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Strength to Love Martin Luther King Jr. Strength to Love A collection of sermons by this martyred Black American leader which explains his convictions in terms of the conditions and problems of contemporary society

  • Title: Strength to Love
  • Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780800614416
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • Strength to Love Martin Luther King Jr. A collection of sermons by this martyred Black American leader which explains his convictions in terms of the conditions and problems of contemporary society.
    Strength to Love Martin Luther King Jr. Strength to Love Martin Luther King Jr Martin Luther King Jr s Strength to Love An excerpt from The Man Who Was a Fool We are everlasting debtors to known and unknown men and women We do not finish breakfast without being dependent on than half of the world All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Strength to Love The Martin Luther King, Jr Research Despite omissions and changes to the original manuscript, Strength to Love remains a concrete testament to King s lifelong commitment to preach the social gospel His fusion of Christian teachings and social consciousness remains in print and continues to promote King s vision of love as a potent social and political force for change, the efficacy of religious faith in surmounting evil, and the vital Strength to Love by Martin Luther King Jr. Strength to Love is a compilation of sermons by Dr King that includes many of the quotes by him that are circulated on MLK day and throughout the year These sermons provide a necessary context for each quote They reveal Dr King s commitment to eliminating racial injustice and economic injustice. Strength to Love Quotes by Martin Luther King Jr. Strength to Love Strength to Love is a book by Martin Luther King, Jr It was published in as a collection of his sermons primarily on the topic of racial segregation in the United States and with a heavy emphasis on permanent religious values. Strength to Love Summary eNotes Strength to Love includes several of the sermons that Dr King, known for his eloquence, gave before One of the major contentions in this work is that God intended humans to be tough minded

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    1. Martin Luther King Jr may be seen by many people, unfortunately, as a cliche historical figure Everybody feels as though they know a lot about him, but in reality most people know nothing about him besides the fact that he was a civil rights leader who got assassinated I personally have always wanted to pick up a book by MLK Jr because I have never been satisfied with the info that black history television programs and school classes gave me Don t get me wrong, those sources gave me good info, b [...]

    2. Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior wrote that Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere in 1963.Just last week Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan said that A terrorist attack on any of us is an attack on all of us I shared both quotes with my Civics class, but one eighth grader wrote on the board under Dr King s words that no one gets this I asked if they d like me to discuss it with them and the same student said, no, we don t care either That made me thing of [...]

    3. I read this book in Africa, it was life changing Martin Luther King, Jr was not only an amazing leader for the African American community s fight for social justice, he also offers so much wisdom for all of us with words of guidance in love, faith, hope, and strength He challenged me to become a thinking Christian, not just a following one.

    4. Dr King s eloquence, rhetorical power and Christian witness inspire at every turn of phrase each page is saturated with prophetic power Strength to Love 1963 is a collection of sermons that Dr King delivered in the late 1950s and 1960s and edited for print I feel challenged to identify what the most powerful part of this book is Every page seems to bear the best of the book s message Dr King s gospel of social justice and non violence consistently radiates forth Of special interest to me is Dr K [...]

    5. I found this book of King s sermons to be very moving I started thinking about reading it because of the whole tiff taff over the fake King quote circulating on Twitter after the OBL assassination Despite not being a direct quote from King, it certainly expressed a sentiment consistent with his philosophy, and was or less a paraphrase of a passage in this book Before reading StL, I was of course familiar with King in a cultural sense and had read a couple of his writings such as Letter from Bir [...]

    6. Admitting the weighty problems and staggering disappointments, Christianity affirms that God is able to give us the power to meet them He is able to give us the inner equilibrium to stand tall amid the trials and burdens of life He is able to provide an inner peace amid outer storms This inner stability of the man of faith is Christ s chief legacy to his disciples He offers neither material resources nor a magical formula that exempts us from suffering and persecution, but he brings an imperisha [...]

    7. Two words Read It.Whether an agnostic, devout protestant, curious catholic or even aethist this is the quintiessential compilation of sermons and speeches by the Rev Martin Luther King Jr Read and discover why we celebrate this man A visionary beyond words, yet it is through words that we understand the greatest realms of his imagination.Im still an agnostic, but after reading I feel like ive finally discovered the power of the word and gained respect for a man of his time but who was outside of [...]

    8. One must read this book to understand that Martin Luther King Jr is than the historical figure who fought and won against racial injustice and whose tragic end marked an important page in history Just as strength to love is and beyond the mundane romantic understanding our society generally tends to invests in the word love.Unexpected, impressive, inspirational and a valuable lesson about life, virtues, attitude and meaning And it all sums up to love.This book feels like the essence of the man [...]

    9. This is a collection of 15 of Dr King s sermons, which were originally published in 1963 I swear, almost all of them could have been written today, and they would still be just as relevant, just as applicable Here was an amazing man with an amazing point of view, who was passionate about justice and loving towards others, and who didn t need to scream the loudest in order to make a difference Brilliant work I had never heard any of his sermons or speeches before, besides the I Have a Dream speec [...]

    10. This has to be one of my all time favorite books What a stalwart saint MLK Jr was, and I pick this book up again and again to be reminded what it means to love my enemy, persevere in trial, and be courageous in having a tough mind and soft heart He has taught me to be a better Christian and laid out the sharp keenness of his mind and theology and how it encompassed his worldview, how it should shape challenge ours, and ask us to critique whose Kingdom and whose cause we are living for I m gratef [...]

    11. Originally copyrighted in 1963, the content of this book still applies significantly to our lives today.

    12. A book everyone should read I had read it before many years ago, but re read it now for an adult Sunday School class at a small black church Many people knew little about King s speaking beyond the few video clips you hear over and over I Have a Dream and I ve been to the Mountaintop These are sermons he preached in the late 1950 s and early 1960 s The book was originally published in 1963, but this 2010 reprint is missing two of the original sermons, with no explanation.The main thing to say ab [...]

    13. I am very happy to have read this collection of sermons over the past few months I did so slowly, at times when I felt greatest anger over the GOP and Trump s repudiation of social justice and disregard for civil discourse These sermons indeed grounded me and helped me think productively about the question what can I do In that regard, reading these sermons also complemented the political sermons I hear often at my own church, a small social justice oriented Episcopal church in western Oregon Al [...]

    14. Quoting Dr Martin Luther King Jr is a bit like quoting Jesus You sense sometimes that the people doing it the most haven t spent a whole lot of time with his work If they did, they might feel either unworthy or afraid to use his words so often and out of context There might be something damning to their belief system or point right before or after the line they choose to quote.In this collection, Dr King the preacher and prophet calls out for Christian engagement with a troubled world He s sharp [...]

    15. This excellent book should get attention It wasn t even offered for sale at the gift shop at the King historic site in Atlanta Five stars doesn t mean I always agree with him But there are some chapters and passages that are worth all the attention I can give them Everyone everyone should read the chapter Loving Your Enemies.

    16. I consider myself a person who was informed about Martin Luther King, Jr I knew the timeline of events in his life, and what he stood for But apart from I Have a Dream, I had never read or listened to his work I am so glad I remedied that.First the content The sermons reveal how King s faith was carried forward into social action I could see the development of his scholarship and ideas, and how he used them to challenge his own Black Baptist church tradition, daring it not to be complacent, as w [...]

    17. A Big DealMartin Luther King, Jr is a big deal I recall learning about his life and his influence on civil rights early and often in grade school I heard his famous I Have a Dream speech long before I knew what it meant King County where I live originally named after William Rufus King is now named after MLK.Yet for all I ve learned about King over the course of my education, I knew little about the origins of King s thought Aside from a passing mention of King as a Baptist minister, the facts I [...]

    18. Strength to Love by Martin Luther King, Jr 158 pagesThere was to Martin Luther King, Jr than as the leading representative of the early 1960s Civil Rights Movement He was a Baptist preacher first and foremost And here we have a collection of his sermons, some written while he was jailed.This is the third of the five books King collected wrote before his tragic assassination in 1968 They were composed during the years 1955 1963 It s also one of his most requested works.Theses short and meditativ [...]

    19. Outstanding book Absolutely thought provoking and heart centered I ve read many apologetic writings and though this is not labeled as such, I d definitely say that it is certainly a work of Christian apologetics in many senses It deals with the Faith and the Reason of Christianity It s about the terrenal duties and celestial rights of the Christian It challenges you to use both your lips and your hands, theory and practice, as you follow Jesus in this world to the coming King addresses both the [...]

    20. Although focused on Kings teachings about God and the application of Christianity to the persistent problems of humanity, this book is very engaging to Christians and Non Christians alike.Extolling the virtues of love, humanity and understanding King explores how we can reach out to each other and become true brothers, maybe not under God in my opinion but still the principles apply, that if you educate and reach out to those that hate and preach intolerance you can slow and virtuously change th [...]

    21. Excellent book I don t agree with MLK s views on social reform but he does an amazing job of telling the importance of love when faced with conflict You can feel his love of God and how we as Christians should go about living our life This book was written during the fall of segregation but so much can be related to what our country is facing today Truly miss his presence today I think so much is lost today about who MLK was and what he did and stood for the the 60 s I can honestly say I did not [...]

    22. During this horrendous election cycle I have become angry, depressed, and struggled with the racism in this country In my despair I sought out a teacher who knew what it meant to suffer and respond to a horrible situation in a honorable way After reading this book I have learned about MLK Jr than any history class MLK Jr had an abundance of grace and truly walked the talk This book should be read by everyone to showcase the life of a true Christian.

    23. Finally read my first Martin Luther King Jr sermons and now have a higher standard for all sermons His passion lives through his words, especially his hope for a desegregated community of equals, nonviolence, and forgiveness He lived his faith out with a vision that grew from a local bus protest to a worldwide dream.

    24. More than just a window into the thoughts of an historical giant, this book was a breath of fresh air to my faith His treatment of topics such as compassion, fear, and social action reminded me that Dr King was first and foremost a pastor of the Christian faith I wish I had read this sooner in life and highly recommend it.

    25. Quite simply This is one of those books where every single sentence is a philosophical work of genius You could read just one line and ponder its meaning all day A very clever and insightful piece of work, written by a great man generations ahead of his time.

    26. Incredible, timeless truth To read his famous words in the context of his sermons is enlightening, moving and powerful This book is giving me courage to love Dr King is a remarkable servant and blessing from God.

    27. I don t know if I have come across a better collection of sermons Martin Luther king Jr knew how to weave theology with poetry and philosophy and science and give it flesh Why have I never read this stuff before

    28. I was expecting profound words on racism What I was not expecting was a viewpoint on disarmament in the Cold War as well It makes me sad that these words are still so politically relevant today, but at least these words do exist Highly recommend, even if you are not Christian religious.

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