Knit the Season #2020

Knit the Season Kate Jacobs Carrington MacDuffie Knit the Season La placidesa habitual de la ciutat sueca d Ystad es veu trencada quan amb un cert interval de temps tres homes apareixen salvatgement assassinats Les v ctimes duien una vida assossegada i tranquil l

  • Title: Knit the Season
  • Author: Kate Jacobs Carrington MacDuffie
  • ISBN: 9781441701190
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Knit the Season Kate Jacobs Carrington MacDuffie La placidesa habitual de la ciutat sueca d Ystad es veu trencada quan, amb un cert interval de temps, tres homes apareixen salvatgement assassinats Les v ctimes duien una vida assossegada i tranquil la, dedicades a l ornitologia, el cultiu d orqu dies i la poesia, la qual cosa fa encara m s incomprensible el gaireb insuportable sadisme de qu han estat objecte Durant laLa placidesa habitual de la ciutat sueca d Ystad es veu trencada quan, amb un cert interval de temps, tres homes apareixen salvatgement assassinats Les v ctimes duien una vida assossegada i tranquil la, dedicades a l ornitologia, el cultiu d orqu dies i la poesia, la qual cosa fa encara m s incomprensible el gaireb insuportable sadisme de qu han estat objecte Durant la investigaci del cas, l inspector de policia Kurt Wallander un home vulnerable i amb aires d antiheroi descobreix que s ha d enfrontar amb un adversari de la seva talla implacable, sanguinari i intel ligent.
    Knit the Season Kate Jacobs Carrington MacDuffie

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      264 Kate Jacobs Carrington MacDuffie
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    One thought on “Knit the Season”

    1. A lighthearted holiday book visiting with some favorite characters Sometimes in the midst of everything going on, it s comforting to open a book with characters you already know and a story you know will leave you feeling full It was nice to catch up with Dakota Walker again and all the ladies of the Friday night knitting club, even with the ever present absence of Georgia Walker Perfectly wrapped up in the end, but sometimes one needs a perfect ending.

    2. Kate Jacobs has come out with the latest installment of the Friday Night Knitting Club series, Knit the Season As a knitter, I enjoyed the first book in the series, Friday Night Knitting Club while on vacation a few years ago I loved her second novel unrelated to this series Comfort Food Knit the Season is focused on Dakota this time, which is nice If you have read the other two books in the series, you do get caught up with several of the characters and what they have been up to in recent years [...]

    3. I m reminded of blockbuster movie sequels that have no substance because the creators know their audience will come see it no matter what Jacobs is a talented writer with a unique ability to create flawed characters that are so engaging and real That said this book was a huge disappointment Full of preachy cliches about family love, complete with the now college aged Dakota spouting off sage advice out of nowhere the cause of much eye rolling and skimming on my part every single scene centered a [...]

    4. sometimes a familiar set of a characters, and a book that doesn t require much thought is just what i m looking for this was exactly that.

    5. I have to say that, considering how much I liked Friday Night Knitting Club, I m pretty disappointed with not only the plot or should I say lack of plot in this third book in the series, but with the wooden dialogue and two dimensional characters.I read the whole thing, but it took over a week because I was just not getting caught up in the characters like I had before It was kind of like watching the re make of The Women , in that you expect great things because you like all the actresses and y [...]

    6. You know those movie series where the first one makes you really want to see the second one, the second one leaves you disappointed but still willing to see the third, and by the time the trilogy is over, you find yourself thinking dear God, why didn t they just stop with the first Yeah Here you have that same emotion, in book form.

    7. I feel that this is a great end to the series and am hoping this is indeed the last book I enjoyed the first book very much, and was excited to get the second book and then quickly disappointed when I read it.This book was tolerable than the last book, however there were a few things that could have been changed I m happy to see that the writer dropped the racial issues with Dakota, that was really annoying in the second book.There was a bit too much opinions from the friends of the group about [...]

    8. KNIT THE SEASON is my first Kate Jacobs book I realize that I began this series on book three, and I understand that these are continuing characters I also realize that I did not get much enjoyment from the story and found most of the characters dull and lackluster and the story less than engrossing A great deal of the story involves reminiscences about Georgia, the joint owner of a knitting shop For someone who has been dead for six years there is a lot of print devoted to herwhich would be fin [...]

    9. No spoilers.Blurb a return to the characters of Friday Night Knitting Club, with Dakota nearly all grown up A pass the time kind of novel that surprisingly, brought me to tears.Longer version I listened to the audiobook of the first in the series, and it wasn t my favorite book, but was a nice little story of a young mother and her friends I selected this audiobook, mostly because I thought it would be a nice unchallenging little listen And, for the most part it was It doesn t require great pain [...]

    10. Unfortunately, this didn t do it for me I thought the story was slow moving and wish the entire novel had been from Dakota s perspective It was a bit confusing and the plot was thin Considering how much I loved the other two, it was disappointing.

    11. I enjoyed this third installment of the Knitting Club, but it didn t cover new ground in terms of character development or growth Nothing new or unexpected happened in terms of action It was pleasant, but I expected .

    12. May have been my mood took forever for me to read this light fiction and I really thought it was just slow and tortuous Took forever 13o pages to pick up a story line.

    13. This is the last book in the series and it has been several years since I read the first two The author updates everyone seamlessly and brings everything together in the end Somewhat predictable, but done with a true Christmas spirit It was a fun read.

    14. This book was given to me as a gift, and as I enjoy reading books about the holidays during the month of December, it proved to be just the right time The story revolves mainly around Dakota Walker, who has left college to attend culinary school, while also keeping up with things at the yarn shop of her late mother, Walker Daughter She has help in the person of Peri, who manages things day to day, as well as from the women in the Friday Night Knitting Club, and Dakota s father as well.The book t [...]

    15. I loved the Friday Night Knitting Club and Knit Two by Jacobs so I was looking forward to reading this book Plus, you have to read at least one holiday like book during the holidays I have to admit that while I enjoyed this book, it didn t measure up to the first books I did enjoy reading the snippets of Georgia s life and also seeing this character from the points of view of her family which is something that hasn t been done yet I also love all the wonderful characters in this series I found t [...]

    16. This is the third book in the Friday Night Knitting Club series It picks up immediately after Knit Two Dakota is going to cooking school and the holidays are fast approaching She is feeling the pressure because she has set up an internship at a hotel over Christmas and her father has just arranged for everyone to go see Gran in Scotland for the holidays Peri has also just told her about an incredible opportunity she was offered in Paris but that would take her away from Walker and Daughter Dakot [...]

    17. This is the third book in the series and clearly the worst I couldn t even read it Its only a Christmas story because it happens during December but the writing is horrible The Friday Night Knitting Club was a fun read and the author should have left it at that The continuing characters are just not strong enough to carry the story Its just a lot of contrite situations and bad dialogue even worse than the second book Unfortunately I m abandoning this one, I d rather read something interesting.

    18. Boring, predictable and annoying I warmed up to these characters in the first book, got a little bored of them in the second book and really started to be annoyed by them in this book Everything is wrapped up in a neat little package with everyone happy sappy at the end And I didn t care whether they were happy or not I just wanted it to be over And now it is, so i will go back to my own knitting instead of reading about some fake people knitting and talking about life, love and stitches Barf.

    19. I did not make it to the end of this book There was little to no plot, padded with wads of the previous books and copious descriptions of yarn, knitting and food I love all three, but without any real story after the first quarter of the book I had completely lost the will to continue I have huge respect for anyone who successfully writes and publishes a novel, let alone multiple novels, but this book was so far not up my alley that it was in another city.

    20. This was a pretty good book I enjoyed visiting the Friday Night Knitting Club again But it is rather redundent to explain every time who the characters are Debbie Macomber does a character list in each book to keep people in the know about what is going on I don t think if you have followers who read each book as they come out it is necessary to rehash whos who I am going to try Comfort Food and see if I enjoy that better.

    21. The best thing I can say about this book is, Thank goodness I got it from the library and didn t purchase it myself I read the first two books in the series, and enjoyed them as light knitting fiction I was not expecting the Great American Novel with Knit the Season, but I did expect than poorly written cliches, platitudes and banality This book has little to no substance or plot, which saddened me because Kate Jacobs is capable of much better.

    22. A friend who knows I knit, loaned this book to me but I just couldn t read it I applied Jenny s Age related rule I didn t give a hoot about the characters and the knitting references seemed thrown in by someone who doesn t knit Jenny s Age Related Reading RuleAfter you read as many pages as you are old, decide if you want to finish the book After age 50, subtract the number of years over 50 from the pages to be read.

    23. I enjoyed this book very much It nicely tied up all the story threads from the previous books In this book, the main character is Dakota, the daughter of the main character in the first book I enjoyed reading about her becoming an adult.The book was not as Christmas y as the title led me to expect, but it was a very good read.

    24. This was an interesting book mainly about women learning to live life together It deals with relationships, single motherhood, and business upkeep, and above all with people who knit or not together on Friday nights The book was well written, and the characters were well drawn, and over, I liked this novel the most out of the series as it was the happiest.

    25. This series has too many similar characters for me to keep straight to enjoy the series This book was recommended to me because I love to knit, especially for holiday gifts, but I am not crazy about the series This is my least favorite installment in the series Between the issue of too many similar characters and how often the narrative voice jumps around, I didn t enjoy this book.

    26. This newest release in the Friday Night Knitting Club series recaptures the magic of the first book This is the perfect read for the holiday season and will give you the warm fuzzies I think this could stand alone, but it would probably help if you have read the other two books in the series I love how all of the character s issues are nicely wrapped up.

    27. I tried to read this but gave up after about 60 pages Perhaps it is because it is part of a series The cast of characters seemed overwhelming, and I couldn t keep them all straight I may try and read it again if I choose to read the first 2.

    28. Me encant Realmente sent que cerr un cicloAntes de leer este libro le sus rese as y la mayor a eran malas as que lo empec sin mucha expectativa pero es como si hubiera vivido el libro.Simplemente sencillo y sentimental, todo un chicklit

    29. I still really like the characters and love reading about what they are up to, but I was not a fan of the flashback scenes The change in point of view was confusing and I would have rather heard one of the characters tell the story instead of having the weird flashback paragraphs.

    30. The perfect ending to a great series Books 1 and 3 made me tear up, so I was glad that this last one was equally emotional as the first Dakota has grown up into an adult now, it was good to know how her life turned out after the first two books.

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