Caught Running #2020

Caught Running Madeleine Urban Abigail Roux Caught Running Ten years after graduation Jake the jock Campbell and Brandon the nerd Bartlett are teaching at their old high school and still living in separate worlds When Brandon is thrown into a coaching job on

  • Title: Caught Running
  • Author: Madeleine Urban Abigail Roux
  • ISBN: 9780980101898
  • Page: 473
  • Format: ebook
  • Caught Running Madeleine Urban Abigail Roux Ten years after graduation, Jake the jock Campbell and Brandon the nerd Bartlett are teaching at their old high school and still living in separate worlds When Brandon is thrown into a coaching job on Jake s baseball team, they find themselves learning about each other than they d ever expected High school is all about image even for the teachers Brandon andTen years after graduation, Jake the jock Campbell and Brandon the nerd Bartlett are teaching at their old high school and still living in separate worlds When Brandon is thrown into a coaching job on Jake s baseball team, they find themselves learning about each other than they d ever expected High school is all about image even for the teachers Brandon and Jake have to get past their preconceived notions to find the friendship needed to work together And somewhere along the way, they discover that perceptions can always change for the better.
    Caught Running Madeleine Urban Abigail Roux

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      473 Madeleine Urban Abigail Roux
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    1. Enjoyable Funny Steamy Hot Cute.The thing I ve noticed in my reviews is that I rarely use cute for mf books But when it comes to MM, no matter their age, no matter how different they are, I always consider the couple to be a cute one Maybe it s the lacking of drama, super angst or BS that characterises the fair sex I swear I m not a misogynist, but women tend to be very melodramatic, especially in books.Jake and Brandon finished high school at the same time They were so different, Jake being the [...]

    2. 4.5 Stars I m a sucker for a good sports read and this was one of the best MM sports reads I ve read to date It had a delicious slow build between Jake and Brandon, who were once classmates Never friends but now work at their old high school together When Brandon is forced to help Jake out coaching the baseball team they become friends and eventually This one was a very easy read, with little to no angst The steam really picked up the second half but wasn t necessarily missed in the first half [...]

    3. If I had known nothing about this book, and had no friend reviews to go on, I would have gotten halfway through the first chapter and given up on it And that would have been a shame, because it s a very good book.The best thing anyone could do for newbies coming to this book would be to post a warning Many unexpected POV shifts ahead pay attention to names and be prepared In the first nine pages, the POV shifts back and forth between the two MC s at least 10 times Sometimes it s hard to figure o [...]

    4. First read in March 2011I really enjoyed this story I can definitely recommend it, but I would have loved an epilogue I ve decided I need to reread this one, so here it goes Update, I have decided to rate it higher a 4.45 for sure, but the ending still feels a bit rushed or incomplete.Jake was a great sports talent, unfortunately his body took a beating with all the sports and surgeries and now he is a coach at his old highschool and in constant pain from all the abuse his body took over the yea [...]

    5. This book was everything I have come to expect from Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban It was sweet, very sexy, low angst, and a lot of fun Jake and Brandon were just delicious However, I don t typically connect to sports books as well as other genres of M M so I didn t feel quite as invested with this story as I would have liked Still, it was a great read to break me out of a bit of a slump.

    6. 4 Stars He was around the corner, and after looking for a bit accurate, he was the one you wanted Two lucky birds with one stone This book has been in my iPad for a while and eventually I figured it was time to read it before I start with the Cut Run series by the same two authors A good decision happy again, another strong 4 star from me In the initial chapters there was a lot about baseball and procedures at the High School where the two main characters worked I m a Swedish girl so what do I [...]

    7. My second read wasn t quite as awe inspiring as the first, but I still loved it to pieces Review coming when I have time to catch up.Highly Recmmended

    8. Such a sweet story I really enjoyed this one, especially since I read it following a really angsty book This was just a happy, sweet little story about Jake the Jock and Brandon the Nerd falling in love No angst and lots of hot sex.I must add that the wacky POV shifts were annoying and confusing, but it didn t take away much from me enjoying the book.

    9. 01 18 13 Revised rating after a couple of years of reading m m from 4 to 3.First this is a beautiful love story It was really difficult to put the book down to do the ordinary things in life, because the two main characters, Jake and Brandon, are adorable and the way they fall in love was exciting.I couldn t give 5 stars because of three issues the point of view is changing from Jake to Brandon from paragraph to paragraph and sometimes it s difficult to understand whose thoughts we are reading t [...]

    10. This book thoroughly irritated me, most of the time The MC s whined too frequently about not knowing if one felt the same way, or if he was even gay which really worked my nerves for the first half of the book In the middle there was just a lot of hot, steamy scenes Towards the end, they wouldn t publicly come out, which pissed me off.Two and a half stars because some of it was actually able to hold my attention And because I liked the writing style.I liked the shirt with the slogan Co ed Naked [...]

    11. 2.5 StarsWell, 2.5 stars surprises me because I love when Urban and Roux team up But this one was ugh I liked the characters well enough and the romance was sweet, so it wasn t a total bust But the pacing and switching POVs gave me a headache and whiplash.This one was underwhelming because 1 It was sloooooooooooow It felt like the slowest burn ever The story moved at a snail s pace for me Slogging through the minutiae of Jake and Brandon s day to day lives was painful and, at times, I honestly w [...]

    12. I enjoyed this book immensely Jake reminded so much of my P E teacher in school who I also had a healthy respect for if not slightly overpowering and scary Just never thought that he may have had a softer side too I loved the way the author built up the suspension in the beginning of their relationship with both guys being unsure and second guessing themselves all the time This would be totally natural in a situation where being gay could be construed as not an option It is only the process of f [...]

    13. 2 2.5 STARSI liked from the start the premise of this story two friends in the closet who became , but even if this story was sweet, it barely hold my attention Anyway, the think that bugged me the most is the fact that Jake s POV and Brandon s POV are changing way to fast, sometimes from paragraph to paragraph It didn t help that first 30 35% was very, very slow and bored me to death Reading clich after clich didn t help either and the ending was too rushed, left in the air too much The writing [...]

    14. A sweet read without undue angst I liked both the characters, and their relationship I did think things would have been better without the cheerleading coach, and the drama she brought She just felt like one of those evil female characters too many m m novels seem to think they have to have A very shallow, and thin character that didn t add anything to the story The assistant coaches were fun I admired how much the main characters were dedicated to the team, and to their students, and never made [...]

    15. This is a book I absolutely loved The story between Jake and Brandon feels absolutely real They ignored each other when they were at school, because one was the star of the football team, the other one was the nerd , the studious one.Years later they are both back at the very same school, both teaching The occasion to finally get to know each other comes when Brandon, who is the science teacher, has to take the job as coach for the football team The they know each other the they fall in love a [...]

    16. 4 StarsWith the exception of the jarring pov changes, I basically loved everything else about this story The characters were extremely likeable, the slow burn romance was fantastic, and the eventual smex that followed was even better As a teacher, I love reading about fellow teachers when the setting and the experiences they are dealing with ring true to life So, hats off to the authors for accurately representing the crazy busy, yet mostly rewarding, everyday life experiences of teachers Now, a [...]

    17. Oh, God, I love Branden so much Jake, I like, I just did not love Great storyline and wonderful no angst slow building romance I also loved the constant POV shifting However, the writing style needed some polishing Overall, I liked it still 3 3.5 Stars

    18. Sinceramente, me esperaba bastante m s, es una historia corta en d nde al margen de ver el proceso de enamoramiento de Jake y Brandon, no pasa nada Ni siquiera al final Me que quedado diciendo ummmmmm ehhhh ya est Los personajes son estupendos, muy divertidos, buenas r plicas, dos opuestos que terminan por enamorarse, pero tampoco me ha parecido excesivamente realista Me estoy haciendo vieja No puedo decir que no me haya gustado, pero tampoco ha sido una locura.

    19. i loved it loved the style of writing, loved the pov shifts almost every paragraph i loved knowing what everyone thought, as it happened even misty s pov it s become my favorite style of writing, you see this a lot in role play writing, but it hasnt switched into books, until now its wonderful thank you for recommending it

    20. Sweet 4.5 stars Really BEAUTIFUL, PASSIONATE, REAL and BELEIVABLE story.I loved Jake and Brandon s tender discovery of themselves, communication and lack of it , passion and love.Recommended to all Abi s fansI had a small issue with transition between POVs but that s minor.

    21. The Blogger GirlsThis was one of my favorite books back in 2011 and so I decided to go ahead in 2017 and see if the audio could live up to my memories Well, it was still really good, but it wasn t as great as I had made it up to be in my mind Not sure if that s because my tastes have changed, or what, but regardless, it was still an awesome story and one I will always recommend I think the authors matured in their writing in their recent books One of my peeves was the constant the science teach [...]

    22. I ve also read Cut Run by these authors, and I admit I liked this one better Although it also had the POV shifting problem, the characters and dialogue felt much real, heartfelt The characters were likable and the relationshipwell, it was adorable, if you ll pardon the term

    23. With Caught Running getting 4 and 5 star reviews I was expecting to catch my heart, but there were so many obstacles on the road to allow this happen Let me begin with the abrupt POV shifts I usually don t mind the third person POV switches, but this was too much to follow easily The story was disjointed in the way that I read within a paragraph from Brandon s point of view then all of the sudden it switched to Jake and then back again It s incredibly annoying to have to read back in my case to [...]

    24. 3.5 starsLoved the build up between these two and their actual time together was really sweet.

    25. Listening to the audio book Good narrator and the story feels better with the narration Everything I wrote previously remains true This is the third time I have read this book and will probably re read again It s just one of those feel good stories for me.Very satisfying re read for me The beginning almost brings me back to High School with the cliques and negative attitudes The authors capture the feeling of the students as well as the faculty Interesting how Jake and Brandon have been teachers [...]

    26. One book from these excellent authors that I love This one, however, requires so much attention, because the characters POV is constantly changing but it has become a very interesting reading.Jake and Brandon are adorable Their attraction begins and it s a while until they figured out how in love they were with each other And it was sexy, hot, beautiful and sweet Without drama and without angst just perfect

    27. This was a re read of one of the first MM books I bought I adored it when I read it all those years ago Now, I still like it really well, but it s not the best book I ve read Also, this time I listened to the Audible edition and the narrator was not very good Maybe disappointment is why I don t re read books.

    28. So, three times I ve tried to read this Twice in ebook, once in audiod I am BORED So terribly bored.It s not bad writing, it s not the characters s literally only because I am so bored out of my skull.I m out.

    29. Re read from 21 09 14 to 22 09 145 STARSCaught Running is no masterpiece, ladies and gentlemen Nothing about this book will surprise you nor make you say this is something I ve never read before.Caught Running can t be compared to the Cut Run series because if I didn t know, I would have never said it s been written by the same author s In spite of this all, Caught Running was one of the first gay romance books I ve ever read Guess what I loved it nonetheless It has a place in my heart.The thing [...]

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