Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: The Real Deal School #2020

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: The Real Deal School Mark Victor Hansen Jack Canfield Deborah Reber Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul The Real Deal School School It s frustrating it s boring it s embarrassing But it s also thought provoking challenging and full of possible friends And until you turn like it or not it s just about your whole life

  • Title: Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: The Real Deal School
  • Author: Mark Victor Hansen Jack Canfield Deborah Reber
  • ISBN: 9780757302558
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: The Real Deal School Mark Victor Hansen Jack Canfield Deborah Reber School It s frustrating, it s boring, it s embarrassing But it s also thought provoking, challenging and full of possible friends And until you turn 18, like it or not, it s just about your whole life.So wha s the deal Chicken Soup for the Soul knows that school is than classes and tests It s also a social scene, filled with cliques, clubs and life changing decisiSchool It s frustrating, it s boring, it s embarrassing But it s also thought provoking, challenging and full of possible friends And until you turn 18, like it or not, it s just about your whole life.So wha s the deal Chicken Soup for the Soul knows that school is than classes and tests It s also a social scene, filled with cliques, clubs and life changing decisions or so it seems this week It s where you meet your best friendsd run into your worst enemies And it s an opportunity to figure out what you want to do whether it s kick a soccer ball, play the trombone or act in a play.Sometimes it s overwhelming and confusing, but don t worry, it s like that for everyone That s what the stories in this book are all about They re from real teens, and they re about the bizarre, embarrassing and sometimes triumphant things that really happened to them And they re here to give you some perspective on everything that goes down at your schoold outside of it, too.Put that together with weird facts, cool graphics, fun advice and quizzes designed to help you figure out who you are and what you re up to, and you ve got the real deal on school full of all the laughter, tears and daily drama that life is all about New cool format More great stories
    Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: The Real Deal School Mark Victor Hansen Jack Canfield Deborah Reber

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      499 Mark Victor Hansen Jack Canfield Deborah Reber
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    1. This book focused on the challenges of school for teens such as stereotyping, romance, stress, mourning, cliques, sports, etc For each section there would be stories and poems included on the topic and how that person interprets it or dealt with a certain situation related to it There were also stories from the author on her take and experiences There were many quizzes on the subjects and fun facts, too I felt like I got a better insight and was able to relate to the tales being that the storie [...]

    2. This book contains a mix of different life stories taken place in school The authors of this book are teens telling their stories on everyday life and tough stuff I have to say my favorite was Dangerous Depression which is the story that 18 year old Rosie Ojeda lived through Rosie tells us how it was just another regular day when all of a sudden the school announced a lock down It was until later that everyone found out they just to rooms away a boy had opened fire in his classroom He was one of [...]

    3. Okay, so this book was kind of like all of the other Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul books that I have read for the previous years.The only difference is that this one book, talked about how to deal with school Middle School, and High School It talked about how to be accepted by people, who you don t really know that well, but make fun of you How do deal with the different kinds of cliques in the school How do deal with friends ditching each other because they are best friends with the most po [...]

    4. IF you like easy read that will defiantly touch the heart you should read all the chicken soup books These books offer advice and a way to connect with other teenagers without using Facebook instagram These book do it the old fashioned way, as we new schoolers like to say it, to hear other teens stories and learn what to do in predicaments we may have that may be just like theirs This book has helped me get through situations I have with my peers and parents thought the book I can say that I hav [...]

    5. this book was great there were mini quizzes on the side once in a while and they were really fun to take the stories that i read really made me think about my life some of them, i was able to connect to some of the things that they talk about has happened to me before it s a bit nice to see how other people are dealing with their teenage lives.

    6. School, this book has everything to do with it They are tons of stories, about crushes, self esteem, social things, and friends, pretty much everything in school Many of these stories are related to people Infact some stories I can relate to myself It s a great book.

    7. Almost everything we ll ever do in life that is really powerful, that really produces a result in our lives, that quantum leaps us to a new level requires us to do something uncomfortable It takes risks to achieve It s often scary It requires something you didn t know before or a skill you didn t have before But in the end, it s worth it As former Congressman Ed Forman says, Winners are those people who make a habit of doing things losers are uncomfortable doing Make today your day to start tha [...]

    8. This was a great book It share a whole variety of stories about friendships and the way it changed peoples lives.

    9. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul The Real Deal SchoolPublished by Inc 557 Broadway, New york, NY 10012Jack Canfield 6.95 Pages 260ISBN 0439864631Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul The Real Deal School, is a novel that many teenagers contribute to They would write about their life and society The novel theme is anything that has to deal with school There are many other novels such as Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love Friendship and much .In Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul The Real Deal [...]

    10. The chicken soup for teenage soul has always been a favorite book to me The format of this book was what made it such a great book On the same page of the book, there would be tiny quote boxes with tiny facts and For real The format is really nice because not only am i reading the book, i am also learning about the world and past events one of the quote that stood out to me, About 1 in every 800 babies will suffer from Down s syndrome Canfield 84 This statistic stood out to me along with other q [...]

    11. This was not ever a book, it was a survival guide to everything bad about school And the title tells all about it this book does help you with the real deal about school s issues like cruches,homework and even stress This book uses real life stories from kids are age which helps you relate and to learn from there mistakes One of the stories called Prison which is about how alike prison and school are alike He even says that prisoners have a better time then some teenager I liked this story becau [...]

    12. This book has so many topics of what people had to deal with Whether its growing up, romances,stereotypes, etc.My favorite story has to be Write for Life A girl named Tracy was always misunderstood, but writing helps other understand her She was preparing herself for a journalism class, since she was a writer She didn t get excepted into the class, and her counselor only made it worse She was furious, and ripped every journal she has ever written in She now regrets as soon as she moves schools a [...]

    13. I thought this book was well set out and I didn t get bored at all Seeing as the stories are all written by teens it is really easy to relate to The quizzes in the book, makes you really think and realize some of the stuff you might be doing wrong and it is filled with magnificent pieces of writing, which helped me realize many things about school such as not giving in to peer pressure and forgetting about trying to be one of the popular kids I didn t realize that some people actually thought ab [...]

    14. This book is really good and it helps most teens with many problems The book talks about problems you might struggle with in middle school and high school For example this book talks about being Social or clubs or qliques you might face It also talks about every day life and explains what mist teens experience.The book also talks about life outside side of class It talks about what depression is and how u can deal with it There is alot of good advice that this book gives for teens I would mainly [...]

    15. i really love this book It just keeps on making me reading and reading Not only that this book is just not as fake as the other books that i have read I could just relat to this book because it just makes me wonder what if i was in that positions what would i have done The love story just makes me laugh at a certain point But then at another point it makes me cry I dont know what got me into this book but i just love the way the people write in here I dont know what but its like they are trying [...]

    16. If you think that you are going to go to school not knowing anything and still strive to go Well that s courageous but you don t have to go through all of that when you can easily have a guide to help you with anything you can think of Right when i thought i was the only one who experienced personal things, i read this book and i couldn t believe my eyes it wasn t a one person world any I felt so glad that there was at least one other person who is going through what I m going through This is li [...]

    17. This was a real nice book to read, something that felt like it had alot purpose It was almost addictive to read, each story, cause it was like your able to connect with alot of the problems that other teens faced, like even if the situations are different we all go through the same emotions and for this it was like wow, thats true, or oo i know what he means Reading it is very much an insight of any high school in America, because everyone goes through some sort of problem one time or another, [...]

    18. Dear Person who is reading,I am struggling with my family I am the youngest of my entire 18 kids family Yes, what a big family right Well, lately my family has been putting a lot of pressure on me to stay in school But school isn t the only thing on my mind I know that school comes first, but my life comes before anything It feels like my family is living my life the way THEY want to live their own life, instead of me living my own life.

    19. Chicken soup for the Teenage soul the real deal school, is like a refrence to any teenager the way the book is written it s like you can go to different sections on the book and read it and not be confused There would real life stories about school and everything in the different chapters Reading it was like reading a Highschool refrence but so much better.

    20. Hard for me to be optimistic that it will see many YA eyes, for numerous reasons the weight of the paperback, the cover, the content While it s a good idea to tackle the topic of school, this one appears to be laser focused on parents and those parents to be Chock full of tests and history b o r i n g to the average teen If you attend your high school reunions, you ll love this book.

    21. This book was very informative Iy made me think of all the things that could happen to me in my high school years but also made me remember all the things that already happen It was interesting and also gave good advice I really enjoyed reading this book because I could relate to it This book is a fun read and you wont even think about puttin it down until you finish.

    22. I learned so much about others and myself I also learned many valuable life lessons.On thing that made this book so interesting was that it had random bubbles of book recommendations and fun facts Also, there were short quizzes to take throughout the novel I loved this book times a million

    23. This book was amazing It help alot for teens and preteens that are dealing with alot of difficult things It shows the problems teens face everysingle day in school all around the world This book is great and it helps you deal with real life things that actually happen in real life Like cliques,frienship,crushes,family death,bullying,and much This was a great book

    24. This book focuses on the main challenges of the teenage life at school It focuses on grades, studying, peer pressure, bullying and other aspects that happen or relate to school There are a lot of stories on bullying, drugs, and alcohol and how to deal with the peer pressure at school This book is relatable to every teenagers life.

    25. There were so many things I liked about this book, I read it in one morning and didn t get bored, on every page there is a fact or a questionarre that makes you think and realise about some of the things you do It is filled with real things and made me realise I m not that different after all

    26. The stories, though real , lacked in encompassing reality It was though the book was a series of confession made by charcters from a 90 s teen movie or Mean Girls And the idea of school being your whole life is a tadd.

    27. I love this series What makes this book different from the rest of the chicken soup for the teenage soul, is it focuses on school problems Which is realatable to me, which makes me want to keep on reading It s one of those books where you just can t put down.

    28. I dunno why but i just like these booksey have stories and poems and such from other teens that are going through the same things as a lot of us so there is a lot of good stuff in here that can help you when you need it.

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