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Take Three Karen Kingsbury Take Three Chase Ryan and Keith Ellison set out to change the world with their films and they are finally seeing their dreams come true The dedicated producers are deep in negotiations with America s top young m

  • Title: Take Three
  • Author: Karen Kingsbury
  • ISBN: 9780310266266
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • Take Three Karen Kingsbury Chase Ryan and Keith Ellison set out to change the world with their films and they are finally seeing their dreams come true The dedicated producers are deep in negotiations with America s top young movie star to play the lead in their next inspirational movie But life takes a sudden turn for Chase, removing him from Jeremiah Productions permanently In the process, KeiChase Ryan and Keith Ellison set out to change the world with their films and they are finally seeing their dreams come true The dedicated producers are deep in negotiations with America s top young movie star to play the lead in their next inspirational movie But life takes a sudden turn for Chase, removing him from Jeremiah Productions permanently In the process, Keith brings on one of the Baxter family members and the moviemaking continues At the same time, a crisis hits Keith s daughter, Andi, and Keith feels helpless to respond Devastated by the consequences of her wrong actions, Andi ventures out on her own and decides on a course of action that could destroy her Meanwhile, Bailey Flanigan is caught up in her own drama with Cody Coleman A Campus Crusade retreat gives them time alone along the shores of Lake Monroe and lets them face a possibility they ve avoided for years Will Keith keep the passion he had at the start of his filmmaking and will there be enough passion left over for his hurting daughter Or has their quest to change American culture become nothing than a quest for fame
    Take Three Karen Kingsbury

    • [E-Book] ☆ Take Three | By ↠ Karen Kingsbury
      251 Karen Kingsbury
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    One thought on “Take Three”

    1. As always, Karen Kingsbury has produced another well written book However, am I the only person who is getting tired of her portraying Christians as perfect families with endless monetary means in big houses, succeeding at everything they do That s not reality Reality is messy, even as a Christian Bad things happen to good people and everything doesn t always turn out perfectly Not everyone can have a perfect little family like the Baxters or the Flanigans Even people who live right and raise th [...]

    2. so I ended this book and I was like woah that s the end I mean it was a pretty great way stellar if you will to end It was unexpected that it ended that way but gooooooood ending Karen another amazing book Pretty good So I m excited to read the second book and I ll start it right away like now because it it it it is so so good

    3. I really like Karen s books and recently have liked some of the risks she s taken by letting her characters fall or not turn out perfectly While I enjoyed this book and read it quickly, it wasn t one of my favorites I really enjoy the Bailey Cody storyline But there were a lot of things that happened in this book that just seemed a little unrealistic The speed with which some things were fixed disappointed me a little bit Most of the time, life doesn t work itself out so quickly and perfectly Al [...]

    4. Some of the conversations surrounding the characters crises seem stilted.cially the places where God is speaking into someone s heart Many of the solutions are simplistic otherwise, typical fabulous story line with well loved characters.

    5. Keith and Chase are at the bubble, about to break through Hollywood and gain a reputation for making life changing movies So, why when they re in such exciting times, does Chase suddenly feel as if he s in the wrong place and that God wills for him to leave Andi is reaping the fruit of her previous actions, going through a crisis that leaves her future in jeopardy Will she turn back to God or continue down a path of self destruction Bailey and Cody are still doing a dance of whether or not they [...]

    6. My friends laugh at me for reading these books but I feel so invested in the characters that I keep going I m so glad that I do because I love these people I feel refreshed when I read their stories and yes it makes me want to be a better person there I am a cornball Parts of this book were quite a tear jerker as I went through Andi s struggles with her and rejoiced at God s love for her If only Clarence would show up at every tough decision in life I can t wait to get started on Take Four

    7. I love the characters in the Above The Line Series I am a member of the Baxter Family lol Take Three was greattears fell for Andi and when she made her decision even tears fell Bailey and Cody are cute togetherI wonder what is next for them Can t wait for Take Four What I learnedHow can I get through the next 12 hours in God s power, accomplishing His purposes, and concerned only about pleasing him

    8. I have read all of Karen s books and love them all For some reason this group of 4 books is my least favorite in all of the series with all of these characters I think after reading so many of her books they are becoming too predictable for me and like another reviewer said everyone is always so perfect and says the right thing However, I will still be waiting expectantly for each new book

    9. Take Three by Karen Kingsbury is about Bailey and her starting college She s going out with Tim but she likes Cody She eventually breaks up with Tim and gets together with Cody Allison, Bailey s roommate, gets pregnant and wants an abortion but then opts to give the baby up for adoption instead It s amazing to see what God can do in people s lives.

    10. I enjoyed this books but not as much as the other ones I really liked how Andi grew in this book, even when she was on the verge of giving up she found her way back to God I will read the last one because I believe it will be the completion of the happy ending that we got in this book.

    11. I m so glad Andi decided not to have an abortion I have a friend whose daughter had an abortion scheduled As soon as I found out I was so upset because I would love to be able to have another baby I wrote her and told her I couldn t believe she would consider murdering her baby when there is so many of us that would adopt her baby Her Mom even got mad at me for sticking my nose in their business None of them are Christians so it doesn t bother them She was supposed to go the next day to get an a [...]

    12. Chase considers his marriage and life in the midst of success Bailey struggles with her feelings, her love interests Cody defines of his purpose Andi learns her life is about to unexpectedly change.Hollywood, Film Making, PaparazziExciting twists bring memories from earlier Baxter books Feels like a treasure chest being opened revealing beautiful jewels.When I think this series can t get any better, it does Relationships broken, then restored causes tears to flow.A wayward daughter possibly mak [...]

    13. Looking forward to Take Four Much happened in this 3rd book As always, I hear reminders of how much I need to talk with God and how he answers prayers Wishing I could make that fact know to many that I love.

    14. I enjoyed Take Three in the Baxter series I had a hard time putting this book down Written about real life situations, in a modern day setting.

    15. MY REVIEW Take Three is the third book in the Above The Line Series and is an improvement over the 2nd book in the series In these 311 pages of storyline we face a marriage on the brink, a young woman with a crisis pregnancy, parents who don t know what to do, a young heart torn between two young men, and the grace of God that covers them all.I appreciated how Karen approached and handled the topic of a crisis pregnancy and how we see God using Ashley Baxter s testimony for His glory It s an ama [...]

    16. I missed reading Karen s books Although it has been awhile, the characters still are fresh in my memory and capture my full attention Andi s desire to be her own person at college and make her own choices leads her to an unplanned pregnancy She is struggling with her next moveabortion or adoption and in the process is breaking away from communication from her friends and parents The Last Letter movie premier turns out to be successful, but Chase finds that he needs to be home with his family and [...]

    17. This book series is getting very interesting I won t go into a synopsis of the book because I think you get an adequate idea of what it s about from reading the back of the book itself.For those who love the Baxter family series and have rooted for Cody and Bailey to find their way to each other, the treat at the end of the book is like receiving a special gift I really enjoyed that And as always, Ms Kingsbury s writing always brings tears to my eyes I absolutely LOVE reading books where the aut [...]

    18. After the amazingly long wait to get Take Three from the library, I couldn t wait to start reading it This has to be my favorite of the Above the Line series I think that has to do with the less movie making information and filming scenes with Keith and Chase.I loved Andi s story SPOILER After making some mistakes, Andi gets pregnant and seriously considers getting an abortion She thinks it s the easy way out and it will make everything better for everyone It s a real life issue that many women [...]

    19. Anyone who knows me knows I m a big Kingsbury fan I waited several months for this book from the library nIn the third book of the Above the Line series, Chase Ryan and Keith Ellison have finally found success by Hollywood s standards But at what cost When Chase determines the cost is too high, where does that leave their production company, the film they are releasing, and the film to come n nI enjoyed seeing the Baxters and Flannegans again I won t lie I m excited about Bailey s series to come [...]

    20. Paraphrased page 98 I ve been thinking a lot about my future, what I want to do with my life Cody, college student I m glad that s half the battle, putting a little thought into it So many kids never even do that Jim, fatherly figure mentorCody I keep remembering something you told me a long time ago when I still lived here You said life isn t a dress rehearsal, and it s important to find joy in the short time you have Cody paraphrased You said joy comes from having a personal relationship with [...]

    21. One of my favourite Christian authors is Karen Kingsbury I find her writing style just envelopes me and her characters are so real you at times want to shake your head in exasperation at them, or just give them a big hug Take Three is the third book in her Above the Line series, which chronicles the journey of two Christian filmmakers who are on a mission to bring faith back into the lives of the general American populace through inspirational movies In this book, one of the producers makes a ch [...]

    22. I loved this one BUT this is a part of a series which is part of another series kind of confusing I ve read the Baxter series and the next two series with the Baxter family and this is a branch off from that with some of the same characters You could probably read this series alone though the Take One series It s good Karen Kingsbury is a Christian writer and I love how good, wholesome and clean her books are She deals with some difficult subjects that have helped me have an open perspective and [...]

    23. I have been going through a lot of garbage in my life right now and I found a lot of peace in this story I always seem to find peace with Mrs Kingsbury whenever my life isn t panning out in a really appealing way Her view on relationships is astounding and so true everyone is so easily muddled by these awful worldly views of what love and life is like, so muddled that they teach their children the same awful views and the poor kids then go off after a life of mundane happiness and love that is r [...]

    24. Wow Lots of drama in this one Chase Ryan is led by God to back out of Jeremiah Productions and take the job of youth pastor at his church Now he can be with his wife and daughters Dayne joins Keith in running things and they are working on Unlocked Brandon Paul is going to be staring in the movie but Keith is a bit concerned about Brandon s faith or lack thereof Andi is pregnant and thinks abortion is the only way out But a series of events orchestrated by the prayers of those who love her chan [...]

    25. I raelly do love Karen Kingsbury s books, especially those that involve the Baxter family and friends This book was no different It was like coming home and was an extremely quick read, maybe so in time seemed to fly than how it really may have.I loved the story and seeing how God will come through when we listen to His voice and make room for Him to move It seemed to come together perfectly in the book, and I m sure many would say it s far fetched, but I strongly believe if we allow God to mov [...]


    27. This book is another book from Karen Kingsbury that will pull at your heartstrings as we see Chase stepping down from producing Christian films in order to spend time with his family, which is unusual for a guy to do in books You see Keith and Lisa Ellison s daughter Andi deal with an unwanted pregnancy though her decision is not too unexpected though it is ironic that the family that she picked to give her baby too also went through an unwanted pregnancy before the mother married her baby s fa [...]

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