Heaven's Devils #2020

Heaven's Devils William C. Dietz Heaven s Devils For the poor hardworking citizens of the Confederacy s fringe worlds the Guild Wars have exacted a huge toll Swayed by the promise of financial rewards a new batch of recruits joins the fight along

  • Title: Heaven's Devils
  • Author: William C. Dietz
  • ISBN: 9781416550846
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Heaven's Devils William C. Dietz For the poor, hardworking citizens of the Confederacy s fringe worlds, the Guild Wars have exacted a huge toll Swayed by the promise of financial rewards, a new batch of recruits joins the fight alongside a slew of neurally resocialized criminals and a few dubious military leaders Eighteen year old Jim Raynor, full of testosterone and eager to make things right at home,For the poor, hardworking citizens of the Confederacy s fringe worlds, the Guild Wars have exacted a huge toll Swayed by the promise of financial rewards, a new batch of recruits joins the fight alongside a slew of neurally resocialized criminals and a few dubious military leaders Eighteen year old Jim Raynor, full of testosterone and eager to make things right at home, ships off to boot camp and finds his footing on the battlefield, but he soon discovers that the official mission is not what he s really fighting for.For the first time ever, StarCraft enthusiasts will learn the origins of the enduring friendship between the young upstart Jim Raynor and the streetwise soldier Tychus Findlay Watch as they battle on the front lines of a fierce interplanetary war and bear witness to the Confederacy s rank corruption corruption so reprehensible that it rains immeasurable death and destruction upon the government s own people.
    Heaven's Devils William C. Dietz

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      360 William C. Dietz
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    1. I have been trying to get into other genres to keep things fresh and exciting once in a while I am a bit of a suspense mystery type person I enjoy the occasional romantic comedy to break things up, with a smattering of non fiction on the side as books on interesting people and events come up on my radar The Sci Fi thing I enjoyed when I was younger, but have not really gotten back to it till now William Deitz really intrigued me with his bio on the back page and the little blurb of dialogue on t [...]

    2. I read through half of the book all the way back in 2013 before I abandoned this one I finally decided to pick it up again a few days ago and spent those days reading the second half after looking through the previous pages to remind me of the story.As stated in another review, the prose was absolutely horrible Dietz commits the crime of excessive use of exclamation marks several times It is highly annoying, and sadly very recurring throughout the whole novel One would think that a seasoned auth [...]

    3. I ve never played Starcraft, but that s not why this book earned a bad rating The prose is horrible I ve never complained about prose before, nor have I ever really cared That is how bad it is It s bloated, choppy and juvenile Exclamation points are to be used sparingly The dialog was horrible Ninety percent of it could never be uttered by a real character, and the rest would earn mockery if it was spoken aloud.The story was okay, and is about the only thing that earned a star.However, I guess o [...]

    4. I didn t expect much before reading this book but it definitely surprised me It was a great book and very entertaining A bit of a slow start, but it gets quite good once the story starts ramping up Would recommend.The main protagonist is Jim Raynor, one of the most famous characters in the Terran campaign of the game It starts off with details of his humble beginnings off one of the fringe worlds under the control of the vast empire of the Confederate In addition to Jim Raynor, the book starts o [...]

    5. Heaven s Devils is Jim Raynor s origin story and, like all Blizzard origin stories, it relies on the tried and true so heavily that the side stories are the only thing that keep the book somewhat fresh.Spoilers follow.The main narrative is dull and predictable Raynor, a farm boy on a fringe world of the Terran Confederacy, joins the military in order to provide for his family, who ve been impoverished by an ongoing war Through a stereotypical series of events, he winds up a hero, uncovers a trea [...]

    6. I m usually not impressed with books based off movies or video games The endless numbers of Star Wars books and World of Warcraft books never interested me that much When a movie or game defines its own plot, an author of a book finds him herself limited to either retelling a story everyone knows or just giving something random a try by using new characters that would somehow fit into the movie or game s universe, but not directly affect the plot of the original storyline Its at this point, you [...]

    7. Prequel to the sequel of the popular RTS real time strategy game for PC This novel focuses on the origins of Jim Raynor, one of the main protagonist of the game The world is set in a science fiction scenario where 3 different races are at war over scarce resources around the universe The story explains the life of Raynor as he lived in his home world before he becomes a marshal His experiences in boot camp, first team and his first battles against the other alien races are some of the highlights [...]

    8. Overall a great read for ANYONE who plays Starcraft, and would like to know about the friendship of Tychus and Jim As usual, Tychus has ALL the contacts.Certainly engaging near the end, not terribly engaging in the beginning I do appreciate that the author took to time to tie up loose ends though.

    9. I was a big Starcraft fan as a kid, and had enjoyed reading earlier Starcraft novels, despite their mixed quality Even owned a couple of them Heaven s Devils was so, so poorly written, so remarkably uninspired, that after reading it I took it and my other Starcraft books straight to the local library to donate them That is not a joke.Dietz fails to capture the feeling of the computer games the book is supposed to be a prequel to, which might not be an issue if it weren t an incredibly lackluster [...]

    10. I ve been really into the game StarCraft II lately and thought I d check this out for some backstory on Jim Raynor Its been a while since I ve read any science fiction, and I wasn t expecting much The book wasn t bad, but wasn t really good either It has an alright plot Raynor leaves his farmer parents and decides to join the Marines, where he meets Tychus Findlay and eventually gets disillusioned with the whole thing.If you re interested in StarCraft, its fun reading about Raynor If you don t k [...]

    11. A good read Although some of the characters were a little stereotypical, I felt for them and the ending felt like it set the foundation for Ryanor in Starcraft 1, as well as for Tychus in SC2 I like to relate it to that movie Jarhead Raynor 18 year old of farmer parents is lured into the military with the sign on bonus and promised excitement Goes through boot camp, becomes best friends with those in his unit some started as enemies , goes on a few missions taking tactical command of his unit In [...]

    12. A well written, engaging story that gives a very different perspective on Jim Raynor s character, and establishes the origins of Tychus Findlay and his connection to Jim when you play the Wings of Liberty campaign I didnt like Findlay much before and this book made me really not like him the other character that were members of the Heaven s Devils group were mostly not very memorable, except for the sniper who was a conscripted, kidnapped teen originating from a rich family, and the treacherous [...]

    13. While I normally don t expect much from video game inspired books, I was pleasantly surprised by Heaven s Devils While there were obvious game references, Dietz used them to help establish the setting instead of just adding them in like many other authors This would have definitely been a 4 star book, except for one fatal flaw there was no climax After graduation from boot camp, the protagonists travel from one battle and caper to another, with no definite high point When the end DID come, there [...]

    14. This book is about Jim Raynor s early years growing up as a farmer on Shiloh, his recruitment into the Confederacy Marines, and his early victories against Kel Morian on Turaxis II It is captivating well written both from the perspective of military tactics, as well as the ability to create believable characters who you want to follow and of course, it gives insight into Jim and Tychus early years before the Zerg If you finished all the achievements in Wings of Liberty and are waiting on Heart o [...]

    15. The book is pretty good from what I read I started to touch on Starcraft book about a month ago and I m reading according to the chronology well, I DID play the game so I had a few ideas here and there who is who which helped me to answer some questions Thought it had a pretty good story but I can t really comment on the writing as what I put onto the story and plot itself It kinda details the stories of how Raynor become who he is in the future and Tychus The character I liked best is probably [...]

    16. As much as I love video games, and the story of Starcraft in particular, I ve been really hesitant to read books based on games If movies based on games is any indicator, the books must all kind of suck.Heaven s Devilswellnd of sucked Profanity and drug use aside, the book is at about a 3rd grade reading level and it was very slow going for the first half of the book Those problems aside, I think it might have just been that the subject matter for this particular novel just wasn t that exciting [...]

    17. I really wanted to like this, because I like StarCraft, and the book design is so cool I m a sucker for nice covers, plus this one has bonus art inside But it was a rather pedestrian military story about young men, in my opinion, and I didn t get through it all keep in mind that I have major time constraints, and don t get through most books I read One thing kinda bothered me, tooI m assuming the audience this was intended for was largely teens who played StarCraft, but I thought the immoral beh [...]

    18. The Starcraft series is very promising from a lore standpoint, but the games didn t do much to flesh this out This book provides a sketch of one of the most prominent and likeable protagonists, James Jim Raynor and his humble origins in a fringe world backwater as well as the situation in the Terran Confederacy s wealthy capital of Tarsonis via a sketch of Ark Bennet Ryk Kidd I think it could ve been better written, but it s not bad as far as game tie in s go.

    19. This is one of the good books about the StarCraft universe It s fast paced and really entertaining, and the art in the front is AMAZING BIG let down in the end, though it was so abrupt, it felt like a chapter or two had been cut off at the end Not so bad as to make it three stars, though I would have given it three and a half if I could I rounded up because of how worth it it is to read this book.

    20. I found that the sexual content in this book was highly wrong It really took away from the book s story and I ended up throwing it away because I really wasn t looking forward to continuing it after the various scenes containing prostitutes I really don t mind the mention of a prostitute or a sexual abuser, but the amount of detail Dietz put into it is absolutely disgusting.

    21. unfortunately I read devils due before heavens devils and this book fills in a lot of the questions you would have at the beginning of devils due however this book did a great job of setting in the story of james raynor and his so called band of misfits if you are new to starcraft universe I don t know where to start to read, I would recommend this book as the starting point

    22. I haven t read a Starcraft book in probably two years and I almost forgot how awesome they were until I borrowed this book from my brother It was absolutely AMAZING I loved it I love how Starcraft is such technical, wide scope scifi and yet I follow it easily and with enthusiasm Loved it Only part that tore me up, as my brother predicted, was the ending 3

    23. This was an entertaining read for anyone who is a fan of the Starcraft game However, the book s main feature seems to be the under development ofeverything The plot clicks along without taking time to develop characters, relationships, or other important details Didn t explain as much back story as I had hoped.

    24. Great character development for the character of James Raynor within this book This may just be my biased opinion as a die hard Starcraft Fan, but I seriously believe this book could be adapted to a movie and not lose too much Not as slow paced as other video game novels such as Halo Excellent read Must buy for Starcraft fans.

    25. The back story of Jim Raynor joining the terrain army, prior to the first Starcraft game I suppose it explains what led Raynor to be an outlaw, and establishes his relationship with Tychus in Starcraft II, but it needlessly complicated things After playing the games, I never felt this story needed to be explained, but here it is.

    26. Great read, the writing style was a bit different than I was used too and perhaps a bit vague at times, but the story was solid and the characters were fantastic Ryk Kydd is definitely the star here.

    27. Not bad, not great.An interesting read for the backstory if you are a fan of the Starcraft universe Otherwise, I would skip over to something else in the genre.Primarily features Jim Raynor s first experiences in the military and his early days with Tychus Findlay.

    28. A decent story, the downside to this book is the cliched writing If you like Starcraft and it s colorful universe, you will tolerate this book That being said, you don t get much out of the investment.

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