Summer World: A Season of Bounty #2020

Summer World: A Season of Bounty Bernd Heinrich Summer World A Season of Bounty Bernd Heinrich is one of our greatest living naturalists in the tradition of Gerald Durrell A national treasure Los Angeles Times Summer World is an intimate accessible and eloquent illumination of

  • Title: Summer World: A Season of Bounty
  • Author: Bernd Heinrich
  • ISBN: 9780060742171
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Summer World: A Season of Bounty Bernd Heinrich Bernd Heinrich is one of our greatest living naturalists in the tradition of Gerald Durrell.A national treasure Los Angeles Times Summer World is an intimate, accessible, and eloquent illumination of animal survival in the Summer months from Bernd Heinrich, bestselling author of Winter World and our latter day Thoreau Publishers Weekly Pulitzer Prize winner Edmond Bernd Heinrich is one of our greatest living naturalists in the tradition of Gerald Durrell.A national treasure Los Angeles Times Summer World is an intimate, accessible, and eloquent illumination of animal survival in the Summer months from Bernd Heinrich, bestselling author of Winter World and our latter day Thoreau Publishers Weekly Pulitzer Prize winner Edmond O Wilson On Human Nature calls Heinrich s fascinating exploration and appreciation of the natural order a, lovely book, meticulously etched and based on impassioned but exacting scientific research, while the New York Times Book Review raves, Animals come to life in gripping detaild so does Heinrich The man is irrepressible.
    Summer World: A Season of Bounty Bernd Heinrich

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      Bernd Heinrich

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    1. I enjoyed this book a great deal for the gentle rhythm of observing nature through the summer months and the insights which at some points were hilarious.Take wood frogs The problem was to work out why the lads all make such a hell of a racket and then when not as many girls turn up they jump on the ones that do Why didn t just one call and see if he could attract a single mate The answer is that one frog could make a sound that would carry say a mile around him but female frogs are not common a [...]

    2. Quite the satisfying read to take on in the dormancy of winter It wasn t quite as pleasurable as reading the author s Winter World in the summer That s because the latter was so cohesive around the mission of survival while this one is full of essays and adventures that are so diverse in topic In these Maine woods, fields, and bogs I am so familiar with, living creatures are very busy with reproduction, feeding, keeping from being eaten, and preparing for winter Heinrich, in his retirement from [...]

    3. When the rat race overwhelms I go for a Heinrich hit, take a visit to his cabin for some downtime A professor of biology it s not light fare but he s got such an approachable style Aside from walking around aimlessly and gawking, I have spent the last three mornings comfortably perched on a solid branch of a pine tree growing at the edge of our bog At dawn, an hour before the sun s glare bleeds the colors it s a study in pastels I too am an aimless gawker how I get anything accomplished when gar [...]

    4. Long ago, when I was shorter and much innocent, my dad s aunt Elsie used to take me gently by the hand and lead me around her garden She would point out all manner of bugs and plants, carefully explaining the names of each, and impressing me, not only with her knowledge, but her respect and reverence for nature.The author of this book is obviously a kindred spirit to Miss Elsie He patiently examines the birds and the bees, the mud daubers and the trees Caterpillars and moths, beetles and bald f [...]

    5. Bernd Heinrich is among my favorite writers In this book he looks at the animals and plants around us and speculates and does simple experiments about how they live in a temperate world as the seasons change to the bounteous months of summer He also includes observations about frogs and birds and Elderberry bushes in his yard, and their strange characteristics that make them perfect survivors both in the season and in the micro environment that is their home.I love this book and recommend it to [...]

    6. Audiobook version I listened to this book to help me go to sleep, or go back to sleep when I woke up in the night, but that s not an insult The book is amazingly interesting, with the author detailing facts and observations about nature in the summertime It was soothing to listen to, and it made me realize how disconnected I am from the earth when I sit in an office all day and my house all night So much to observe that I don t see Gives me a greater appreciation for the natural world Very enjoy [...]

    7. This is a great informal tome on natural history emphasis on New England wildlife, but mentions interesting trivia tidbits from around the world I bet that even an experienced naturalist would learn something from it, and a novice would learn tons It s a companion to his better known book Winter World but can easily stand alone.

    8. Professor Bernd Heinrich presents a observation of summer in New England from a biologist s point of view in this companion volume to Winter World The Ingenuity of Animal Survival Things I learned from the 50 pages I read and the additional 50 I skimmed include Small birds migrate at night, following the stars Next year s buds are made the previous season Wood frog mating is entirely random Only 1 in 100 larve of the northern forest caterpillar turn into mothsParts of the introduction read like [...]

    9. The one and perhaps only true religion that I can in good conscience honor is one that encompasses the Earth we walk on and that promotes our well being and our physical connection to it So says Bernd Heinrich in Summer World This quote accurately sums up the author s philosophy, and anyone who has a passion for nature will enjoy reading this book Heinrich s narrative is a series of observations he has made of the summertime world around him He seems to take great pleasure in the ordinary progre [...]

    10. Heinrich is one of my favorite nature writers, and I have read quite a few of his books A great book to enjoy in the summer when birds are nesting, dragonflies are eating mosquitoes, caterpillars are eating leaves, He s so observant and a scientist Did I say a skilled and interesting writer too I live on 200 acres in the Columbia River Basin in Oregon, and Heinrich s observations and experiments make me notice new things about the creatures living on our property Perhaps one of the reasons Heinr [...]

    11. There were a few chapters toward the beginning that seemed a little slow, but on the whole, a fun book I read this aloud to my son, one or two chapters a day over several weeks, as part of our ongoing natural history and science literacy readings I enjoyed the lovely glimpse into the mind of a scientist endearing and funny and relentlessly curious There are a few phrases and words proximal, and its variations, for instance, which he uses two or three times in nearly every chapter that have alrea [...]

    12. I need Bernd Heinrich in my backyard My quarter acre lot in the middle of Midwestern suburbia features a few oak trees, a maple tree and several large perennial gardens All summer long other than pulling a handful of weeds, squishing a few slugs and drowning scores of Japanese beetles I pretty much let Mother Nature have her way with the place As a result, the yard is often teeming with various critters While there s typically a hoard of the usual suspects, like rabbits, crows and mosquitoes the [...]

    13. Its too bad that I read Winter World before reading Summer World, because I might have been receptive Summer World is no Winter World Winter World was written because the author was fascinated by the survival techniques of animals utilized to get through a New England winter Summer World was written because his publisher thot it would make an interesting companion piece Hmmm.Part of the charm of Winter World was Heinrich s quirky study methods, such as his interminable whacking of trees with a [...]

    14. A fantastic follow up to Winter World The Ingenuity of Animal Survival, Heinrich takes the reader inside the bustling summer world at his homes in Vermont and Maine By necessity, the emphasis is on how plants and creatures survive the extremes of life in or passing through the Northeast, but if you re not from there don t let that stop you Heinrich infuses his entire book with a wonder, awe, and curiousity of nature that is a direct homage to Thoreau.The book, like Winter World, is delicately il [...]

    15. If you liked this book, you might also enjoy Dawn Light Dancing with Cranes and Other Ways to Start the Day A Year in the Woods The Diary of a Forest Ranger The Dog Who Wouldn t Be

    16. I was given this by a visiting friend who heard him speak What a delight that must have been had he spoken at all as he writes The reading of this book was so thoughtful and calmly meditative and while I generally am not fascinated by ants or caterpillars, the reading of his thoughts and theories about them was enthralling His descriptions of bird and animal life were vivid and delicate and I loved the pace of his thoughts I remember reading reviews for Mind of a Raven and hope to read that at s [...]

    17. As with Winter World, this book is light on the science and heavy on the author s personal insights and detailed observations This, however, does not make it any less enjoyable as he does an amazing job transporting you to the fields, ponds, and forests of a lush New England summer Several species are showcased here but the focus always falls back to the system as a whole and the intricate relationships that comprise it His vibrant descriptions combined with an unquenchable sense of wonder can b [...]

    18. I learned a lot from this book about the adaptive abilities of trees, ants, caterpillars and spiders over time Who knew all this was going on Learning about the Welwitschia plant which lives in the desert, stays hydrated and has two lifelong leaves that may grow for than 1,000 years was just one of the gifts from reading Heinrich s book.I am inspired to become attentive to the bugs, birds and plants when walking in the woods or meadow or just relaxing in my yard and to think about the lives th [...]

    19. The scientific explanations are not prosaic and I found many of them enriching as a fellow naturalist But I found it unnerving when the author casually mentions, on than one occasion, birds crashing into the windows of his home and dying There was no mention of effort to prevent future window strikes in spite of many known techniques and products available for doing so The author lost an opportunity to fulfill his responsibility as a steward by failing to address this problem and solutions Many [...]

    20. The author is a university professor who spends his summers at his cabin in Vermont doing research on the surrounding plant and animal life Each chapter is about a different species of plant or animal and changes that occur during the summer months I learned a lot about the strategies different species use during the summer to survive and reproduce Each chapter included its own little science lesson on biology and the incredible ways plants and animals do the things they do to flourish during th [...]

    21. Interesting, and inspiring Forgive my anthrocentrism, but I enjoyed the chapters about people the most.

    22. Would recommend to anyone who delights in nature Looking forward to reading about the other seasons through Heinrich s eyes.

    23. Lots of observations of New England and the occasional African bugs, frogs, birds, and plants that at times don t seem to add up to much but do maintain the reader s interest The author s perspective is that all this peculiar behavior is a marvel that must make sense to me, though, it often seemed somewhat creepy and rather arbitrary It s a world of, as Heinrich unflinchingly and even admiringly puts it, predators, parasites, hyper parasites and hyper hyper parasites, cannibalism, and disease or [...]

    24. The thing about Bernd Heinrich is that he really gets me thinking He takes you into another world the world that is around us but that we typically take little interest or notice in His writing is sometimes jumpy and he sometimes rushes into the next topic but he gives you a sense of bewilderment with each explanation I also appreciate how he plants little seeds in my mind usually at the end of the chapter for future thinking It s the subtle connections that make me want to read Heinrich His wri [...]

    25. Heinrich s Summer World takes on the immense task of describing the goings on of nature in the Summer months how trees and insects are cued to emerge from their winter reclusiveness, how the flora and fauna adapt and counteradapt to one another in the cycle of summer predation, and the behaviors of plants and animals that are peculiar to this time of year.Heinrich shows a very charming curiosity about the doings of even the smallest living things, and describes a number of small scale experiment [...]

    26. Unlike his previous book, Winter World, which was organized rather systematically around the question, how do animals survive extreme cold Summer World is a scattered collection of interesting information that Bernd Heinrich has come across in his years of observing and exploring nature during the summer months Ever wonder what wasps are up to when you see those mud cylinders on the side of a house You ll find out, along with lots of other stuff, in this book they aren t making a place to sleep [...]

    27. I read Heinrich s A YEAR IN THE MAINE WOODS several years ago and enjoyed it, so when I saw this book in a discount catalog I immediately ordered it It is a sequel to WINTER WORLD, which I have not read, but is quite interesting on its own Heinrich basically goes through the Maine and Vermont summer, which for nature starts before our marking, and describes in detail the month by month behavior of birds, flies, frogs, various plants, among other things He is a close observer and, though a biolog [...]

    28. A fun celebration of the sunny side of the year I find that reading it has sharpened my eyes and ears when I go wandering about outdoors Heinrich is a wonderful guide when it comes to pointing out things that one might not have noticed before His interest in insects shines through in the book, as that particular class of animals is placed front and center There are some wonderful chapters focusing on birds though, and the bit about the wood frogs was fantastic There were times, in the reading of [...]

    29. Noted naturalist Bernd Heinrich s obvious sequel to Winter World Summer World gives new insight to age old rhythms of the seasons and of life in the Northern Hemisphere From his haunts in western Maine, Heinrich details the processes of the trees of budding actually begins in late summer, and is dictated by both the length of day and local weather condidtions and that neotropical birds have achieved the ability to exist in a perpetual summer as they transit between hemispheres This book will giv [...]

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