Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us #2020

Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us Kate Bornstein Gender Outlaw On Men Women and the Rest of Us Part coming of age story part mind altering manifesto on gender and sexuality coming directly to you from the life experiences of a transgender woman Gender Outlaw breaks all the rules and leaves t

  • Title: Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us
  • Author: Kate Bornstein
  • ISBN: 9780679757016
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us Kate Bornstein Part coming of age story, part mind altering manifesto on gender and sexuality, coming directly to you from the life experiences of a transgender woman, Gender Outlaw breaks all the rules and leaves the reader forever changed.26 black and white illustrations.
    Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us Kate Bornstein

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    One thought on “Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us”

    1. my mind was BLOWNLots and lots of food for thought aka just read it But the need for a recognizable identity, and the need to belong to a group of people with a similar identity these are driving forces in our culture, and nowhere is this evident than in the areas of gender and sexuality 3 4 I know I m not a man about that much I m clear, and I ve come to the conclusion that I m probably not a woman either, at least not according to a lot of people s rules on this sort of thing The trouble is, [...]

    2. While Bornstein raises interesting points the idea of a third sexuality, neither male nor female , her arguments against recognizing gender suffered from her nearly complete ability to ignore that one key signifiere ability to bear children, and her failure to discuss this issue within her theories made the whole premise rather circumspect.In addition, this is an entire book that might have really been two magazine articles the first would cover Bornstein s thoughts on gender, summarized above, [...]

    3. There s a lot of problems with the book see the appropriation of the term shaman in a quote below, although this edition includes some commentary about the politics around that but the good stuff is so so good.There s a strength in knowing we have our own comics, our own jokers But here it gets tricky The pressure and temptation is to create art or politics for a particular group, which is in turn based on some inflexible identity special interest groups, identity politics, whatever you want to [...]

    4. this is a really engaging, witty read kate bornstein must be a blast to hang out with however, bornstein misinterprets basic radical feminist arguments continually conflates sex gender, thus betraying a lot of assumptions that i find troubling as a gender nonconforming woman what i see time and time again is the assumption that for cis people, gender isn t an issue, and of course it is particularly for cis women and the failure to acknowledge that in so many of these texts is an issue for me tha [...]

    5. Read this a while back twice and I still own my copy Decades ahead of its time when it came out in 1994 A no apologies, in your face book about gender assignments, feminism, cultural assumptions, identity, labels, and so much Add this to your list of BOOKS THAT WILL CHALLENGE MY THINKING AND I PROMISED TO STAY OPEN MINDED WITH EACH PASSING PAGE Happy reading.

    6. Here s the thing when I was in college, I read Judith Butler s Gender Trouble, and it made me feel crazy That book was my first intro to gender deconstruction, and it left my head spinning and heart hurting I felt like I was trapped in the gender system, and that was a miserable miserable place to be.Then I read Gender Outlaw.Gender Trouble is the problem, Gender Outlaw is the solution.Re reading this book after 10 years, it was just as fun and fabulous as the first time I read it all those year [...]

    7. Don t let my review fully influence you I m sure this book is very enlightening and empowering for some genderqueer out there, but I just couldn t get through it I just too fundamentally disagree with her on the value of science and biology, disagree on the most basic terminology and have no sympathy for how often she conflates the multiple meanings of words in different contexts as if they all shared the same context.For those with stouter tolerances, have at it, but don t be surprised if you f [...]

    8. I ve had this book since I was fourteen and somehow never got around to reading it until now Anyways it was FANTASTIC Very interesting, although sometimes quite a bit outdated I didn t agree with all of Bornstein s ideas, and some of them likely wouldn t fly in modern times, but the writing was all so thoroughly original and thoughtful I would absolutely recommend it to anyone willing to spend time thinking about the complexity of gender though they should probably have a decent understanding of [...]

    9. I read excerpts from this in college fifteen years ago and I thought I should actually read it all the way through sometime and it took me a while, but I finally did Kate Bornstein is a trailblazer and an icon and a vivid personality and this book was a pleasure to read This is an engaging and candid memoir and examination of gender identity that discusses plenty of things that, even now, let alone in 1994, are pretty radical This book is almost twenty five years old 1994 and it is a bit dated, [...]

    10. It seems very obvious to me that Bornstein became involved in trans thought and politics before being involved in feminist thought and politics the lens is not a feminist one, and I do wish she had brought in discussion about gendered power dynamics, masculinity and femininity She says in at least a couple bits and implies in many others that upholding our gender system upholds misogyny breaking it down is inherently anti patriarchal, while I think that it s actually perfectly possible to have [...]

    11. The collage style is not pleasing to me among other things, I fail to see why Beatles lyrics are relevant or necessary to the points being discussed I m also finding that too little support is given for the assumptions underlying most of the book s prescriptions in one instance there is a mention that the author began to wonder if gender was socially constructed, and then the next paragraph assumes that gender is socially constructed, as do all subsequent paragraphs There is a step missing there [...]

    12. MIND BLOWN Completely fucking brilliant I want to buy this book for everyone in my life As someone who feels pretty informed around issues of gender IT IS PERFORMATIVE , I need to write about, think about and unpick this all loads Which is brilliant, particularly as this book is over 20 years old It still has so much resonance Some questions What s your gender When did you decide it How much say do you have in your gender Is there anything about your gender or gender role that you don t like, o [...]

    13. Kate Bornstein is so incredibly charming This book is charming But I m already sold on most of what she is trying to convince me, uh mainly Let s not be defined by gender because it sucks being confined to stereotypes and anyway it s crazy Agreed Uh now what But that question, now what is difficult for this book to answer because it is an incredibly 90s book Which I didn t think was too long ago but man, this book is nearly 20 years old So now was 20 years ago OMG i am so old As a result the boo [...]

    14. Gender Outlaw was somewhat frustrating for me on a critical level The whole book seemed to be written from a Marxist methodology wherein binary pairs are actually waging some kind of dialectic war Since reading Levinas, I ve never really seen binarisms in that way Polar opposites are self defining pairs, yes, but one need not be superior Also, the extremes of the poles aren t the only valid options Every binary pair is, in essence, a continuum North has no meaning without South, but it also has [...]

    15. After reading Michelle Goldberg s New Yorker article on trans vs radfem I set out to understand the transgendered movement in depth Bornstein is a theater person performer and playwright as well as a significant voice in the movement More than a memoir, I found the book a clear explication of gender queer theory and practice Released around the time that Judith Butler s Gender Trouble was establishing the philosophical theoretical deconstruction of gender, Bornstein gets to Butler s insights q [...]

    16. this book is problematic in an ignorance kind of way, but she apologizes in the afterword, like hey i published this years ago, what can you do which i guess i don t really have any say in whether she s forgiven i feel like that should be noted also, a lot of the terminology is dated it s amazing how far that stuff has come since just 20 years ago what s stuck with me about this book, even months after reading, is something bornstein pointed out about orientation based discrimination that it is, [...]

    17. This book has the strange symptom of knowing it makes no sense whatsoever yet claiming it does Why on earth would someone who has so impossibly transcended gender get a sex change, and spend their career simultaneously renouncing gender roles and relishing certain ones At the end of the book in the FAQ, why did you get a sex change was answered with because I didn t know what I know now , followed by would you do it again answered with absolutely As far as I ve been able to glean from Kate s own [...]

    18. Largely useful as a lens into what the trans community was like in its fledgling days formation of the community itself The author expresses many counter productive and at times outright transphobic ideas and the rhetoric used to discuss everything is rather dated expect lots of transgendered ftm Mtf etc The author does bring up nonwestern genders outside the binary, however its almost always done in a manner which summarizes millenia of a culture in a paragraph and then dismissively, accuses na [...]

    19. I find it odd that this book is classified as a memoir It doesn t read like a memoir It reads like a Sociology of Gender class text in most parts, with supplementary memoir bits woven in I do love Kate Bornstein She gently gathers the reader up and lovingly drags them through the mindfuck that is dismantling gender I don t necessarily agree with her every point, or at least how she conceptualizes explains some points, and yet I full heartedly support the overarching cry of this book And I wholly [...]

    20. My good friend Sarah Carter from studying abroad bought me this book and I started it right away If for no other reason, I m reading this to stir my thoughts Kate Bornstein challenges gender roles and claims to have hold onto none Being born and raised a man, she changed her sex to be a woman Her female lover is also changing her sex to become a man, leaving an interesting puzzle of who is what Is Kate a male or female Is she a lesbian, gay, or bisexual Rather than submitting to society s tenden [...]

    21. fascinating read.I was honored to see Ms Bornstein in performance at Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT many years agoad this piece then still holds up Bornstein speaks truth that is still relevant about gender difference and gender assumption.unfortunately still true that is Her challenge is to imagine an existence where we didn t see ourselves as either male or female almost impossible task for we who live gender assigned lives but a haunting one nonetheless She is SO well written and SO well spoke [...]

    22. read this for book club interesting conflicts with how julia serano defines gender i.e bornstein sees gender as performance and gender roles as needing destruction, where serano sees gender as not quite essential, but certainly intrinsic than a gender as performance theory would allow for the way bornstein merges the personal and the theoretical is pretty great, and i love the way she moves between two voices.

    23. Kate Bornstein is one of my personal heroes Zie is fuckin awesome Kate s many books have opened my eyes to gender in ways I didn t gather before Gender Outlaw is one of the best I ve read and also the first of zir that I ve read This book, among other things, helped inspire me to organize Beyond the Binary with others.

    24. This book has really helped me uncover what it must be like to be a part of a minority that society has not yet come to terms with.

    25. I have a lot of thoughts about this book and I wanted to review it when I had them in order when I started reading it, I was really, really into it I loved the authors voice and I thought they had great insight on gender They didn t ignore the privileges they did have and they stated quite a few times that their experience of being neither male nor female did not speak for all non binary people having said that, there were parts of the book that really confused me the philosophical discussions [...]

    26. While I enjoyed reading this book I found it somewhat challenging in its organization Progressing through the text seemed a little chaotic but overall I very much appreciated the questions posed finding the book very thought provoking It is a refreshing change to find an author able to call upon the reader to think and re evaluate, heck evaluate in the first place, commonly held assumptions about a fundamental and dichotomous issue such as gender This book has heightened my awareness and prompte [...]

    27. Some of Bornstein s ideas such as her writings about non binary genders and the harm of a gender system were well ahead of her time and are truly cutting edge queer theory They provide a lot of affirmation to non binary genders.However, her claim that Trans women still hold male privilege and are invading female spaces is transmisogynistic While Bornstein herself might not be binary, respecting the experiences of trans women who have never identified as male is essential Arguments like this get [...]

    28. Kate is great Kate is a national treasure Kate is a trove of wisdom, wit, and gaiety If you ve been out as anything for than a few months, Kate might lag a little Gender Outlaw was foundational, and in some ways, I m thinking particularly of Kate s delightfully anarchic way of gender non identifying throughout the whole book, eluding grasp, living trans as a true unspooling continuum, it is shocking It also reads as a how to book How to come out, how to be, how to survive Read for historical co [...]

    29. this book is a minefield of genius questions the unexamined life is not worth living, and kate takes this and goes well alright then we re examining every damn thing it doesn t really matter what a person decides to do, or how radically a person plays with gender what matters, i think, is how aware a person is of the options how sad for a person to be missing out on some expression of identity, just for not knowing there are options 51

    30. I found this book a little disorganized, and that the attempts to update it sometimes increased this issue Also, some of tge arguments seemed tangled or divisive However, it has some insightful things to say about what it was like to be trans for the author at a time when trans people were less visible.

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