How Long, O Lord?: Reflections on Suffering and Evil #2020

How Long, O Lord?: Reflections on Suffering and Evil D.A. Carson How Long O Lord Reflections on Suffering and Evil This clear and accessible treatment of key biblical themes related to human suffering and evil is written by one of the most respected evangelical biblical scholars alive today Carson brings together

  • Title: How Long, O Lord?: Reflections on Suffering and Evil
  • Author: D.A. Carson
  • ISBN: 9780801031250
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • How Long, O Lord?: Reflections on Suffering and Evil D.A. Carson This clear and accessible treatment of key biblical themes related to human suffering and evil is written by one of the most respected evangelical biblical scholars alive today Carson brings together a close, careful exposition of key biblical passages with helpful pastoral applications The second edition has been updated throughout.
    How Long, O Lord?: Reflections on Suffering and Evil D.A. Carson

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    One thought on “How Long, O Lord?: Reflections on Suffering and Evil”

    1. Five stars aren t enough This book should be required reading for every Christian It is, I think, the best treatment on the subject of the existence or, rather, problem of evil and suffering in a world governed by an all powerful and all good God Less abstractly the problem of suffering in a Christian theistic world It is not just scholarly, or just pastoral, it is both And it does both well.What made my reading of it extra special, I think, was that I read this almost right after I read Bart Eh [...]

    2. All in all, a very good book I particularly appreciate the balanced, compassionate approach to the problem of suffering I like the exposition of the book of Job and its explanation of the mystery of unjust suffering while retaining a conception of God as supreme controller I had ignored Job and focused on Paul in my discussions on suffering This was a mistake The problem of unjust suffering, whether caused by human sinfulness as the murder of Job s workers and the theft of his land or by natural [...]

    3. Christian beliefs are not to be stacked in the warehouse of the mind they are to be handled and applied to the challenges of life and discipleship Otherwise they are incapable of bringing comfort and stability, godliness and courage, humility and joy, holiness and faith p20 What do we do with a God who loves us so much he sends his Son to bear that kind of suffering How must these realities that lie at the very center of our faith bear on our understanding of the problem of evil and suffering Fr [...]

    4. This is a challenging and difficult book on suffering, but well worth the work to read it Carson goes deeply into Scripture to look at such topics as God s sovereignty, human responsibility, why suffering exists in the first place, and how we should react to suffering This is not a book to give to someone who is suffering deeply as Carson says several times throughout the book Instead, this book should be read to give a foundation for understanding suffering before it comes, so that when the har [...]

    5. This book tends to be a bit academic at points, but never without saying why it matters to understand and think through your foundational theology of suffering, evil, and God s sovereignty It is not a book to share with someone in the midst of suffering, but is extremely helpful for a counselor friend seeking to minister to suffering people His last chapter on some pastoral reflections is worth reading by itself as a counselor if you don t have time for the entire book.

    6. I ve read many of Dr Carson s books, and my relationship to many of them is a bit strange Early in my faith, and in my academic biblical education, Carson was a great help to me Over time, I ve come to disagree with Carson and , meaning that many of his books have ended up in this odd in between space for me books that I regard as having once been helpful but that I would find less helpful had I read them now This is one of his books that remains helpful and relevant, though again, I find some [...]

    7. Oh that we would understand the depths of God s Sovereignty without turning a blind eye to our personal responsibility stewardship, oppression, and suffering this book is filled with hope, solidarity, and biblical wisdom every suffering christian ought to take these words to heart in order to do spiritual good to friends, neighbors, and fellow family co laborers in Christ it took me half a year to read because I re read chapters through times of difficulty and loss, it is saturated with Spirit f [...]

    8. As ironic as it sounds, this book is a breath of fresh air in a world where Christianity is becoming increasingly irrelevant By addressing the real issues of suffering, Carson offers a strong rebuttal to the prosperity and healing movements that have no category for God s sovereignty in the face of suffering Yet, by addressing both the reality of suffering and the sovereignty of God, this book leaves the reader with hope rather than a delusion in the midst of a broken world.

    9. Don t let the 2 stars fool you It wasn t a bad book, and I didn t disagree with his points It s just very.emic, and requires a lot of brain power to get through.I really liked the chapter on Job, though Felt like he interpreted the entire book for me

    10. QUOTES The truth of the matter, Elihu insists, is that God does speak now one way, now another though no one perceives it 33 14 He speaks in revelation in dreams and visions 33 15 18 But God may also speak in the language of pain 33 19ffOthers, such as George Bernard Shaw Ellie Wiesel misunderstand the book rather badly They have this in common they assume that everything that takes place in God s universe ought to be explained to us They assume that God owes us an explanation, that there cannot [...]

    11. A fully developed, balanced and nuanced treatment of evil and suffering and how we should think about them as Christians Carson outlines some of the main threads that relate to evil and suffering, and draws them together by considering the mystery and comfort of providence, which ultimately terminate in the character of God himself I think Carson would want us to maintain an outrage at the evil and suffering that have intruded into God s world and seek to minimise them whenever we can, while rec [...]

    12. But if you are thinking of starting a christian study group just on the problem of pain and sufferings, then this is a very good book His preface is interesting I had better say right away what this book is not about It is not a quick answer to difficult questions about suffering Nor is it except implicitly a defense of the existence of God It is not even the sort of book I would give to many people who are suffering inconsolable grief Still less is it an academic discussion of philosophical pro [...]

    13. a good overall discussion on problem of evil but, d.a carson doesn t attempt to provide answers to the issue for a good reason i think this quote sums up nicely we conclude that God tells us a great deal about evil and suffering But the mysteries that remain are not going to be answered at a merely theoretical and intellectual level We may probe a little around the edges, using the minds God has given us to think through Scripture, seeking to ensure that the polarities of God s character functio [...]

    14. Carson delivers again with this book on how suffering and evil can exist and God still be a good God and in control Unlike many people who talk about this Carson sticks to the holy scriptures In one sense Carson explains that all evil is a result of the fall Sanctification through suffering is clearly shown and examples in the bible are given There is a brief commentary on Job and the appropriate and inappropriate responses to suffering A largely overlooked fact of suffering as a cause of discip [...]

    15. This is a very detailed study on suffering and the evil that entangles us This will prepare your heart for suffering that comes and how to not let evil overwhelm your spirit A very gospel centered look on suffering and evil As with the gospel, when facing suffering, it starts on who we say God is So many times we want the why and the fix Jesus is not our handy man, sugar daddy, Santa Claus, he is the beginning and the end How we handle suffering reveals what is in our heart whether it is from ou [...]

    16. Refreshingly biblical I wholeheartedly endorse this book His humble willingness to elucidate theological doctrines and distinguish them from speculation and typical attempts to solve God inspired mystery are exciting and encouraging He chose to avoid engaging in the latter, and for that I am thankful.He is on point with his intended audience believers interested in preparing for future suffering or future encouragement of those suffering the key is on FUTURE This book would probably not be helpf [...]

    17. Excellent in every way Along with Tim Keller s new book, I would say this is as good as it gets on suffering and evil Carson says his book is preventative medicine He writes, I have tried to establish some firm structures to help Christians think about evil and suffering in biblical ways before hard days descend on them And I think he does an excellent job hitting all the important questions Especially good are chapters 11 and 12 on God s sovereignty and how it relates to suffering And as always [...]

    18. This is a great treatment on suffering Carson writes for Christians and ministers from a preventive perspective The goal is to work through the issue of suffering so that one is better prepared to face it when the time comes Conversely, it is not recommended as a gift to someone who is in the midst of suffering If you are looking for a balanced view of suffering from a strong biblical perspective, How Long, O Lord is an outstanding place to start.

    19. The apparent contradiction between human suffering and God s goodness is tackled in this revised edition of Carson s work While not comprehensive, this book neither shies away from theological quandaries nor ignores their practical implications an important balance Although his book may be too weighty in places for the casual reader and Carson himself does not recommend it for those already in deep suffering , it stands as one of the best overall handlings of this universal question.

    20. There s a lot of good here suffering, compatiblism, divine sovereignty, etc Carson is both pastorally sensitive, but incisive in his exposition of relevant biblical material More on the scholarly bent than pastoral, but still very good One of the best books on this topic I ve read Carson is the man.

    21. Carson can leave you in his intellectual wake sometimes, but this book is practical and written to minister to those who scream out in pain or desperation Carson not only evaluates what the Bible has to say about suffering, he offers solutions which points the sufferer in the direction of finding peace for their soul.

    22. Not an easy read, but a rewarding one A thorough, bibilically based discussion of theodicy, with practical applications It helped me deal with past events in my life, and appreciate God s sovereignty and goodness, even in the light of suffering and evil Definitely a keeper, and one I will go back to in the future.

    23. Carson does not disappoint He merges Scripture and the problem of evil well His discussion of the importance of maintaining mystery while still searching is key to this book s success He presents God accurately and reminds his readers again and again that the answer is God Himself Whatever our circumstances, whatever we suffer, we can know that God is good and we can trust Him.

    24. This is an indepth discussion of suffering and evil in the world Carson wraps the discussion around the truths of the bible and talks extensively about holding two truths at the same time that seem to contradict each other This is not a book for someone who is in the process of grieving, it is a book to study before one is devastated by grief.

    25. The best, most thoughtful and theologically precise book I have EVER read on the subject of suffering This was the first D.A Carson book I ve read and I have turned to his writing and on line sermons often ever since discovering him He is so theologically sound, but with a sensitive and worship filled spirit in his writing and his preaching.

    26. A profound, and profoundly helpful, treatment of key biblical themes related to evil and suffering by a brilliant scholar pastor Still, it is not an easy read in ways than one It is best to be ruminated upon during times when readers are not experiencing intense times of grief or pain themselves, and even then, rather slowly.

    27. There is not better book on the theological problem of evil, and how pastors and lay leaders ought to approach it Must reading for any Christian who anticipates needing to comfort a suffering person at some point, or suffering themselves everyone Not the book to read, though, IN THE MIDST of suffering just a little too heavy.

    28. Don t wait until you re suffering to read this, as you won t have the presence of mind to really benefit from it Read it while in good health if you can, then you ll reap the rewards from it when the time is right I read it during a time of great affliction found it difficult to take in, but I recommend the book nevertheless.

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