Night Watch #2020

Night Watch Suzanne Brockmann Night Watch HOLLYWOOD NIGHTSLEADING TO HOLLYWOOD DAZEWhen U S Navy SEAL Chief Wes Skelly was sent to L A on assignment he agreed to go on a blind date with beautiful single mother Brittany Evans sister in law o

  • Title: Night Watch
  • Author: Suzanne Brockmann
  • ISBN: 9780373273133
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Night Watch Suzanne Brockmann HOLLYWOOD NIGHTSLEADING TO HOLLYWOOD DAZEWhen U.S Navy SEAL Chief Wes Skelly was sent to L.A on assignment, he agreed to go on a blind date with beautiful single mother Brittany Evans, sister in law of a fellow SEAL After all, he had been secretly in love for years, albeit with a woman who belonged to another man So what did he have to lose Plenty, it turned out BeHOLLYWOOD NIGHTSLEADING TO HOLLYWOOD DAZEWhen U.S Navy SEAL Chief Wes Skelly was sent to L.A on assignment, he agreed to go on a blind date with beautiful single mother Brittany Evans, sister in law of a fellow SEAL After all, he had been secretly in love for years, albeit with a woman who belonged to another man So what did he have to lose Plenty, it turned out Because suddenly, the woman he thought he could never have was available However, so was Brittany and not only that, she was in danger Because of him He knew he could keep her safe But why was he increasingly certain that he was the one in danger
    Night Watch Suzanne Brockmann

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      Suzanne Brockmann

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    1. Opening Line Brittany Evan s hated to be late, but parking had been a pain in the butt With Wes s story we come to the end of the Tall Dark and Dangerous series and I have to say I was than a little sad I ve had such a good time with this series and all its hunky SEAL s and can t say enough good things about it.I m always guaranteed a good time here, with clever writing, action packed storylines, to die for heroes and strong women that bring them to their knees Brockmann s dialogue is always go [...]

    2. This is one of my favorites of the Tall, Dark Dangerous series I loved Wes Skelly through the whole series He is not tall dark and handsome but average looking while still being tough But mostly I like him because he is not perfect He has a smoking problem and a drinking problem and loves an unavailable woman But he is a good man He meets a new woman and falls in love with her and lets himself be happy after years of relationship pain The way he cares for the heroine is very touching The bad gu [...]

    3. After finishing Taylor s Temptation aka Bobby s story, I had to find out how Wes got his girl It was always Wes and Bobby but since Bobby is taken, Wes sort of felt like he was on his own and we couldn t have that Brockmann still kicks butt here with the suspense and romance as Wes is called to LA to check up on the movie start sister of object of his affection Lana his buddy Matt Wizard Quinn s wife Although this time around, I liked the character drama rather than the suspense Wes is an unlike [...]

    4. I enjoyed this 11 in the Tall Dark and Dangerous series Though not up to par with her Trouble Shooters Books, I enjoyed this well written and intelligent book Brittany is a single mother of an adopted son that is in school working to get her Nurse Practicioner s Licence She is set up on a blind date with a friend of her brother in law She isn t expecting much because she had been burned before Her ex was a liar and cheater and she isn t thinking that there is another man for her But she is willi [...]

    5. Lana the Bitch That was how Britt had started thinking of her Lana the Bitch had a husband who was nicknamed Wizard Wizard the Loser Lana the Bitch knew Wizard the Loser was unfaithful, but instead of dumping the chump, she instead boosted her self esteem by telling another man Wes to jump through hoops for her.

    6. The last book in the earlier Suzanne Brockmann Alpha Team Ten series a simpler, sweet story to finish off 3.5 stars

    7. Pleasant contemporary romance with some suspense I enjoyed the interesting charactersORY BRIEF Brittany is divorced and a nurse Six years ago she adopted thirteen year old Andy who is now attending college on a baseball scholarship They have a great, close relationship Brittany s sister set her up on a blind date with Wes a Navy SEAL Circumstances keep Wes and Brittany together for several days and they develop a really nice close friendship relationship Wes has been secretly in love with Lana f [...]

    8. this one is a keeper.I have read several of the Suzanne Brockmann series, and this may be one of her best that I ve read so far Wes is a nicely tortured hero within normal bounds.Like Goldilocks porridge, he s not too tortured, not too Alpha He s just right He s struggling with something from his past that the heroine, Brittany, helps him work through Brittany is a very realistic heroine, maybe in touch with her feelings a little than is realistic, but she s a girl you want in your corner in an [...]

    9. I did not like Wes until this book In fact, I didn t know that this book was about Wes and that was the only reason I started it In other books Wes is the character you just want to hit on the back of the head He smokes, he swears, he s not tall and he seems like he has a short man complex He was all that in this book but way adorable In fact, by the end of the book, I was rooting for Wes And this is why I love Suzanne Brockmann, her men are real or as real as they can get on paper It made sens [...]

    10. A sappy, happy love story The stalker part of the story didn t quite work for me but I liked the book as a whole I may need to see if the library has the other books in this series.

    11. More like 3.5 starsWes Skelly is a Navy SEAL on leave in LA He is there for two reasons 1 He has gone to LA at the request of a good friend, Lana Quinn Her sister is a big time actress who has a stalker Lana has asked Wes to go and help her sister set up security for her home and 2 Wes himself is set up on a blind date with Brittany Evans, the sister in law of one of his SEAL buddies.When Britt and Wes meet they hit it off as great friends Brittany is pretty sure they are aren t suited and is pr [...]

    12. I had reservations when starting this book Wes did come across as a major looser in the 2 previous books He seemed unhinged enough in TDD9 Get Lucky to be suspected of being a serial rapist by the heroine He behaved like an angry teen in TDD10 Taylor s temptation, when his younger sister started to have a relationship with his buddy Plus I feared a long and boring moral lesson on alcoholism and smoking, two of Wes demons.The heroine, Britt, seemed ok in TDD4, Everyday Average Jones, but I feared [...]

    13. This is like a 3 3 4 stars Suzanne Brockmann s last Tall Dark and Dangerous title is one of my favorite Her leading man is not the typical, classic hero but the reader along with her leading lady can t help but fall for Wes Skelly Smaller than most Navy Seal, Skelly wears his insecurities on his sleeve, like his heart Brockmann succeeds in making her believe in the loyal but misguided love Wes has for the wife of one of his Seal buddy This unrequired love has gone on for years Set up for a blin [...]

    14. 4 1 2, but I ll round up I really, really liked Wes and Brittany s story For much of the series, Wes wasn t much of a character, just the shorter, mouthier half of Bobby and Wes He really comes to life in this last book, though I loved that he had so many realistic flaws, yet made a real effort to improve himself At times he was practically kicking and screaming, sure, but the effort was there It was also really nice to see Brittany Melody s sister from Everyday Average Jones she s definitely th [...]

    15. ok it s official, I m in love with Suzanne Brockmann and I want to marry her, even if I m already married, I m pretty sure my husband won t have any objections about such a talented woman I began this book with little enthusiasm being Wes one of my less fav char Well, I think I fell in love with him some pages before the heroine What a man What a wonderful, complicated, scared, coward and at same time courageous man This book is a keeper for sure So, this was the last one of TDD series I don t f [...]

    16. Out of all of the TDD series, I liked this one the most, simply for the fact that it had of a TS feel Suzanne s humor leaked through in this, and Wes, and all of his flaws, made it seem so much real I really, really hope this isn t an indication of what s to come for the TS series though She says she s taking a break She says she ll be back God I hope so Lopez needs his story told

    17. I like most of Brockmann s Navy Seal books The woman to the emotional rescue made the book not my favorite from this author but I still recommend it for a good read Night watch had a bit too much psychological counseling by the too perfect heroine and the hero was a little clueless about why he did things However, I still did like the characters Additionally, it s nice to think that the military is like a caring family portrayed by the author but this reality is fiction in my experience.

    18. Seal team tenA woman not searching to find a man to build her life around stumbles into a man who is sure he is in love with another man s wife A chance encounter will bring these two together and surprise them both.

    19. 4 1 2 Really fun story likable characters a good amount of suspense, action, romance a great HEA Hope there is a next book

    20. Just as good when reading againRead this book years ago when first published and loved it then Read again as ebook and remembered that rush

    21. By Suzanne Brockmann Grade CAs a rule, I like of her recent action filled romances than her previous sappy romances I started Night Watch because I wanted to read something light and good, and in that regard, I was not disappointed In every other regard, I was very disappointed.When U.S Navy SEAL Chief Wes Skelly was sent to L.A on assignment, he agreed to go on a blind date with beautiful single mother Brittany Evans, sister in law of a fellow SEAL After all, he had been secretly in love for y [...]

    22. Mit diesem Band endet die wundervolle Reihe der Operation Heartbreaker und l sst mich pers nlich wirklich wehm tig und mit mindestens einem tr nenden Auge zur ck Umso gl cklicher bin ich, dass auch dieser letzte Band wieder einmal all meine Erwartungen erf llt und eine absolut individuelle, romantische, problematische, verstrickte Geschichte bietet Was h tte ich mehr erwarten k nnen In Ihren Augen steht dasselbe wie in meinen Himmlischer Vater, bewahre mich davor, Freunden und Verwandten jemals [...]

    23. Review of Kindle Edition, reissue of 2003 short contemporary romanceThis book was originally released as No 11 of the Tall, Dark Dangerous Series published in 2003 by the Silhouette Intimate Moments, short, contemporary romance line from Harlequin It has been re released several times, most recently in Kindle format I was a big fan of this series a decade ago, and it is a pleasure to re read these books now on my Kindle Fire This book is well edited and formatted.Brittany Evans is a nurse in her [...]

    24. Wesley Skelly ist schon seit langem in Lana Quinn verliebt, die mit einem seiner Kollegen verheiratet ist Logisch daher, dass er ihr den Wunsch nicht abschlagen kann als sie ihn bittet, ihrer Schwester Amber zu helfen Die ist Schauspielerin in L.A und hat Probleme mit einem Stalker Doch auch eine andere Sache bringt ihn in die Stadt der Engel Sein Kumpel Cowboy und dessen Frau Melody haben ihn zu einem Blind Date mit Mels Schwester Brittany berredet.Brittany Evans hasst nichts so sehr wie wohlme [...]

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