were both written, and set, during the nineteen seventies and yet, other than the odd reference to wearing a tweed jacket and driving a Ford Capri , both hold up remarkably well Domain, which was written some eleven ye [...]

    4. First published back in 1984, James Herbert s novel Domain formed the third and final full length novel to his classic rats trilogy although a graphic novel entitled The City was later released in 1993 which followed on with the storyline.Incorporating a formula that should have guaranteed to produce nothing short of a classic splatterpunk novel from the godfather of the subgenre not only was Herbert laying down the long awaited third part to his hugely successful Rats series, but he was also on [...]

    5. Rats, rats everywhere, giant mutant rats as big as dogs If postnuclear London wasn t bad enough, for Steve Culver et al there are these giant mutant rats leftover from Herbert s previous two novels to deal with And rabid dogs, and crazy people too Setting the story in a post apocalyptic world lets Herbert free himself from any of the kind of plausibility boundaries that held the previous two volumes in the Rat trilogy back Herbert can just let his imagination go In addition, Herbert s prose and [...]

    6. Domain is the third book in James Herbert s The Rats trilogy, and it is safe to say it is my favourite The first book, The Rats, was an interesting read but it wasn t quite what I had anticipated The second book, Lair, was a lot enjoyable This third book, Domain, hit even spots.Domain has a very different atmosphere to the first two books in the series, and I believe this is what left me to enjoy the book so much Throughout the series we have been dealing with the fear of something in the real [...]

    7. Best in the trilogy of James Herbert s horror genre I like the beginning where the main protagonist a motor cycle courier follows a civil servant who calmly walks among the chaos with purpose Everybody else is running to and fro during a nuclear attack in London and this smartly dressed man nonchalantly disappears down a tunnel and bangs on a matal door He disappears into a bunker and the courier crashes in behind hime rest is an epic story which is the last in the Rats trilogy I really enjoyed [...]

    8. Loved it Best book of the trilogy, non stop, edge of your seat thrilling action and gorel hope for humanity dwindling with every page turn I LIKE

    9. I used to be able to say I had never read a horror novel that made me want to stop reading because it was so dark until I read this novel James Herbert is, quite simply, the most effective horror author to ever come down the pike and Domain is the grimmest arrow in his quiver Describing the book to a friend, I told them Well, it starts off with World War III, and then things get worse from there Radiation poisoning Check Burn victims Check Suicide and despair Double check Flesh eating giant rats [...]

    10. A brilliant final part and a real twist in terms of setting London is hit by a nuclear strike wiping out most of the characters it introduces in the first 20 or so pages Its an audacious leap from The Rats and Lair to say the least We then get a combination of terrific post nuclear apocalypse story with all the usual tropes underground government bunkers, irradiated mutants , the military, groups of disparate survivors trying to make their way underground and into shelter Then the rats arrive, b [...]

    11. I have to say DOMAIN is the only book that made me physically ill while I was dipping into it I ve never found the nerve to read it all the way through yet.Not because of the rats or The Rats but because of the nuclear war premise I was a teenager of the Cold War, and expected never to make it to 1990 without going up in nuclear ash Programmes like THREADS by the BBC and my research into fallout and the effects of nuclear war still tell me the best way to go would be quickly shudder.Which is whe [...]

    12. Once again James Herbert proves his talent for writing in this thrilling conclusion to his Rats trilogy Combining apocalyptic themes with giant rodents, it s an unlikely yet chilling story of man vs mice.

    13. So, I seem to make a massive mistake when it comes to James Herbert books, specifically ones to do with his The Rats trilogyMe being the stupid idiot I am, took Domain with me to London and read it on the train No, not a good idea I don t know if anyone remembers the incident of me reading The Rats on the way to London before but, lets just say there was a bit in the tube and then rats happened and in real life with me, the tube actually stopped in the tunnel and I genuinely freaked out.I guess [...]

    14. Unnerving Magazine ReviewAs with many classics, and don t dare suggest the Rats series is anything but, you ve got some mental hoops to jump Here there are touches of racism, though rare, and there s misogyny, subtle and screaming, both not so rare Mostly, these are eye roll moments that demonstrate a period in the not so distant past Climb over these altogether, or note them and move on, and you ve got a pretty fun ride.Domain is the third and final novel of the series there is a part four in t [...]

    15. I was really looking forward to devouring this James Herbert novel but was disappointed at first I hung in there and kept reading all the nasty stuff about rats, not just ordinary rats but giant rats, and rats with their guts hanging out, and death and destruction, gruesome rat and human body parts, decaying, noxious, virus ridden rats of putrid oceans full of stiffened black furred eerie, ugly and swelling abdomens Yep all that good stuff not Somehow I ended up wanting to know what was going to [...]

    16. This is the final installment of the Rats trilogy the others of which I haven t actually read and finds London being destroyed in a nuclear attack, resulting in destruction, carnage and a race for any below ground structure that may offer shelter As such those who survived the initial blasts were then terrorised by the black furred terrors that live below ground, away from the glare of the sun As the rats find themselves in the majority and find food to be suddenly abundant they become and con [...]

    17. What s worse than a nuclear strike on one of the most densely populated cities in the world What s worse than one of the most densely populated cities in the world being terrorised by mutant man eating black rats How s about one of the most densely populated cities in the world being terrorised by mutant man eating giant black rats after a nuclear strike Herbert ended a great trilogy in one of the most devastating horror novels I have ever read, combining two nightmares to create one in which de [...]

    18. Post apocalyptic fiction is one of my favourite genres.The Rats series by James Herbert is one of my favourite series.Put them both together and what do you get A freaking good read, that s what A very satisfying ending to the Rats trilogy.By now, you know what you re in for with one of James Herbert s books and he plays to fine form, once again delivering a chilling, could be happening storyline with memorable characters that you either love or loathe and he isn t afraid of destroying them in c [...]

    19. Such a fun story You know what is better than rats Rats and Nuclear Holocaust This story starts with the big bang and keeps dealing punches the whole time We get the action hero Culver , the gov t man Dealey , and the constant damsel in distress Kate No real complaints here except the length and the portrayal of Kate as completely helpless and in constant need of saving I know the book is older, but I expect better writing of female characters Some of the best parts of this book are the little v [...]

    20. Weirdly, this is the book which satisfies most and least in the same time Herbert has developed a lot as an author and has presented a chilling and believable post apocalyptic future, populated by few, but well developed characters Because of this however, the intensity of the original novel The Rats is missing Domain is a strong entry into the series, but would have been better as a spin off rather than a conclusion of the series.

    21. I had forgotten how truly good this book was It had been a number of years since I read it last but it reminded me how good James Herbert is in the horror genre One of my favourite books

    22. AUTHOR JAMES HERBERTCHARACTERS Steve Culver,Alex Dealy, Kate,Fairbank,Ellison,Dr.Clare Reynolds,Bryce and others.LOCATION LONDONGENRE ADVENTURE HORROR This fiction is the reflection of the author s dark fantasy.Torn apart London City in the long dreaded nuclear conflict in Third World War PLOT London city is under nuclear bomb attack The city torn apart,shattered beyond recognization, its people destroyed, mutilated beyond hope Just few survivals , Steve Culver Pilot Alex Dealy Govt man Fairbank [...]

    23. This is a novel of three parts In the first, after five nuclear bombs detonate over London, a group of survivors lie low in a government underground shelter, only to discover that they aren t alone The mutant species of rat from the first two books is down there with them There follows a sequence of set pieces, typical of Herbert, but they wear a bit thin and this section of the novel goes on for too long In the middle part, our survivors emerge into the ruins and make their way through the city [...]

    24. Herbert s Rats are led by the Mother Creature, a beast so bloated and deformed it can barely move It s probably unfair to draw a parallel with this book, but in point of fact, Domain is too big for its own good The page count exceeds that of the previous two Rats books combined, and the result is simply too long and too repetitive to really work Herbert s efforts to combine his rodent menace with the nightmare of nuclear armageddon also misfire, doing to distract from each other than anything e [...]

    25. Domain is a satisfying sequel to The Rats, set in a nuclear devastated London, the tides have turned and the creatures have the upper hand on the human survivors of the post apocalypse Herbert is in full swing here, Domain is a longish read and all the better for it Characters are well developed, and the action and horror set pieces well written What a pity James Herbert is no longer with us, the ever evolving rats definitely warranted another book.

    26. Master of the terror of fear.Wonderfully engrossing storyline which keeps you on the edge of your seat Keeps you guessing till the end no mistake.

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