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Fate Is the Hunter Ernest K. Gann Fate Is the Hunter Ernest K Gann s classic memoir is an up close and thrilling account of the treacherous early days of commercial aviation In his inimitable style Gann brings you right into the cockpit recounting bot

  • Title: Fate Is the Hunter
  • Author: Ernest K. Gann
  • ISBN: 9780671636036
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fate Is the Hunter Ernest K. Gann Ernest K Gann s classic memoir is an up close and thrilling account of the treacherous early days of commercial aviation In his inimitable style, Gann brings you right into the cockpit, recounting both the triumphs and terrors of pilots who flew when flying was anything but routine.
    Fate Is the Hunter Ernest K. Gann

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      419 Ernest K. Gann
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    1. Description Ernest K Gann s classic memoir is an up close and thrilling account of the treacherous early days of commercial aviation In his inimitable style, Gann brings you right into the cockpit, recounting both the triumphs and terrors of pilots who flew when flying was anything but routine.youtube watch v hjKHf Fate and destiny are bottom line answers to every precarious situation in Gann s near autobiography and philosophically speaking, that really ain t my bag Apart from that, it is a whi [...]

    2. For aviators, this is the ultimate, classic memoir Ernest Gann started flying in the late thirties, flew transport planes all over the world during WWII, and continued flying for airlines thereafter This book is part chronicle of his many adventures and misadventures, part collection of thoughts on life and flying.Even a pilot with my limited experience can immediately discern the fundamental authenticity in the erudite voice of this true aviator The book is episodic, with sequential periods and [...]

    3. This book returns the reader back to the golden pioneering days of Commercial airlines and all the danger and adventure that of the period Fate is a game of numbers and luck and the author takes us on his ride with fate with all it s ups and downs Anyone with a passing interest in flying needs to read this book you will not be disappointed.

    4. Fate Is The Hunter is not a war story or a spy book, it is, instead, a story of fate and how it can start careers, and end lives, but most importantly, this is a true story of life and death The detail and emotion Gann wrote on these pages is astounding and you must take time to read each word and try to imagine the scene in your mind and feel the emotion The book starts with Gann when he is first learning to fly DC 3s and DC 2s in the early 1900s Throughout the book, he tells of his adventures [...]

    5. Really good book, written in 1961, about the early days of flying Starts out in DC2s and DC3s, flying mail routes and other similar tasks, then moved to doing flights for the military as WWII began to unfold He doesn t make a real big deal about it, but the author really lost a LOT of friends to airplanes over the years, and he had some close calls but was able to out distance fate at each juncture I can especially relate to his speaking of the insatiable appetite of a pilot to look skyward when [...]

    6. Amazing tales of one of the first commercial pilots As a pilot myself I was spellbound but I am pretty sure even a novice would fall head first into the exhilaration adventures as time passes across World War II and the first people of the sky open up the world and discover new frontiers.

    7. Actual rating 3.5 stars.A fascinating near autobiography by an airline pilot who flew from the late 1930s into the 1950s, the era of DC 2s, DC 3s, C 87s, and DC 4s Gann has some great stories to share, many quite frightening, and some of will have you gripping the edges of the book like a control yoke, your knuckles white My god, those were dangerous days, and the early airline pilots took risks that would be inconceivable today, letting down through solid weather with inaccurate altimeter setti [...]

    8. I ll teach you how to escape deathere is a raven in the eastern sea which is called Yitai dull head This dull head cannot fly very high and seems very stupid It hops only a short distance and nestles close with others of its kind In going forward, it dare not lag behind At the time of feeding, it takes what is left over by the other birds Therefore, the ranks of this bird are never depleted and nobody can do them any harm A tree with a straight trunk is the first to be chopped down A well with s [...]

    9. I enjoyed reading Fate is the Hunter and would recommend it to aviation enthusiasts Its appeal, however, may be limited to that group which has a strong interest in a niche of aviation history from the viewpoint of a personal memoir It was published in 1961 and now reads like a period piece The author s viewpoint and rich vocabulary are highly reflective of a different generation For me, that was part of the appeal, reading about those times of an earlier era of air transport from a man who live [...]

    10. A piece of literature, in disguise as a aviation bookWho d of ever thought that a pilot and the overall field of aviation could be written about with such eloquence, beauty and vividness Since I was a child, I ve been an aviation enthusiast so Gann s book which spans both pre and post WWII aviation is exactly the kind of novel I love.For me, a couple of lessons were particularly poignant from Gann s descriptions of early commercial aviation His descriptions of being a terrified and bullied co pi [...]

    11. Wow As I sat, rapidly thumbing through the pages in my spare time, I was awestruck from the first to the last page I love historical books and, as a pilot, historical aviation books are especially delightful Capt Gann paints a masterful picture of the dangerous days of early aviation and of the mysterious force, fate, that keeps excellent young aviators from long careers, while older, equally capable men live on by staying a fingernails length away from death s grasp The recounted events are har [...]

    12. Perhaps, as an amateur pilot, I m biased towards this sort of thing, but my appreciation of this goes well beyond enthusiasm about the genre Not only is this the finest aviation memoir I ve run across, it s literature masquerading as a memoir I ve read this a few times now, and every time reading it through is different the first time, I was enthralled by the narrative of the stories, and was so anxious to find out what happened that I blew through the beautifully constructed sentences and the v [...]

    13. This book helped me decide to become an airline pilot Any professional pilot will feel right at home with Gann in the cockpit He starts out as a new hire First Officer for American Airlines, learning the ropes on the DC2 and DC3 It is fascinating to experience the working conditions of that era, and make us realize how much we owe to those pioneers, and how much technology has made air travel so safe and reliable today And while so much has changed, there are still human elements that remain the [...]

    14. 1967 I had just turned 11 and my dad dared me to read this book He tossed me the paperback edition stating I was ready for grown up books I found out I liked it, even understanding the theme of luck and fatalism I turned it into an A book report in front of class.Now, just 50 years later, I bought the hardcover first edition at a used book store hey, I was going to to this up right I delved into the still remembered pages and the wonder came flooding back While being an aviation enthusiast helps [...]

    15. A book given to me as a gift from a pilot This book allowed me to dive into what it was like in the early days of flying, learn a lot of new technical terms and experience the thrill of adventure that must fuel the spirits and love of so many pilots for the art of flying This book is a collection of adventure stories and thoughts about life and the people you get to know in the realm of aviation Gann offers many thoughtful reflections about the variety of pilots their character and skills that h [...]

    16. A wandering account of the early days of commercial aviation, starting out in the interbellum with barnstorming techniques to complete a flight, proceeding through a series of mishaps that could have proved fatal A fine accounting of how safety was not exactly the highest priority, through the Second World War flying freighters and troop transports before settling into the 1950s and a reflective attitude.A worthwhile read, pitched at a level accessible to the layman and the professional alike.

    17. This book is Ernest K Gann s memoir of his professional life as a commercial pilot from the 1920s through 1961 Gann was also a novelist who wrote many aviation adventure novels, some of which were made into movies in the 50s 60s including The High and the Mighty starring John Wayne, Soldier of Fortune starring Clark Gable, Island in the Sky starring John Wayne If I had a friend or customer who only wanted to read one book on aviation, Fate Is the Hunter is my top choice recommendation Although t [...]

    18. A classic read amongst pilots, Ernest K Gann s memoir of his participation in the early days of flying is full of interesting insights and anecdotes While he often talks of the near misses of his aviation career the greater story here is the rise of the aviation industry through three wars and into the glory days of Pan Am Low on technical details and high on heroics this is sort of a Homer s Odyssey in the air The chapters generally form their own episodes so the book is easy to pick up and put [...]

    19. I read Fate is he Hunter when I was about 12 maybe 13 years old after seeing the film Our father worked at Curtis Wright Aircraft Company Buffalo N.Y In WW 2 building airplanes for the war effort so I too have the Airplane Mechanical gene encoded somewhere in my psyche Oh I love mechanical things and the amazing ones ha can fly could easily seduce me if were not so afraid of falling out o the sky.But that hasn t kept me from reading about the exploits of fearless men and women who take wings and [...]

    20. My second time through it So far, my favorite book about flying When I first read it about 15 years ago, I thought it was about flying, and liked it enough This time, after four trips downrange, I realized the book is about trying to understand luck A pilot filter on the question we re all trying to answer.

    21. The author has such a descriptive way of writing that you easily inhabit the various cockpits and join his crew i haven t read such immersive writing in a long time.

    22. If you were to only read one aviation history book, this book has to the bar against which all other aviation history book are measured.

    23. I read this when I was younger and bought it again this year My memory of it was better than re reading I still enjoyed it, but my current impression was that it was good but not great.

    24. Nice bookIt is a really nice book, easy to read and understand Lot of details Muy recomendado para todos los amantes de la aviaci n.

    25. Having been there done that through most of the adventures in this book I was empathetic and emotionally in step with each part of the story I recommend this to any pilot of large planes in the military or civilian side of life.

    26. A commercial pilot from the early days of aviation recounts amazing, incredible stories Many times he should have died, and many of his friends and coworkers did die on the job A great read.

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