Pears on a Willow Tree #2020

Pears on a Willow Tree Leslie Pietrzyk Pears on a Willow Tree Pears on a Willow Tree is a multigenerational roadmap of love and hate distance and closeness and the lure of roots that both bind and sustain us all The Marchewka women are inseparable They relish

  • Title: Pears on a Willow Tree
  • Author: Leslie Pietrzyk
  • ISBN: 9780380799107
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pears on a Willow Tree Leslie Pietrzyk Pears on a Willow Tree is a multigenerational roadmap of love and hate, distance and closeness, and the lure of roots that both bind and sustain us all.The Marchewka women are inseparable They relish the joys of family gatherings from preparing traditional holiday meals to organizing a wedding in which each of them is given a specific task whether it s sewing the bridPears on a Willow Tree is a multigenerational roadmap of love and hate, distance and closeness, and the lure of roots that both bind and sustain us all.The Marchewka women are inseparable They relish the joys of family gatherings from preparing traditional holiday meals to organizing a wedding in which each of them is given a specific task whether it s sewing the bridal gown or preserving pickles as a gift to the newlyweds Bound together by recipes, reminiscences and tangled relationships, these women are the foundation of a dignified, compassionate family one that has learned to survive the hardships of emigration and assimilation in twentieth century America.But as the century evolves, so does each succeeding generation As the older women keep a tight hold on the family traditions passed from mother to daughter, the younger women are dealing with modern problems, wounds not easily healed by the advice of a local priest or a kind word from mother.Amy is separated by four generations from her great grandmother Rose, who emigrated from Poland Rose s daughter Helen adjusted to the family s new home in a way her mother never could, while at the same time accepting the importance of Old Country ways But Helen s daughter Ginger finds herself suffocating within the close knit family, the first Marchewka woman to leave Detroit for the adventure of life beyond the reach of her mother and grandmother.It s in the American West that Giner raises her daughter Amy, uprooted from the safety of kitchens perfuned by the aroma of freshly baked poppy seed cake and pierogi made by hand by generations of women But Amy is about to realize that there may be room in her heart for both the Old World and the New.
    Pears on a Willow Tree Leslie Pietrzyk

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      362 Leslie Pietrzyk
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    One thought on “Pears on a Willow Tree”

    1. This was too maudlin and at times rather character belligerent at turns Four generations and from Poland to Detroit Women with their daughters or without them Closeness or distance Traditions kept or lost Or new ones initiated in a new surrounding land.I didn t become embedded because of the personalities for the younger characters Or the tone of the language expression But it was certainty authentic and appropriate for Polish immigrant experience.The shocks weren t and the plot lacked, IMHO But [...]

    2. I hated to see this book end Though the ending was perfect Pietrzyk s novel is a series of interrelated short stories, reading almost like diary entries or brief memoirs, told by four generations of women from the same Polish American family You don t have to be Polish to appreciate the humanity behind the relationships and cultural similarities and differences between these women Grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins all linked by the same chain of love and dislike Family traditio [...]

    3. My cousin gave me this book for my birthday She believed that the themes of family, and female bonding would ring true to our own family which has 9 female cousins It s not a horrible book, but it s very predictable in it s shockers I think the author developed the history of the older generations fairly well But I sense she tired of the story at some point in time and decided to throw in the shockers, which were not as shocking as poorly timed It features a weak, whiny, main character, and I ju [...]

    4. A fantastic read Starts with a recipe for Pierogi and ends with one for poppyseed cake In between, four generations of Polish American women talk, cook, argue, sew each other s wedding dresses, tell stories, and understand and misunderstand each other in the way only mothers and daughters can.Pietrzyk has a nifty, uncluttered prose style and above all, a keen ear for the way women really do talk.Loved it

    5. From Rose, the immigrant from Poland, to Amy, her great granddaughter who goes to teach English in Thailand, the four women mothers and daughters interact and leave little hints of their lives for the reader to react to.I really enjoyed this story of mothers who want to hold on and daughters who need to leave The sharing of recipes, stories, and hints for managing life were much like I remember the sessions with my mother, aunts, grandmother, and great aunts.

    6. This book is an unusual account of a Polish American immigrant woman named Rose and her extended family It is a story of how mothers and daughters of 4 generations interact, grow into their own, move away, and yet remember family traditions and ties that bind 3.5 stars

    7. Interesting look into Polish heritage and family dynamics I enjoyed reading about the changes from generation to generation I also loved the passing on of traditions.

    8. Peren aan een wilg vertelt het generatie verhaal van een Poolse familie die naar Amerika emigreert Het vertelt, zoals vele generatieverhalen, het verhaal van de vrouwen in de familie Hoe de traditie blijft voortbestaan in de Poolse keuken, maar ook hoe sommige dochters de drukkende beklemmende familie proberen te ontvluchten door naar de andere kant van het land te verhuizen Generatieverhalen kunnen prachtig zijn, zoals Anna, Hanna en Johanna, maar het kan ook een niet veelzeggend verhaal zijn W [...]

    9. I read this wonderful book through in just one day There s something to be said, both heartfelt and appreciative, for a talented writer such as Leslie Pietrzyk I enjoyed not only the wonderful storyline in Pears on a Willow Tree but Leslie s uncluttered and lively style of writing Her prose is easy to follow and the dialogue within so uncannily realistic, so much so I felt I was back home, surrounded by familiar faces and voices It s a rare treat to pick up a book and not have its pages filled w [...]

    10. I may have liked this book because many of the Polish traditions discussed so reminded me of my Grandma and Great Aunts.

    11. I loved this book It is a well written book about mothers and daughters I couldn t put it down Enough said.

    12. I liked it, though it felt a little incomplete to me Maybe if it was a conventional novel it could have such a tight focus, but with interconnected short stories I was sort of hoping each story would be a little expansive, tell us new things about the worlds these characters inhabited.It s not really fair to say that this collection didn t travel widely, especially in the end when Amy was in Thailand Thematically I may have enjoyed her stories the most, particularly Braiding Bread, where she st [...]

    13. One thing that set Pears on a Willow Tree from all of the other books we ve read in 20th Century Lit for me was the fact that it was set largely in Detroit, which I am from I ve never read a novel like it before, one that used the city and the community without that being the certain issue of the novel I loved reading on and seeing little things that are to be totally cheesy Pure Michigan featured Vernors, the Tigers, etc.I felt connected to this novel and these characters than any of the other [...]

    14. Whenever Amy asked an impossible question or wanted something impossible, her grandmother always replied, Amy, you re always looking for pears on a willow tree This is the story of four generations of Polish women in Detroit and how they slowly drift away from their Polish customs until Amy, the youngest, returns to put her grandmother s house in order, and realizes that it has been too easy to discard too much of the past Amy s mother, Ginger, couldn t wait as a teenager to get out from under h [...]

    15. I didn t exactly enjoy reading this exploration of the mother daughter bond struggle that meanders its way through the lives of four women linked in a mother daughter chain that ends with the fifth, a young daughter I found the sections to be a little choppy each woman gets several chances to narrate, and I was often a bit unsure as to exactly which time period I was reading about but the repetition of the roots vs wings conflict in each generation was reasonably compelling I felt a lot of sympa [...]

    16. I picked this up at the library, didn t know anything about it I began and was having a hard time getting into it However, I pushed along and am so glad that I did The story is about 4 generations of women who are of polish decent and their challenges Their challenges are mainly brought out by their similarites though they try not to admit it and differences Their unique history was truly enthraling and I found myself wishing my ancestry was singular One main character Ginger, is an alcoholic, [...]

    17. This was a book that Good Reads recommended per what was on my 2012 bookshelf I liked the concept of the book, immigrants in Detroit and the mulch generational family While I think some of the chapters were very well written, I felt that they were far too disjointed to be considered a novel, rather than a collection of stories Some of them she had published separately at one time as stories in various publications While together there was far too much overlap to have it pass as acceptable for me [...]

    18. A really touching novel about four Polish American women and their family connection Each chapter is written from a different woman s perspective and not in chronological order so at times I had to check and make sure if I had all the facts straight One of my favorite parts was when the grandmother was a young girl she met a man the day before she was going to get married and they had one kiss She said at the end of the chapter that if she had a daughter she wanted her to be good, kind, intellig [...]

    19. Four Generations of Marchewka women starting with Rose who emigrates from Poland Chronologically scatter shot chapters introduce the reader to the mothers daughters cousins sisters as we watch how they acclimatise themselves or not to Detroit, to start with.Each new generation has secrets and questions, some told, some asked, others never told, never asked.In the end, the reader understands the title, and the source of the character of the interplay between these women An interesting study

    20. I mainly read this book because it was about 4 generations of a Polish American family and it lined up with my family the 1st generation came over from Poland, as in my family my great grandmother came here from Poland It was set in Detroit, my family is from Pittsburgh, and mainly focuses on the granddaughter and how and why she left Detroit and about returning with her family in the summer The last few chapters I struggled to get through but overall the book was ok.

    21. This book was actually written by my cousin and although there are a lot of stories in it that bring me memories of my family, many women that I know that have read it said it brought back a lot of family memories for them as well This is a book about the binding of women in a family and the different dynamics that they bring to the mix It shares traditions and delves into the uniqueness of the different family members and how the fit as a whole as well as together.

    22. 2001 All i can say is that it was much better than expected it centered around family of strong women, starting with immigrant Rose, then her daughter Helen, then Helen s daughter Ginger, and finally, Ginger s daughter Amy The fact that the stories did not go into chronological order and each was told by a different woman made the book even special.

    23. This book was good enough, but I had a hard time liking one of the main characters, Ginger, which tends to influence my overall feeling about the book I didn t relate very well to her struggles and just wanted her to grow up and get over it It s in the same category as The Deep End of the Ocean for me Interesting story but I can t fully embrace it because of my dislike for a character.

    24. I loved this book because I could really relate to the characters It takes place partly in an old polish neighborhood in Detroit I loved the sounds and smells that the author evoked of great family and food in a time period that I was also familiar with It was like comfort food on a rainy day for me.

    25. Pretty good story of a Polish immigrant who ends up in Detroit, her daughters, especially one who dislikes the Polish American culture and the daughter of this lady Pretty sad overall because of the one daughter who moves out of the culture and becomes an alcoholic In many ways, it s a sweet story though I m glad that I read it.

    26. Polish generations,I loved it.I love reading about 4 or generations,their trials and tribulations,always so many stories,and each generation and their changes.I am a grandmother,hopefully live to be a great grandmother,and I see all the chages,from My Grandparents,up through my grands,ages16 14 6 yrs.old Wow.

    27. I read this one for my book club and one member disliked it due to the alcoholism As a child of an alcoholic, I think that made it real for me I also enjoyed the story of women and traditions and the way they seem to be dying out as my own generation comes of age I enjoyed the characters and thought this book was just quite lovely.

    28. A fascinating multigenerational story of Mothers and daughters, relationships Each generation writes in first person and chapters flip from one to the other so sometimes, makes it a bit confusing to follow But over all enjoyed Particularly loved all the Phoenix references to Camelback Mtn, South Mtn, spring training and such.

    29. I read this last weekend and loved it The characters were strong, interesting, and funny Their stories were every mother s or every daughter s story in one way or another I definitely recommend it.

    30. This is a wonderful novel about a multigenerational Polish family could be any central European family I suppose , highlighting the clash of traditions and values Was really helpful to me in understanding my family.

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