A Famine of Horses #2020

A Famine of Horses P.F. Chisholm Patricia Finney A Famine of Horses In the year Sir Robert Carey comes north to Carlisle to take up his new post He has wangled his appointment to be nearer his true love And of course he can use the money Rich in atmosphere and

  • Title: A Famine of Horses
  • Author: P.F. Chisholm Patricia Finney
  • ISBN: 9781890208271
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Famine of Horses P.F. Chisholm Patricia Finney In the year 1592, Sir Robert Carey comes north to Carlisle to take up his new post He has wangled his appointment to be nearer his true love And of course, he can use the money.Rich in atmosphere and packed with vivid real and fictional characters, few novels are as well imagined or as much fun as this romp through roguish courtiers, rival gangs, rustling, treason, anIn the year 1592, Sir Robert Carey comes north to Carlisle to take up his new post He has wangled his appointment to be nearer his true love And of course, he can use the money.Rich in atmosphere and packed with vivid real and fictional characters, few novels are as well imagined or as much fun as this romp through roguish courtiers, rival gangs, rustling, treason, and high ambition.
    A Famine of Horses P.F. Chisholm Patricia Finney

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      360 P.F. Chisholm Patricia Finney
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    1. This was a promising start indeed to a new to me series I always enjoy a good historical mystery and this one was very good indeed The author writes beautifully and I immediately fell for the main character Sir Robert Carey The story is set in Elizabethan times and the main characters are based on real people from those times The descriptions of life at that time are gritty and realistic Think of fleas in your bed, lice in your hair and weevils in your bread Not good Sir Robert is charming, smar [...]

    2. Based on the real life character of Robert Carey, cousin of Elizabeth I and most likely grandson of Henry VIII his father was born to Mary Boleyn while she was Henry s mistress and set in the unstable borderlands between Scotland and England in 1592 Elizabeth I is nearing the end of her reign in England and James VI is on the throne in Scotland Robert Carey has left his place as a favourite in Elizabeth s court to flee his debtors and take up the position of Deputy Warden in Carlisle at the invi [...]

    3. The first in a terrific series of novels based on Sir Robert Carey, an actual historical figure and a courtier in Queen Elizabeth I s court The first four books in the series are wonderful Carey was the second, impecunious son of the Baron Hunsdon, who was posted to the border reaches of northern England and southern Scotland, both as a means of advancing his career and removing him from the reach of his many creditors in London Terrific secondary characters, grand Elizabethan political plots, a [...]

    4. Really enjoyed this It s just a lightweight historical mystery, but it s well written and amusing, and has a great sense of time and place the late Tudor period, at the chaotic Anglo Scottish border The food and clothing and social distinctions felt right, and so did the dialog, without resorting to mayhaps or methinks.Robert Carey was a real person his grandmother was Anne Boleyn s sister Mary, so he was at least a cousin of Queen Elizabeth, and probably her nephew Despite his connections Carey [...]

    5. Read 3 20 05A Famine of Horses is a lively, fact paced story set along the English Scottish Borderlands circa 1592 Sir Robert Carey arrives, fresh from Elizabeth I scourt, to take over the deputy wardenship of theWest March Carey engagingly contends with horsethieves, murder, corruption and shifting loyalties.A charming and interesting book, I ll certainly continue on with this series.

    6. The protagonist of this book is the real life Sir Robert Carey, the grandson of King Henry VIII and his mistress, Mary Boleyn Anne s sister Set in 1592 on the Scots English Border, Sir Robert comes north to become Deputy Warden of the West March, a place and time that makes the American Wild West look tame The main and supporting characters are well drawn, some of them based on historical people The plot is complex but understandable, the period detail interesting but not ponderous.

    7. Based on the historical figure of Sir Carey, a London courtier turned warden on the cowboy frontier of Carlisle during the reign of Elizabeth I, this is a stunning read that surprised me by how well it drew me into the period, the geography and the politics of the time.Periodically I had to read passages again to figure out who was involved as many names are similar, being based upon a set of clans on the northern border There are a lot of Graham s for instance because that s the family name Thi [...]

    8. It is now Oh Gods some fifteen years since I first came across the first of PF Chisholm s Sir Robert Carey novels set in the politically complex Tudor England of the 1590s Queen Elizabeth s fleet has beaten back the famed Armada and that threat at least for time has diminished and the kingdom basks in relative peace However the northern border with Scotland it is not so quiet Murder, cattle reiving and tower burning are all too common occurrences So one dead body found in the Debatable Lands sh [...]

    9. This Sir Robert Carey mystery, set during the last years of Elizabeth 1st s reign, has the intrepid courtier and cousin to the Queen, Robert Carey, sent to the borderlands to take up the post of Deputy Warden The new warden, Lord Scrope, also happens to be Carey s insipid brother in law from whom Carey cannot expect any support as he attempts to tackle the corruption extant on the border between Scotland and England, but also solve a brutal murder before simmering clan conflicts erupt once .Mist [...]

    10. Sir Robert Carey, the hero of A Famine of Horses, is a real historical figure, a bastard grandson of Henry VIII, and the youngest, and therefore poorest, son of an earl Prior to the start of the story, he has been a courtier in Elizabeth I s court, and it s clear he was looking for a way out.He gets himself appointed as Deputy Warden under his ineffectual brother in law up in Carlisle, England Carlisle is the northern most bit of England just south of the disputed land between England and Scotla [...]

    11. I truly enjoyed this tale It made me laugh out loud several times There is mystery and mayhem set in old England With what one would believe to be a soft prissy cousin to the Queen, who takes on the job of deputy warden out on the West March and border lands of England and Scotland However, my assumption was proven wrong straight away Sir Robert Carey proves himself fit for the job and is quite ingenious in his dealings The women in this story aren t anything to poo poo at either I look forward [...]

    12. The first book in a wonderful series Since the 6th book was recently released, I decided to reread a them all from the beginning Based on the real life journals of Sir Robert Carey, the 10th son of Lord Hunsdon, who was the cousin and possibly the half brother of Elizabeth I, these mystery novels are set during the last 11 years or so of her reign, starting around 1592 Such wonderful characters, both real and fictional, and an exciting plot Robert Carey was a fascinating, handsome man brave, hon [...]

    13. in just lending this book to someone yesterday who enjoys this sort of thing I realized I hadn t put this on my shelf It is exciting up to a point, historically fascinating and has characters which I can see may well have developed in fascinating ways during the other books but interestingly, though I have two other books from the series which were given to me eight years ago, I still haven t read them It might just be that they, like the Patrick O Brian series, failed to grab me and therefore t [...]

    14. A surprisingly good book at least to me for what I thought would be another schlocky trade paperback Enough history to bring the 16th century Scottish borderlands to life, enough action for any thriller fan Very well written and only one typo that I could find in the entire book a welcome rarity I will be picking up P.F Chishom s Patricia Finney s other Sir Robert Carey Mystery books soon.

    15. Really enjoyed this I ve been a fan of Patricia Finney s books but actually bought this it sounded interesting before I realized that she and PF Chisholm were the same person If you like Elizabethan history, well written mysteries or tales of the Scottish border, I highly recommend this series Although this statement is based on just this one book, but I suspect that the others are equally engaging.

    16. This is a cracking good adventure tale I m hearing myself say this review in a British accent I liked this book better than the other one by this writer Firedrake s Eye that I read earlier It s less bogged down in 16th century detail language and exciting You really feel like you re there I ll be reading the rest of the books in this series.

    17. P F Chisholm, whose mysteries written as Patricia Finney, are about a man who searches out traitors for Queen Elizabeth I, gets humerous with the four books in this series Robert Carey is the Queens cousin, escaping from his creditors in London and landing in Carlisle to become Deputy Warden of the West Marches, trying to keep peace among the Border families.

    18. I read this out of order, having read the second instalment first I liked this even than the later book It gives a vivid sense of the reiver society and the battles in the Borders to maintain order Sir Robert Carey is a brilliant choice of an historical personage on whom to base a series of crime adventures.

    19. This isn t the heights of the Robert Carey novels, there s a bit too much set up, and transition, and the Borderlanders are a little too close to caricature for my liking, but it effectively introduces the main characters, and the description of the siege is pure gold it is really Chisholm s keen sense of hilarity derived from character that is the highlight here.

    20. Quite funny, with some diverse and entertaining characters The plot gets a bit lost in the color at times, but I think it s worth it.

    21. The first in the series set in the lands between Scotland and England circa 1600 Robert Carey as the newly arrived Londoner in this wild and rather lawless land Great atmosphere and plot.

    22. Loved it Got to track down the rest of the series It is so nice to find an author who can write something besides fluff.

    23. enjoyed it but wouldn t re read I may get the next in the series if I can find it at the library was slow to interest me, but was paced well once I got invested

    24. A Famine of HorsesI ve read one other book in Chisholm s Sir Robert Carey series An Air of Treason , but A Famine of Horses is the first in the series and very, very good.A Famine of Horses is a fast paced tale full of historical detail with many of the characters taken from real life, both the good guys and the bad guys On Sir Robert Carey s arrival as Deputy Warden of the West March, he is faced with a murder to investigate He must discover the guilty person quickly to avoid further bloodshed [...]

    25. While parts of the book had issues some of it dragged a little this is a realistic and engaging mystery.

    26. I love a good historical mystery Place it in Elizabethan England and I am happy This book had a good blend of real and fictional characters and you believe that something like this most definitely could have happened.

    27. Recommended by a favorite author, and she was right Well written fiction about a real historical character Rich with sly wit Loved it Going to read them all.

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