A Feiticeira de Florença #2020

A Feiticeira de Florença Salman Rushdie A Feiticeira de Floren a A Feiticeira de Floren a a hist ria de uma mulher que procura ser senhora do seu pr prio destino num mundo de homens Irmana duas cidades que quase n o se conhecem a hedonista capital mogol onde o int

  • Title: A Feiticeira de Florença
  • Author: Salman Rushdie
  • ISBN: 9789722036924
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Feiticeira de Florença Salman Rushdie A Feiticeira de Floren a a hist ria de uma mulher que procura ser senhora do seu pr prio destino num mundo de homens Irmana duas cidades que quase n o se conhecem a hedonista capital mogol, onde o inteligente imperador se debate diariamente com quest es de cren as, desejos e a trai o dos filhos, e o mundo florentino, igualmente sensual, de poderosos cortes os, filosofA Feiticeira de Floren a a hist ria de uma mulher que procura ser senhora do seu pr prio destino num mundo de homens Irmana duas cidades que quase n o se conhecem a hedonista capital mogol, onde o inteligente imperador se debate diariamente com quest es de cren as, desejos e a trai o dos filhos, e o mundo florentino, igualmente sensual, de poderosos cortes os, filosofia humanista e desumana tortura.Estes dois mundos, t o distantes, acabam por se revelar estranhamente semelhantes, e ambos s o dominados pelos encantamentos das mulheres.Cr ticas de imprensa A Feiticeira de Floren a um festim ex tico, supra abundante, coberto de ouro e pedrarias, t o vertiginoso como c mico, t o inventivo, irreal e ir nico como os contos da Mil e Uma Noites Rushdie leva nos aos sonhos e vis es de muitos s culos, desde a magnific ncia das cidades italianas do Renascimento e dos feitos dos M dicis e dos Sforzas s naus das ndias e ao naufr gio de Cam es, do Al Andaluz P rsia, numa infind vel viagem de mem rias ex ticas e surreais Helena Vasconcelos, P blico
    A Feiticeira de Florença Salman Rushdie

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      Salman Rushdie

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    1. On occasion a novel receives harsh treatment from critics not based on the actual work, but rather because it is not what the critics want it to be this then is the only explanation I can find to explain the harsh, often shrill, reviews received by Rushdie s equisite The Enchantress of Florence Having read several of these negative assessments I find the same sub text runs through them all, namely the complaint that Enchantress is neither Rushdie s masterwork Midnight s Children nor that lesser [...]

    2. I m a little over halfway through this and so far almost every single female character is a prostitute or a slave Three women have committed suicide because of a man Also there s a female character who is literally a figment of a male character s imagination and she s dynamic than any of the few real women in this fucking book.Ugh Most likely will not finish.

    3. Welcome to realm where Story reigns, courtesy of the master of ceremony Salman Rushdie.In a somptuous palace of red stone dwells the absolute ruler of the world, the great Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great warrior, philosopher, despot and lover A setting worthy of the Arabian Nights, and according to those tenets here comes a traveler con artist magician calling himself the Mughal of Love, He will have to redeem his life like Scheherezade through stories improbable stories, fantastic stories, epic [...]

    4. I m surprised with the hatred I feel towards this book I mean, it s Salman frickin Rushdie, right Isn t he some kind of literary god I m going to have to read his other books to see, because this one was trash I ve read sexist books before There are plenty of them out there, but usually I can glide over the sexist bits because overall the plot characters writing are good enough that I choose to ignore the fact that the women are horribly written looking at you, Robert Jordan But in this book I c [...]

    5. While every review seems a need to state the basic plot of the yellow haired stranger appearing in Akbar s court I will quickly skip over this and go straight to what I thought I felt that the book was very uneven, there where parts that were just wonderful and deserving a full five stars, in particular the story of the illuminator who disappeared into his own artwork and the concept of Jhoda, and others that were so very boring that the average became a two The main problem I had was that it wa [...]

    6. As a neophyte of Salman Rushdie s work, I was not fully prepared for The Enchantress of Florence, although I should have been Rushdie possesses an uncanny ability to manipulate perspective In his stories, the flow of time is always questionable, and subject to change if it flows at all And his characters are larger than life, capricious archetypes that embody the virtues and flaws of humanity.In this novel, Rushdie runs two stories parallel to each other that of Emperor Akbar s court, the empero [...]

    7. When this book was chosen for my real life bookclub, I was a little nervous about it I d never read anything of Salman Rushdie s before, and I wouldn t have chosen this one to start with if ever I ll be honest, the premise looks kind of boring But then I started reading it And I was completely surprised by not only how much I liked it, but by how funny it was Irreverent, and witty, and whimsical and a little weird, with than a dash of gutter humor funny that had me giggling like a fiend At the [...]

    8. Filled with lush emptiness There is love at first sight in the Enchantress than all other stories put together Entire cities fall in love at first sight And the level of subtlety rarely rises above this After a promising first 80 pages or so, it begins to resemble a cartoon in a bad way Even the blasphemies in this book which seemed to be produced by Rushdie perfunctorily, like a band that always makes sure to play its most popular song are wooden and innocuous It s too bad this book comes afte [...]

    9. Floransa B y c s renkli, bol hik yeli ve masals bir roman Biri bana bir roman b yle tarif etse ok heyecanlan r m, ama okuyunca s rekli karars z kal yorum bu iyi bir roman m diye Bu roman anlayabilmek ve de erlendirebilmek i in ona benzeyen di er romanlar g z n nde bulundurmak gerekti ini d n yorum ilk akl ma gelenleri Y zy ll k Yaln zl k, Puslu K talar Atlas , Benim Ad m K rm z Bu tarz romanlar n bir ad var m bilmiyorum ama c mb roman diye tan mlamak istiyorum.Bu romanlar n ortak zelli i, bizim [...]

    10. Reading this is like eating a bowl of creamy ice cream Luscious words that seem to slide down and enervate but tastefully lingers to remind you it s not as light as you first thought Reading Rushdie is like a spark of recognition with a fellow traveler and I tip my hat in greeting, to say hello it was lovely walking with you for awhile, thank you for reminding me what it is to connect with someone, hope to bump into you again further down the road, and may you have a good journey.

    11. To me, the enchantress seems like one of the most charming female characters ever Magical, a bit scary, unforgettable Her story is totally worth reading.

    12. I have yet to be disappointed by any of Salman Rushdie s novels, and The Enchantress of Florence proved to be no exception Rushdie s language is wonderful, his metaphors sensual and evocative the novel s opening sentence is, In the day s last light the glowing lake below the palace city looked like a sea of molten gold , his vocabulary delightful he move d toward his goal indirectly, with many detours and divagations , his images rollicking with creativity The visionary, revelatory dream poetry [...]

    13. The curse of the human race is not that we are so different from one another, but that we are so alike.I have an ambivalent relationship with Salman Rushdie admire his writing am impatient with his books appreciate his artistry sense I wouldn t like him in person and The Enchantress of Florence was unsurprising in both its engaging craftsmanship and its eyeroll inducing pretentiousness Between Midnight s Children and The Satanic Verses, Rushdie has probably already said everything important that [...]

    14. My first read for Rushdiewell , I was confused how to rate this book This does not mean that I hardly liked it.No ,it is just that there were parts deserved 5 starts for me while other parts simply irritated me still I do recommend it , and I highly appreciate the work that has been done in this novel, I totally understand the declaration that it took him years to write this one.Even as reader he pushed me searching and thirsty for about the subject the enchantress of Florence is a historical n [...]

    15. This book is very bland I feel like I m supposed to be having these deep epiphanies and I m not thinking deeply enough or something Absolutely nothing is coming to me I ve had a major disconnect with the author, and I m just not sure why I really enjoyed the storyline until the book jumped in time Then I completely lost my equilibrium.

    16. Verujem da ve ina nas nikada nije ula za Akbara Velikog, mogulskog vladara koji je vladao u isto vreme kad i slavna engleska kraljica Elizabeta, i to podjednako velikom i mo nom imperijom, samo na drugoj strani globusa Mo da u kolskom programu za u enje istorije zaista nema vremena da se spomenu ba svi veliki svetski vladari, ali eurocentri no poimanje istorijskih doga aja koje nam se usa uje u glavu dovodi do krajnje iskrivljenog shvatanja poretka u svetu i propu ta da sve deli e svetske istori [...]

    17. In The Enchantress of Florence, Salman Rushdie mixes history with fiction in order to create a tale of adventure, power, and romance I enjoyed most of the book, but I found it to be a bit disjointed in places There were so many names in the book that it was hard to keep them all straight at times Some of the primary characters in the novel are a mysterious golden haired adventurer, an all powerful emperor, an imaginary queen, and a princess who has been erased from history Toward the end of the [...]

    18. This story has all the ingredients that should make it wonderful Akbar, one of the most intriguing of Mughal emperors and his mysterious Fatehpur Sikri, Renaissance Florence in all its colorful glory under the Medicis, Machiavelli, Jannisarries, grim Ottoman sultans, epic battles, and even a murder or two But somehow all these elements fail to gel into a cohesive story The exotic locales and historical figures are ably rendered in lush, sometimes breathless prose, but they lack character that ma [...]

    19. This is a work of fiction A few liberties has been taken with the historical records in the interests of truth With the above warning starts the most researched of all Salman Rushdie s books Akbar, his court as well as some other members of royal family are brought to life Same can be said about European figures of time including Machiavelli, Amerigo, Columbus as well as Vlad III the dracula king.Magical realism has been used to explain true actions of historical figures which can not be explain [...]

    20. this is the first book i have read by rushdie and it s good enough to encourage me to read midnight s children which i hear is his best book if anyone has any suggestions as to something besides that, i m open for some advice this book was fairly entertaining, but it seemed to get wrapped up in itself and stumbled to the finish, rushing through the most important part of the plot in about 20 pgs, while spending the previous 270 pgs, slowly spinning an east meets west orientalist yarn the parts o [...]

    21. An excellent narration of the tale of a woman seeking integration with her lost selves, of friendship between three boys, and perspective of the greatest mughal ruler Akbar Rushdie s storytelling includes his reflections on meaning of religion, of seeking in every man, of beauty and power that every woman holds, unification and fragmentation of one s identities.me portions are poignant, others are just descriptive and some are powerful that compel you to dwell into self reflection, interrogation [...]

    22. Salman Rushdie s un humanista per no un artista.Ambientada a l ndia, Flor ncia i Istanbul del segle XVI, i utilitzant com a fil conductor la hist ria de tres amics i un personatge femen molt potent l autor realitza a la novel la una s rie de reflexions sobre l amor, la religi i el poder per acabar concloent que l sser hum busca sempre el mateix i resulta ser v ctima, tamb , dels mateixos mals, independentment de la seva proced ncia Respecte a l estil, va presentant multitud de personatges i hist [...]

    23. Rushdie, Salman THE ENCHANTRESS OF FLORENCE 2008 It s obvious that I m not Rushdie s targeted reader This is a book of marvels, but not a marvelous book It s the story of a travelling salesman who journeys from Florence to India to the Mughal ruler Akbar s court at Sikri near Agra, and which I visited during my time in India He supposedly has a tale which only the emperor s ear may hear The rest of the book provides the tale a long, drawn out series of marvels that demonstrate very clearly the a [...]

    24. Salman Rushdie is in top form in this historical novel set in Mughal India and in Renaissance Florence A mysterious Italian shows up at the court of the Mughal Emperor claiming to be his relation How could this be He has yellow hair and pale skin Slowly the story unfolds.Rushdie creates a dreamlike atmosphere in which magic can and occasional does happen but often humans make their own choices and accept their own fates It s a meditation on the nature of love, of imagination, of loyalty and fri [...]

    25. Neredeyse somutla p cana gelmi bir cinsiyet ilik var evet, yok demek imkans z Ama hikayenin kendi er evesi i inde garip bir ekilde ok da rahats z etmiyor ok uzun y llar boyunca yap lan ara t rmalar n sonucu oldu u belli, 400 sayfadan bile az bir kitap yerine 400 er sayfal k ciltli bir seri bile olabilirmi B yle bir konsantre lik hem g zel hem de yorucu, zellikle b y l ger ek i bir masal oldu unu d n rsek Her ey bir yana, eviri muazzam olmu O kadar g zel ki asl n okur gibiydim tabi Orta Do u k lt [...]

    26. So far, this book is enjoyable, and well written as Rushdie always is, but I can t help thinking that it s not as good as some of the others, the ones that I love Shame, Midnight s Children, the Satanic Verses, and of course Haroun and the Sea of Stories I think three things are maybe the difference.1 The title led me to expect a lot from the female characters, or rather a lot from how they are portrayed There s just the tiniest whiff of women being valuable mostly for being beautiful, and it [...]

    27. What a wonderful book A vast series of Arabian Nights tales, all linked, but with tantalizingly fluid chronology and meaning, with some rock hard realistic sections in the Florence of the Medicis, although now that I think of it, those had plenty of enchantment too The book is divided into a number of chapters, each titled on a separate initial page by its first few words Some of them In the day s last light the glowing lake At dawn the haunting sandstone palaces And here again with bright silks [...]

    28. Salman Rushdie is fundamentally a storyteller, and this book is one which reaffirms the power of stories to change people s lives, and to change empires Some might love it for its detail, and its delve into this historical magic realism, which I d say is typical for a Rushdie book The historical detail is rich, as evidenced by the long bibliography at the end of the book.However, for me it was an exhausting read There are too many layers, too many characters, and not enough focus The titular cha [...]

    29. This is my first Rushdie book usually, I don t like to read authors around whom there is too much noise What a surprise An excellent stylist with great wit I am not a big fan of historical fantasy, but the action is here interspersed with big philosophical questions, which are weaved in naturally not an easy thing to do in a historical novel.

    30. Well, Rushdie can pretty much do no wrong by me So, yes, five stars He s just so good I hope I don t have to wait another three years for his new creation.

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