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A Book of Sleep Il Sung Na A Book of Sleep When the sky grows darkand the moon glows bright everyone goes to sleep except for the watchful owl With a spare soothing text and beautifully rich and textured illustrations of a starry night this

  • Title: A Book of Sleep
  • Author: Il Sung Na
  • ISBN: 9780375862236
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Book of Sleep Il Sung Na When the sky grows darkand the moon glows bright,everyone goes to sleep .except for the watchful owl With a spare, soothing text and beautifully rich and textured illustrations of a starry night, this is the perfect book of sleep Join the owl on his moonlit journey as he watches all the other animals settle in for the night some sleep standing up, while some sleepWhen the sky grows darkand the moon glows bright,everyone goes to sleep .except for the watchful owl With a spare, soothing text and beautifully rich and textured illustrations of a starry night, this is the perfect book of sleep Join the owl on his moonlit journey as he watches all the other animals settle in for the night some sleep standing up, while some sleep on the move Some sleep peacefully alone, while others sleep all together, huddled close.Il Sung Na makes his American debut with this gorgeous bedtime offering While each animal rests in its own special way, little ones will also drift off to a cozy sleep.Book Details Format HardcoverPublication Date 9 8 2009Pages 24Reading Level Age 3 and Up
    A Book of Sleep Il Sung Na

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      178 Il Sung Na
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    One thought on “A Book of Sleep”

    1. When I read this to my son daughter, I like to make the sounds of the different animals I also point out where the little owl is hidden on every page S he is still in utero, but I nevertheless feel like this is a worthwhile activity LOOK IT IS BEING CUDDLED BY THE TWO PENGUINS THERE IT IS FLYING OVER THE WHALE IN THE OCEAN NOW IT IS ON A WIRE WITH THOSE OTHER BIRDS The art is simultaneously classic and modern and I m pretty sure no child will appreciate it on as many levels as I do which kinda l [...]

    2. This is a stunning book, one that appeals to my artistic side the side that loves art, even if I m hopeless at it myself Il Sung Na is an illustrator like no other, and the story is very sweet too The kids really like this one, with all the different animals, and as they get older there are finer details to notice The text is very simple but the illustrations are deceptively simple and utterly gorgeous I would love to get them as posters.They speak for themselves, I think.

    3. The illustrations in this book really captivated me they are so unusual and beautiful The story itself is a very simple one about all the different ways animals sleep and how the owl finally falls asleep while everyone else wakes up Still, it s so beautifully told through the illustrations and a few well chosen words that this is a true gem of a bedtime and animal story.

    4. Check out picture book reviews Perspective of a WriterOwl doesn t get to sleep like the other animals do when night falls Instead he zooms around and checks on everyone s odd sleeping habits Finally when everyone else is waking up lonely owl is going to sleep.Oh my gosh this book I picked it up because of the cover art and I ve read some other Asian author picture books and they were excellent so I HAD to check this one out tooAND IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT THE ART , oh the art So beautiful and quir [...]

    5. The art from cover to cover is unusual and absolutely stunning Interestingly, much of it was done with the help of digital computer technology and I will search out books by this talented picture book artist This is a gorgeous book.The story is a perfect and reassuring bedtime story for very young children, as it goes from animal to animal talking about the ways they sleep, and then talking about them all waking up when the sky turns blue and the sun glows bright except for the owl, who sleeps [...]

    6. 3.5 starsThis book follows and owl happily you can look for it on nearly every page who stays up at night, and travels by various other animals who sleep at night.I m sure children who are curious about animals, and children who might be afraid to sleep or of the dark will enjoy this simple and sweet tale.The illustrations are interesting and unique and overall I did like this a lot

    7. Wow I would like to commission Il Sung Na to design my wallpaper The illustrations in this book are exquisitely rendered and the story is short and sweet perfect for bedtime.

    8. Reading this every night at bedtime, I still find it sweet, and it s short enough to not get boring.

    9. A fine book to teach how different animals sleep differently, like some keep both their eyes shut, while some only has one eye closed oneopened And there are those as well which have both their eyes open They don t even blink They don t have eyelids at all This is the video of the book youtube watch v GOd7M

    10. Featured at An Abundance of BooksThis is the book just begs for you to cuddle up with your child and whisper the story quietly while looking at all of the sleeping animals and trying and find the Owl in every illustration I ve added this and a few other Il Sung Na books to my son s book wish list for the grandparents This is a lovely book and one you definitely need to try out, I give it 5 stars.Read full review HERE

    11. A simple story about a owl keeping watch under a moon and how other animals sleep A mother grabbed it right after storytime to check out 12 16 11This was quite popular at story time and grabbed a lot of children that were hanging around from Lap Time.

    12. Now this book was great My four year old niece and I loved the illustrations She could identify every animal And wanted to know why the owl slept at night and the rest did not Kept entertained and seeking knowledge Win, win, win

    13. One of the things I like most about children s book is the wide range in illustrating styles And I like the style of this book Also, it s about animals and that is nice, most of the time Plus, it covers one of my favorite things sleeping That makes it an all round winner for me, but my little girl never picks it when choosing a book for the night We only read it when I want something different.

    14. A fun little story about an owl who stays up and all the other creatures that go to sleep at night Talking points just because you are different from everyone else around you does that mean that you are wrong Perhaps God just made you wonderfully different for a reason What things are different about you and how can they help you in your mission here on earth

    15. I have loved Il Sunga Na s illustrations since I picked up the first book by this talented illustrator in a book exchange Found this in my local library today and it didn t disappoint beautiful, multi layered illustrations and the perfect bedtime message

    16. A short, lightly amusing bedtime read about animals that sleep in many different ways in many different places It s simple, but it works Well done The illustrations are unusual, but appealing Nicely done.

    17. Beautiful illustrations and a simple story about how different animals sleep Lots of opportunities for discussion during storytime.

    18. A simple story on how and when animals sleep What puts this title over the top is the amazing illustrations Any could be an art print in a family room.

    19. This book was all about animals and how they sleep This could be kind of an informational book, but overall it was not too appealing to me.

    20. BOOK A Book of Sleep by NaCLASS Toddler Storybook Art ClassLINKS BOOK SHARING I read Na s A Book of Sleep to the children after showing them a few related signs day, night, moon, stars WE then briefly discussed the elements of the illustrations dark sky, moon, stars, animals sleeping, etc I then explained that we would be doing a magic nighttime painting by first drawing on a sheet of heavy paper with white or very light crayons and then we would be painting over the drawings with watercolors to [...]

    21. Book of Sleep by Il Sung Na is a picture book intended for children ages 1 5 years N The book tells the story of how different animals sleep as compared to the owl I gave this book a 4 star rating I chose 4 stars only because of the illustrations The book itself I would give 3 stars to but the illustrations are amazing They are imaginative and unique, the pages could easily be ripped out and framed Book of Sleep does its job effectively in conveying to the reader how the owl sleeps but the langu [...]

    22. Owl is awake as the rest of the animal kingdom falls asleep Owl flies overhead and watches each animal We are given a description of how each animal sleeps Some sleep standing up, some sleep with one eye open and others huddle close together But when the sun comes up, it is time for owl to finally close his eyes and go to sleep.The illustrations are made with painted textures and digital work They are beautiful, soft, textured for interest, and fun to look at.This is a very soothing story for th [...]

    23. When nighttime descends, all the animals go to sleep, except for the watchful owl So begins this bedtime book which will be loved by the young and old alike Charming illustrations in muted tones coupled with the brief text set the perfect mood for napping.I cannot find the words to adequately express just how much I love this sleepy time book The illustrations by Il Sung Na are so completely amazingly lovely, that I can only describe them as eye candy The horse tushes and one eye open birds will [...]

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