Eye of the Needle #2020

Eye of the Needle Ken Follett Graeme Malcolm Eye of the Needle One enemy spy knows the secret of the Allies greatest deception a brilliant aristocrat and ruthless assassincode name The Needle who holds the key to the ultimate Nazi victory Only one person stands

  • Title: Eye of the Needle
  • Author: Ken Follett Graeme Malcolm
  • ISBN: 9780788798757
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Eye of the Needle Ken Follett Graeme Malcolm One enemy spy knows the secret of the Allies greatest deception, a brilliant aristocrat and ruthless assassincode name The Needle who holds the key to the ultimate Nazi victory Only one person stands in his way a lonely Englishwoman on an isolated island, who is coming to love the killer who has mysteriously entered her life Ken Follett s unsurpassed and unforgettablOne enemy spy knows the secret of the Allies greatest deception, a brilliant aristocrat and ruthless assassin code name The Needle who holds the key to the ultimate Nazi victory Only one person stands in his way a lonely Englishwoman on an isolated island, who is coming to love the killer who has mysteriously entered her life Ken Follett s unsurpassed and unforgettable masterwork of suspense, intrigue, and the dangerous machinations of the human heart Eye of the Needle
    Eye of the Needle Ken Follett Graeme Malcolm

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      206 Ken Follett Graeme Malcolm
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    1. This was the novel that gave Follet star quality status in publishing circles Not only was it a best seller but it also was adapted into a movie, starring Donald Sutherland Here are some reasons to read THE EYE OF THE NEEDLE 1 PRECISION you like reading about cool, precise heroes or anti heroes or villains who are painfully precise in their plans, the best at what they do and are totally stone cold 2 WWII BUFF you love to read about the big thrills of WWII this has it since the German spy discov [...]

    2. Today, most people know Ken Follett as the author of mammoth works of historical fiction I mean, we re talking novels that would make War and Peace turn and run like Napoleon s troops from Moscow See what I did there It s a known fact that you can construct a home able to withstand an F5 tornado solely from copies of Pillars of the Earth, World Without End and Fall of Giants Note this house will not have doors, windows, a roof, or the ability to withstand an F5 tornado Before he started authorin [...]

    3. Eye of the Needle, a sharply written WWII era thriller, is miles away in style and length from the mammoth, medieval epics Follett would later create Though not a mindbendingly difficult read, the quality of the writing was already present at this early stage Extra kudos must be given to any author who can switch gears and dabble in different genres Working outside your comfortable corner can not be the easiest thing to do.

    4. Carl Sandburg said in another context it pays to have a good forgettery In this case, a good forgettery allowed me to reread Ken Follett s EYE OF THE NEEDLE British title, STORM ISLAND with every bit as much enjoyment as when I first read it 30 years ago Also, having recently reread THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, it was fun to compare these two similar, but different, thrillers.Both books feature multiple points of view quite a few of them in Follett s case and on both sides of the good guy bad guy divi [...]

    5. Read for my lifetime challenge 1978.This is a fantastic page turner that outshines most contemporary thrillers I could hardly bear to put it down for the day and a half it took me to devour it The story is set during WWII just before the allies invade at Normandy This first offensive by British, US and allied forces could determine the entire war The only chance they have is if they can land where the Germans aren t expecting them Otherwise they ll be decimated as they try to get their armies as [...]

    6. This is my first Follett book I have read and he has a very enjoyable, concise and precise style of writing The year is 1944, and a German spy code name the Needle has photos that could damage the Allies plans for D Day While trying to get the photos to a U boat, he is shipwrecked on a remote island off the coast of Scotland, which is home to a loveless and amputee man, his lonely wife, and their three year old child This is an enthralling wartime WW2 thriller with a interesting plot contains te [...]

    7. A fast paced World War 2 thriller, set against the backdrop of D Day plans secretly laid by the British The story is very engrossing, making it a real turner and a thrilling experience, but I felt that there were a bit too many clich s It started off pretty well, but by the end it felt like a Hollywood style spy flick The writing is quite good at times, while on some occasions the lines were overtly simplistic, the romantic intrigue was mostly about sex and nothing Throughout the reading I expe [...]

    8. I would have read this book in a day, but I had to work when I started it However, I did manage to finish it coming home after drinking wine finishing with Heradura rather than pass out I managed to complete it Well Done, Mr Follet, Well Done I loved this book so much, was reading on my nook and I was hooked after page 13 I gave it 5 stars, but I really would have given it 4.5 if I could, only because I would have preferred an alternate ending Ken Follett is a genius The whole time I m reading t [...]

    9. This is my first Ken Follett book much to the disappointment of my wife but I wanted to tackle something small before attempting on of his epics Eye of the Needle tells the story of a German master spy The Needle and his attempt to uncover the plans of the English army during World War 2 a few weeks before D Day This book was a little light on the espionage and too much focused on the generic thriller formula I also felt the feeling of World War 2 was missed this book could have been a lot darke [...]

    10. Il primo Ken Follett e, secondo me, il migliore Rapido, incisivo, appassionante Appassionato, anche Ma, soprattutto, genuino nell invenzione Prima che la notoriet gli consentisse stuoli di ricercatori, complessit meno fresche e una vaga supponenza.

    11. Habitualmente tenho de pensar um pouco antes de escrever uma opini o Desta vez, sei com exactid o porque tem 3 estrelas apenas.Esta foi a minha primeira experi ncia com Follet e n o me apaixonei Sei que lerei pelo menos Os Pilares da Terra, mas n o prov vel que volte a ler um dele deste g nero A hist ria interessante, mas n o me agarrou, como acho que uma hist ria de espi es deve fazer H certos livros que podemos ir lendo e desfrutando, mas um deste g nero deve, para mim, suscitar uma leitura co [...]

    12. When Faber arrives at Storm Island near Aberdeen, he finds Lucy who lives with her crippled husband and is so very lonely,as her embittered husband has never touched her after marriage Lucy then embarks on a relationship with Faber, although Faber really seems to come to love someone for the very first time in his life But in my opinion I do not think Faber is capable of love he is trained to look at people as objects and kill immediately when threatened Both need release from pent up sexual ene [...]

    13. In an interview, Ken Follett said this was his first really successful novel after having written about 10 previous ones that are now forgotten , and he thought the reason of its success was that for the first time he had put a lot of effort in building a great structure This is pretty evident while reading this book the best structure is the one you don t notice, because you are so drawn into the story Eye of the needle is a brilliant spy thriller with a clever plot, an accurate historic backgr [...]

    14. Heinrich Faber is Jason Bourne before there was a Jason Bourne He is a great ani hero The book is gritty and you have to keep in mind that you are in the world of the mid 1930s and 40s to it can be painfully slow It is not written in a cool American style with double back flips and mind blowing technology It is British, meaning there is a methodical story of detail within the characters there are a lot of inner emotions and the story tends to allow for a lot of complaining But the characters ar [...]

    15. WWII spy is on the run but closely followed I kept switching loyalties throughout which was a good tactic by Follett Who do I trust The story moves between the spy and a newly married couple living on an island Of course they ll eventually meet This seemed too formulaic and cliche, but liked most of the writing Very different from other sweeping Follett novels which I love Probably better to have read than listened Dramatic voice overs not appreciated.

    16. She said Can I have a word with you He seemed to hesitate, then said I m undressed So am I, she giggled, and she opened the door with her duplicate key He was standing in front of the radio with some kind of screwdriver in his hand He wore his trousers and no singlet His face was white and he looked scared to death She stepped inside and closed the door behind her, not knowing what to say Suddenly she remembered a line from an American film, and she said Would you buy a lonely girl a drink It wa [...]

    17. Among the best thrillers ever My comments about Follett s approach to the actual history in his historical novel Eye of the Needle can be found in my author blog lewweinsteinauthorblog 201Follett starts with a one page historical preface about the D Day deception He ends the preface That much is history What follows is fiction Still and all, one suspects something like this must have happened The high stakes of blowing the deception plan are emphasized several times Godliman If one decent Abwehr [...]

    18. Achei a escrita de Ken Follett fant stica Simples, mas bastante atrativa E achei brilhante o facto de me fazer torcer pelo espi o, ou seja, pela pessoa que eu na realidade nunca quereria que tivesse sucesso Mas a verdade que quando estava a ler o livro quase queria que ele tivesse sucesso na medida em que fosse fic o.Adorei completamente o livro, recomendo vivamente a toda a gente Opini o completa encantodashistorias.p

    19. Very satisfying book Reminded me of drinking a glass of chocolate milk like I just enjoyed it so much I couldn t take a break until it was gone, and when I finished I was like, ah, that was good But I suspected somewhere deep down that it s junk foodyness outweighed its nutritional value.

    20. A fun read An added bonus if the reader is familiar with the details surrounding the infamous Operation Overlord of WWII A great cat and mouse with historical context

    21. I like books about WWII.A don t quite know where this passion comes but it doesn t matter.I wanted to read Ken Follet for a very long time Veeeery long time.But this bookThis book It is read very easily, I was expecting this book to be hard to get through But, no.It is fast paced, full of action, secrets and, obviously, spies And the endingWow.I won t be expecting it, believe me.

    22. muy buen libro de espionaje, primer libro que leo de follet y como me ah gustado, unos personajes memorables y un misterio que no puede ser descubierto Tiene un inicio que te atrapa, hostias de amor en gatos y sexo que no paran de sorprenderte, un muy buen thriller sobre la segunda guerra mundial que no dejar indiferente a nadie

    23. When the radio packed up in my car and I got fed up of listening to music, I came up with the idea of trying an audio book In all my years of reading, audio is one format I ve never tried, so it was a new experience for me And was I pleased I gave it a chance My half hour journey to work same one for 19 years was a real drag, but now I almost look forward to taking a steady drive to work while listening to the latest installment Admittedly, I may have slightly overrated EotN because of my exciti [...]

    24. This is really sad What I learned from this book was, when you clean a bookshelf in your bookstore and wind up handling 400 or so pulp thriller war novels, you automatically become interested in that genre for awhile My husband and I spent the two snowstorm days of extra Christmas vacation cleaning our Westerns,War and Guys with Big Guns section and reshelving them so they can be seen and thus purchased Marketing is so simple And then we packed a box of books and some wine and went down to our c [...]

    25. Oh Ken Follett, you ve fooled me again You are so good at the spy cat and mouse game aspects of writing these great WWII spy novels Generally the first 2 3 of your books have me waking up at night to finish reading a chapter or two Such great and complex heroes and villians But thenyou try to write sexy stuff And honestly, you have no idea what women want or need I m sorry, but a housewife is not going to wander into the next room to ravage the stranger she just met and bandaged up from his myst [...]

    26. Can a book be sexy and enthralling Read this in my human days when I could feel and touch books, and it is still reverberating through me.What a yarn.What are you doing Read it now.

    27. As a big fan of Ken Follet, this isn t his most sophisticated writing Before writing historical fiction Follet was a spy novels thrillers writer The Eye of the needle marks his transition.A fast pacing book specially the second part about a German spy during WW2

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