Sailor Moon Stars, #3 #2020

Sailor Moon Stars, #3 Naoko Takeuchi Sailor Moon Stars None

  • Title: Sailor Moon Stars, #3
  • Author: Naoko Takeuchi
  • ISBN: 9781892213976
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sailor Moon Stars, #3 Naoko Takeuchi None
    Sailor Moon Stars, #3 Naoko Takeuchi

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      Naoko Takeuchi

    One thought on “Sailor Moon Stars, #3”

    1. With a friend we decided to read the manga before the new anime would aired.I ve just finished, and I m not sobbing, no, not at all Just something on my eye.Sailor Moon has become such an iconic manga and its anime too Naoko Takeuchi did such a wonderful job, she created an amazing story with lovely, charming, interesting characters The art as always is pretty, at least I did enjoy it lot This final arc is great Better than the anime, I have to say And the way it ended give me so much happiness [...]

    2. THIS IS THE LAST EVER SAILOR MOON MANGA I M ONLY CRYINGA LOT And so ends the Sailor Moon Saga Like I could give it any less than 5 stars I mean, storywise Stars was probably my least favorite, it was too rushed and had so much crazy plots that never had enough room to truly breathe but it s the final volume ever and those last 5 pages were the most gorgeous panels I ve ever read 3So Sailor Moon must face Sailor Galaxia once and for all, to avenger her dead friends and the Star Fighters Chibi Chi [...]

    3. Pero tu, Sailor Moon , tu seras inmortal, para siempre sera s la ma s hermosa de las estrellas brillando en el firmamento de la eternidad.

    4. Es incre ble que sin importar la edad lo mucho que uno disfruta de leer a Sailor Moon, y el mensaje que siempre esta en toda la serie, de levantarse y seguir luchando a pesar de todo Leer el manga fue realmente un viaje a la infancia y un escape a toda la novela llena de protagonistas que hacen de un problema min sculo el fin del mundo, y que todav a se hacen llamar hero nas cuando no hacen absolutamente nada Cada uno de sus personajes en Sailor Moon lucha por los que ama y por todo lo que quier [...]

    5. update Because next year, 2013, is Sailor Moon s 20th anniversary, Toei Animation is completely re making the anime This time its plot will follow closely to the manga Expect the release in the summer of 2013.I especially loved the anime, and though the manga did get a little confusing, it was the BEST READ OF MY LIFE.I love this manga And I will continue to love it with all of my heart It s a classic, hands down I couldn t believe there was no , even though I finished the series back in 2008 20 [...]

    6. This was a well deserve end to the saga of Sailor Moon, in particular the story called Sailor Moon Stars I appreciated very much the drawings the characters are depicted very beautifully and their emotions are clear through every picture Every scene melts together very nicely with each other and my main perception was that the story was permeated with sweetness and cuteness However, specifically speaking of Sailor Moon Stars, it is not a mature story, although the moral and the message the is tr [...]

    7. Pero que bello 0 Me encant , es demasiado hermoso Muy tierno, lo amo jiji Me divert mucho leyendo toda la historia y con cada cap tulo que terminaba de leer sent a la enorme necesidad de seguir leyendo el otro Al terminarlo igual sent un poco de nostalgia, saben Esta fue una de las series que ve a de peque a y despu s de mucho volv a interesarme por ella y al terminarla es un poco triste, nost lgico pero a la vez es algo bonito por la historia, por los temas que trata como aqu la amistad, que es [...]

    8. The manga was better than the anime, especially with this story arc There were quite a few characters that didn t make the cut to the anime, which I find interesting since they apparently had the time to do the monster of the day in the anime.In the manga, you will see Sailor Heavymetal Papillon the fifth and final Anima Mate , Sailor Kakyuu Fireball who never transformed into an actual Senshi in the anime , Sailor Cosmos, and the Asteroid Senshi There are also Sailor Lethe and Mnemosyne, as wel [...]

    9. One of my all time favorite series The gateway series to getting me into anime and manga The artwork impressed me so much, and the story was fun It is still one of my favorites both because it s well done, and for nostagia reasons.This is the version that came out during the middle age of manga before they stopped flipping the artwork, but right as TokyoPop was starting to emerge, and the volumes got cheaper Unfortunately you could see it in the quality, as there were a lot of typos and sometime [...]

    10. A ste le voy a poner 5 estrellas porque el final me ha llegado a la patata Ha sido genial Es una historia totalmente nueva en comparaci n con el anime, y muy intensa Tambi n un poco liosa, porque las cosas pasan tan r pido, que las explicaciones te pillan un poco desprevenida y no te dan tiempo a digerirlas Y al menos esta vez no me han sangrado los ojos con la traducci n, as que la paso por alto y por eso le doy un cag enlamar, este c mic es la hostia la trama Stars, me refiero.

    11. A well deserving and fantastic ending to a beautiful series I know that this manga is far from the best the story can be cliche in places, and the art is horrible in spots But it has a special place in my heart it was one of my very first introductions to anime and manga, and there s something empowering about Sailor Moon and the sailor scouts I don t think it matters how old I get I ll always find my way back to this manga.

    12. La batalla final es impresionante y a la vez deja muchas dudas Sailor Moon es en un futuro Sailor Cosmos En algun momento de la vida se arrepinti de su decisi n de dejar con vida a Sailor Galaxia y regres en forma de Chibi Chibi para enmendar su error De cualquier forma, La batalla fue pica y el desenlace fantastico

    13. Dua bintang karena komik yang melelahkan ini tamat dengan happy ending juga Usagi dan Mamoru akhirnya bersatu tanpa gangguan musuh musuh Capek juga baca komik ini, berantem mulu, romantisnya jarang pula Udah gitu, banyak jenis kelamin yang nggak jelas di sini Hwadehhh

    14. By far one of my favorite series from my childhood I recommend it to anyone and everyone Sadly now it is really hard to find but if you manage to track down the volumes power to you _ ,

    15. Incluso si desaparecemos y nacen nuevas Sailor Scouts Sailor Moon, tu siempre ser s invencible La m s hermosa y brillante estrella

    16. And so it ends Sailor Galaxia is defeated and Chaos is integrated back into the Cauldron of the Universe.

    17. I would give this four stars but since this is the ultimate end and there shall be no , I took off one star I m just that sad And the last part just makes me bawl my eyes out.

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