Il gioco dell'angelo #2020

Il gioco dell'angelo Carlos Ruiz Zafón Bruno Arpaia Il gioco dell angelo Nella tumultuosa Barcellona degli anni Venti il giovane David Mart n cova un sogno diventare uno scrittore E quando riesce a pubblicare un racconto il successo arriva Ma da quel momento la sua vita

  • Title: Il gioco dell'angelo
  • Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón Bruno Arpaia
  • ISBN: 9788804592976
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • Il gioco dell'angelo Carlos Ruiz Zafón Bruno Arpaia Nella tumultuosa Barcellona degli anni Venti, il giovane David Mart n cova un sogno diventare uno scrittore E quando riesce a pubblicare un racconto, il successo arriva Ma da quel momento la sua vita comincer per la prima volta a porgli interrogativi ai quali non ha immediata risposta, esponendolo come mai prima di allora a imprevedibili azzardi e travolgenti passioni,Nella tumultuosa Barcellona degli anni Venti, il giovane David Mart n cova un sogno diventare uno scrittore E quando riesce a pubblicare un racconto, il successo arriva Ma da quel momento la sua vita comincer per la prima volta a porgli interrogativi ai quali non ha immediata risposta, esponendolo come mai prima di allora a imprevedibili azzardi e travolgenti passioni, crimini efferati e sentimenti assoluti, lungo le strade di una Barcellona sconosciuta e inquietante Quando David si decider infine ad accettare l offerta, fattagli da un misterioso editore, di scrivere un opera tanto immane quanto rivoluzionaria, non si render conto che, al compimento di una simile impresa, ad attenderlo non ci saranno soltanto onore e gloriaCon uno stile scintillante e grande sapienza narrativa, l autore de L ombra del vento torna a guidarci tra i misteri del Cimitero dei Libri Dimenticati, regalandoci una storia in cui l inesausta passione per i libri, la potenza dell a e la forza dell amicizia si intrecciano ancora una volta in un connubio irresistibile.
    Il gioco dell'angelo Carlos Ruiz Zafón Bruno Arpaia

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      Carlos Ruiz Zafón Bruno Arpaia

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    1. 1936 1939 The Shadow of the Wind El juego del ngel El prisionero del cielo El laberinto de los esp ritus 2016

    2. David Mart n is a writer of penny dreadfuls who is offered a huge sum of money to write a book for a French publisher He can t find any evidence that the publisher actually exists though, and violent things start happening to David s friends and colleagues.I was rocking through the first half of the book, loving Ruiz Zaf n s writing, and then I just stopped caring a little over halfway through I m not entirely sure what happened I think I got sick of having absolutely no freaking idea what was g [...]

    3. The book starts out so well, rich in a character, humor, and a powerful sense of place It captivated me from the first few pages I couldn t wait to keep reading I rewarded myself with it each night I felt I was reading a truly great book, one I was certain would become a beloved favorite of mine I was so in love, that I was willing to overlook a nagging flaw in a story where language and the craft of writing mean so much, where the writer himself aims a spotlight on authorial laziness Don Basilo [...]

    4. David Martin is a pulp fiction writer struggling in life He went to Barcelona in hope of a better future, and the mysterious man with an unbelievable offer seemed to fulfill his wish The events after he accepted the offer changed his life forever.The first book, The Shadow of the Wind managed to exceed my expectations I was a bit reluctant with this second one, but clearly Zaf n is one hell of a writer He once again managed to exceed my expectations I consider him as one of the best Historical F [...]

    5. This book was ALMOST a 5 star read for me I really, really enjoyed it, and wish that I could give it 5 stars, but I feel like the loose ends were kind of rubber banded together, rather than tied up all nice and pretty But first I want to talk about the writing GOR GEOUS Ruiz Zafon captured me with the first paragraph In fact, while I was reading What Dreams May Come right before this, I snuck a peek and then almost didn t put it back down to finish WDMC I mean, look at this A writer never forget [...]

    6. 4.5 Hats off to you, Sir I love this author so damn much First, let s get the confusion out of the way The Angel s Game, though the second book to the beautiful Shadow of the Wind, is neither a prequel nor a sequel Essentially it is a stand alone story that you can fully enjoy on its own but if you want to get the most out of it and discover all the connections that will enhance your reading experience with the characters, I highly recommend reading them in their publication order and not the ti [...]

    7. Onvan The Angel s Game The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, 2 Nevisande Carlos Ruiz Zaf _n ISBN 753826496 ISBN13 9780753826492 Dar 522 Safhe Saal e Chap 2008

    8. My, oh my I had such great expectations from the book I know, it s not fair and I was so disappointed about how it ends I actually don t know any if I liked it or not.It starts OK, nothing spectacular at the beginning well maybe that episode when David, a journalist at this point, visits the brothel I still haven t figured out its connection with the rest of the story , but after the first quarter it gets better and better Now a writer, David is asked by a mysterious editor to write THE book, so [...]

    9. Corelli se inclin hacia adelante y me clav los ojos Mart n, quiero que cree una religi n para m.David Martin es un escritor desesperado en busca de reconocimiento, tras varias luchas infructuosas en el mundo de la literatura conoce al Se or Corelli, un caballero cuyo s mbolo es un ngel, este le propone un trato del cual Martin no podr negarse Cosas extra as comenzaran a suceder en la vida de Martin que lo llevaran a preguntarse si el s mbolo del patr n deber a ser un ngel o un demonio Otra vez Z [...]

    10. More like a 4.5 stars but still really, really good I couldn t get enough of this book It has the delightfully gothic elements that Ruiz Zaf n does so well mysterious figures, creepy mansions, blood and mist, and the eerie atmosphere of Barcelona at night And of course, the importance of books in the story makes it quite an enjoyable read.The story follows David Martin, a writer for a newspaper and penny dreadfuls who gets sucked into a creepy plot with a figure called the boss who employs him t [...]

    11. When I m reading something good, or even decent, I ll find myself reading just a few pages when I should be doing housework or some other exciting chore When I find myself finding all sorts of creative ways to waste time without even thinking of picking up my book, I know it s time to give up on it.Too bad I really liked The Shadow of the Wind But unfortunately, like the sequel to The Pillars of the Earth, I think the author was trying too hard to recreate his own success at the expense of writ [...]

    12. Overall a well told story with a clever and original plot David Martin is a struggling author living in poverty in the seedy depths of Barcelona He receives an irresistible offer of 100,000 francs to write a book for a creepy man he begins referring to as the boss After accepting the offer Martin starts research on the designated topic, triggering a series of strange happenings He knows he is being played and used, but he doesn t know why or by whom Things just get and sinister and bizarre as [...]

    13. The Angel s Game actually takes place in the same area of Barcelona as SOTW Set in the period just before the civil war that leads up to SOTW The main character is David Martin, who at the beginning of book is working at a newspaper gets his chance to be a writer Soon with the help of of his friend mentor, Perdo Vidal, he is able to lift himself out of poverty start writing for a living.He soon leaves the newspaper starts writing pulp fiction under a pseudonym for a less than desirable publishin [...]

    14. 4.5 Foi o segundo livro que li de C.R.Z fon e come o a reconhecer lhe o estilo g tico e misterioso, com alguns apontamentos de sobrenatural que imprime aos seus romances Parece ser uma receita vencedora j que os livros vendem se como p ezinhos quentes E com raz o, em mais de 500 p ginas n o encontrei uma que fosse aborrecida ou me desse vontade de pousar o livro Pelo contr rio cozinhei com ele na m o, comi com ele na m o, ignorei a malta minha volta e s n o li e dormi ao mesmo tempo porque a nat [...]

    15. Last night, I listened to the end of this audiobook with tears in my eyes I won t easily forget those last scenes My favorite parts of this story were the visits to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books I love the idea of a place where Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul The first time someone visits this place, he must choose a book and adopt it, making sure that it will never disappear, that it will always stay alive Just reading those sentences makes my soul sigh with contentment I di [...]

    16. Este es un libro que disfrut mucho, desde las primeras p ginas te absorbe eso que pronto te dar s cuenta que es la prosa de Zafon Te recuerda en seguida a la sombra del viento pero con un tono m s adulto, el tema a tratar y los dilemas de David Mart n son quiz s m s oscuros que los de Daniel Sampere En mi caso esto supo atrapar mi atenci n.La historia comienza muy bien, pero a medida que avanza se vuelve cada vez m s pesada, el misterio es muy grande y todo se resuelve muy pronto en el final, ha [...]

    17. Do you love a book that has people dying in fetid pools, rotting in chambers, burned alive Do you love gothic novels that leave you feeling bleaker than you did when you sat down to read with your bag of microwave popcorn Do you love books that attack belief systems by dismissing the supernatural, and then indulge in the supernatural I don t Don t get me wrong I don t mind sorrow in a story, or the vestiges of tragedy, or philosophy, or heavy emotional lifting But Zafon s writing was too good fo [...]

    18. Once , Zafon takes his readers to a thrilling ride into a web of stories And any ride with Zafon is guaranteed to be breathtaking.In the Angel s Game, Zafon has again exhibited his specialty in leading his readers into a series of intricate stories He makes sure his readers enter that labyrinth of events so engrossed that they would hardly feel that they have been sucked into it But great Zafon makes sure that his readers come out of it safe He really has that talent of giving little unexpected [...]

    19. Imagine a book that is a mystery with the sensibility of a gothic horror but is also a story about loyalty and friendships, and love and betrayal How can one book be so many things and not feel like a gigantic mess Well in the hands of Carlos Ruiz Zaf n it seems such feats are indeed possible The Angel s Game is the second book in his The Cemetery of Forgotten Book series following on from my much loved The Shadow of the Wind But it s not a direct sequel It s a prequel but can very much be read [...]

    20. I am a patient reader I can cope with ambiguity and digression I enjoy ornate prose and the occasional serving of melodrama I don t need each and every element of a plot spelled out for me This means that I loved almost every over the top melodramatic moment of the first in Carlos Ruiz Zafon s Cemetery of Lost Books series, The Shadow of the Wind Reading that novel, I was carried away to Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War and thoroughly enjoyed Ruiz Zafon s magical prose My overwhelmingly po [...]

    21. Y si cuando est s totalmente al borde del abismo te ofrecen el tiempo y la oportunidad de darle un sentido a tu vida a cambio de un peque o precio eptar as En la oscura Barcelona de los a os 20, David Martin, joven escritor y amante de los libros malvive escribiendo publicaciones e historias bajo seud nimo Sue a con publicar un libro propio y vive perdidamente enamorado de la hija del ch fer de su rico e influyente amigo, Pedro Vidal.La vida parece no sonre rle demasiado pero un giro argumental [...]

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