Calendar Girl #2020

Calendar Girl Stella Duffy Calendar Girl Maggie has fallen for the girl with the Kelly McGillis body a mysterious woman who can t commit herself Meanwhile Saz Martin is hot on the trail of a woman known only as September who commute betwee

  • Title: Calendar Girl
  • Author: Stella Duffy
  • ISBN: 9781852427122
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • Calendar Girl Stella Duffy Maggie has fallen for the girl with the Kelly McGillis body, a mysterious woman who can t commit herself Meanwhile Saz Martin is hot on the trail of a woman known only as September, who commute between London and New York in a whirlwind of drug smuggling, gambling and high class prostitution.
    Calendar Girl Stella Duffy

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      145 Stella Duffy
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    One thought on “Calendar Girl”

    1. This Mask Noir title from the literary Serpent s Tail imprint has been sat in a pile of books I ve intended to read for about half a decade and very nearly got donated to a book sale last week until I realised that it was written by THE Stella Duffy, was in fact a British feminist lesbian mystery novel written in the mid 90s and really sounded like the kind of book I should be reading after all And yes, it served its purpose by being something to read at those times when the doorstop of the next [...]

    2. Very well paced and plotted, with awkward as hell dialogue in parts a very interesting examination of how little we can know the people we think we know intimately.Maggie s first person narration was chilling, if a little on the nose, and takes the reader through a gauntlet of certainties about her and The Woman with the Kelly McGillis Body, most of which end up being proved false in one sense or another It s good noir, and good misdirection, and intertwines subtly with the main third person pri [...]

    3. I first read this almost twenty years ago It was the author s first novel I guess I must have liked it back then because I ve kept it Anyway second time around I enjoyed it again It introduces a young lesbian private eye, Saz Martin and the case she gets involved in has her travelling between London and New York She manages the two different voices very well Saz s chapters are in the third person, whereas the other main character is in first person.It s an unusual style but very readable and all [...]

    4. Intriguing mystery and format Two parallel stories unfold, but, as parallel lines meet in infinity, here, they draw closer much faster London detective Saz Martin is hired to find mystery woman September by a man with whom she the mystery woman has dinner every other Friday, but whose name he doesn t even know Meanwhile, comedienne Maggie has an on again off again relationship with the girl with the Kelly McGillis body, who has some major secrets as well The two stories become and closely entw [...]

    5. c1994 FWFTB comic, mysterious, prostitution, drugs, PI This was a recommendation from a reference book regarding crime fiction I had high hopes especially as The Times felt that it is Fast, witty and cleverwith cracking dialogue and exuberant characters Not for the first time, I wonder at the reviewers at The Times I can t agree with any of the hyperbole The pace is fast with 2 differing POVs but reallywho could not guess what was going to happen The San Francisco Examiner even goes so far as to [...]

    6. I m back at the beginning of the Saz Martin series finding out where Saz started avoiding her Enterprise Allowance officer mainly If my memory serves me correctly the storytelling here is similar to that in Beneath the Blonde which I read years back Saz s story is interspersed with another story told in the first person that relates to what Saz is investigating but we only discover how exactly it relates as the book unfolds The dual viewpoint means that the reader is ahead of Saz in the investig [...]

    7. La trama in s e per s abbastanza banale a pagina 72 avevo gi capito esattamente come si sarebbe sviluppata la vincenda e anche la rivelazione del vero nome di Settembre all ultima pagina non mi pare una trovata particolarmente brillante Per narrato con etrema grazia e con delle espressioni di una potenza narrativa notevole mi rimasta impressa la descrizione del dolore come une bolla di grasso che esplode quando si affonda il coltello nell arrosto Il tutto accompagnato da un erotismo gradevole e [...]

    8. I liked this novel well enough, and will look for Duffy s other novels I wish the characters were developed a bit further, however September, the main character of intrigue, felt very flat, even when the mystery was solved her character still felt uneven and two dimensional Although, I have complained about the flat feeling characters of all the books I have read recently so perhaps it s just me I enjoyed the intertwining narrative and the mystery wraps up pretty neatly at the end.

    9. Stella Duffy una talentuosa scrittrice britannica dotata di verve, leggerezza e ironia eppure scrive noir.Saz Martin, la protagonista del suo libro una sgangherata p.i lesbica che si muove in un altrettanto gaia ambientazione dove sono lesbiche persino le poliziotte di scotland yard, io sono un lettore maschio e stupidamente eterosessuale Questi tre elementi danno vita a un noir di deliziosa fattura.

    10. Interesting reading, though I didn t think the shifting point of view approach worked Some of the techniques her sleuth Saz uses to solve the case are a bit iffy and there s too much coincidence, really.

    11. Well, this detective is a young, gay woman who has a great deal about her I enjoyed the tale It romps along from two different points of view to a satisfying if predictable conclusion.

    12. Because of the author s popularity, evidenced by the relatively high numbers of reviews she has received, I was expecting from this book It has a creative structure, to be sure, with alternating chapters from the point of view of the detective, Saz Martin, and Maggie Simpson, a comedian who figures heavily in the story But once the reader sees the way the wind blows after less than a third of the novel it becomes obvious that the author is drawing out the story in order for the two parts to com [...]

    13. an entertaining way to spend a few hours, but i wish ms duffy would get a better editor to fix the needless grammar errors.

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