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Hit and Run Lawrence Block Hit and Run For years now Keller s had places to go and people to kill But enough is enough Just one job paid in advance and he s going to retire Waiting in Des Moines for the client s go ahead Keller s picking

  • Title: Hit and Run
  • Author: Lawrence Block
  • ISBN: 9780060840914
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hit and Run Lawrence Block For years now Keller s had places to go and people to kill.But enough is enough Just one job paid in advance and he s going to retire Waiting in Des Moines for the client s go ahead, Keller s picking out stamps for his collection at a shop in Urbandale when somebody guns down the charismatic governor of Ohio Back at his motel, Keller sees the killer s face broadcasFor years now Keller s had places to go and people to kill.But enough is enough Just one job paid in advance and he s going to retire Waiting in Des Moines for the client s go ahead, Keller s picking out stamps for his collection at a shop in Urbandale when somebody guns down the charismatic governor of Ohio Back at his motel, Keller sees the killer s face broadcast on TV A face he s seen quite often Every morning In the mirror.Keller calls his associate Dot in White Plains, but there s no answer He s stranded halfway across the country, and every cop in America has just seen his picture His ID and credit cards are no longer good, and he just spent almost all of his cash on the stamps.Now what
    Hit and Run Lawrence Block

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      241 Lawrence Block
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    1. Keller goes to Des Moines on his last job and winds up getting framed for murdering the governor Meanwhile, Dot s house in White Plains is torched, Dot s body found in the wreckage, and Keller is suddenly cut off from all help he could have gotten Can Keller survive on the run long enough to find out who set him up Unlike the previous books in the Keller series, this one is like a conventional novel rather than a lot of related episodes The desperation and panic is a tangible thing Keller assum [...]

    2. Hit man Keller goes on one last job, and we know how those go.Hired for a job, Keller is framed for a political assassination His face is all over the television He s on the run to clear his name and get revenge.The way the novel is set up, it seems like it was supposed to be the final book in the series, but as with most popular characters, books followed Still not hard boiled enough for me.

    3. If you have followed my reviews of the first three Keller books you will have noticed a change in this rating compared to them The others were good solid 4 star reads, maybe even 4.5 but I wasn t willing to give them a 5 This one crossed into the zone of personal enjoyment I reserve for that last fifth star I like it, I recommend it even though he does take a slightly low blow attack at conservativeswhich won t bother you if you aren t conservative of course I am, and i still liked the book My s [...]

    4. A library book Oooh, this is so good, better than _Sinner Man_ I stayed up until after 3 30 a.m on New Year s Eve, devouring this story It seems counter intuitive to root for a hired killer, but I guarantee you will in this book When the killer becomes the stalked, the tale gets even exciting I could almost give this book five stars because it was such a quick and enjoyable read.

    5. They say that all good things must come to an end, and apparently Lawrence Block decided to follow that conventional wisdom regarding his stories about the stamp collecting and slightly lonely hit man, Keller.Retirement has been on Keller s mind going back to the first book, but now that his friend and booking agent, Dot, has parlayed the earnings from contract killing into big stock market gains, it looks like Keller may finally be really getting out of the hit man business However, a job that [...]

    6. Excellent conclusion to the Keller Hit series Hard not to cheer for this bad guy who is only trying to make a living, retire and focus on his stamp collecting hobby Drawback is the plot behind the Iowa action is tissue thin Still liked the book and the characters 3 Stars

    7. First of all, I shouldn t have read this as my first Keller book, since it s kind of like reading the last chapter in a novel before reading the beginning I think if I had background history of the character, I would have enjoyed the book The plot is quite intriguing A hit man on the run after being set up for a hit he didn t commit Since I had no connection with Keller from the previous novels, I kept thinking he should have been better prepared for the possibility of having to get the hell o [...]

    8. I had read the Bernie the burglar series and enjoyed that so when I happened upon this book in our community library I picked it up A stamp collecting professional assaassin Since I collected stamps as a kid, I thought this might be interesting Love the wisecracks and asides Can t take my tweezers on the plane Why, are they afraid I might grab a stewardess and pluck her eyebrows Tough to warm up to a professional killer but it was enjoyable watching him work his way out of a prickly situation Fr [...]

    9. PROTAGONIST John Paul Keller, hit manSERIES 4 of 4RATING 4.25Lawrence Block took a risk when he created the character of John Paul Keller, a hit man Normally, a person who is an assassin isn t likely to engender much sympathy or caring on the part of the reader Block has managed to achieve that remarkable feat by creating a man who views his job as just that He does it well, and we as readers get to look on while he finds creative ways to eliminate his victims Somehow, despite the necessary viol [...]

    10. Once Keller at his last job before retirement, and from the beginning it all feels wrong When a governor gets killed and his photograph appears in the media as being the face the killer, Keller knows he made some smart choices by trusting his instincts and gradually starts moving back to the big apple where he considers his home to be It is only when he finds out about a house fire in which a dead body is found, shot twice, with its occupant identified that Keller knows that the good old days a [...]

    11. This latest installment of Lawrence Block s series about hitman Keller has a nice Hitchcockian twist, at least at the beginning Keller, sent to Iowa to kill some hapless shlub, instead finds himself set up to take the fall for the assassination of the charismatic governor of Ohio who happens to be young, black, a gifted public speaker and running for President.Hmm wonder where he got that from Anyhoo, Keller has to go on the run The cops want him, the bad guys want him, and he can t trust anybod [...]

    12. This was the very first novel by Lawrence Block I have ever read Based on this, I will be reading Just what I need books to add to the to be read pile The summary given above from the book jacket tells you all you really need to know I found the idea of hitman as hero a bit disturbing However, once started I could not stop as I had to see how he get Keller out of his predicament.I found it a quck paced read, lots of interesting asides and I liked his style of dialogue A very well written tale [...]

    13. Was beginning to wonder where this series character could go as there are only so many ways that an assassin can do his job and the series was beginning to get a bit samey but this one takes it in a new direction Keller becomes the hunted rather than the hunter He also starts a new life of ordinary domesticity for a while This feels like it could be the last book in the series but there is one to go so will be reading that as soon as I can get hold of a copy Very enjoyable series although not q [...]

    14. Great book It s extremely easy to follow and supremely fun to read Only issue I had was with one of the fight scenes, it was very silly and unrealistic, I ve been doing martial arts for over 15 years So poorly scripted fight scenes bother me Other than that, this book is basically perfect

    15. It s a shame Block elected to once and for all retire Keller or maybe not He is a great character right up there with other great fictional hit men Do read the series from the beginning It s like one continuous story line.

    16. Lawrence Block brings back John Keller in Hit and Run Keller is a hit man on assignment He s picked up at the airport by his contact and given two guns to choose from for his hit He looks at both and picks he one he likes Then he s dropped off at his hotel The next day he reads that Gov.John Longford of Ohio has been assassinated In addition, the killer used a Glock automatic, the same type he had in his hands the day before He had a preminition and it proves true when he sees his photo on CNN a [...]

    17. In what is the first true Keller novel not episodic, totally linear , he is hired by the mysterious Al from the previous book, only to be set up as the fall guy for a very public assassination, the mayor of the city he s in town to do the job for It s or less the same set up as the movie Shooter In a series of bold moves and clever instances of covering his tracks, Keller flees by car back to New York, where he finds that his apartment has been tossed, his stamps and computer stolen, the White [...]

    18. Hit Run is the last probably and best of four in Block s series of The John Keller Mysteries , the story of the middle class, middle brow, stamp collecting, New York City hit man known as Keller The only one of the series conceived and written as a novel the others were loosely joined short stories for Playboy, rewritten with fresh connective tissue and has a deeper emotional pull, at least for me it does Fun, as usual, it probably digs deeply than some of Block s other wonderful series and not [...]

    19. Oh, Lawrence Block He is, without question in my mind, one of the best writers going out there I think I d pay to read his grocery list.Hit and Run appears to be the final Keller book Keller is a hit man who has been eyeing retirement for a couple of books now He s also an avid stamp collector This is the story of his last job, in which he s set up to take the fall for the assassination of a presidential candidate He escapes only to realize his former life and the quiet retirement he was looking [...]

    20. If, as it appears, this is our final encounter with JP Keller, then kudos to Lawrence Block for achieving the difficult if not seemingly impossible task of crafting a truly satisfying conclusion that is fresh new, yet consistent with the previous three entries in this series Hit and Run differs from Block s first three Keller novels in at least two significant ways It is focused on one through plot, rather than the collected adventures that were the hallmarks of previous versions and it puts Kel [...]

    21. This novel is apparently the last of the four Keller novels Keller is a hit man He s very good at the job, but it s just a job, like being a carpenter or a bus driver He s a very prosaic person, as his hobby stamp collecting shows He s only got one relationship in his life, and that s with Dot, who arranges his jobs and invests his money Keller takes a job in Des Moines that ends up being a way of setting him up as a patsy for the assassination of a presidential candidate How Keller learns about [...]

    22. Not sure what to think about this book or how to review it Keller is a paid assassin He kills people without regret for money And sometimes he kills the lowly convenience store cashier because he identified him as wanted by the police, or maybe the inconveniently timed Jahova s Witness ringing the wrong doorbell at the wrong time But it s lucrative He s stashed away 2.5 million and an extensive stamp collection from the proceeds of his kills.In short, this is the guy that in 99 percent of thille [...]

    23. Fourth and originally meant to be the last of the Hit Man series featuring our favorite stamp collecting contract killer, Keller There is now a book 5 Keller has been framed for a high profile assassination of a governor presidential candidate and realizes life as he knows it is over With no money or support, he struggles to make his way back to New York only to realize home isn t a safe place any So where does he go You ll have to read to find out This is my favorite of the books so far as it [...]

    24. Don t bother John Keller, killer for hire, is going to do one last job before he retires for good, but instead gets set up in the assassination of Iowa s governor Sounds promising, right Almost nothing happens in this book The first half is just a narrative of Keller s thoughts and movements as he moves around the country thinking he s being pursued by the police and or the anonymous people who hired him and set him up The reader never gets to know what s happening, if anything,outside Keller s [...]

    25. Hit and run by Lawrence Block Narrated by Richard Poe.I listened to this on CD.Who else but Lawrence block could write about a stamp collecting hit man and make it interesting Are you tired of superficial cozies Have you been let down by a currently popular writer of mysteries Then do what I didgo back to a tried true master of them allLawrence Block.John Keller is a hit man who has retirement on his horizon If he is to retire he needs something to retire with such as an income of sorts that s w [...]

    26. If this is your first Keller book, you ll want to read another If you ve read another Keller book you ll want to read this one.Not the end of Keller, a big change however He gets to a new place Still collecting stamps People are dying He s a hit man after all And this time part of it is very personal.So, ch re sit back and enjoy the ride Keller is going to take you coast to coast.

    27. Can t say enough about this series As the lovable contract killer, Keller might be one of my favorite literary characters In this story, Keller is framed for the assassination of a governor, and has no choice but to become a fugitive, eating in his car and sleeping in movie theaters until he figures out what to do A few kills along the way, but not what you might expect The dialog between Keller and Dot, his broker is priceless Fun stuff Hate to see this series end.

    28. Not sure why I started with 4 in this series but sure did enjoy getting to know Keller.Keller s a hit man when suddenly, the hit he was suppose to do, was done but not by him and he was burned in the process Having to disappear while he tries to find out who burned him and why he finds himself in New Orleans.Trying to stay off the grid and out of the news, he meets a woman.s.d it goes from there.What a great character Definitely will look for of Keller to read.

    29. Another very enjoyable book by Lawrence Block I must have read over 30 of his books and I am never disappointed

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