The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals #2020

The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals Missy Chase Lapine The Sneaky Chef Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids Favorite Meals Parents will do almost anything to get their kids to eat healthier but unfortunately they ve found that begging pleading threatening and bribing don t work With their patience wearing thin paren

  • Title: The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals
  • Author: Missy Chase Lapine
  • ISBN: 9780762430758
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals Missy Chase Lapine Parents will do almost anything to get their kids to eat healthier, but unfortunately, they ve found that begging, pleading, threatening, and bribing don t work With their patience wearing thin, parents will give in for the sake of family peace, and reach for kiddie favorites often nutritionally inferior choices such as fried fish sticks, mac n cheese, Pop sicles, anParents will do almost anything to get their kids to eat healthier, but unfortunately, they ve found that begging, pleading, threatening, and bribing don t work With their patience wearing thin, parents will give in for the sake of family peace, and reach for kiddie favorites often nutritionally inferior choices such as fried fish sticks, mac n cheese, Pop sicles, and cookies Missy Chase Lapine, former publisher of Eating Well magazine, faced the same challenges with her two young daughters, and she sought a solution Now in The Sneaky Chef, Lapine presents over 75 recipes that ingeniously disguise the most important superfoods inside kids favorite meals With the addition of a few simple make ahead purees or clever replacements, some may surprise you parents can pack fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants in their kids foods Examples of Sneaky recipes include No Harm Chicken Parm Power Pizza Incognito Burritos Guerilla Grilled Cheese Brainy Brownies Health by Chocolate Cookies Quick fixes for Jell O R
    The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals Missy Chase Lapine

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    1. When my son was younger, he d eat about anything As he s gotten a bit older he just turned 5 , he s become and picky My pediatrician said that s a normal stage and to keep putting foods in front of him Which I keep doing of course, but I worry that he s getting the nutrients he needs I also worry about all the chemicals, preservatives, additives, etc that are in a lot of food and try to find natural, healthy alternatives for him.What I love about this book, is it s a good way to supplement ve [...]

    2. What I love1 Easy to read 2 Well organized.3 Lots of recipes that kids will want to eat.4 Everything extra is make ahead so I can do it when the kids aren t around.5 Quick fixes for some packaged foods Ways to make them better.What I didn t love1 Not as many photos as I would have liked 15 recipes are pictured complete.What I still need to check outAlthough I ve finished the book, I haven t tried out anything yet I m fairly sure that the fruity add ins will be okay with my kids, but I m worried [...]

    3. Love it, love it, love it Borrowed it from the library because JT doesn t want to eat anything Lots of great recipes even for adults to just alter some of their favorite comfort food type stand bys, as well as cookies and sweet treats, to make them better for you and get all those veggies they say we should eat

    4. I liked the Jessica Seinfeld book better than this one It seemed, to me, to be a little too involved, as opposed to Seinfeld s easy, one ingredient addition to our favorite dishes For a busy, non cook, such as myself, it was a little daunting Also, I wasn t so keen on making something called green puree and purple juice to add to my foods.

    5. Haven t tried the recipes yet it s a library book need to buy it But I really liked the philosophy Helped me understand why I ve been so picky about food for so long Yes, it s geared at tricking toddlers, but that s who I ve been eating like most of my life Don t know if I ll be able to trick myself but I do think I can add nutrition to foods I like by using these recipes tips techniques So if I ever get discretionary income enough to buy some books, this is on the list.

    6. Haven t tried any of the recipes, but want to The idea seems good Wish the author included the normal nutritional information that appears on food packages.

    7. This book was not very helpful to me.I have older children who know that we live a lifestyle that includes eating fruits and vegetables We ve never lied to them about food or tried to deceive them about what they are eating My plan was to let them know that we were going to try some new recipes that were going to pump up our intake of fruits and veggies Veggies are always included with our meals and snacks throughout the day so I really was just looking for a few ways to add a few .Issues with t [...]

    8. My kids are currently eating cauliflower or sweet potatoes in their maccheese, carrots mixed into their french toast batter, avacados in their smoothies, tons of purees in their pizza sauces, an assortment of veggies and or carefully smashed black beans in their quesadillas, and, my current accomplishment SPINACH in their chocolate pancakes My 4 year old is a picky little guy due in large part to sensory issues related to his autism and Missy Lapine is now my hero as his diet is varied than it [...]

    9. I deliberately asked for this book over the other one for my birthday My two old son refuses to eat meat except for ham or bacon and gets bored very easily with food He was getting to the point where he d only eat tortilla chips and apples Getting him to sit down for a meal well, from the screaming you d think we were dipping him in a vat of boiling oil But when I made the quesadilla recipe in this book, he ate two whole quesadillas usually he eats half of one So far all the meals I ve served ou [...]

    10. This book is a perfect example of everything wrong with American Food Culture Why bother teaching kids healthy food habits when you can just give them the same old crap with a few tablespoons of pureed vegetables to make it healthy My kids aren t super picky eaters so this book is irrelevant to my household I can see how her recipes might be useful to families with different circumstances However, I do have a Vegetable Avoider and I have been able to sneaky plenty of vegetables into his food wit [...]

    11. I love this book so far It s had a lot of press and I was curious to see what the buzz was all about I have read some arguments regarding this book saying that we should teach our children to eat fruits and veggies, period, and not try to hide them in things like brownies and ice cream My viewpoint is, yes, teach them to eat fruits and veggies by example but why not give them extra nutrition when they do get sweets I m excited to try some of the recipes in this book to see how they taste I have [...]

    12. Things I liked best about this cookbook Lapine s food philosophy eat fresh, eat whole grains, avoid pesticides, eat junk occassionally but try to make it healthier when you do Ability to make ahead and freeze the purees This is key if you are trying to sneak things into foods without kids noticing Mine are always in the kitchen and would definitely notice if I were pureeing spinach before every meal Recipes kids and adults like fancy pants stuff Getting the tips tricks I needed to start adding f [...]

    13. The recipes for purees at the beginning of this book are pure genius in that they literally have no funky taste you could hide them in pretty much anything The information that Lapine provides on the nutritional benefits of the hidden fruits and veggies is also inspiring to any parent anxious to get those precious vitamins and minerals into their kid any which way The recipes themselves, however, are over the top, i.e chocolate chip pancakes, breakfast cookies, breakfast ice cream, etc The break [...]

    14. While I don t like the premise of the book sneaking , she has some simple ways to increase vegetables in your meals and boost antioxidants and foods that help with iron absorption Since the recipes have fiber due to the hidden ingredients, it should also curb one s appetite More than half of the book is filled with recipes The key to her system is the set of 13 make ahead recipes, everything from ground walnuts, frozen bananas and homemade bacon bits to the all important purees white puree, gre [...]

    15. I have a very picky eater I really want him to eat better I m investigating methods to help him overcome his pickiness but in the meantime I d still like to get some nutrients into him And that s why I picked up The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine.I m not adverse to lying to my kids to help them get through something I ve told them about the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus I ve stretched the truth about something they wouldn t understand I ve done what I can to help them, or to make their childho [...]

    16. I decided that if breakfast was the only meal my son was going to eat on a consistent basis, it better be good So this book gave me a few pancake, muffin recipes in which to sneak healthier ingredients in Most of the recipes were pretty good esp the muffins The cocoa pancakes really did taste like you were having brownies for breakfast which was a little much for me and the breakfast cookies were just okay I would say, skip or skim most of the first part of the book and look at the recipes I did [...]

    17. I have a girlfriend who makes what she calls Christmas Lasagne every year I love the idea of it How simple Just pop it in the oven and go back to relaxing with the family I tried it this year on my husband s family only I used the sneaky chef recipe Success everyone enjoyed it, the kids ate it, and even I got a few extra veggies into my diet Still giddy from my success, I added the white puree cauliflower zucchini to my children s Mac and Cheese last week Again, success My son the anti eater who [...]

    18. Overall enjoyed the book I am not too fond of being sneaky with food as I think kids should be exposed to all kinds of food However, this was easily resolved by adding veggies on the plate without hiding them The recipes I have tried were tasty and simple to make My husband and my son asked me to make the recipes again The writing style was clear and informative The purees are versatile an can be made in advance I froze mine in ice cube trays to avoid having to take the blender out every time Mo [...]

    19. Though geared towards kids, this book is great for picky eaters of all ages, or for anyone looking to add a little nutrition to their diet without sacrificing taste My favorite tips include Adding purees of veggies such as cauliflower and zucchini which don t have a lot of taste but tend to have an odd texture to things like burritos and mac cheese Buying the following ingredients organic because they absorb the highest level of pesticides strawberries, peaches, apples, spinach, nectarines, cel [...]

    20. I made a couple of the purees and the flour blend of wheat flour, white flour, and wheat germ I tried the unbelievable chocolate chip cookie recipe It was disgusting My daughter only ate the chocolate chips The flour blend tastes gross and changes the texture of the cookie too much very bread like Plus, the cookies had bean paste in them Gross I swear I could smell the beans after the cookies were cooked I tried the peanut butter cookie recipe too It was a little better, but the flour blend gave [...]

    21. I applaud this woman for taking action and finding a way to get her girls to eat food I can relate with her when her brother comes over and tells her to just make them eat She has a healthy obsession with whole foods Lol Other than her personal stories I didn t enjoy much else Bean pur e in cookies Green juice, purple juice While I wasn t inspired enough to use any of her recipes she did inspire me to start adding veggies that my kids do like to the meals they already know For example adding shr [...]

    22. I enjoyed this book It is fun to read and has a lot of good ideas I would have liked to see ideas on how to incorporate some of these healthy purees into my own recipes, but I guess I ll just experiment I put the white bean puree in stroganoff and it went over pretty well.I ve tried two of the recipes so far The brownies were okay they aren t as rich as regular brownies, but my kids loved them It s probably the first time in his life that my three year old has had spinach The Macaroni and Chees [...]

    23. I read a preview of this in the family fun magazine and I am ordering it This is really nothing new, but for me really hit home I am constantly nagging my kids to eat veggies I love the idea of pureeing them and putting them in unsuspecting foods Yes, I also encourage them to get veggies in their real form, but this is a nice extra little boost I expierimented today and but green bean puree and some v 8 juice in our meatloaf and voila no one could tell the difference I was so thrilled I am real [...]

    24. Liked it, but ease of prep isn t as slick as could be Organization and ease of book can be cumbersome One must flip flop back and froth between sections just to put together one recipe The ease of the recipes imporves if you have put in major prep work ahead of time This book isn t a pick up and run type I have used other books with much ease and pick up and run on those hurry scurry nights than this one I still like the taste of the recipes I have experimented with, and it does have a permenan [...]

    25. I ve had this book for a while now and I ve tried using it twice.It didn t really help me feed my kidz any veggies as they could still taste whatever it was that they weren t interested in.The theory is awesome Putting it into motion can be expensive and not very practical, to be honest with you.My kidz didn t like the Macaroni and cheese or several other dishes.So for me and my family, it just didn t work out very well I ve found better results by just using budget friendly recipes that taste [...]

    26. This cookbook is lacking in good pictures, but the system is simpler than Deceptively Delicious I tried sneaking sweet potatoes into the mac and cheese, and my son said it tasted like hair Go figure The Brainy Brownies were a big hit, however, and really easy to make Hard to tell if the amount of spinach and blueberries really makes enough difference to off set the 6Tbs of butter and 3 4 cup of chocolate chips, but if you re going to eat brownies, at least you can have some antioxidents in them [...]

    27. I was skeptical about this book at first why should you sneak veggies into your kids foods, shouldn t they learn to eat veggies on their own But the beginning chapters address that, and I began to see these recipes as a way to boost the nutritive value of some common dishes, dishes that I would still pair with other veggies, etc That said, I think I m not ready for this book yet My daughter still doesn t eat many foods with multiple ingredients yet, so no macaroni and cheese healthy or not is ma [...]

    28. I absolutely love this book I love that the recipes have been tested and tried to ensure their quality So often recipes that are meant to be good for us taste incredibly bland I haven t tried all the recipes but have done a couple and they worked out great My 13 year old son hates his vegetables and being able to make a hamburger that has spinach in it among other things and he didn t notice it was great The author gives great ways to add nutrition to everyday meals in a manageable way.

    29. Love the idea of filling your food with vitamins and minerals We freeze the 1 4 cup puree in muffin tins Once frozen we transfer them to Ziploc bags My husband has taken to calling these frozen 1 4 cups, hockey pucks The name has stuck It is a family tradition to try and guess the ingredients in smoothies and meals My kids are fairly adventureous eaters, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, etc only cheese seems to trip us up Now the kids guess orange hockey puck or white hockey puck to the frowns o [...]

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