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The Cassini Division Ken MacLeod The Cassini Division Ellen May Ngewthu is a soldier and leader of the Cassini Division the elite defense force of the utopian Solar Union Here in the twenty fourth century the forts of the Division in orbit around Jupi

  • Title: The Cassini Division
  • Author: Ken MacLeod
  • ISBN: 9780812568585
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Cassini Division Ken MacLeod Ellen May Ngewthu is a soldier and leader of the Cassini Division, the elite defense force of the utopian Solar Union Here in the twenty fourth century, the forts of the Division, in orbit around Jupiter, are the front line in humanity s long standoff with the unknowable post humans godlike beings descended from the men and women who transformed themselves with high technEllen May Ngewthu is a soldier and leader of the Cassini Division, the elite defense force of the utopian Solar Union Here in the twenty fourth century, the forts of the Division, in orbit around Jupiter, are the front line in humanity s long standoff with the unknowable post humans godlike beings descended from the men and women who transformed themselves with high technology centuries ago.The post humans capacities are unknown but we know they disintegrated Ganymede, we know they punched a wormhole into Jovian space, and we know that the very surface of the solar system s largest planet has been altered by them Worse, we know that they have been bombarding the inner solar system with powerful data viruses for generations.Now Ellen has a plan to rid humanity of this threat once and for all But she needs to convince others to mistrust the post humans as much as she does In the process, much will be revealed about history, about power, and about what it is to be human.
    The Cassini Division Ken MacLeod

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      443 Ken MacLeod
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    One thought on “The Cassini Division”

    1. First of all, I apologize in advance for all the quotations I use in trying to review this book, I just want to give MacLeod credit instead of paraphrasing him Yes I know its kindof lazy, but I m in a lazy mood, and I want to get this review out, because its a little gem of a book that I dont think alot of sci fi readers are aware of Humanity is indeed evil, from any non human point of view I hug my human wickedness in a shiver of delight Ellen May Ngwethu is a genocidal bitchd I absolutely love [...]

    2. What happens when the Singularity leaves you behind or worse, forcibly uploads a copy of your mind state and then goes off and builds a wormhole using your mind as forced labour The Cassini Division asks just these sorts of mind boggling posthuman questions Ellen May Ngwethu is a few centuries old, thanks a telomere hack, and living in a post scarcity society, thanks to nanomachine manufacturing She has chosen to live on the front lines, literally, and is now a senior member of the eponymous gro [...]

    3. Like the review on the cover says, this book is full of big ideas The story explores a human race, which has moved beyond capitalism and has populated the solar system, which now wars against the products of its own evolutionary journey The author presents a snap shot of human society that is alien to the reader, with any recognisable components portrayed as parochial by the main character He explores themes such as virtual reality emersion and the digitisation of sentience, robot rights, intell [...]

    4. I loved this book It made me so glad I stuck with the Fall Revolution series to the end The series actually hooked me with MacLeod s last line of his preface to the first book, The Star Fraction, when he says that the theme of the series is that, in contrast to so many other pessimistic novels about the future, that humanity does have a future and in the long run, it s even a good one In this book, we get the pay off.It s the 24th Century and the human race has expanded to 30 billion people acro [...]

    5. A fresh look at the utopian socialist society, it s causes, functions, and requirements Also a really good discussion of what it means to be human conscious A rather fresh plot, had no idea what was going to happen next until just before it happened.

    6. In Ken MacLeod s Cassini Divison , humanity has pushed itself beyond Earth and has consequently settled much of the Solar System This had been enabled after the victory of the Soviet and Chinese socialist powers over those of the capitalist West centuries ago while capitalism was never fully extinguished, it was pushed to the extreme peripheries of society where its existence is tolerated, if not really understood by society at large On top of that dynamic, a military force titled the Cassini Di [...]

    7. One of my favorite novels, and Ken MacLeod s best at least among those I ve read.In the later half of the 21st century, a group of transhumanists will take up residence around Jupiter, and begin work on a wormhole gate to span the entirety of space and time, destroying Ganymede in the process for its raw materials Before they complete their plans, however, their processing power becomes so great that they lose interest in the physical universe, and retreat into the clouds of Jupiter to enjoy the [...]

    8. This is intelligent science fiction MacLeod explores competing political and cultural worldviews in a technologically advanced future, but doesn t structure the story to implicitly affirm one over another That s a pretty substantial contrast to authors like David Brin or Vernor Vinge, whose plots implicitly argue that a liberal humanist worldview holds the most hope for humanity s future Perhaps MacLeod is further out of today s neoliberal mainstream and is therefore less sanguine about humanity [...]

    9. Macleod is similar to his country men Stross and Banks in than nationality his use of sci fi concepts to poke fun and satirize the present, his critiques of socialism and libertarianism, and his ability to graft these on to adventure stories I think he is not quite as great as either, with out the grasp of plot, tone, and character that Banks has or the density of ideas and ability to pastiche literary trope that Stross has Unlike other Macleod I ve attempted I have the urge to read , which my [...]

    10. When I picked this book up, I wasn t aware that there were 2 books before it But as I wasn t sure when I could get my hands on them, I decided to continue on When I first started reading, I wasn t sure what was going on and really didn t care much for it But once I got a little ways in, I enjoyed it I will admit that some of the politics went over my head, but I think had I read the back story it would have made sense, and been that much enjoyable.

    11. Short sweet, fast funny, but a weak, pat endingA fresh look at future politics, married to solid hard sf extrapolation Short sweet, fast funny, but with an appalling protagonist and a weak, pat ending Even so, highly recommended.My 1999 review Caution SPOILERS gp customer re

    12. Read this a while back Mainly notable for rekindling my interest in science fiction.It also happens to be a book that directly addresses my longstanding internal debate on market anarchism and communitarianism, which I never imagined anyone ever wrote stories about Very sweet.

    13. Any and all of the Fall Revolution books are hard to read That s not to say they aren t awesomely great books, because without fail they are What I mean is that you will be challenged by Macleod politically His story structure is very hard to accept at first but in the end is very rewarding.

    14. Extremely intelligent and politically as well as philosophically interesting science fiction You may need to be on the left wing or have leftish sympathies to fully appreciate the depts of it, but spoken as someone who is, it is some of the best SF I have ever read.

    15. Storyline 2 5Characters 2 5Writing Style 2 5World 5 5Through the first fifth of the book, I thought I had found a new favorite It was going to go on that shelf with the others that had stunned me with their artistry, ideas, or entertainment The world MacLeod created was fabulous, phenomenal for its speculative fiction attributes The first two in the Fall Revolution series had established MacLeod as a speculative political and social theorist intimately familiar with the microdetails and offshoot [...]

    16. A good read Interesting physics and engineering together with philosophical, social and political arguments with twists on anarchist and libertarian social organizations Don t be put off, can just be read as a straight but witty space opera but you can read slowly and think, if so inclined I varied depending on how tired I was for a particular chapter.Told in the first person by an interesting character with a smart space suit that can double as a self cleaning pink dress, ideal for the bridge [...]

    17. P si aavistuksen hitaasti vauhtiin mutta oli kyll lopulta erinomaisen viihdytt v kirja T ytyy kaivaa saman sarjan muita osia jostain luettavaksi.

    18. The Cassini DivisionBy Ken MacleodPublisher TorPublished In New York City, NY, USA Date 1998Pgs 240REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSSummary Humanity and Earth have seen a lot of history following the Common Era The Green Revolution sweeps across Earth Mankind is struck by a series of Plagues which rightly or wrongly get labelled the Green Death Humanity evolves into Post Humanity The Technoviruses sweep through the populace Post Humanity escapes Earth A Sino Soviet invasion sweeps the Greens from powe [...]

    19. To me, the best science fiction is science fiction that makes you think Not many authors can do that and it s not always what you re in the mood for all the time Sometimes, you just want an alien space opera shoot me up or a fantasy quest swordplay type of a read and other times you want to be challenged and you want to find yourself really thinking about what you re reading Never mind science fiction not many authors can do that successfully full stop Ayn Rand was good at idea but to be frank, [...]

    20. Dies ist die Fortsetzung von Das Sternenprogramm und Die Mars Stadt Man kann das Buch problemlos lesen, ohne die beiden Vorg nger zu kennen, es macht aber mehr Spa , wenn man die auch gelesen hat.Inzwischen haben sich die Menschen auf der Erde zusammengerauft und eine Solare Union gebildet Es gibt kein Geld mehr, es gibt alles entweder kostenlos oder gar nicht Die Grundidee ist sozialistisch, wobei der alte Genosse nun Nachbar hei t Die Ideologie nennt sich wahres Wissen und hat als Credo den un [...]

    21. Originally published on my blog here in February 2001.The follow up to The Stone Canal is very like one of Iain M Banks Culture novels, though it also contains many references to other science fiction writers It has a similar wry humour, and even goes to the extent of copying the wonderful ship names Banks uses.The basis of the plot is again the division of humanity into those stored on computer the Fast Folk and those who remain flesh and blood Most of those who have become Fast Folk have gone [...]

    22. I may have a slight inkling in a few cases what the author s opinion was on the many complicated issues at hand, but he didn t take the normal course of having the protagonist in line with his view and the antagonists obviously in the wrong Sometimes authors like to go out on a limb and switch it around, so the protagonist holds the obviously wrong opinion But in this book, all differing opinions had some level of legitimacy and it was not painfully obvious what the right one was supposed to be, [...]

    23. Now this is much better than the previous instalment of Ken Macleod s Fall Revolution series It has lots of large scale space opera elements such as a comet based assault and a Jupiter that has been physically reshaped by the fast folk It also has great lines such as If it isn t running programs and it isn t fusing atoms, it s just bending space The politics fits much seamlessly with the narrative, and, unlike the previous book, it has a central character who keeps your interest and sustains yo [...]

    24. If there was such a thing as sci fi beach reading, this would be it It s a fast paced adventure that doesn t happen to go very deep although I think that it might intend to Character development besides the main character is minimal The scientific explanations are glossed over with technobabble There s plenty of sex The ending is slam bam and neatly wrapped up There were lots of bits that were thrown into the book and then never developed if you can explain to me why this book was better off fo [...]

    25. An interesting future if a bit confusing at times It s hard to tell where the author s sentiments lie, as he s either an ardent old school socialist communist or he s completely against them depending on the chapter The best part of the story took place on the spaceship, the Terrible Beauty The idea of A.I or artificially created personalities, and whether or not they count as sentient beings is intriguing I would have preferred if he d concentrated of the story on the conflict between humans a [...]

    26. A pretty good and modern take on the space opera format Futures hang in the balance as various human factions try and to determine how to respond to a perceived threat from post humans Both the characters and the politics were engaging enough.For me, however, what I wish the story had been about was the post humans It would have been far harder to write since the author would have to create the nature of existence for the post humans and find the ways in which that resulted in the intersections [...]

    27. Finally finished I thought that this was better than the two books that preceded it, but still just not for me Something about the way that MacLeod has written these not sure if it s symptomatic of all his writing, or just this series , just does not allow me to connect with the characters This makes for a very tedious read for me I will say, it s definitely worth having read the first two books if you really want to understand this one, though There are a lot recurring characters that it s usef [...]

    28. 3 1 2 stars Many SF books that tackle humanity s not too distant future tend to assume a never ending capitalist liberal system, and Ken MacLeod s books have always challenged that assumption Deftly mixing social critique, action and humour I didn t remember the other books in this series being this funny , this is a solid read Bonus points for having a black female protagonist who is a complex and well rounded individual , and a supporting cast boasting a variety of ethnicities and political vi [...]

    29. Three stars to a classical scifi story that does have some intriguing ideas and novel thoughts But I had difficulty keeping awake with this story, and trouble following the storyline at times Yes, I think it is the authors responsibility to keep the story flowing and action fresh and exciting, but NO I did not feel this way with this novel.Sorry, three stars is the best i can do for Mr MacLeod.

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