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Secrets Freya North Secrets They drive each other crazy And they both have something to hide But we all have our secrets It s just some are bigger than others Joe has a beautiful house a great job no commitments and he likes i

  • Title: Secrets
  • Author: Freya North
  • ISBN: 9780007245949
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • Secrets Freya North They drive each other crazy.And they both have something to hide.But we all have our secrets.It s just some are bigger than others Joe has a beautiful house, a great job, no commitments and he likes it like that All he needs is a quiet house sitter for his rambling old place by the sea When Tess turns up on his doorstep, he s not sure she s right for the job Where hasThey drive each other crazy.And they both have something to hide.But we all have our secrets.It s just some are bigger than others Joe has a beautiful house, a great job, no commitments and he likes it like that All he needs is a quiet house sitter for his rambling old place by the sea When Tess turns up on his doorstep, he s not sure she s right for the job Where has she come from in such a hurry Her past is a blank and she s a bit of an enigma But there s something about her even though sparks fly every time they meet.And it looks like she s here to stay
    Secrets Freya North

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      261 Freya North
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    1. This book epitomizes for me what s so great about the giveaways on It s a book I never would have bought myself It s a romance, it s lightweight, and I m serious and literary Hmmmm Time to rethink that whole bit, evidently What a sweet and smart book It had been waiting for a day week, month when I needed cheering up, and it was what the doctor ordered It s a paced just right love story, between commitment adverse Joe, who needs a house sitter, and Tess, a single mom who needs a home Set on the [...]

    2. What did I like about it is easier than what I didn t like about it The female protagonist is annoyingly stupid, albeit in a nice way However, she is what makes me cringe to be put into the same group of people called Women She annoys me because despite her terrible financial situation she does very little about it, giving her time and resources away to paint nails at an old people s home free of charge despite having been offered money for it by the institution Stupid, to say the least, unpract [...]

    3. This was my first Freya North, and I quite enjoyed it Even though I didn t neccessarily like the characters that much she was a bit wet, and he had questionable morals , I did care enough to want them to have their happy ending I enjoyed the journey that the female lead went through as she learned to come to terms with her past and her various issues A somewhat unbelievable change of personality for him thougheeping around with various women and then he s suddenly monogamouso much of a stretch o [...]

    4. Full review can be found here Warning some spoilers concerning the relationship The thing that hit me the most with this story is that throughout it all, Joe is such a hypocrite He really rubbed me the wrong way It s established within the first few chapters that he has women in all the foreign cities he regularly visits and that he enjoys no strings attached sex with each of them Fair enough It is then established that he is attracted to Tess, does not really act on it then goes abroad to one o [...]

    5. I am a fan of British authors who write contemporary fiction Having visited my English Granny, British books give me that warm fuzzy feeling akin to tea and biscuits, just so comforting I was not familiar with the setting in SECRETS, Saltburn by the Sea I dove into it expecting a fun adventure.In the opening chapter of the book, Joe the house owner and Tess the prospective house sitter jump into an employer employee situation without much thought Both seemed to throw caution in the wind because [...]

    6. I wanted to like this book I picked it up and ploughed through it, not realising I am in fact far too young immature radical to fall anywhere near the target audience category So forgive me for the disparaging comments I m going to make because this really wasn t my thing at all.It s just of those stories that made me want to scream every couple of pages, and then think, Is there something wrong with me Why am I not enjoying this apparently popular novel In retrospect, I can think of a few reaso [...]

    7. Originally posted at longandshortreviews.cThis story features a slow simmering burn that starts in Tess and Joe s hearts until it eventually consumes their entire being This is not the type of love story that would traditionally interest me but the notion of an Englishman falling in love with his housesitter piqued my interest I m very thankful that it did While this type of story may not be something I would normally read, Secrets is definitely a book that I would read again Tess and Joe seem t [...]

    8. Secrets was a good choice for a nice summer chick lit read A sort of soft sweet read, this one didn t blow me away but I enjoyed it enough to make my way through 485 pages to get to the end.I think that what I liked most about Secrets was the setting a small seaside town in England, it s very essence so unique and different from all the towns around it I loved Wolf beyond words easily my favorite character in this tale If I wasn t a crazy cat lady I d want a dog just like him I was also charmed [...]

    9. Tess is running away from her old life She s not even sure where Cleveland is when she hurriedly accepts a job as a housesitter in Saltburn by the Sea, she s not even sure Joe offered her the job when she said she was on her way She turns up at his old, large house with a baby in tow and her only possessions boxed up in her car She s the best of a bad bunch of applicants so Joe lets her stay despite her having no idea what she s doing and she s quite obviously hiding something.It s quite clear f [...]

    10. Secrets was a really interesting book and I m definitely glad I read it I was very intrigued by the premise and it sounded like a book I could really lose myself in and enjoy I love books that help me relax and that are easy to read Secrets was certainly one of those books The opening of the book caught my attention and from there, I knew I would have no problem reading to the very last page I needed to know what was going on and I wanted everything to work out for these mysterious characters Th [...]

    11. Secrets by Freya North is a page turning romance set in Saltburn by the sea in the UK If you like chick lit, you ll love this.Joe has a great house, great job and no committments and he likes it like that Tess is a troubled young mum that falls into the life of Joe and changes it forever Each has a secret past but sparks fly every time they meet.Life as a single mum is hard but Tess does a great job raising her daughter and manages to create a new life for them Joe trys to ignore his growing fee [...]

    12. Freya North writes a good chick lit It runs with the usual formula, boy meets girl, there s an attraction but not without it s problems and of course there is the other woman or man Great location by the sea, and I did think that Saltburn by the Sea was fictional but as I discovered at the end of the book it does exist Great description of an old seaside town I loved the photos of the author in the area in this last section of the book Good rounded characters and all likeable, even the batty Mrs [...]

    13. A wonderful light literary jaunt about a young single mom escaping reality by moving to a new town and starting a new life, with a warm and sexy romance thrown in too I enjoyed the dog and the baby too, and the jet setting lifestyle of the homeowner well characterised and intimate in approach House sitting is an unusual theme in a novel, and I felt as though I was transported into a parallel reality, almost like sitting in a movie house and drinking in the sounds, sights, smells of the seaside w [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this to start with, the description of moving to a new town and house, and the development of relationships with people there But when the main couple got together I found myself getting irritated by all the stupid behaviour, and the secrets weren t really that shocking and there was no good reason to keep them hidden for so long I do like Freya North and have read others, but this isn t one of her best

    15. Why do writers publishers insist on stringing out a story The story concluded around page 400 but then there are 80 extra pages full of waffle The main characters don t have to overcome each of their hurdles within the space of a few months just because they ve met the one I might have given it stars if it wasn t so drawn out.

    16. I always love Freya North s books and this one is no exception It really was a delight to read The main characters Tess Joe were great and was really lovely to see there relationship blossom from friendship to Brilliant

    17. The 2 main characters got together very quickly which was slightly disappointing To be honest I didn t really enjoy the book, I may research the author to find some other stuff of hers I may enjoy

    18. I thought that this book was really good as it had a very interesting plot and great chracters but there were many parts that were a bit too full on and saucy for me hence not giving it the full 5 stars

    19. Good entertaining light read.The characters are realistic and in the case of Joe self aware of the choices he makes and why.The main characters need to remove herself from an unpleasant situation, where no genuine assistance or reprieve is possible, results in her finding a new life and inadvertently spending time with someone she ends up being attracted to, then falling in love with and all the ups and downs that entails for herself.Joe has reason to reconsider and reassess the decisions his ma [...]

    20. The book starts of with Tess and her baby girl Em who show up on Joe Saunders door step with her belongings immediately after he posted a request for a long term house sitter Although Joe doesn t mind Tess house sitting his house while he s traveling, he does wonder what secrets she s been hiding when he sees her crying alone at night one day They both gradually start liking each other and thats where the cute love plot begins The curiosity, the jealousy and the the bitter sweet love.Overall, th [...]

    21. 2.5 This book disappointed me terribly I ve had it for a while now just sitting on my shelf, and not being a total lover of cheesy romance novels, I was hesitant to pick it up.When I eventually decided to read it, I was bored after 20 or so pages I didn t really like the main character of Tess at times she s incredibly annoying That being said, I did enjoy the mystery aspect of the novel, but found the revelation unoriginal, hence it ruined the plot for me.It wasn t terrible, but wasn t great ei [...]

    22. Usual great read from North I thoroughly enjoyed it Both Tess Joe were likeable characters who were both holding back a secret I loved the way their relationship built up I don t think I m giving anything away to future readers by saying it s obvious they were gonna get together, it was just a case of when.

    23. For a long time now this is the book that has set the bar for me I loved the plot and fell in love with the main characters I loved how there were photographs and a map in the back relating to the setting of the story etc I was actually quite bereft when I had finished it I can t recommend this book enough.

    24. I really enjoyed this sweet love story It brings together two people trying to overcome their past and finally,together,putting it behind them.

    25. I loved this book The depth in the characters and their stories, the descriptions of the town, the emotion, the suspense 3

    26. Thoroughly enjoyed this book The secrets weren t as dark as I d imagined them to be, admittedly but it s a real feel good book and it s a bit raunchy too

    27. Tess hat kein leichtes Leben und rennt meist vor ihren Problemen davon Als sie wieder einmal in der Klemme steckt entdeckt sie eine Anzeige f r die Suche nach einem Housesitter in einem kleinen Ort an der englischen K ste und prompt f hrt sie mit ihrer kleinen Tochter dorthin.Joe hatte sich eigentlich keine junge, alleinerziehende Mutter, die noch dazu ziemlich durch den Wind zu sein scheint, als Housesitterin vorgestellt, aber als Tess so vor ihm steht, kann er dann doch nicht nein sagen und gi [...]

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