The Dark-Hunter Companion (Dark-Hunter Universe, #13.5) #2020

The Dark-Hunter Companion (Dark-Hunter Universe, #13.5) Sherrilyn Kenyon Alethea Kontis The Dark Hunter Companion Dark Hunter Universe Consider this handbook your education Hunter And don t go thinking you got off easy just because there s not a pop quiz at the end This is the good stuff The real deal In here you ll find out all

  • Title: The Dark-Hunter Companion (Dark-Hunter Universe, #13.5)
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon Alethea Kontis
  • ISBN: 9780312363437
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Dark-Hunter Companion (Dark-Hunter Universe, #13.5) Sherrilyn Kenyon Alethea Kontis Consider this handbook your education Hunter 101 And don t go thinking you got off easy just because there s not a pop quiz at the end This is the good stuff The real deal In here you ll find out all there is to know about being a Dark Hunter.Now for the disclaimer This book is mutable It goes with the wind It changes often than the mind of a sixteen year oldConsider this handbook your education Hunter 101 And don t go thinking you got off easy just because there s not a pop quiz at the end This is the good stuff The real deal In here you ll find out all there is to know about being a Dark Hunter.Now for the disclaimer This book is mutable It goes with the wind It changes often than the mind of a sixteen year old Gemini with a closet full of clothes and a date in an hour Don t be surprised if you open it up for the thirty five thousandth time and find something old, something new, something borrowed or.well you get the point.Curl up in a comfy chair with some millennium old scotch and feast upon the informative banquet I have prepared for your enjoyment.Welcome to your new life From the Dark Hunter Companion
    The Dark-Hunter Companion (Dark-Hunter Universe, #13.5) Sherrilyn Kenyon Alethea Kontis

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      441 Sherrilyn Kenyon Alethea Kontis
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    One thought on “The Dark-Hunter Companion (Dark-Hunter Universe, #13.5)”

    1. If you re into the Dark Hunter series like I am, this companion book is for you It really helped me understand the different pantheons, the different Hunters, and all their powers and abilities I wish I had this before I had started reading Dark Hunter books.

    2. Welcome to your new life Go kick some ass The Dark Hunter Companion is so much fun It is filled with tons of useful and well structured information, written in a really engaging style This book won t get too deep into the nitty gritty The real down and dirty stuff you ll have to ask the tight lipped Goth Royal Tallness himself Well, maybe really not that dirty, but it is detailed enough.As it is a handbook for brand new Dark Hunters, the first part of it is a guide that tells you how you got her [...]

    3. An entertaining and informative addition to the Dark Hunter world but best left until after the series up to book 15, Acheron, and the various short stories are read.

    4. This was a really fun read and truly a perfect companion to the Dark Hunter series It was written in the style of a guide for Dark Hunters which made it all the interesting It wasn t like reading a boring summarization of the books, but rather leading you into the life of a Dark Hunter and what to expect There were detailed biographies of Dark Hunters, Were Hunters, Dream Hunters, gods, and Daimons Although, if you re not into bios, don t worry, you can skip them It might be a good idea anyway, [...]

    5. Reviewed for THC ReviewsI ve been saying for a while now that I need a Dark Hunter encyclopedia to keep track of all the characters and mythology of the series, and here it is The Dark Hunter Companion is written in an entertaining way with the narrator assuming that the reader has just been turned into a Dark Hunter, and this is the handbook to their job Each section begins with a full page black and white illustration done in the manga style I m not sure which characters some of them represent [...]

    6. Ich bin ja kein gro er Fan von Taschenb cher, deshalb habe ich gez gert, als ich las, dass dieses Exemplar ein TB ist Ich habe mich dennoch f r einen Kauf entschieden, und diesen aus vielerlei Gr nden nicht bereut Das TB entpuppt sich als gebunden im Softcover Dass allein ist der Preis schon wert Der Inhalt hat mich von der ersten Seite an berzeugt Wie von einem guten Lexikon zu erwarten ist, beginnt es mit einer detaillierten bersicht der einzelnen Themen Im Anschluss erf hrt man alles was es b [...]

    7. This is a must have for all Dark , Were and or Dream Hunters fans out there.A mixture of manual, fictitious material, historical tidbits, and yummy recipes, it s a fun, light read to escape the often gloomy, dark world of the Hunters.This is a go to book to refresh your memory on the Hunters present and past , learn a little about them, their squires, and even their leader.It also explains the origin of the Apollites and Daimons, sheds some light onto the powers that be gods, demigods, deities, [...]

    8. This is a humorously written, informative reference guide to the novels written in the Dark Hunter fictional world through the 13th novel including Dream Hunter and Were Hunter novels, novellas and short stories The problem is that these are only half of what has since been written And some of the recent novels, especially the most recent Styxx, turn what came before on its ear Still it is worth the read, and helps keep some of the players straight as the overall story grows in depth, breadth a [...]

    9. If you are a fan of the Dark Hunter Series , you have to get this book It s an awesome addition to my growing SK library You get all the information of all the characters eir history, background, places and who is who.everything about the Dark Hunters, Were Hunters, Dream Hunters, Gods and Goddesses it s the ultimate Dark Hunter encyclopedia Love the part with the interview with Sherrilyn Kenyon and the Dark Hunter Directory.fabulous Also some interesting illustrations are included in this fun [...]

    10. I am putting this on my read shelf a little early, since I have read half of it and know how I want my review to go.This book is just like it says, a companion, to all the dark hunter books in the series I really enjoyed parts of it, even though it reads something like an encyclopedia for all the characters I am so hoping that some of the characters in here, not previously in other books, are going to show up in her new books soon I would love to be able to have Sherrilyn Kenyon write a book a d [...]

    11. Whew Finally made it through this one The back half is pretty good, but I definately did not need a complete character index That was amazingly difficult to trudge through So beware if you don t really need to know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE ever involved in the Dark Hunter world now and in the foreseeable future, I d pass on this one.

    12. I was looking for specific info on specific characters that wasn t in the book Still love Sherrilyn, but the book needs to be updated I know, lots of work Lots of good information on other characters though.

    13. This was a fun book to read and a great way to catch up on any characters that need to be recapped Since this book is labeled as number 13.5 I highly recommend reading the first 13 books before reading this guide Because there are spoilers for certain characters But I am huge fan of sherrilyn Kenyon and the dark Hunter world she created.

    14. I ve tried, really tried to get into Ms Kenyon s books I ve read three or four of them, out of order, and tried really hard to get into the first book and read them from the beginning.I thought getting this companion would help, and it did to an extent, but I still can t get into the series Maybe I have to be in some sort of mood If you are into the series and need clarification, this book is for you Fairly well written, but I suspect out of date as I know she s written books since this compani [...]

    15. Second Chances by Sherrilyn Kenyon is in The Dark Hunter Companion guide It is a short story that is number 8.5 in the Dark Hunter series meaning that it comes in between Sins of the Night and Unleash the Night It is a short story about Ash and Styxx Ash went to visit Styxx in Tartarus, where Styxx is imprisoned Styxx was Ash s brother when they were both human When they were human Styxx tortured and did everything he could to make Ash s mortal life miserable Styxx was to inherit his father s ki [...]

    16. Great Dark Hunter resource book It s filled with lists of the character s names and backgrounds It explains the differences between the different types of hunters, etc I like the format as if it s being written by someone in the Dark Hunter world writing a guide to help a new hunter survive in his new life It s done in a humorous way too I discovered a lot of info I wasn t expecting Like the addresses of the sanctuaries and bars There s also recipes BTW the websites included all take you to Ms K [...]

    17. nightowlromance If you love Sherrilyn Kenyon you have to get the Dark Hunter Companion This book has everything you could ever want including the kitchen sink Well, maybe not the sink but if you get hungry reading about all those hot hunters Kenyon has diligently included recipes to curb some of those hungers.If your walking down the street one dark and lonely night and are suddenly attacked by a Daimon this book will tell you what their weakness are So remember to study hard and kick some ass.F [...]

    18. wow what an awesome book so much info makes me want to start at the beginning with the darkhunters and read them all over again it listed a dark hunter directory totally awesome the same with the were hunters,squires,dream hunters,daimons awesome in the great gods all mighty listed all the deities, demons, demigods,and all other things immortal wow the books is awesome then i got to the interviews with was definitely my fav but loved everything about this book i will always love the dark hunters [...]

    19. I really enjoyed reading this book, most especially when I was going through a hard time and reading anything romance related was just not an option I found it be very informative as I knew it would be and I thought it was really cool to have my own copy of the Dark Hunter handbook that was always mentioned in the beginning of the series It was also pretty nice too to have those recipes and other short stories in there as well The other aspects about Greek life was great too as I am no where nea [...]

    20. J h muito tempo que andava de olho neste livro, pois queria realmente l lo, e como uma edi o original em ingl s e n o h c venda decidi encomend lo Recebi o finalmente este m s e comecei logo a l lo, tal era a minha curiosidade.Gostei mesmo muito, muito, acho que um livro fant stico, muito bem organizado, e indispens vel para todos os f s da saga dos Predadores da Noite um guia extremamente til e interessante sobre todo o enredo, repleto de informa es sobre o mundo dos Predadores da Noite, Predad [...]

    21. This is a handbook of characters and scenes to the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.It is written in light hearted fashion with humor A bit too much for my taste I needed the description of characters and who is related to who as this series is based on mythological characters I did find it useful in straight definitions of the mythological characters and to a degree their relationship to all the different myths.I guess I am a student and I found the playfulness a bit too much at times I [...]

    22. The series runs like a soap opera, I find that many of the books within the series are not exactly stand alone I found myself purchasing the others just to keep up with unanswered questions Kenyon doesn t do a very good job explaining things very well, jumps around even in this book I also noticed that Kenyon likes to introduce a lot of new characters with each new book, basically leaving the doors open for new character stories for a possible later date As a result, it s not surprising to lose [...]

    23. As far as a companion book to a series, this one is okay as long as you get it realizing it s a reference guide to the series than anything else.I got it expecting it to be entertainment than reference much like J.R Ward s companion to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series , but that is not the case There s a lot of long winded explanations about things you already knew, which didn t thrill me In fact, the only thing this book is really good for is knowledge of the SCORES of characters in this s [...]

    24. Awesome Definitely Hunter 101 Everything we ve learned is in here, plus a little just not enough But that s okay I can wait patiently for the next novels to come out well, sort of patiently The book touches base on everything from how DH s came to be, about Apollites and Daimons, and Gods and Squires, everything It helps put everything in the right place Got confused This book should help you sort it all out My fave parts Interviews with Sherri, Ash and Simi, Jones s Diary made me laugh so hard [...]

    25. A must have for this author, not just a money scheme She has so many amazing characters and lives going on this is definitely needed to keep everything and everyone in order and or for easy reference later Everything is written out well, great tool for her series.

    26. Great book for us hardcore Dark Hunter fans Its very informative and also hilarious I tend to forget characters from 10 books ago or whatever so its nice having this book as a reminder I just have to flip to the character I need and I get the basic info I need There are also some great extras, like interviews with Simi and Ash as well as a look into Greek life, and some Greek recipes too Oh and plenty of inside jokes and quotes and such I loved it.

    27. This is a must have while reading this series When you run into something you are not sure of what the heck it is, you can look it up somehwere in this book and find out exactly what it is Coveres everything from different Gods, Demons, hunters, even lists bios statistics of just about every character, has the quires oaths, hunters oaths and brief comments and suggestions from alot of the main characters.

    28. If you want to read this book, make darn sure you ve read the other books first Otherwise it s a big spoiler to the fate of some of the characters That aside, the biggest chunk of this book was name after name after name of every god, every goddess, every Daimon, Dark Hunter, Were Hunter, Dream Hunter, Squire, and mortal to ever appear in any one of Kenyon s books No matter how fleeting a reference Even the deleted scenes and special short story fell flat after wading through this thing.

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