A Perfect Darkness #2020

A Perfect Darkness Jaime Rush A Perfect Darkness They live ordinary lives but they are extraordinary They are the Offspring children of a mysterious experiment gone awry and they are in terrible danger A sexy stranger awakens Amy Shane in the dead

  • Title: A Perfect Darkness
  • Author: Jaime Rush
  • ISBN: 9780061690358
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Perfect Darkness Jaime Rush They live ordinary lives, but they are extraordinary They are the Offspring, children of a mysterious experiment gone awry and they are in terrible danger.A sexy stranger awakens Amy Shane in the dead of night Lucas Vanderwyck barely has time to whisper a few words before three men burst into her bedroom and drag him away But what Lucas reveals shatters Amy s safe littlThey live ordinary lives, but they are extraordinary They are the Offspring, children of a mysterious experiment gone awry and they are in terrible danger.A sexy stranger awakens Amy Shane in the dead of night Lucas Vanderwyck barely has time to whisper a few words before three men burst into her bedroom and drag him away But what Lucas reveals shatters Amy s safe little world forever.Lucas and Amy share a psychic gift a gift that could put them in mortal danger And as they share night after night of savage passion, as a shadowy government conspiracy tracks their every move, they will fight to save each other But only with their powers of second sight can they escape the terror of a perfect darkness.
    A Perfect Darkness Jaime Rush

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      119 Jaime Rush
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    1. Amy Shane has lived a quiet life that is until a stranger breaks into her apartment in the middle of the night and before he s dragged off Lucas Vanderwyck reveals a truth that changes Amy s life.Amy and Lucas share a psychic gift that will be put to the test to save their lives before it s to lateThis story really pulled me in from the outset and not to mention the eye candy of a cover A Perfect Darkness wasn t bogged down with to much information as the author builds the world of the Offspring [...]

    2. I freely admit that I picked up A Perfect Darkness mostly because of the way cool cover Once I began reading though, it didn t take long for author Jamie Rush to envelope me in her tale of modern urban fantasy with a strong bent toward romance Amy is a computer nerd or is that nerdette nerdess who spends her time retreiving lost files from damaged computer drives for her business Disc Angel She savors her nights when she dreams of a handsome lover whose face is always hidden Amy has always had t [...]

    3. A Perfect Darkness starts out by introducing Amy Shane and her very isolated life She works from home fixing computers and retrieving lost data She can also see people s glow or aura Every emotion has a corresponding color that shows up in the person s aura She s also been having dreams about a certain mysterious man who seems to care for her That night however her dreams are invaded by a real man named Lucas He awakens her from her dreams but claims to know Amy already and warns her of danger S [...]

    4. This one sucked me in right from the start I found the whole concept of the Offspring very intriguing, and as the book went on we learned and about them and how they were defined.The Offspring are just that the children of people that had physic abilities that were experimented on, but had bad side effects As the children grew up they were watched from a far to see if they would manifest any of the abilities their parents had As they stared to show these powers the powers that be that ran the [...]

    5. Amy is a recluse that sees Lucas in her dreams He comes to warn her she about to be betrayed and someone close to her killed and then he s taken from her She gets together with two of Lucas friends who have abilities similar to Amy and Lucas to try and rescue him Lots of intrigue and nail biting escapes Enjoyable book.

    6. A Perfect Darkness is a great book This is filled with adventure, mystery and passion I would really recommend this book to mature teens and adults I never wanted to put the book down I would describe this book as a page turning book you never want to stop reading This book will always keep you guessing and asking questions This book is a series of three books A Perfect Darkness is the first of this series It is about a bond between Amy Shane and Lucas Vanderwyck, their bond is beyond reality th [...]

    7. It took me a little while to finish this one, but it had nothing to do with the book and just myself not wanting to read a PNR book.But I ve finished it and I really liked it This is the first book in a new series called the Offspring The Offspring are people with some special abilities and they are currently being hunted.I like that the story started off pretty much in the middle of action, it made me want to continue reading The story was intricate, and it the overall story was set up well So [...]

    8. I loved loved loved this book It s a paranormal romance that smacks of X Men The Offspring are a group of unique individuals who possess powers that corrupt CIA creeps want to get their hands on The story follows a few Rogues named Amy, Lucas, Petra, and Eric Eric has fire power and can toast evil people to a crisp Petra can hear stuff and heal people And Lucas and Amy have been involved in their dreams literally , but Lucas is kidnapped, so they re all trying to get him back and kick some bad g [...]

    9. I really liked A perfect darkness It s like the first book in a while where it was about the story then the romance, which I liked changing things up you know I think the idea of the offsprings was creative and I can t wait to read the next book.

    10. I really enjoyed this book The fairies brought it to me in the hospital, and when i started reading again, this was one of the first books i read It was quite intriguing in parts, and yes, quite sexy too Really suspenceful at the end I would definately want to read it again.

    11. A paranormal and well written The opening hook draws the reader in immediately, something I always enjoy And the pace was fast Introspect into the lives of the characters as children was intriguing I would read other books by Ms Rush based on my first novel, A Perfect Darkness, by her.

    12. I just finished reading A Perfect Darkness and I really enjoyed it This is the only book i have in the series but once i get the rest of the books I plan on finishing the series I hope the author writes about Amy and Lucas They were my favorite characters in the book 5 stars

    13. Previously Published on my blog Welcome to Larissa s Bookish LifeSeries Review Series Rating 4 Stars SPOILER FREEI can t remember how I found out about this series, but I did and I utterly enjoyed books one and two at the time Then last year book three, Touching Darkness, came out and I just couldn t get myself in the mood to read it Closing in the turn of the New Year I finally did and I regretted waiting this long to do it.Touching Darkness was such a great read, much than what i thought I wa [...]

    14. If you ve read Feehan s Ghostwalkers series then you re probably familiar with this kind of storyline The major differences being that these experimental subjects are unaware of the project that produced them, they re younger and without military training so all of the action feels very realistic, doing things that you or I would in their situations Events felt rushed I m not into sex before attraction and that s what we get Sex, albeit in a dream is in the first 50 pages, and as far as Amy know [...]

    15. 5 out of 5 I finally made it through the whole book I have tried many a time to read this book now that I have a want them all I want to see where they re life s will lead them characters Amy loves Lucas, talks to dead people and sees colors.Lucas loves Amy, can enter peoples dreams and can see the further eventsEric sets fires by thinking and can project himself to peopleCyrus CIA cares for Amy like a dad would Petra super hearing and can heal peopleRand sees ten seconds head Darkwell evil runs [...]

    16. I enjoyed the direction this book went with people having abilities The only thing I didn t like was some of the character hopping and conversations At times I had to re read a section because it became unclear who said what The plot was good though Several people in their twenties all have some type of psychic ability and find out all their parents did as well All of their parents died when they were just kids though and they are now finding out about each other and the top secret military proj [...]

    17. Painfully clunky dialog Completely nonbelievable chats between the two women who both love what s his face.Has the possibility of spinning off into an endless series The thought gives me the willies.

    18. The premise of this series is so right up my alley I don t know why I haven t started it before, but I am excited to read the others I m especially looking forward to both Eric and Petra s stories.

    19. Setting Annapolis, Maryland her apartment, the art museum, the tomb bomb shelter under 3 mansions, forgotten, abandoned asylum used for general s experiments Theme power, patriotism to the extreme abuse of power and other s talent insensitivity to humanity learning of extent of ones power love Characters Amy Shane 20 years old computer geek reclusive works from apartment, volunteers at animal shelter mother died when she was 3, father died when she was 5 of apparent suicide leaving his daughter [...]

    20. I barely read the first chapter of A Perfect Darkness when the author, Jaime Rush, launched the fireworks plot wise and hooked me for the rest of the story with a hundred questions I wanted answered The Offspring series hit it off with an exciting introduction and five people who were all interesting in some form or another.The theme of a government project going awry with the result that people were suddenly showing signs of paranormal abilities resonated with a bit of a d j vu feeling and I co [...]

    21. I didn t care for the victim theme, too many unanswered questions and lack of a satisfying endingORY BRIEF Around 25 years ago, a US government agency experimented with psychic people, trying to enhance their powers with a drug Most or all of those psychics died, we are not sure how or why The government agency has been watching the children of the psychics called Offspring The agency doesn t want the Offspring to know about each other Lucas is an Offspring who can see into the future and enter [...]

    22. Recluse Amy Shane was sleeping peacefully in her bedroom when a stranger suddenly awakens her His name is Lucas Vanderwyck and he s there to let Amy know she s not safe She is an Offspring, a small group of individuals with psychic abilities, created by the government and dangerous to the world Lucas warns her that the Government is after her, watching her every move, and she needs to be careful Most importantly, he doesn t believe her father committed suicide, like she was led to believe Before [...]

    23. A very straight forward plot that involves people with psychic abilities being hunted down by the government who forces them to use their skills to fight terrorism, A Perfect Darkness follows the journey of four Offspring as they try to evade capture and find out their origins and the mystery behind their parents death Whilst this book was a enjoyable read, the plot did feel a bit contrived because there were several ways the villains could have been killed off very easily, but that would make a [...]

    24. A Perfect Darkness is the first book in a new Offspring series by Jamie Rush Twenty years ago the government had a classified program involving people who had some form of psychic skills They were given a special shot thought to enhance these psychic abilities, but there were unfortunate side effects, such as an enhanced sex drive and mental instability Most of these individuals either died in accidents or committed suicide They left behind families and importantly children who also had psychic [...]

    25. Amy wakes up one night to find Lucas standing over her in her bedroom He tells Amy her father s suicide was than it seemed, though he didn t get a chance to explain before three burly men working for the FBI fight with and shoot him Devastated over the experience, she becomes suspicious of her life, the people in it, and how she became a target of the CIA, falsey representing themselves as FBI as cover up On Amy s quest to feed her curiosity, she meets Lucas s adopted brother and sister Eric an [...]

    26. Another great recommendation from a good friend I loved that the action started within just a few pages Lucas breaks into Amy s apartment to warn her of danger People will be looking for her or already watching her But before he can tell her everything, men in uniform storm in and Lucas is shot and dragged away They leave Amy behind without than a few words She is left alone and in shock, what the hell just happened here She then set s out to discover the truth about herself and everything that [...]

    27. I was fascinated with this first offering in a series about the Offspring, a group of young men and women a shadowy offshoot of the U.S government stalks, captures, exploits and then disposes of in order to achieve certain international goals An intense lucid dreaming relationship drives the passion and narrative strategy of the tale Having been a lucid dreamer for some years, I found myself anticipating each dream sequence However, although this novel falls into the genre of paranormal romance, [...]

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