How I Survived Being a Girl #2020

How I Survived Being a Girl Wendelin Van Draanen How I Survived Being a Girl Carolyn s tips for survival Keep your hair too short for ribbons Get a great dog Avoid girls who wear Mary Janes Spy on the neighbors Play in the mud Carolyn likes to break the rules To her great surp

  • Title: How I Survived Being a Girl
  • Author: Wendelin Van Draanen
  • ISBN: 9780060540739
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • How I Survived Being a Girl Wendelin Van Draanen Carolyn s tips for survival Keep your hair too short for ribbons.Get a great dog.Avoid girls who wear Mary Janes.Spy on the neighbors.Play in the mud.Carolyn likes to break the rules To her great surprise, it turns out that s what being a girl is all about.
    How I Survived Being a Girl Wendelin Van Draanen

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      312 Wendelin Van Draanen
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    One thought on “How I Survived Being a Girl”

    1. How I Survived Being a Girl was my favorite book when I was younger, and I only read it once So when I found it in my stacks and stacks of books, I had to pick it up again I scarcely even remembered what it was about, and since I didn t really want to pick up anything too hefty before school started, I just figured I d give this one a quick reread I have found that this book still stands as one of my favorites, despite my age difference I was about six or seven when I first read it, compared to [...]

    2. The writing was fine, I just didn t find a plot The author takes the reader on a short journey through a summer with a tomboy who loves her brothers, but would prefer to be a brother, herself It s like a diary, but it isn t written in diary form Just little everyday snippets of her average life and how she relates in her family and her neighborhood I kept waiting for some big conflict to happen, so that she could make herself stand out from the rest of the crowd.

    3. A favorite realistic fiction story from my childhood It read like snippets of a the 6th grade protagonists every day life More of coming of adolescence than coming of age and how to be comfortable with yourself

    4. Enjoyable stories and writing Frustratingly falls into the fat phobic tropes about the interactions she has with neighbors, teachers, etc I thought the ending could have been better, but also wasn t the worst.

    5. This is BY FAR my favorite childhood book I even wrote about it for my college applications.I should say , but, honestly, I am not even sure if all of the feelings I have towards this book can be properly encapsulated in one measly review.

    6. This Book is Intersting Well u see in schools some students that are dont like other girls having long hair or short hair this girl she does everything needed to look like a perfect girl and she hangouts with boys than girls.You should read this book it s inspiring

    7. I loved this title, had to pick it up What a fun idea The concept was one I am trying to explore in my own writing, so it was great timing to discover this.Carolyn is the only girl in the neighborhood well, the only girl that doesn t wear mary janes, and the only girl who gets into dirt fights and likes spying on the crazy neighbors with her brothers Jack and Allen Only, Jack is too old and doesn t want to play with her, and tagging along with her younger brother isn t as much fun any Well, unle [...]

    8. Wierd but good I probally would have enjoyed this better if I was in 6th but never too old for anything Well almost anything My sister showed me this book because she knew I liked the book Flipped and this was from the same author So I thought, alright Let s see if I d like this book as much It was very cute and I really loved how the author was able to tell a tale through the mind of a 6th grader It was so real I can still remember how I used to think like that another amazing thing I read from [...]

    9. The title of this book drew me in immediately as a tomboy, I can t count the number of times I ve felt being a girl is something to be survived this author understands What suggestions could she have The short answer Wendelin Van Draanen doesn t answer the question posed by her title The story consists of almost unrelated anecdotes in the life of Carolyn, a twelve year old tomboy view spoiler She acts out, breaks some rules, develops a crush on her neighbor, and the story ends abruptly with Caro [...]

    10. I enjoy a lot of her other books, but not so much this one The answer to how to survive being a girl a tomboy with lots of brothers seems to be to develop a crush on a neighborhood boy I think that s the wrong message The book was originally published in 1997, but it seems much dated than that She seems to draw on a lot of her own school experiences, which are now old fashioned, and therefore I don t think it will resonate much today s adolescent girls She has references to teachers wearing wig [...]

    11. The best word to describe How I Survived Being a Girl is desirable, because all of the activities that happened in the book could actually happen in real life and that s what I think makes it so interesting Personally, I liked how the ending turned out because all Carolyn really needed was a girl in her life that s why she was so overjoyed when her sister was born What makes this story so interesting is how Carolyn the main character is telling the story in first person and showing what its like [...]

    12. AUTHOR PRESENTATIONThe main character, twelve year old, Carolyn is struggling with self identity like many girls of that age She doesn t want to be a girl, but sometimes has a hard time fitting in with the boys In the novel, she experiences her first crush, and enjoys the arrival of a baby sister In the end, she has learned to be comfortable with who she is In my author presentation, I speculated the value of such realistic stories I think reading a story like this could help young people become [...]

    13. How I survived being a girlby Wendelin Van Draanen is a wonderful book about a young tomboy Draanen s wit will have you laughing at every page Her ability to incoroprate young love is spectacular You will love every time Carolyn opens her mouth waiting for what comes out next This young tomboy life changes from playing with the neighbors to schoolgirl chrushes set in summer time you ll remember when you were young playing with your siblings and neighbors Yuo ll wish you could join carolyn on her [...]

    14. This was my favorite book when I was younger Fantastic Wonderfully written, wonderful character, wonderful everything I read it over and over and over So good This is a girl character in a book aimed for like, elementary school students, and she kicks the shit out of most of the current YA girl characters This book is fun, it represents childhood in a very real way, and it doesn t patronize the reader.

    15. How I Survived Being a Girl is a very poorly written, sorry excuse for a coming of age story about 12 year old Carolyn who acts like a two year old Sandwiched between two brothers, she thinks she should act like the boys and shuns dresses, frilly bows, and dolls But, when neighbor Charlie starts paying some attention to her, she thinks maybe being a girl is not so bad Not worth the time it takes to read it, even though is a quick read.

    16. I remember reading this book in middle school and I LOVED it I now, of course, don t remember all the details but I remember it being quite funny and I have kept it in my collection to this day because I enjoyed it so much I remember liking it much better than Flipped which I believe is also by this author.

    17. This book was okay It wasn t as good as some of the other books that I ve read by Wendelin Van Draanen The plot was pretty entertaining, but it really didn t have much sustenance I probably wouldn t recommend Taken from my book reviews blog reviewsatmse 2008

    18. I liked the map of the neighborhood Even though I always imagine things myself, it was fun to have the drawing for reference It brought back memories of how a neighborhood used to be, and how it should be I enjoyed reading a book written in a child s honest, innocent, insightful perspective.

    19. I read it when I was about 11 or so and I loved it I m in my twenties now and I still love it It s a sweet short read about a young girl with two brothers who just wants to be accepted by the boys and liked my one in particular.

    20. I really didn t want to like this book, but i enjoyed it The story is filled with great kid humor The main character, Carolyn, is trying to figure out her place in the world while dealing with a new teacher and keeping up with the boys in her neighborhood.

    21. I adored this book when I was younger, I read and reread it until I got sick of it, which rarely happened This girl reminded me of myself in a way I fell in love with Carolyn and the rest of the ragtag gang I even did a book report on it

    22. How i Survived being a Girl was alright it was action packed and fun to read about the life of a girl who doubts the good stuff about her gender I just wish the book was longer it ended when there could of been a lot to write about.

    23. April and I tried to read this together Kind of boring Every chapter the main character was somewhere else, doing something else Hard to follow We didn t finish the book We read a couple chapters but just couldn t finish the story.

    24. this book is reall intresting to me because of the charcters and the way the story goes reall gets my attention

    25. This is good But it is not as good as Wendelin Van Draanen s newest books Or even the newer ones It s told in 1st person I recommend this book to people ages 10 12.

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