The Iron Tree #2020

The Iron Tree Cecilia Dart-Thornton The Iron Tree Jarred is a young boy who has grown up among his mother s peaceful desert people While Jarred loves his mother he longs to know the history of his father a journeyman who left years earlier promisi

  • Title: The Iron Tree
  • Author: Cecilia Dart-Thornton
  • ISBN: 9780765350541
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Iron Tree Cecilia Dart-Thornton Jarred is a young boy who has grown up among his mother s peaceful desert people While Jarred loves his mother, he longs to know the history of his father, a journeyman who left years earlier, promising to return for his wife and infant son A broken promise but a token left behind an amulet for Jarred that he has worn always Some say it brings than a bit of good lJarred is a young boy who has grown up among his mother s peaceful desert people While Jarred loves his mother, he longs to know the history of his father, a journeyman who left years earlier, promising to return for his wife and infant son A broken promise but a token left behind an amulet for Jarred that he has worn always Some say it brings than a bit of good luck his way, for no harm has ever befallen the boy.When Jarred comes to manhood, he decides to journey into the world to seek his fortune and perhaps along the way find news of his father In his travels he will come to a place so unlike his own as to boggle his mind a place of immense tracts of waterways and marshes, where the very air seems to teem with magic and a people surrounded by creatures fey and not, with enough strange customs and superstitions to make his head swirl.And to the beautiful Lilith, a woman who will haunt his dreams and ultimately steal his heartwho perhaps can provide a key to his heritage.
    The Iron Tree Cecilia Dart-Thornton

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      103 Cecilia Dart-Thornton
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    One thought on “The Iron Tree”

    1. This is a novel of contrast between the original desert setting and the marshland where it concludes The fantasy shows Jarred, a young man from a desert town, who travels with friends to see the world He meets a lovely girl called Lilith in a marsh environment and the people there come to accept him as one of them Lilith is afraid to marry because of a curse on her family Through a couple of generations now, one of a couple has died early and the other has become paranoid about pursuit by invisi [...]

    2. Not as good as the author s previous trilogy Her writing is often lovely, and the places she imagines are fascinating I love detailed world building, but this book has too much even for my taste The plot takes a long, long time to get started It s engaging once it does, but not truly top notch Does it make me seem shallow to say that one thing I didn t like about the book is that the lead characters are too pretty Maybe I should say instead that the author seems too enad of her protagonists and [...]

    3. Fantasy lovers will find rich material in Cecilia Dart Thornton s Crowthistle Chronicles We are thrown into a dense fantasy setting from the start, and what follows is an abundance of imagery and detail rather than too much action.The storyline itself is fairly simple a young adventurer goes off to find his father, but is waylaid by a beautiful young woman in a village along the way They want to marry, but a curse, which must first be resolved, forestalls their happy union The redeeming realism [...]

    4. Dart Thornton does an amazing job of painting a picture of the beautiful world she created However, this is not for the impatient reader She sometimes spends pages just describing the surroundings or a person and this book is basically setting the stage for the next when all of the real action happens.

    5. This was a lot better than I expected based off the mixed reviews it got I dont think its an omg you must read this book but i did enjoy the story This book is pretty much setting the background for the rest of the series It almost reads like a prequel as if she could have gone back and written it after writing the other books in the series but its not its the first in the series Im torn btw 3 and 4 stars its a high 3 and low 4 really like 3.5 but i tend to round down so i went with a 3 I do pl [...]

    6. Loved the first series by this author, the Bitterbynde trilogy, and thought I would adore this one, but no luck I rarely do this, but I just couldn t contemplate reading it any, and it started giving me the evil eye when I would pass it by holding another book Bleh Who knows, maybe I ll pick it up again in a few years and love it For now, eh.

    7. I read a lot of crap, and even I couldn t get past the first five pages She described a football as crudely stiched goat skin stuffed with fibrous material That was the line I stopped at It was the most pointless description I ve ever seen I found that most of the description was unnecessary and wordy.

    8. This is an unusual and in my opinion, at least beautifully written fantasy novel which I found to be a breath of fresh air in a genre overcrowded with overly fast paced, action packed, cliche ridden travelogue adventures with little truly fantastical or magical about them The elaborate, description heavy writing style and sedate pace won t necessarily be to everyone s taste , but were both big advantages for me.In terms of the writing style, I consider Dart Thornton to be virtually the only cont [...]

    9. I can t really claim it as read I couldn t get past the first 50 pages I m usually fine with writing that s a bit flowery, but this author doesn t seem to be able to use a word of one syllable when she can find one of three or four And not always suitably I realise that profoundly does mean deeply , but when you re talking about a hole dug in the ground, deeply is just fine thanks.Also I m aware this is a fantasy, fantasy is my preferred genre, but mixing druids with ziggurats and cuneiform The [...]

    10. I gave this book 108 pages and I would like to have that time back so I can better spend it elsewhere The first 2 pages should have been an indication to me not to bother and I wish I had read reviews of this book before I purchased it I had previously read all three books from Dart Thornton s pervious series and found the first book good, the second two decreasingly enjoyable Maybe I should have born that in mind, but the premise sounded good and I was genuinely excited to start this series I a [...]

    11. Slow, slow, slow Another book by Dart Thornton with a good story idea that is absolutely smothered by her horrible writing style There were a few moments where I genuinely felt moved but these were few and far between After reading the second book in this series I gave up, something I have only done with 1 other series of books.

    12. I am generally a huge Dart Thornton fan, but I just could not get into this book I hate to compare and author s works against one another, but I can t help but think this story pales in comparison with her Bitterbynde trilogy It s a real shame as I think she is a very talented writer.

    13. Non ci siamo Non so nemmeno da dove iniziare per recensire questo libro anche se ci sono tante cose che vorrei dire.L ho iniziato qualche settimana dopo aver finito il terzo volume della Trilogia di Bitterbynde, scritta dalla stessa autrice, e mi aspettavo di trovare in questa serie un altra storia che mi appassionasse cos com successo con la gi menzionata trilogia Purtroppo non solo questo libro non mi piaciuto, ma mi ha addirittura annoiata per la maggior parte della lettura se non tutta.Non m [...]

    14. Ambientato in un mondo immaginario che per deve moltissimo alla mitologia celtica con tutto il suo contorno di creature sovrannaturali, affascinanti ma potenzialmente pericolose L albero di ferro, primo volume delle Crowthistle Chronicles, narra la storia del tragico a fra Jarred e Lilith no, non uno spoiler che vada a finire male, l autrice ce lo dice chiaro e tondo fin dal prologo, facendosi secondo me un discreto autogol , inconsapevolmente legati a uno stregone malvagio e al suo crudele male [...]

    15. In a desert land young Jarred lives with his mother His father left long ago in search of something, or just to hide And Jarred wants out of his life so he leaves with a bunch of friends in search of adventure, and to find his father Instead he find the love of a woman when he meets Lilith who lives in the marches of Slievmordhu Now he wants to travel no further, instead he wants to win her love.But she has a suitor, and a terrible curse over her that will make her go insane like her mother one [...]

    16. Without doubt one of the worst starts to a series I ve ever read appallingly overwritten, like she swallowed and regurgitated a thesaurus, with one dimensional characters whom we learn precious little of, except that the leads are Very Very Pretty The story spans some Fifteen years And let me tell you, the ten days I spent reading it felt about that long I was about ready to gouge my eyes out the third time I came across a description of the colour of someone s eyelids and how much they resemble [...]

    17. Se fosse per l ambientazione e le magiche creature che l autrice ha saputo inventare, i vari riferimenti alla letteratura inglese dell 8oo e lo svolgimento della storia, questo libro meriterebbe 5 stelline Ma tutto caduto con la narrazione della storia d a tra i due protagonisti principali, tutto il libro ruota attorno al loro a Oddio, non ho mai letto una storia d a cos brutta e scritta cos male da 2 stelline in un lampo si innamorano, in un lampo tutto finisce L autrice non crea una vera e pro [...]

    18. winces If I didn t know better, I would swear this was her first novel The Ill Made Mute was utterly awesome, but this Well, I wouldn t exactly call it a fantasy A romance in a fantasy setting would be accurate And maybe it s just because I don t care for romances, but the entire story I was waiting to find out what the point was It never got there They lived, their lives were full of random ups and downs, and then they died Whoopie Not to mention the dialogue Oh, the dialogue I wouldn t mind t [...]

    19. At least in her last trilogy there was some substance, interesting characters and a good overall plot to get you through the boring places The stories in here were under developed and that sounds weird considering it is 400 pages long But it was really hard to finish and the last 4 chapters were complete drudgery I just wasn t that interested in the main characters Sure they were good looking and virtuous but that doesn t necessarily mean that they are interesting to read about And by making the [...]

    20. This is a tough one I was frustrated because this author was compared to Tolkein so it caught my eye I would never compare this author to Tolkein, ever This made me angry actually she s far from Tolkein.This book was extremely slow I was compelled to finish the story though She was way too descriptive without holding my interest Her use of the English language was a bit bizarre as well and instead of being poetic, it was unlevel and weird.I had a hard time connecting to the characters as well.I [...]

    21. This was not the best starter novel to a new series It was really frustrating how slow this novel seemed to take to get into the real plot Then towards the end the characters lives went through dramatic time shifts but the plot still developed slowly I really liked the Bitterbynde trilogy so I was really looking forward to this other series But the unnecessary amount of descriptive writing really took its toll on the overall flow of the novel That coupled with unrelatable main characters made it [...]

    22. The beginning was somewhat compelling, with good characterization As the plot developed, it seemed very rushed and the empathy the reader may have had for the characters is lost I may try the second book to see if she can even out the speed and consistency of characterization.Spoiler Once they have the baby, the author bypasses the depth with which she has treated Jared and Lilith and focuses on Jewel, but since she s just a child, there isn t a good feel of her as a person other than that she s [...]

    23. I couldn t put these books down I loved it from the first few chapters It s a very detailed and intricate story with lots of twists and turns in the plot I totally didn t expect the ending and didn t want it to end when it did I fell in love with the last book and I loved the world that Cecilia Dart Thornton created to set these stories in Different from anything I ve written before and I loved them as much as I loved the Farseer trilogy and Liveship traders my fav books

    24. I m afraid that I had to give up on this I m a bit fan of fantasy, but this one didn t grab my attention The author hasn t heard of the rule show, don t tell there are huge chunks of descriptive text telling in detail how a character feels, instead of showing it The main character of Jared isn t that interesting either and after reading half a dozen chapters, I found myself reaching for another book to entertain me I don t like giving up on a book, but life s too short

    25. I was disappointed This is usually the type of book I love The story was pretty good but it was so wordy and descriptive that the story just dragged Those who love descriptive books will like it but I just want to skip all that and get to the action And I didn t really like the ending So, not a bad book, just not totally to my liking.

    26. Didn t find Jarred or Lilith all that compelling as characters, or their romance all that authentic And not a lot happens until the last chapter or two not that that s necessarily a bad thing Really hoping that this sets up an interesting plot for the rest of the series, and of course the lore by itself was enough to make this a worthwhile read.

    27. Just had to stall this book I really loved the story and think the author is very good at storytelling, but I couldn t carry on due to the language I feel the author was trying to write in an oldish style I may be wrong and didn t manage it Also the love story was incredibly difficult to believe, way too clich d.

    28. I enjoyed some things about this book of star crossed lovers the guy and girl are both very appealing people Unfortunately these characters only exist in this one book, and the rest of the series is about their spoiled, annoying, daughter and her boring adventures P

    29. I made it about half way through I wasn t violently opposed I simply got bored The characters didn t have enough conflict, internal or external, to hold my interest And the writing was too flowery It kept knocking me out of the moment.

    30. Cec lia writes a beatiful, long, love story, filled with many creatures of eldritch, adventures Slow pace and quiet fun, compared to The Bitterbynde Trilogy But brace yourselves, this is just the beggining of a very long, epic, multigenerational tetralogy.

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