The Thingamabob #2020

The Thingamabob Il Sung Na The Thingamabob One day he found the thingamabob He had no idea what it was or where it came from So begins the story of a curious elephant and a mysterious red object But what is it When none of his friends can tel

  • Title: The Thingamabob
  • Author: Il Sung Na
  • ISBN: 9780375961069
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Thingamabob Il Sung Na One day, he found the thingamabob.He had no idea what it was or where it came from So begins the story of a curious elephant and a mysterious red object But what is it When none of his friends can tell him, the little elephant decides to experiment He thinks Maybe I can fly with it Maybe not Maybe I can sail in it Maybe not Maybe I can hide behind it MOne day, he found the thingamabob.He had no idea what it was or where it came from So begins the story of a curious elephant and a mysterious red object But what is it When none of his friends can tell him, the little elephant decides to experiment He thinks Maybe I can fly with it Maybe not Maybe I can sail in it Maybe not Maybe I can hide behind it Maybe not Nothing seems to work, until big drops of rain begin to fall The little elephant does not want to get wet Luckily, with the thingamabob an umbrella , he does not need to get wet With bright, adorable illustrations and a simple, playful text, Il Sung Na captures the excitement of making and sharing an unexpected discovery.From the Hardcover edition.
    The Thingamabob Il Sung Na

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      371 Il Sung Na
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    One thought on “The Thingamabob”

    1. This intricate, yet simple book is about an elephant who finds a thingamabob He asks all his friends, from the blue bear to the feathery ostrich, but none of them can figure it out As it begins to rain the elephant realizes what readers will have already figured out The thingamabob is an umbrella The illustrations are childlike, with lovely embellishments in unexpected places At first glance the umbrella is simply bright red, however if you take a moment to look you ll see that there s a design [...]

    2. I have to admit, Il Sung Na s illustration style gives me almost physical pleasure I feel that it s important for me to say that her delicate, powdery sprays of intense color underlaying the sweetest, finest scratchy ink lines are like getting my hair brushed by a small child One of my small children, of course I may be a little odd but I don t actually solicit random children to brush my hair, come on And then I open the book No, seriously, I m still talking about the cover here.Full review on [...]

    3. A wonderful quirky story about an elephant and an umbrella There is much pondering and speculation about the capabilities of an umbrella and equally its limitations.This book is best read really loud while sitting on the floor in a library especially when all the technology in the library is not co operating and everything is going to hell in a handbasket See I m still smiling XD

    4. Animals are curious creatures as this simply sweet picture book shows When an elephant discovers the thingamabob he tries to decide what it is and what it is for and then Mother Nature steps in.Humorous and great for beginner readers Written and illustrated by IlSung Na, published by Alfred A Knopf PB animals curiosity

    5. An elephant stumbles upon a red object He has no idea what this object is My daughter enjoyed this book and kept yelling at the elephant the answer thinking that the animal could hear her The illustrations were adorable as well Would recommend.

    6. Cute book about discovering an umbrella.But lets be serious if elephant is to big to hide behind it, it can t also keep a whole elephant dry.

    7. The text in this book is cute, but for us, the art is the real draw Pun intended The main character is one of the oddest, cleverest, funniest, most unique elephants you might ever see As are the rest of his animal friends who live with him throughout the jungle Such an interesting style of illustration that really draws you in on every page OK I ll stop with the bad draw pun now Even the simplest pictures are exquisite.I could absolutely see any of the spreads in this book being framed and put o [...]

    8. An elephant comes across and umbrella but doesn t know what it is He tries it out for several uses such as flying, sailing and hiding behind But this doesn t work out so well Suddenly it rains The elephant has the umbrella open Suddenly he sees a great use for the umbrella.Il Sung Na once again uses a unique textured painting style for illustration Although it is interesting, in this book it is not as rich and colorful or complex as you find in his book, A Book of Babies The is very simple and s [...]

    9. 4.5 starsThis book is great The illustrations were wonderful both very adorable and charming The text was very good, too simple enough to explain but not draw attention from the great illustrations.I really liked the story being told The curious elephant did some funny things to try and figure out what the thingamabob was The results of his experiments were quite humorous, though definitely not to be tried by kids I especially liked that he shared the benefits once he figured out its purpose.I t [...]

    10. One day, elephant finds something he doesn t know and neither do his friends The thingamabob isn t good for much until it starts raining Do you know what elephant s thingamabob is What I thought What a great idea for a book I can just hear my story time kids shouting umbrella at poor elephant The illustrations are great I ve liked Na s style since I read A Book of Sleep I think kids will really like identifying all of elephant s animals friends.Story Time Themes Rain Umbrellas Pair with Prelutsk [...]

    11. I love the illustrations They re very colorful They were created by combining handmade painterly textures with digitally generated layers, which were then compiled in Adobe Photoshop I think that means that the illustrator made some cool painted textures, scanned them into the computer, and used them to color the illustrations she made digitally However she did it, the result is pretty cool looking The story is really revealed through the pictures, as the words are somewhat sparse It s fun, inte [...]

    12. i love the illustrations in Il Sung Na s other book, The book of sleep , so i looked forward to reading this story was simple, and even a bit overdone or perhaps i ve just read a few too many similar stories lately , but i love the illustration style in this as well not as much as book of sleep , which lead me to give it a higher rating than i might have otherwise my 4 year old did find it humorous, so perhaps the stories appeal is than i m giving it credit for.

    13. What with elephants and umbrellas and lots of guessing opportunities, I thought this was going to be a really popular story to read aloud, but I m sorry to say that the group were too young to appreciate it If I read it to a group this age again, I ll take an umbrella along and make SURE they know what it is before I start the story The illustrations and colours are lovely Read to Rising 3 s 19.08.2012

    14. Total coincidence that this is another umbrella book What would you make of an umbrella if you d never seen one More simple humor and richly textured illustrations from Il Sung Na The illustrations in this book were created by combining handmade painterly textures with digitally generated layers, which were then compiled in Adobe Photoshop.

    15. What is this mysterious red object It s The Thingamabob Elephant can t really find any practical use for ithe can t hide behind it, he can t fly with it, and he can t sail with it But, then it starts to rain, and elepant and all his friends find a way to stay dry Used for Rainy Days Ahead Storytime April, 2011.

    16. Rather inconsequential as a story, but the pictures are really pretty Not as stunning or as diverse as in Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit A Book of Changing Seasons, but very pretty all the same.

    17. Il Sung Na s careful inter working of fine illustrations and a little bit of narrative make for a light hearted reading It s fun to see what the elephant attempts to use his discovery for what it can t do and then discovering what it can do The inside front and back cover panels are good for the eyes too.

    18. What s great about this book is its ability to allow the young listener reader to be inquisitive and imaginative When the little elephant finds an umbrella, he doesn t know what it does, so he creatively tries out different uses until rain starts to fall and he realizes just what it s for Great for pre K and kindergartners

    19. This book is for PreK 2Topic Science Discovery QuestioningReflection I just thought this book was cute The elephant finds this red thingamabob What could it be The elephant investigates, experiements, and finally figures out what it is I think this is a great way to open a discussion about what scientist do and how they make discoveries

    20. Used this for a Pre K elephant themed storytime today In the Thingamabob, an elephant has found an umbrella and doesn t know what it is called or what it is for The kids enjoyed it They knew it was an umbrella from the start I liked it that the elephant never learns what it is but does eventually figure out a good use for it after lots of trial and error.

    21. A clever funny book as an elephant finds and umbrella and tries to figure out what it is I liked the creative uses to which the umbrella was put, and how no one ever actually named the object, leaving the child in me giggling and wanting to scream out, It s an umbrella A good book to read just for fun with your child.

    22. From endpapers to conclusion, Thingamabob is a success A simple story that kids can relate to encountering an unknown object for the first time is executed in an original way The reader delights in being in the know , while the clueless elephant struggles to understand the use of an umbrella This also works well in a read aloud setting T

    23. Elephant finds an strange object Much experimentation and consultation with friends later, elephant STILL doesn t know what it is until it rains Whimsical illustrations convey the animals puzzlement and eventual glee I did have to explain thingamabob to my four year old, since we use the simpler thingie in our household.

    24. What is it Imagination is so important We need to bring it into the classroom at every opportunity Math, Science, Writing, and the REAL WORLD We use our imagination to solve problems and come up with ideas How can we transform ordinary objects into new creations Technology is all about reinventing This book would be a fun introduction for many topics.

    25. Il Sung Na s books are gorgeously illustrated, simple, and clever I m a little sad that we are missing of these books these days, as we re gravitating toward the longer story picture books at the library, especially as 2 is moving and toward chapter books

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