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Dying Inside Robert Silverberg Dying Inside In Robert Silverberg even then an acknowledged leader in the science fiction field published a book that was immediately hailed as a masterpiece More than three decades later Dying Inside has

  • Title: Dying Inside
  • Author: Robert Silverberg
  • ISBN: 9780765322302
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dying Inside Robert Silverberg In 1972, Robert Silverberg, even then an acknowledged leader in the science fiction field, published a book that was immediately hailed as a masterpiece More than three decades later, Dying Inside has stood the test of time and has been recognized as one of the finest novels the field has ever produced Never wasting a word, Silverberg persuasively shows us what it wouldIn 1972, Robert Silverberg, even then an acknowledged leader in the science fiction field, published a book that was immediately hailed as a masterpiece More than three decades later, Dying Inside has stood the test of time and has been recognized as one of the finest novels the field has ever produced Never wasting a word, Silverberg persuasively shows us what it would be like to read minds, painting an unforgettable portrait of a man shaped by that unique power a power he is now inexorably losing.Acclaimed upon first publication by SF critics and mainstream reviewers alike, Dying Inside is overdue for reintroduction to today s SF audience This is a novel for everyone who appreciates deeply affecting characterization, imaginative power, and the irreplaceable perspective unique to speculative fiction of the highest order.
    Dying Inside Robert Silverberg

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      Robert Silverberg

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    1. Dying Inside is a sterling example of 70s New Wave science fiction it is about a telepath whose powers are fading dude is a miserable, depressive asshole who whines endlessly about his life the end.wait a sec, maybe that sounds like a bad read to you well my friend, let me tell you throw that impression away this is a marvelous book from beginning to end it is thought provoking, often delightful, often hard edged, completely enjoyable Silverberg is such a masterful writer and many times i had to [...]

    2. A friend recently asked if Silverberg lacked the matinee firepower of Heinlein or Asimov because he had no masterwork, no centerpiece to which critics could point, no one work that served as an identity Silverberg, Grandmaster though he is, lacks a Stranger in a Strange Land or Foundation or Dune.I submit here, to the court of science fiction literature, that Dying Inside is such a work.Dying Inside is Silverberg s 1972 science fiction fantasy classic about telepathy and so much Fundamentally, [...]

    3. Robert Silverberg is one of science fiction all time greats, there is no doubt about that in my mind He belongs up there with Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein etc If you have never heard of him it would be because he is the most criminally underrated sf authors ever I have said virtually the same thing in my previous review of his book Nightwings, and I will probably be saying the same damn thing again next time I review one of his books simply because it bears repeating.Among long time avid sf readers [...]

    4. The sensory shutdown is not always a willed event, naturally It happens to us whether we like it or not If we don t climb into the box ourselves, we ll get shoved in anyway That s what I mean about entropy inevitably nailing us all in the long run No matter how vital, how vigorous, how world devouring we are, the inputs dwindle as time goes by Sight, hearing, touch, smell everything goes, as good old Will S said, and we end up sans teeth, sans eyes, sans tastes, sans everything Or, as the most c [...]

    5. Strangely enough, I found this one a real treat to read It might have something to do with the fact that I read A Time of Changes, The World Inside, and it all within the same day, somewhat in spirit of how damn quick Silverberg wrote these great classics And because I read them all back to back, I found that being this familiar with the artist s text made al three books flow like water, common themes kissing intimately and oh so sexually Like connection Basic human connection The first novel re [...]

    6. Dying Inside is likely the most powerful SF tale of a telepath losing his powers that has ever been written, and is required reading for anyone wanting a taste of the best of New Wave SF from the early 1970s much better than Daniel Keyes Flowers of Algernon, in my opionion It is also extremely personal and autobiographical, since Silverberg s prodigious output of the late 1960s was starting to slow down Regardless of how far we should read into protagonist David Selig s brilliant, lonely, frustr [...]

    7. 4.5 to 5.0 stars Robert Silverberg is one of those writers that has never disappointed me and Dying Inside is no exception This is often considered Silverberg s best novel and, while not my personal favorite of his, it is easy to see why The story is told in the first person by a telepath, David Selig, who is slowly losing his ability to read minds David, despite his ability to read minds, is almost completely isolated from the rest of society and is unable to form any close attachments He is pa [...]

    8. 3.75 starsI felt like the telepath, the mind reader, the voyeur while reading this novel Silverberg sucked me in to the mind of David Selig so completely that I had to force myself to take a break from the book after hours of voracious reading to come up for air and perspective It appears to be the autobiography of a telepath, but reads like a confession of mind crimes, social ineptness and stunted maturity He fears his gift is fading and dying, and he flops impotently against the impinging sile [...]

    9. Dying Inside by Robert Silverberg is the painfully intimate portrait of David Selig, a man who has been blessed or cursed, as he might say with the gift of telepathy He has learned to live with the ability, but now finds that his amazing power is slowly disappearing, leaving him ordinary again Throughout the novel, Selig is literate, insightful and self deprecating as he mercilessly dissects his own life I found him less than likable, but completely fascinating He leads an almost meaningless lif [...]

    10. David, quarantenne newyorkese, cresciuto con un dono molto particolare quello di poter entrare nella mente delle persone e di carpirne i pensieri Un dono che si rivelato una maledizione, perch le sue relazioni amorose, amicali e professionali, sono spesso state interrotte da chi non capiva come lui potesse essere sempre davanti a ogni mossa, azione, pensiero Un potere che gli ha causato incomprensione da parte degli altri, e di conseguenza abbandono e solitudine Ma che tuttavia gli ha consentito [...]

    11. This is the first book I ve managed to sit down and read straight through in quite a while, so I have to acknowledge here the quality of it first it is one of those books that reminds you that speculative fiction of all stripes can be just as reflective on the human condition as any navel gazing literary fiction The characters are for the most part not very likeable there s something despicable in all of them, and especially in the narrator, Selig But there are some amazing bits too Selig s mome [...]

    12. I finished Dying Inside this morning and I m still not sure what to say about it Perhaps I should start by saying that I don t believe this is science fiction at all I kept looking for the science part and it just wasn t there I believe that it would have been classified as general fiction if it hadn t been written by a famous science fiction author.I have to say that I have met few fictional characters that are pathetic than David Selig He s not pathetic because he s losing his telepathic powe [...]

    13. Vrlo vrlo ozbiljna knjiga Psiholo ki rolerkoster, filozofski najfiniji punjeni kola , knji evno generirano mutirani biceps i kvadriceps te fizikalni teorem za jednostavnost kompliciranog Da, sve je to Silverberg Premisa je jasna kao pekmez ivot ovjeka koji ita misli Ali kako to Robert radi to je genijalno Te ko je prepri ati radnju jer tamo negdje na pola knjige po inje doslovno li iti na dnevnik protagoniste, no, ita se ludo i brzo Kraj ba onakav kakav volim, kakav obo avam otvoren pa da mora u [...]

    14. One of the touchstone novels that seperates the true affectionado of science fiction from the casual fan or the affectionado of pulp adventures with fantastic tropes.I like pulp adventurers with fantastic tropes, but that s hardly the sum of either science fiction or fantasy.Alot of people report being rather stunned by this book, as they didn t think science fiction was this broad or this well written This is one of the books I turn to when pretentious literary snobs challenge my taste in book [...]

    15. I found this book intensely disappointing I m usually very impressed with Silverberg s work, but here he seemed to be channelling the same vein of zeitgeist that gave us Portnoy s Complaint and other laments of the middle aged white Jewish guy whose dick doesn t rise as quickly in his forties as it did in his teens The premise is excellent a guy who s been a telepath all his life, mostly secretly, finds that his powers are fading and has to cope with the loss of his superpower and the prospect o [...]

    16. After reading a couple of only average Silverberg novels, it s great to have my faith in the author s ability reaffirmed by reading another of his greats.Like The Book of Skulls this is almost only incidentally SF, that is character driven than anything else Yes, it is about someone who is a telepath, one of the classic tropes of the genre, but it is never really rationalised or understood But that wasn t really the point, rather it was about how someone coped with being different from everyone [...]

    17. Yine ok farkl bir kitap Bir yazar n birbirinden bu kadar farkl eyler yazabilmesi ola an st eriden lmek insanlar n zihnini okuyabilen David Selig in hikayesi G c n bilimsel y n nden ok psikolojik taraf inceleniyor.Kitapta belli bir kurgu yok Bazen ge mi bazen imdiki zaman anlat l yor Bu k s mlar n birbirine kar mamas i in k sa bir s rede okunmas gerekiyor.

    18. In his forward to The Stars, My Destination, author Neil Gaiman says that one of things that dates the fastest in literature is science fiction That statement applies to Dying Inside which is clearly a novel of its time period, but still works today because the novel focuses on a character and not the technology involved David Selig is a man born with the strange ability to read people s thoughts While many of us would think it s a blessing, David finds it a bit of a curse David quickly discover [...]

    19. This is an astounding piece of fiction I refrain from calling this science fiction for several reasons the fantastic elements, while central, aren t beyond the normal scope of mainstream fiction, the novel is a character study, and the novel has none of the classic clich s of science fiction.I was very surprised when I started reading this novel to discover just how well written it is this being my first Silverberg endeavor It must be admitted that Silverberg is not a stylist at the level of Gen [...]

    20. I can see why this is a notable book among it s contemporaries Silverberg approaches the novel in a way you don t see a lot in science fiction novels It is a pretty dark and introspective book I m not sure everybody will appreciate the ending but I thought it was fitting Dying Inside is a book that can make the reader uncomfortable by laying bare the innermost thoughts and feelings of the characters It usually isn t pretty, but like it or not, most of us will recognize a lot in what Selig is exp [...]

    21. Izvrsna psiholo ka studija ra anja oveka iz nat oveka Kako se ose amo i kroz kakve promene prolazimo kada nepovratno gubimo deo li nosti koji je oduvek bio na Kako kroz novu prizmu do ivljavamo okru enje, a kako ono nas u tom umiranju da bi se ponovo rodilo Pisana u prvom licu, kroz epizode u sada njem vremenu i serije fle bekova, nemilosrdno iskreno, li ena patetike, a ipak duboko emotivna ispovest oveka kome i ezava jedan specifi an dar postaje ogledalo za milion malih smrti koje do ivimo dok [...]

    22. Essentially, it s the story of a telepath, and how he copes with the loss of this blessing curse of an ability later in life Expertly developed both story and characters Grade A Silverberg Definitely one of my all time favourites.

    23. Works of science fiction, so than in other literature genres, can succeed through the ideas presented instead of the way in which those ideas are presented Many of the classic writers of the genre, including Asimov, Clarke, and Heinlein, became classic because of their ideas, even though they weren t impressive prose stylists Thus, because of the relevance of ideas in the genre, the premise of a science fiction book can be of inflated importance Sometimes a great premise alone can make for an e [...]

    24. Dying Inside is a book I might never have picked up myself I m so glad I read it As discussed in our group, Beyond Reality, it s not classic Science Fiction , but as it s written by a well known science fiction author, Robert Silverberg, it falls easily within the genre The human protagonist, David Selig, is enhanced He is a telepath and has been probably since birth But his power is fading, and the story is about how he is coping with the loss, as he feels he is dying inside It s a sad book, bu [...]

    25. Sometimes it s difficult to separate form from content This is a well written book that explores a good concept the downside of being able to read the minds of others thoroughly It s soft sf, content to explore the psychological and social ramifications of the gift curse without providing explanation of how David Selig came into possession of it In short, right up my alley So why the lukewarm rating For starters, I found the book fairly dated I have read my share of timeless SF, but there is som [...]

    26. Although author Robert Silverberg had come out with no fewer than 21 major science fiction novels between the years 1967 and 71, by 1972, his formerly unstoppable output was beginning to slow down He released only two novels in 72, The Book of Skulls, in which four young men seek the secret of immortality in the desert Southwest, and one of his most renowned, Dying Inside After this latter work, there would be no full length works until 1975 s The Stochastic Man and 1976 s Shadrach in the Furnac [...]

    27. If you met David Selig in real life, you wouldn t like him In fact, you might even be repulsed You know it, he knows it, the book knows it There is an overwhelming sense of awareness at how unlikable the main character is, and he even asks the question, Would I be this screwed up if I wasn t telepathic Did my telepathy cause my misery, or would I be miserable anyway Most books I ve read in which the prominent characters possess some kind of supernatural ability usually have the character dealing [...]

    28. The book is a character study of a middle aged man who is losing his telepathic ability to read minds It is divided between flashbacks that explain his present malaise, and events in the current day 1970s As much as he resents his own inability to resist reading the minds of everyone, including lovers, and spoiling those relationships this ability has come to define him and he does not know how to live normally.At the beginning, it is told in first person, and spoken to his ability, as if that w [...]

    29. Kitap bize zihin okuyabilmeye dair zel bir g c olan David Selig in hikayesini anlat yor David ya n n ilerlemeseyile birlikte bu yetene inde bir gerileme ya amaya ba l yor Kitap ba lad nda David 41 ya nda fakat kitap boyunca biz onun an lar na yolculuklar yaparak onun ya am n n b y k bir b l m n ahit oluyor ve bu yetene inin ona kazand rd klar yla kaybettirdiklerini g zlemliyoruz.Yazar n farkl bir dili var, kitab n baz yerlerinde birinci tekil ki i zerinden baz yerlerinde ise karakteri kendisine [...]

    30. I hate Sci Fi Almost all of it Don t know why It just doesn t work for me.I read Silverberg s Downward to the Earth Silverberg is a long out of print sic fi author though kindle has revived his fortunes and thought the book was just fabulous A take on Conrad s Heart of Darkness, wonderfully written, sensitive wondrousThis one is harder for me to assess The premise is good and many of the details It is a Sci fi set in Silverberg s own time, and in one of his and my old haunts Yet still, something [...]

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