Hot Spell #2020

Hot Spell Emma Holly Lora Leigh Shiloh Walker Meljean Brook Hot Spell Venture into a world beyond the ordinary where the dark passions and voracious appetites of vampires werewolves demons and a few undaunted mortals combine to unleash a potent spell

  • Title: Hot Spell
  • Author: Emma Holly Lora Leigh Shiloh Walker Meljean Brook
  • ISBN: 9780425212882
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Hot Spell Emma Holly Lora Leigh Shiloh Walker Meljean Brook Venture into a world beyond the ordinary, where the dark passions and voracious appetites of vampires, werewolves, demons, and a few undaunted mortals combine to unleash a potent spell.
    Hot Spell Emma Holly Lora Leigh Shiloh Walker Meljean Brook

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      171 Emma Holly Lora Leigh Shiloh Walker Meljean Brook
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    1. This book consists of 4 stories 3 really good stories and 1 not so good.The Countess s Pleasure by Emma HollyFirst, let me say I am normally not an Emma Holly fan I have read a few stories by her, and some are better than othershaving said that, I really liked this story Set in victorian times in a place called BhamjranGeorgiana, a young widow, travels there for adventure She comes across a show in which a very handsome Yama or Demon is performing Amazed by him, and his sensual performance she g [...]

    2. FINALLY An anthology full of stories that ROCK I ll admit I m reading through Leigh s Breed series thanks to a friend who loaned them to me so I started with that one, which didn t disappoint Then I went back and read Holly s story, and, OH, MY It s almost like a cross between Passion and The Lady s Tutor but written in Holly s own, unique style Even with two fans and a room air conditioner running in my room, I still overheated The PN hero is a different take on demons and quite stunning After [...]

    3. Truly, this book could be renamed Deflowering 101 or OMG, You re a Virgin I m not very creative, I know, but I hope you get the idea all four stories feature virgins Three of which lose their precious flower gag in the most unromantic, uncomfortable ways places I have read about in a long time 1 The Countess s Pleasure by Emma Holly 5 stars By far, this story was my favorite entry in this anthology Emma Holly has an amazing ability to create a well drawn world and believable characters in only h [...]

    4. Read The Breed Next Door by Lora Leigh 5 stars Did Not Finish The Countess s Pleasure by Emma Holly Falling for Anthony by Meljean Brook The Blood Kiss by Shiloh Walker

    5. The best part of this four novella anthology wasLora Leigh s Breed novella Certainly not one of the best stories in the series, and entirely too short, I barely started enjoying the story when it was already over.Shiloh Walker s was one of those hidden gems and the first story by the author I ve read I m sure it won t be the last.The twist of combining two utterly different creatures of the lore was a nice move, yet I felt that sort of conflict could ve been explored a little further Unfortunate [...]

    6. I have to admit that I only read Lora Leigh s storyI enjoyed Tarek s Lyra s storyough she drove me a bit battybut she redeemed herself when she invited Tarek for coffeewhich he loves and has no clue how to make a decent cupd like her even when she baked him bread.The story was a bit short for me to engage totally with them but I liked discovering about the Breeds.Of course there s lots of hot sex and growling and s Lora Leigh after all.

    7. I ve used my box of chocolates metaphor for anthologies before that sometimes you get peanut butter covered in dark chocolate, and sometimes you get icky apricot Hot Spell doesn t distinctly fall into one camp or another instead, each story is, for better or worse, incredibly unique, and they need to be considered individually.First up is The Countess s Pleasure by Emma Holly I haven t read anything by this author before and I m not sure if this offering was enough to make me want to pick up Th [...]

    8. The Breed Next Door by Lora Leigh starsI ve re read it several Def one of my favourites by LL A novella from the Breeds series Tarek is an undercover breed who has become Lyra s neighbour from hell He longs to taste her bread and she ogles his muscles while deploring his un neighbourly gardening skills or lack there of This is in the early days of the series when the breeds were just coming to understand the mating heat Both MCs are sweet and the sex was HOT Great action packed ending I like thi [...]

    9. 5 stars for one story, 4 and 3 stars for the other three stories.This book contains the following four stories.5 stars for THE COUNTESS S PLEASURE by Emma Holly.I loved it It was different and sensual The ending was wonderful There was a surprise in the plot that I did not expect It was erotic and also a very nice story Story brief Georgiana is a widow She visits a ladies nightclub in Bhamjran where a yama demon is enslaved and must perform on stage in the nude.Sexual language strong Number of s [...]

    10. What I really liked about this book Lora Leigh s The Breed Next Store 4 stars Sweet for Lora Leigh story of a breed and the mate he discovers living next door to him You see the softer side of her breeds as Tarek tries to live a normal life He loves doing such mundane tasks as mowing the lawn though he does it poorly He also enjoys joying verbal sparring with his neighbor Lyra, when he isn t angling for some of her freshly baked bread Their romance takes off when Tarek comes to Lyra s aid agains [...]

    11. Oh dear I bought Hot Spell on a whim, intrigued by the promise of paranormal passion What I got were four rather tame novellas rife with cliched descriptions of sex with four perfect men.In the first story, The Countesses s Pleasure , the heroine Georgiana DuBarry hooks up with an indentured demon, Sawai Recently widowed, Georgiana hires Sawai to deflower her, because although she had positive feelings for her husband theirs was a sexless marriage Sawai is hot hot hot and brings Georgiana to the [...]

    12. This is paranormal romance erotica in a collection of 4 very good short stories I definately recommend this book if you like steamy paranormal romance All the sex is completely vanilla, but it is well written and passionate The stories seem to be part of other paranormal series, though I was only familiar with two of them before reading this book.Emma Holly story Human widow falls for demon stripper in Bhamjran matriarchal arabian style society Lora Leigh Feline breed genetically enhanced man fa [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book I have never read anything from any of the authors and thought that this book was a wonderful introduction I really enjoyed all of the stories The first three were quite a bit different than your normal paranormal The fourth The Blood Kiss by Shiloh Walker, was your typical romance paranormal, but still a good read I have placed a couple of Meljean Brook s books on my wishlist and look forward to reading by these authors.

    14. I ve only read Emma Holly s story, so the rating is for that one alone.This was 5 alarm hot with a plot Can t wait to read the others

    15. Whoa nelly First book blimmin scandalous Interesting story though Second book a decent read Third book boring and didn t like the characters much Fourth book maybe a 3 star novella.

    16. The Breed Next Door by Lora Leigh I rather enjoyed this novel, because it was rather witty and quite refreshing at that The character s personalities went quite well together Which is quite a surprise considering that their almost complete opposites in this novella This almost makes me believe that Lora Leigh is starting to improve on her writing skills as an author For this I am over joyed and than happy to continue reading this series Perhaps the characters in this little novella can help her [...]

    17. I finally decided to finish up this book of 4 novellas in order to clean up my currently reading shelves, where I was storing some books that I ve read, but haven t reviewed several self help books that require some online work to complete a couple of books that I haven t finished because they re not very engaging, and two anthologies that I have on hand to fill in the gap between novels Plus, one of my hopes for 2011 is to finish all the books that have been sitting on that shelf for months Wha [...]

    18. Even better the second time around I don t tend to reread books, I have such a backlog of books waiting to be read that I don t normally take the time This time I was pleased that I did When I originally purchased this book, I bought because of Emma Holly s demon story, I had read and enjoyed The Demon s Daughter Berkley Sensation , so it wasn t much of a surprise that the Countess Pleasure was my favorite story both then and now It is exceedingly steamy but there is a sweetness in the romance a [...]

    19. i read this one directly after the breeds 5, meaning i was recovering from wisdom teeth surgery i read the last anthology and the breeds 6 i will review the breeds 6 first and then the last anthology in the book the name slips my mind the other ones did not interest meeeds 6 alright, i really did not care for this one that much at all since it was anthology length BIG mistake this was a mistake because her writing style involves a lot of character and plot development before the two actual main [...]

    20. This had 4 short stories.1 The Countess s Pleasure by Emma Holly.I ve never read her work before, and this could have been crass wealthy aristocratic widow, goes to a slummy area and pays for sex with a slave but was actually rather touching and poignant I d read of her work.2 The Breed Next Door by Lora Leigh.This is one of my favorite Lora Leigh stories I find I prefer her short stories to her novels, as the latter are often repetitious and lose the thread of the plot, whereas with the short [...]

    21. I really wish authors and publishers would stop sneaking short instalments from established series into anthologies, because suckers like me not only can t skip them, we end up having the read the whole thing I m one of those weird readers who can t read a series out of order, or read only one story in an anthology and I very rarely DNF a story, even in an anthology.And while occasionally you might find a hidden gem or discover a new author to try, often than not it s just a waste of your time [...]

    22. Resumo 1811, Inglaterra Anthony um m dico e amigo de inf ncia de Emily e Colin Apesar da atrac o que sente por Emily, por serem de classes sociais diferentes, nunca se atreveu a declarar lhe o que sente por isso um dia surpreendido por Emily e este promete lhe que regressar um dia Anthony parte como m dico de campanha para a guerra a decorrer em Espanha e a tem um encontro fatal com uma criatura sobrenatural Mas, por ter salvo no ltimo minuto o seu colega, Michael decide transformar Anthony num [...]

    23. Read only The Guardians prequel, Falling for Anthony by Meljean Brook I began reading this, without really being aware of the plot, nor ratings, it was just there and i thought why the hell not Can t say i m thrilled about it, it gripped me in the beginning cause i was under the impression that i would be reading something different from what i m used to, but as it progressed, it was just another paranormal romance It wasn t bad, but it just didn t do it for me Emily s character reminded me of a [...]

    24. The Countess s Pleasure By Emma HollyAt first I had a little difficulty getting into this story But once I did I found it very good It s of a UF with a demon thrown into the works You ll have to read it to know what I m talking about Let em say the Yama is hot, and the connection between him and Georgiana is believable.The Breed Next Door by Lora LeighThis is the reason I wanted to read this book I d read her other breed books and loved them This is about Tarek Jordan and Lyra Mason Tarek lives [...]

    25. A real mixed bag of stories.The Emma Holly one surprised me I ve read one of her novels Courting Midnight and really didn t find her writing worked for me However, I enjoyed the premise and the writing in her short story here, and found a couple of scenes in there scorchingly hot 7 10The Lora Leigh one not so much, but then none of her Breed books have ever really clicked for me I like the concepts, but the execution and the crazy possessiveness of the male leads, and the repeated stalker tropes [...]

    26. The countess pleasure, Demon world 2 Emma hollyI bought this anthology for Ms Holly s story I am on a Ms Holly binge, reading all of the Demon world stories This on Liked it Not my favourite I felt like, with a bit description, I could have believed in the hero and heroine s love story The breed next door, breeds 6 Lora LeighI ve never gotten into Ms Leigh s Breeds series I liked the hero and heroine, both smart I wasn t as much a fan of the fated mates, once we kiss she is overcome by contino [...]

    27. The Countess s Pleasure by Emma Holly Give it 3 starsNot a bad read, quite easy to get into Was bit different with the whole demon and human coexisting outlook The Breed Next Door by Lora Leigh Probably give it 4 starsI really enjoyed this quick novella for the Breed series Was short and sweet but it still included the best parts of what Leigh brings to the Breed series Recommend giving it a go if you are following the Breed series The Blood Kiss by Shiloh Walker Prob 3.5 stars.I love vampire an [...]

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