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Underworld Reginald Hill Underworld Hill is an instinctive and complete novelist who is blessed with a spontaneous storytelling gift Frances Fyfield Mail on Sunday When young Tracey Pedley vanished in the woods around Burrthorpe the c

  • Title: Underworld
  • Author: Reginald Hill
  • ISBN: 9780684189314
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Underworld Reginald Hill Hill is an instinctive and complete novelist who is blessed with a spontaneous storytelling gift Frances Fyfield, Mail on Sunday When young Tracey Pedley vanished in the woods around Burrthorpe, the close knit community had their own ideas about what had happened, but Deputy Chief Constable Watmough has it down as the work of a child killer who has since committed suicid Hill is an instinctive and complete novelist who is blessed with a spontaneous storytelling gift Frances Fyfield, Mail on Sunday When young Tracey Pedley vanished in the woods around Burrthorpe, the close knit community had their own ideas about what had happened, but Deputy Chief Constable Watmough has it down as the work of a child killer who has since committed suicide though others wondered about the last man to see her alive and his fatal plunge into the disused mine shaft Returning to a town he left in anger, Colin Farr s homecoming is ready for trouble, and when a university course brings him into contact with Ellie Pascoe, trouble starts Meanwhile Andy Daziel mutters imprecations on the sidelines, until a murder in Burrthorpe mine forces him to take action that brings him up against a hostile and frightened community
    Underworld Reginald Hill

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      Reginald Hill

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    1. As a lover of the Dalziel Pascoe T.V series I was hoping for great things from this and thankfully Hill lived up to my love of the series This has all the bits I love from the series including Dalziel s blunt and to the point approach to people, investigations and life in general and Pascoe s quiet patience as well as the added bonus of knowing what is going on in their heads and getting to spend than just an hour or two in their company I really did not like Ellie though, she annoyed the livin [...]

    2. I almost missed out on this tenth entry in the 24 book Dalziel Pascoe mystery series I thought I had read them all, when a member of a Facebook group mentioned this title in a post It s definitely one that should not be missed, with its first rate story, superb writing, vividly portrayed Yorkshire coal mining setting, great dialogue, and excellent characterization, with a notable development in Peter Pascoe s character at the end.Reginald Hill was among the most literate and imaginative of myste [...]

    3. So basically Ellie is a selfish, self obsessed twunt who not only gets in the way of police procedures but actively harms them And is a bitch while doing so Right The book was great, but I really really hate Ellie What a self righteous nitwit.

    4. This series goes from strength to strength Beautifully done I don t get Ellie Pascoe though She walks around with blinders on Her life is a knee jerk reaction, why doesn t she ever think things through

    5. En plus des bonnes intrigues et de l criture excellente de la s rie, j aime les personnages Dalziel est assez original dans le genre Il n est pas du genre tra ner son mal tre et ses questionnements sur la vie, l univers et le reste comme la plupart des h ros policiers Il n est pas du genre se demander pourquoi sa femme est partie il aurait d ailleurs t plus surprenant qu une femme puisse rester avec lui Il est odieux, il passe son temps gratter certaines parties de son anatomie en public, il eng [...]

    6. This is number ten in the wonderful Dalziel Pascoe series, written in 1988 with a setting centred on a small mining community in Burrthorpe in Yorkshire This is in the aftermath of the strikes of the 80 s and the miners now have sponsored day release for educational purposes Ellie Pascoe is roped in to take some classes which provides her from a break writing her feminist novel which isn t proceeding as planned Her class includes an angry young man, Colin Farr whose father was the last person to [...]

    7. Great stuff If you ve never read a mystery, you could do much worse than starting with Reginald Hill He is one of the few mystery writers that manage to consistently incorporate a little black humor usually provided by Superintendent Dalziel into his books This one takes place largely in a mining town and provides a fairly interesting and gripping description of what it is like to be a coal miner in Northern England not very nice, as it turns out The mystery is first rate as well However, as in [...]

    8. Ellie Pascoe became very frustrating The writting was slick but some of the local Yorkshire dialect was incomprehensible at times The press tried to sensationalise the local police but came to a sticky end.

    9. Despite all the fancy linguistic trappings and foul miner s language and imagery, the plot to this story is easy and it is almost too easy to spot the main villain It seems that everything points to one individual so that you think it can t be that obvious, but it is By the time the book ends, seven people and a dog have died violently and the life of Peter Pascoe hangs in the balance.Basically, the plot is this a n er do well by the name of Colin Farr is a brooding Heathcliffesque kind of chara [...]

    10. An old killing stays raw in the minds of a mining town when the son of a suspected child murderer comes back to town Pressures build, supports collapse will all end up in the crushing dark if a pair of detectives don t bring the truth up into the clean airSolid I called this earlllly, so not my favorite thing ever, but good.

    11. The tenth book in the series came out in 1988 and is as excellent as the 80s Dalziel and Pascoe find themselves caught up in a cold case when they fall in among the mining community of South Yorkshire Ellie Pascoe has her own adventure involving a young man half her age Each of the plot lines converge as new murders occur and the trio along with Sgt wieldy solve the case.

    12. Interesting, to see the push and pull within the Pascoes marriage as the case progresses The shifting relationship with Peter and Wield is becoming fun to watch, too Great story, plenty of twists, and, since I never try to guess whodunnit too far in advance, a pleasant surprise so to speak at the reveal.

    13. 1 2 that shall round up to five because it s Reginald Hill and I m feeling generous.I really liked this one It was written in 1988 but doesn t feel particularly dated It does gloss over technological advances and computers people still work with paper records, for instance , but it could very well be that these particular jurisdictions, Mid and South Yorks, were not yet with the times.After a suitably sombre poem about going down a mine, the story begins with Pascoe trapped in a mine and Dalziel [...]

    14. Old wounds in a mining community are reopened when a retired senior policeman publishes his memoirs and Dalziel and Pascoe find themselves involved in a case which is only tenuously on their patch The usual Hill mixture, cleverly crafted and infused with northern humour, sees Dalziel at his best, Pascoe fretting about his marriage and Wieldy beginning to emerge as a rounded character Hill is justifiably one of the all time greats of British crime writing and his standards rarely dip.

    15. I read the first in the series A Clubbable Woman and really disliked both leads I then read Ruling Passion and it totally turned me around in that both Dalziel and Pascoe were rounded characters and sympathetic A Pinch of Snuff had me back at square one in that I didn t like either of them and the subject matter even less but I had on my TBR pile they were all given to me by a friend and so have now turned to the next, cronologically, in my possession I m so glad I did.This time around I m re [...]

    16. Years ago, the mining town of Burrthorpe suffered a loss when a young girl disappeared, and when an injured miner subsequently commits suicide, it is assumed that he was the child killer His son, now grown up, has never believed this theory and is determined to find proof of his father s innocence, even if it means searching very dangerous abandoned mines Under World is Reginald Hill s 10th novel featuring Dalziel and Pascoe, and it s quite gripping I found myself especially worried about Pascoe [...]

    17. I ve been reading this series in order, and this one didn t seem quite up to the usual standard I objected to the many breaks in the storytelling at key moments jumping from one set of characters to another only to maintain suspense I also figured out whodunnit near the beginning, before I even knew what the crime was going to turn out to be But as always, the writing was a literate pleasure, and the dialogue and characters rang true The lead detective Andy Dalziel is just as devious, just as po [...]

    18. Yet another loved one from my boy Hill If Child s Play was Wieldy s spotlight, this one belongs to Ellie She gets herself mixed up with golden boy Colin Farr, a student of hers From the prologue we know that at some point Peter ends up trapped underground in a collapsed mine shaft with Dalziel trying to dig him out We get a surprise or two along the way, but for the most part, Hill keeps the reader one step ahead of the characters After all of the build up to circle back to the beginning, it wou [...]

    19. Review I wrote in 2005 Under World is the 3rd book in the Inspector Pascoe and Superintendent Dalziel series I won t bother to review it because, while there are at least 8 in the series, I think I ve had enough I read mystery series because I like the characters I spent much of Under World hating one of the main characters in it, and strongly disliking one of the potential villains While I might try one just for utter fairness one of my distinguishing characteristics and utter failings in lif [...]

    20. This story revolves around coal mining in South and Mid Yorkshire Ultimately, four murders are solved by the Mid Yorkshire CID, including Peter Pascoe and Andy Dalziel The characters are well developed and believable, as is the dialog The plot is developed slowly, but not tediously, and all loose end are tied up by the end of the story This is an easy read, and I enjoyed it I hope you will too.

    21. Set in a Yorkshire pit village in the 1980s in the aftermath of the miner s strike, this gives a real feel for what life is like under ground The detective story plot is well worked out, and the characters keep progressing Hill writes with insight about what the strike meant to women, and I find his female characters especially Ellie Pascoe very believable I love the humorous touches, and I m even coming to have a soft spot for the sometimes monstrous Dalzeil.

    22. After a slow start I raced through this book The characters were well drawn and were pretty gritty in places The banter from Dalziel and the miners made me laugh and I enjoyed learning about the background of mining Ellie Pascoe featured much and I found myself seeing her point of view yet also being irritated with her actions Overall a good read with a great plotline, great prose and vivid characters.

    23. Enjoyed this one The Underworld of the title is the world of mines as well as that darker underworld of hidden loyalties It s as much a Pascoe as a Dalziel novel, with both Pascoe and his wife Ellie having major roles to play Pascoe ends up in a suitably Hades like predicament, buried underground with the corpse of a reporter who had managed to tape the answers to the mystery.

    24. Usual excellent Reginald Hill mystery a mining town where everybody knows each others business and a recent strike has created bitterness and schisms old crimes that may or may not have been solved and now a new murder Ellie Pascoe is there to run a class for miners to better themselves, especially one star pupil, which brings out interesting class differences.

    25. Quite a good entry to the series Pascoe and Dalziel investigate an old series of child murders after a retired colleague s memoir, serialized and sensationalized in the local rag, stirs up doubt about one case in particular.

    26. One of Hill s best in the Dalziel Pascoe series I d seen the TV version of this which followed the book faithfully The brotherhood of the coal miners is depicted clearly as well as their resistance to outsiders.

    27. Not used to British novels, guess i need a different vacabulary than for American novels, but still finished it in a reasonable period of time.

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