Starship & the Canoe #2020

Starship & the Canoe Kenneth Brower Starship the Canoe The story of a father and son who search for life s meaning in very different ways In the tradition of Carl Sagan and John McPhee a bracing cerebral voyage past intergalactic hoopla and backwoods ret

  • Title: Starship & the Canoe
  • Author: Kenneth Brower
  • ISBN: 9780060910303
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • Starship & the Canoe Kenneth Brower The story of a father and son who search for life s meaning in very different ways In the tradition of Carl Sagan and John McPhee, a bracing cerebral voyage past intergalactic hoopla and backwoods retreats Kirkus Reviews In the tradition of Carl Sagan and John McPhee, a bracing cerebral voyage past intergalactic hoopla and backwoods retreats Kirkus Reviews The story of a father and son who search for life s meaning in very different ways In the tradition of Carl Sagan and John McPhee, a bracing cerebral voyage past intergalactic hoopla and backwoods retreats Kirkus Reviews In the tradition of Carl Sagan and John McPhee, a bracing cerebral voyage past intergalactic hoopla and backwoods retreats Kirkus Reviews An unusual and often moving double biographyIn their individual ways, the Dysons embody the extremes of twentieth century life science and technology and the revolt against them The New Yorker A compelling and evocative biography of father and sona highly moving allegory on the compelling ideologies of our timesAside from any deeper meanings one could extract from this book, it is a lot of fun San Francisco Chronicle
    Starship & the Canoe Kenneth Brower

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      418 Kenneth Brower
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    One thought on “Starship & the Canoe”

    1. I read this way back when it was first published 1978 What do you do when you re overshadowed by a famous father George Dyson retreats to the wilderness while intellectual Freeman Dyson grapples with the cosmos They re estranged, yet share an affinity for remote travel, whether in a canoe or a starship.

    2. I found this book at a used book store some time ago in Arcata.Well let me rephrase that my girlfriend found it My girlfriend being Ken Brower s niece while the title, cover and description of the book caught my interest it was an immediate buy Though I later learned I could just pull one of a handful of copies from Ken s shelf at a later time.I did t read this for almost two years after that purchase I had seen various references to Freeman and George Dyson, had heard my girlfriend s mother tal [...]

    3. Freeman Dyson wants to build a starship to take him into the cosmos atop a column of atomic fire His son George wants to build an ocean going canoe While his father dwells in an Ivory Tower, George lives in a tree house One an accomplished mathematician who lectures at universities worldwide, the other a high school drop out who s done jail time for drugs On the surface, father and son could not seem different, but in this part biography part travelogue Kenneth Brower shows how very similar the [...]

    4. Don t be dissuaded by the sci fi cover, it s not sci fi I m not sure how it s classified, which is part of why it s compelling Much of it is written from a biography perspective, with the author following a man preoccupied with building kayaks, and following his father, a prominent nuclear physicist They are both dreamers of engineering capabilities and of civilizations The son is rooted in the past while the father looks only ahead Aside from being about the father son relationship, The Starshi [...]

    5. Wonderful book about the intersection of science and non science Father and son, one a world renowned nuclear scientist who helped created the A bomb, the other striving to understand the world the the creation of a birch bark canoe.

    6. I really enjoyed this short read The author s use of descriptive language to paint a picture of both the main character as well as the places he visits on his adventure left me with a longing to spend some time in the Alaskan wilderness, well away from the grizzly of course.

    7. This is a true story of Freeman Dyson and George Dyson He just released a new book George that is He wrote Turing s Cathedral.

    8. Excellent book,especially if you are about to visit Alaska and do some kayaking, and if you are a certain age Hard to find in a library though.I bought it and passed it around.

    9. A father and son with vastly different goals and views reveal how they are united by their love for possibilities and exploration The possibility of this unusual relationship is worth exploring.

    10. This is the story of Freeman Dyson, brilliant and iconoclastic theoretical physicist and his son George, iconoclastic canoe builder, and how the two of them did or did not get along.

    11. I read this when I was big into sea kayaking mid 80s , and between Brower s powerful prose and the extra ordinary life of Dyson, it was a hit.

    12. from another erabut always good to look back and find such wonder we may never find the same physical environment, but all the emotional landscapes still exist my favorite parts were the paddling ones

    13. This book blew me away, probably because I ve studied physics at an advanced level and because I ve lived in the wilderness An excellent read about both although not technical in either and about family.

    14. This is a tremendous narrative with three strong threads author Kenneth Brower s voyages with George Dyson, a self taught expert on the baidarka, the canoe used by the natives of the long Queen Charlotte Strait which goes up from the US Canada border across the western Canadian coast to Alaska the story of George Dyson s life, which is filled with comic adventure and the development of Dyson during the anarchic 1970s into a respected researcher and authority on the evolution of the canoe the sto [...]

    15. I got a bit bored with George roaming around seemingly aimlessly in the Pacific Northwest, and Dyson, from my perspective, not coming up with any concrete impact upon the space program, but eventually I realized I didn t like the qualities in this father and son that I readily recognize in myself The wandering of body, mind, and spirit, the restlessness that ends up producing only so much that others can even grok, yes If only I were as truly productive as either Freeman The ending spoke to me a [...]

    16. I ve read this book three or four times I love it I ve since read books by both the the father and son covered in the book But yes, it is a book about three people the father, the sond the author Brilliantly written, with a wonderful subject matter It makes me want to know the Dyson family all the And it reminds us to follow our dreams wherever they may take us and however impractical they may seem to others George, the rebellious son, has since become a respected author, thought leader, and ha [...]

    17. Though it took a while for me to warm up to it, I enjoyed pretty much everything it set out to do Not only do you get a fascinating window into the passions of two eccentric men, you get to watch a father son relationship evolve, and you learn about modern frontier living in Alaska Kenneth Brower makes deft work of preparing connections, metaphors, and psychoanalysis for you to consider as the raw scenery drifts by you Towards the end, Brower seems to insert his insecurities and biases a little [...]

    18. I read this book years ago while being really into kayaking I wasn t much of a non fiction reader at the time but was very interested in George Dyson as a builder of skin on frame kayaks This book takes a look at a father s and son s successes in vastly different industries and their estranged relationship George, the son, is quite the eccentric treehouse living baidarka skin on frame sea kayak builder The father, Freeman, is a reknown physicist living a contrasting lifestyle in the world of sci [...]

    19. A cornerstone book in my thought about life, the universe and everything It s clearly about the father son relationship and how it evolved in the 60 s, sure To me it was about George s personal journey and the notion that his world is as significant and beautiful as his father s world of scientific rationality In the end both Freeman and George are revealed as full of promise and steeped in enthusiasm for life you are left to suspend your judgement and appreciate both lives in depth Quite big id [...]

    20. from what i have read so far this book is an amazing story of a father son relationship that is black and white the dad is interested in exploring colonizing outers space with a high tech spaceship and the son is interested in living simply on the earth and exploring with a low tech but high quality animal skin canoe reminds me of my relationship with my father who wants to live high tech, and my best friend Justin who wants to go to space.

    21. I ve never read a dual biography before, and I have to say that in this book it worked A tale of Freeman Dyson, the ridiculously brilliant and quirky physicist, and his son, equally quirky and on his own path The contrast between superficially is enormous, but as we get to know them we see similarities in their personal intensity and drive to not just see the world in their own ways but to actually live it uniquely as well I ll never think about canoe or space travel the same way again.

    22. This book is non fiction, a biography of a physicist father, and tree house building son The author spend time with both of them, and creates a vivid portrait of these two outsider men and their tenuous relationship The real reason I love this book is because the son lives in a tree house, and spent less to build it than Thoreau It s set in the San Juan islands in WA, and makes me ready to live in those foggy woods every time I ready it.

    23. I read this book over a few months because I really found it hard to get into I definitely liked the story about the son, George, than the father, Freeman I think that s because I really did not understand all the physics that was discussed I think the overall story is interesting, it s just hard to keep with it.

    24. The father is an astrophysicist the son, a canoe builder who lives in a treehouse assaulted by flying squirrels I listed this book because it was probably my first encounter with differences generational, technology v environment where I was forced onto the razor s edge, compelled by both visions.

    25. A worthwhile and distinctive exploration of a famous father and not so famous son who lived separate and opposite lives Definitely one to share.Thought provoking insights into both men, their times, their choices and relationship Good along the way info on the West Coast, rocket building in the 50 s and 60 s and canoes.

    26. Proof that mankind is forever on a search for transcendence, purpose and God in this world While the book isn t Christian or even Christian themed, I got the sense that the man that Kenneth Brower is following is on the search for something that can t be found in this world.

    27. biography of George Dyson and his father Freeman Dyson, the famous physicist would have been better if about Freeman Dyson, but good nevertheless author shows the underlying similarities beneath the outward differences between father and son

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