Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court #2020

Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court Chuck Black Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court The people of Holbrook are suffering under the rule of the greedy Lord Kingskey Can Sir Bentley discover the thruth and help restore the kingdom Sir Bentley an honorable young knight abandons his ca

  • Title: Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court
  • Author: Chuck Black
  • ISBN: 9781601421258
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court Chuck Black The people of Holbrook are suffering under the rule of the greedy Lord Kingskey Can Sir Bentley discover the thruth and help restore the kingdom Sir Bentley, an honorable young knight, abandons his calling in order to seek the truth of the Prince Choosing to live as the Prince did, he forsakes his former lifestyle and wealth to live as a pauper His travels take him to HThe people of Holbrook are suffering under the rule of the greedy Lord Kingskey Can Sir Bentley discover the thruth and help restore the kingdom Sir Bentley, an honorable young knight, abandons his calling in order to seek the truth of the Prince Choosing to live as the Prince did, he forsakes his former lifestyle and wealth to live as a pauper His travels take him to Holbrook, where the townsfolk live in poverty, paying high taxes to support the lavish lifestyle of Lord Kingsley and his court But something even darker is lurking in the shadows of the beautiful castle.Bentley soon befriends Eirwyn, a mysterious but compassionate young woman who often distributes food among the poor When Eirwyn is kidnapped by a ruthless tribe to serve as a sacrifice, Bentley battles a vicious mountain creature to save her life But when he discovers who is really behind Holbrook s downfall, he s faced with an even bigger challenge battling the Dark Knight s most evil commander and his Shadow Warriors as they attack the castle Will greed destroy the kingdom the way it destroyed Lord Kingsley Or can Sir Bentley and Eirwyn work together to restore order and prosperity to the kingdom through the compassion and grace of the Prince Journey to Arrethtrae, where these knights of noble heart live and die in loyal service to the King and the Prince These knights are mighty, for they serve a mighty King They are the Knights of Arrethtrae
    Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court Chuck Black

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      135 Chuck Black
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    1. Possibly my favorite book of the series the characters are awesome, and the conflict is much complex than that of book one Bentley s character and the story as a whole does get off to a shaky start, but the introduction of the main conflict smooths it out well Also, the addition of mystery like elements added a lot to the plot.All technical writing stuff aside, I just REALLY REALLY LOVE this story It features a knight, a beautiful girl, a sea dragon, and an oppressive ruler WHAT S NOT TO LOVE R [...]

    2. About the book This second installment in Chuck Black s Knights of Arrethtrae series tells the tale of Sir Bentley, an honorable knight who abandons all to seek the truth of the Prince Eirwyn, a mysterious young woman who brings food to the poor, teaches Bentley the power of compassion to overcome evil Together, they save the people of Holbrook from poverty and despair.Sir Bentley s quest for the truth of the Prince finds him battling Shadow Warriors, a powerful lord, and a terrifying creature W [...]

    3. Option One Book ThreeStarted on June Twenty First Sir Bentley And Holbrook Court By Chuck Black Sir Bentley is a young Knight that just becomes a Knight of The King And those knights don t necessarily go by all The King s rules and they don t believe The Prince who really is the King s son is really the prince since he first acted like a commoner then said he was the Prince sent to teach the world about The King Now Sir Bentley was always asking about this Prince and Lord Kifus grew suspicious a [...]

    4. When Bentley refuses to kill two Followers, his fate is sealed His days as a Noble night have ended Now he must leave Chessington in search of the Truth He learns that the man called The Stranger was, and is, the Prince The Son of the True King In his pursuit to follow in the footsteps of his Prince, Bentley becomes a peasant and ventures into Holbrook He becomes one of the farmers and discovers oppression, injustice, love and a cause to fight for The day is coming when Holbrook will need a knig [...]

    5. First of all I ll say I LOVED Sir Kendrick and the Castle of Bel Lione but if it is possible to be better than perfection Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court is even better than the first book in the Knights of Arrethtrae series These books are truly a work of art All for the glory of the Prince.This book will speak to your heart on a much deeper level than just another good, clean book.I found my heart crying out along with Bentley s when he says, I want to know You my Prince I want to follow You, n [...]

    6. My younger brother and I conferred notes together after reading through this book and both came to the conclusion that though we both liked this tale of knights and fair maidens, fantastical creatures, and seeking a lowly lifestyle in trade of the sinful riches of this world, that we didn t as much care for the conclusions and writing style of this book as much as some of the others by this author I found there didn t seem to be quite as strong an emphasis on the spiritual as perhaps others by C [...]

    7. Sir Bentley learns much in this book about appearances, wisdom and loyalty Closely mirroring the life of Joseph, Bentley shows a brilliant example of what we, as Christians, should be when looking at the suffering around us.Once again as we dive into Black s world, we are transported with adventure, beautiful descriptions and most of all, fantastic life lessons The characters we meet in this book are young, brave and smart, but faced with a lot of the same issues that we deal with today Appearan [...]

    8. Sir Bentley and the Holbrook Court is my favorite of the Knights of Arrethtrae series The story of Sir Bentley s start from Noble to peasant to Knight is captivating The twists and turns of this story never become dull, even after reading them ten or so times as I have There are only two or three grammatical issues and only the trained eye can notice them The cover of the book is very misleading since the creature looked like an aquatic Dilophosaurus than a Plesiosaur The illustrations are very [...]

    9. so, take my review entirely with a grain of saltis book is just not my type of book and I even knew that when I picked it up.but I desperately needed a book with the name Bentley in itd, honestly, this was the only one I could find, I pushed through.I think I could have enjoyed this but the story is definitely for younger kids And the writing style was odd kind of likea fable or older style fairtale It was very for he was a knight, of the oldest order and blah blah blah I don t know, formal wri [...]

    10. Sir Bentley has everything in life, but he forsakes all of it to follow The Prince The dangers are numerous and intense, but the love of The Prince is greater than the fear for Sir Bentley This is an amazing book It is very entertaining and pleasurable to read, yet it is not just a story It is written to inspire the reader to draw nearer to The Prince, and the conflict and the devotion of the characters should do just that Indeed, I found my own heart cry out to know The Prince better as I read [...]

    11. Sir Bentley is one of the many books chuck black wrote it is about a humble servant named Bentley who is on a mission to find a young price he ends up traveling to a poor city called Holbrook where he sees the people that live there are very poor because they pay high takes for there king to live a good life as Bentley spends time there he meets a women who gives food and helps out the poor as those too go on to help the poor Eirwyn is captured by bandits and his mission for the res of the book [...]

    12. The second book in the Knights of Arrethtrae series, Sir Bentley is a story of mercy and courage Join Sir Bentley as he abandons his wealth and prestige as a Noble Knight and son of a wealthy tradesman for a life of poverty to seek the truth of the Prince In the city of Holbrook he finds that not just the greed of Lord Kingsley is ruining the land, but also something much deeper, much stronger the Dark Knight.I recommend this book because many good character traits are taught, including doing wh [...]

    13. Bentley knows there must be then constantly arresting or catpuring a group of people who have no evil intent, and is even kind to Him When he finds the true Prince of his life, and meets the girl of his dreamsBently is caught in a whole new danger.This was fun I loved the part about Eirwyn, the Mercy Maiden, and the Ice Princess It was a fun twist Can t wait to read the rest of the series.

    14. An excellent second installment of the Knights of Arrethtrae, Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court by Chuck Black is a tale of great sacrifice and the discovery of joy in the most unlikely of places It speaks of loyalty and betrayal, love and hatred, joy and sorrow all with an unexpected little twist at the end I enjoyed it fairly well, and it s a speedy read.

    15. I liked this book a lot, but my younger brother enjoyed it even It has a lot of great symbolism not too far a reach in it as well as a by chapter question and answer section on the spiritual truths and examples that are within the book.

    16. The reason it took 2 days to read this was because I was caught up in another book, however, when I sat down to read this, I was easily captured by the story A very good, exciting Middle Ages Style story

    17. This second in the series emphasizes the virtues of courage and mercy and the vices of avarice and fear Sir Bently embraces the ways of the Prince and finds his way of living transformed The King Reigns And His Son

    18. Another great book by Chuck Black Every book he seems to write gets better and better All the sword fighting action was present, all the twists and backstabbing even a giant reptile This book has it all and I hope the Black writes, the longer the books are.

    19. 4.7 Much better than the first book Everything makes sense and the characters are actually believable Since the books aren t really connected, I would advise skipping the first book and reading this instead.

    20. Slow in grabbing my attention in the first few chapters then I couldn t put it down Excellent lessons on mercy and materialism.Re read Oct 2015.

    21. Another great book in the Knights of Arrethtrae series We were on the edge of our seats throughout the book

    22. Another 5 star review from my boy He loves anything by Chuck Black He is anxiously awaiting the third installment in this series.

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