The Butterflies of Grand Canyon #2020

The Butterflies of Grand Canyon Margaret Erhart The Butterflies of Grand Canyon Set against the backdrop of the brooding and sensual canyon a young woman s heart awakens and a decades old mystery is solved When Jane Merkle arrives in the tiny town of Flagstaff Arizona with her

  • Title: The Butterflies of Grand Canyon
  • Author: Margaret Erhart
  • ISBN: 9780452295490
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Butterflies of Grand Canyon Margaret Erhart Set against the backdrop of the brooding and sensual canyon, a young woman s heart awakens and a decades old mystery is solved When Jane Merkle arrives in the tiny town of Flagstaff, Arizona, with her much older husband on a summer day in 1951, she hasn t any idea that her life is about to change forever After all, one of Jane s favorite sayings is When in Rome, remembeSet against the backdrop of the brooding and sensual canyon, a young woman s heart awakens and a decades old mystery is solved When Jane Merkle arrives in the tiny town of Flagstaff, Arizona, with her much older husband on a summer day in 1951, she hasn t any idea that her life is about to change forever After all, one of Jane s favorite sayings is When in Rome, remember that you re from St Louis But over a summer spent with her sister in law, Dotty, and Dotty s lepidopterist husband, Oliver, in a village perched on the rim of the Grand Canyon, Jane discovers her latent ability with a butterfly net and her attraction to a handsome young ranger Meanwhile, an unidentified skeleton is found on the premises of one of the village s most cantankerous citizens With the help and hindrance of a colorful cast of historical characters, including an eccentric botanist who moonlights as an amateur sleuth, the murder mystery that has haunted the town for years is solved In her latest novel, set in the quintessential landscape of the Southwest, Margaret Erhart weaves history, science, and an intimate knowledge of the human heart to tell a fast paced tale.
    The Butterflies of Grand Canyon Margaret Erhart

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      205 Margaret Erhart
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    One thought on “The Butterflies of Grand Canyon”

    1. quote from back of the book author weaves history, science, and an intimate knowledge of the himan heart and the cover is all innocent looking and you hope you learn some stuff about butterflies and the grandcanyon and solve a mystery along the way i learned that this author endorses cheating on your spouse unless i misunderstood this part of the book i see the point of them romps on the side ive been persuaded they do us good without them she would left long ago im sure of it and theyve made me [...]

    2. The title makes this sound like a non fiction guidebook, but this is actually a murder mystery based on actual people and events from the Grand Canyon Emery Kolb is suspected of murder after a body is found in his garage He asks his botantist friend Elzada Clover to assist with the investigation Another side story that actually takes up most of the novel is a love story between a married woman and a young ranger It was fun reading about familiar characters in an environment well known to me I wa [...]

    3. A quirky book with touches of Shaw like social commentary, doses of Natural history, bits of treatises on the nature of love and all wrapped up in a murder mystery and love story I enjoyed the dventure of reading this book and found quite a few flashes of brilliance in er escriptions of the natural world and human character.

    4. An incident in 1938 at the bottom of the Grand Canyon is the underlying story that flows under the lives of several people living in the Grand Canyon National Park village in 1951 I had to keep a list of characters to keep the relationships straight Once I did that the story moved along It s a gentle story which is strange given it revolves around the skeleton of someone who might be a suicide or might have been murdered.The plot seems weak, and the ending somewhat implausible, but it was an enj [...]

    5. Another discovery from the 2010 Tucson Festival of Books, read just in time for the 2011 Festival In 1951 Jane Merkle travels to Flagstaff, Arizona with her much older husband to spend the summer with her husband s sister and her husband Jane becomes enad of the Grand Canyon, butterflies, and a young park ranger Deeply buried in a distant sub plot, there is also a murder mystery that languidly unravels itself in a way that reveals connections and relationships among the characters but provides l [...]

    6. The concept of the book definitely drew me in forbidden love and a decades old unsolved murder And Ms Erhart s beautiful prose kept me reading.But overall, this book was a disappointment.For starters, there were far too many characters, most of whom had nothing to do with each other Then, there were too many varying plots, again, all disjointed from the others.It s a shame, because Ms Erhart delivered some of the most beautiful literary passages I ve read in a long, long time, but the plot and c [...]

    7. As an ecologist entomologist who studies butterflies in the West, I was excited to read this book, which aspires to combine a murder mystery, a love story, and natural history Those elements are all there, but the story is fragmented as though the author had assembled a pile of characters, places, and events, but didn t know how to put them together The narrative was confusing, as were the backstories and motives of some of the characters Butterflies We learn nothing about them except a few scie [...]

    8. This was a very interesting book Part historical travel journal about the Grand Canyon, part biology class butterflies and bugs , part murder mystery quite engaging , all intertwined with a very kind study of the relationships among the characters in a small Southwest town.The book is a quick read I would recommend it Just an fyi Not what I would consider HEA on the relationship side of the story Happily Ever After usually a requirement for me although everyone does seem to come to a level of ac [...]

    9. I thought this was a pretty involving story, which included the beauty of the natural world, a murder mystery and extramarital love Not a great, brilliant, amazing novel, but it kept my attention and I enjoyed it in the manner that it s sometimes impossible to enjoy great, brilliant, amazing novels Simply put, I found it fun And I thought the characters were, for the most part, pretty well rounded and likable, although I did have some trouble keeping names straight.

    10. Bekah Sandy Porter nailed it The concept of the book definitely drew me in forbidden love and a decades old unsolved murder And Ms Erhart s beautiful prose kept me reading But overall, this book was a disappointment There were nice insights about marriage, love and aging in this book, but it needed to be better edited or something.I wanted it to be absorbing Finished it to find out the mystery conclusion.

    11. I was drawn to this book because of its locale, being from Arizona And I started reading it while in Arizona It was an interesting story, but way too many scientific butterfly names It didn t really matter The bits and pieces of information that were the basis of this story was interesting than the story itself.It had it s twists and turns, but nothing that was sensational Was I asleep or were some pieces left unresolved

    12. This was sort of an interesting novel Not my standard fare a bit too focused on romance rather than twisty plots and violent death but it was truly a delight to read while my family was visiting Grand Canyon Nat l Park Erhart s characters draw one into the novel, and it s for their sake that I finished it, having predicted the ending, but wanting to read their reactions to the way things had fallen out.

    13. This didn t move as much as I would like in a mystery And it was almost a gentle read that I could recommend to people who don t like the sex violence language but it does have an affair that while not explicit could get me some complaints The setting in this book was a big part of it and the butterflies.The Butterflies of Grand Canyon

    14. Read this book because I m going on a trip to the grand canyon in a few weeks While the nature writing was stunning in a few places, the story wasZZZZZzzzzzz totally boring and the mystery unbelievable and poorly crafted Some thoughtful reflections on the realities of romance, but other than that, not much to take away from this book.

    15. I didn t think this was particularly well written, although it had its moments However, for a canyon head like me, it was fun to recognize the historical people and events and the places used in the story I read it while at Grand Canyon in April, and I saw butterflies I had never noticed so many before.

    16. Although I liked several parts of this book, not a single member of my Hyatt Vi senior book group liked it Half the members didn t finish it They disliked the voice of the characters felt they were cartoonish They were confused by the large number of characters and they way they were presented.

    17. This was a surprisingly delightful book full of quirky and laughable characters with a murder mystery included Being a butterfly gardener helped with envisioning the species of butterflies and plants mentioned, but is not necessary to enjoy this book I really loved some of the conversational exchanges between some of the characters.

    18. A lovely story set at Grand Canyon in 1951 A young wife goes to visit her much older sister in law and her husband Once there our heroine discovers the beauty of the canyon and its butterflies and a young ranger Her husband sits back in St Louis fixing steaks for his dog while his wife wonders about the intricacies of love Not for people who like plot driven novels.

    19. I couldn t keep the character straight in the beginning and still had some trouble with them by the end The description of the canyon and the butterflies kept me interested, as well as the love affairs I liked Jane Merkele s character but I was not so fond of the other women characters I liked how the author used historical facts but this isn t explained until the end.

    20. I wanted very badly to enjoy this book, although I knew from the moment I read the back cover that I would have preferred it without the affair The basic idea was good mystery and science in an earlier age , but the writing style was not appealing to me nor were the characters believable likable.

    21. I enjoyed this book, but the back cover described it as a mystery and the mystery storyline was secondary to the romance The best part is the author s inspiration for the story for example, a skeleton was found in a garage and the names of the main characters are the names of real people who collected butterflies for the Grand Canyon National Park the events are fictional.

    22. It promised a mystery about a skeleton after nearly the whole book wandered around different characters and the affairs they were having with each other, it wrapped up the skeleton mystery at the end as almost an afterthought Very disappointing.

    23. Not as good as I had hoped, but still interesting in parts A very gentle story even though it has extramarital affairs, murder, and a psychopath Some interesting characters especially the botanist who solves the mystery.

    24. I finished this book but I can t really say why Best word I can find to describe it is Dippy Don t bother reading it weak plot, poor writing, frequently side trips into irrelevant content I could go on but why bother Ugh.

    25. Set in 1950s Arizona, this book with its interesting and otherwise eclectic cast of small town characters, follows Jane, a nature loving visitor to the Grand Canyon rediscovers her own boundaries while inadvertently becoming the centerpiece to solving a mysterious death of a local businessman.

    26. There were moments when I was a bit confused in this book, maybe due to distractions on my part rather than author s lapses It s a book about love and passion, but not in the usual sense Slow paced, love of place in life, and some wonderfully written paragraphs I d recommend it.

    27. Two stars because I finished it but I got to the end and thought huh I don t know if I missed a large part but there was no sleuthing, just a chapter at the end that explained the solution to the mystery Apart from chasing butterflies, this book didn t do much.

    28. Somewhat interesting because of the butterflies and the setting in Grand Canyon Simple mystery, same with the relationship bits.

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