Sphinx's Queen #2020

Sphinx's Queen Esther M. Friesner Sphinx s Queen Ancient Egypt springs to life in this enthralling sequel to Sphinx s Princess As she did in Nobody s Princess and Nobody s Prize author Esther Friesner offers readers a fresh look at an iconic figure

  • Title: Sphinx's Queen
  • Author: Esther M. Friesner
  • ISBN: 9780375856570
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sphinx's Queen Esther M. Friesner Ancient Egypt springs to life in this enthralling sequel to Sphinx s Princess As she did in Nobody s Princess and Nobody s Prize, author Esther Friesner offers readers a fresh look at an iconic figure, blending historical fiction and mythology in a heady concoction.Hunted Overnight, every aspect of Nefertiti s life has changed She is no longer living at the royal pAncient Egypt springs to life in this enthralling sequel to Sphinx s Princess As she did in Nobody s Princess and Nobody s Prize, author Esther Friesner offers readers a fresh look at an iconic figure, blending historical fiction and mythology in a heady concoction.Hunted Overnight, every aspect of Nefertiti s life has changed She is no longer living at the royal palace as the intended bride of the crown prince Instead, she is being chased by the prince and his soldiers for a crime she did not commit.Hidden Traveling with two of her dearest friends, including the crown prince s brother, who helped her escape, Nefertiti takes shelter in the wild hills along the Nile s west bank She must rely on her own resourcefulness and skills all those secret archery lessons prove very useful as the fugitives fight to survive.Haunted But the need for justice gnaws at Nefertiti She is determined to plead her case to the Pharaoh and set things right As she begins to question long held sacred beliefs a questioning that could alter the fabric of Egyptian society her extraordinary journey from commoner to royalty brings adventure, intrigue, and romance.
    Sphinx's Queen Esther M. Friesner

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      Esther M. Friesner

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    1. This book just annoyed me, a lot, and I resorted to skimming in order to finish the book without throwing my iPod through the wall.The modern language continued to grate, but at least there wasn t another fur covered cheese ball moment The plot is fast moving, but there are subplots that feel like they ve been thrown in to pad the story out The Nefertiti is not just a pretty face angle is drummed into us so much that she comes off as a Mary Sue The other good guys are flat and bland The relatio [...]

    2. I must admit, I was slightly wary of this book in the beginning I don t tend to read many of the books aimed at girls my age because, despite a seemingly intriguing plotline, they usually degenerate into sappy romances, which I deplore This, however, was different It was a romance, yes, but it was about so much than that It was about Nefertiti and her growth from a girl running away from her life to a woman strong enough to stand her ground and face it One of the best aspects of this book, in m [...]

    3. Sphinx s Queen is the continuation of the book Sphinx s Princess Sphinx s Princess is about a girl named Nefertiti She was supposed to be the bride of the next pharoah, Thutmose, but Thutmose wanted to take revenge on Nefertiti because Thutmose thought that Nefertiti liked his younger brother Also, their wedding was postponed for three years due to the fact that Nefertiti s too young so Thutmose s spot as pharaoh is not secure Now, Nefertiti must pay for a crime she did not commit, but before th [...]

    4. In some ways an improvement over Sphinx s Princess if only because there s a very limited number of characters for almost half of the book However, the ending felt forced, overly simplistic and unconvincing Several characters undergo dramatic changes without any compelling narrative reason And after pretty much running minute by minute the plot starts jumping time by days weeks years in the last fifth or so of the book.I guess I m glad I finished Sphinx s Queen, but it feels like a complete hom [...]

    5. Nefertiti can be as tantalizing and mysterious as the Mona Lisa, and like her European Cousin, the real Nefertiti is still smiling and holding on to her secrets Esther Friesner imagines what the young Nefertiti may have been like in this novel Although a bit unrealistic, it still provides a good trip of imagination into what this imposing personality may have actually been like as a child and young woman.

    6. After reading Sphinx s Princess I was very pleased to read this book The first book was very good, but this one was even better The story held my attention and I could hardly put it down I would definitely recommend reading this if you are interested in Ancient Egypt In addition to being a great story this book also provides a lot of interesting information about life in Ancient Egypt.

    7. Esther Frienser doesn t fail too disappoint She weaves the final book in this series masterfully and creates characters that readers fall in love with.This finale to the series was definitely a triumph.A great read for anybody who likes historical fiction.

    8. Absolutley awesome the ending is a bit sad, but happy at the same time, which i think is how all books shoudl end et just makes them so likable READ THESE BOOKS

    9. I loved this book It makes me want to learn about Nefertiti It was very entertaining It was also emotional.

    10. plot spoilers This book was very juvenile, definitely for a younger audience than me The way they talked was childish and exhausting to read Everyone used way too much emotion when speaking words were italicized and emphasized that didn t need to be, and there were exclamation points at the end of nearly every sentence Now see what you ve done to me, Nefertiti If you had been a normal girl, you would have jumped at the chance to marry me, not delay and delay and delay You made me wait me, the ne [...]

    11. I am so glad that I finally gave this series a try Back in December I finally got around to reading and reviewing the first novel and this one turned out to be my second read of 2013 and it really kicked off the year for me.This book continues exactly where the first book Sphinx s Princess left off, and I mean exactly, the two novels flowed seamlessly from the first book to the second which I really appreciated because it sucks to have to pick a story back up again when the author has lost the f [...]

    12. Frivolous but important details first The cover I love Nefertiti s dress and jewelry She looks stunningexcept what happened to her left arm Just sayin that kinda gives me a weird impression about the book.But on to the book Yes, I really liked this one It was a wonderful follow up to Sphinx s Princess, which was a great story but lacked drama and action Sphinx s Queen makes up for the first book s shortfall as Nefertiti guides the reader on an adventure through the treacherous Nile and land of a [...]

    13. I read this a few weeks after reading the first book in this 2 book series You can see my review of the first book, The Sphinx s Princess right HERE Unfortunately, I didn t like this book nearly as much as the first This book picks up where The Sphinx s Princess left off Nefertiti has escaped Thutmose with Amenophis and Nava and is traveling along the Nile Throughout the first half of the book they travel from place to place, receiving help and helping others They run into Thutmose They travel t [...]

    14. If you have read my review for Sphinx s Princess this book s prequel then you know that I enjoyed it, and looked forward to a similar experience while reading it s sequel Sphinx s Queen For the most part, I was not disappointed The characters Nefertiti especially are vibrant and full of life Some of the dialogue was too modern for my taste especially for an Egyptian based story , but it didn t detract from the story too much.However, while the majority of Sphinx s Queen is every bit as intriguin [...]

    15. Sphinx s Queen I read the first book several months ago, highly enjoyed it, and then went and bought this one without hesitation However, it sat on a shelf in my bedroom in clear sight, where I saw it everyday Why I guess I just wasnt feeling it I finally picked it up, and I am so very glad I did SPOILERS AHEAD This book opens with Nefertiti, Nava, and Amenhopis fleeing Nefertiti s fiancee, crown Prince Thutmose While rather slow to begin, soon this novel picked up with action and adventure, jus [...]

    16. Nefertiti is on the run for her life in this thrilling sequel to Esther Friesner s Sphinx s Princess.Nefertiti, The Beautiful Woman has Come , was supposed to marry her cousin, the Crown Prince Thutmose But after he proves to be too manipulative and spiteful, and after being convicted for a crime she didn t commit, Nefertiti is running to see the pharaoh himself to profess her innocence But danger awaits her at every turn in the king s city, and even so outside it All she has for companions are [...]

    17. Nefertiti is on the run for a crime she did not commit, convicted by Egypt s crown prince, the very man she was intended to marry Her only help is a young ex slave girl and the crown prince s brother her only hope is to reach the Pharaoh first, to explain her case Time is short, and there is nowhere to hide, not if Nefertiti is to fight for both justice and love But the crown prince and his mother always seem to be one step ahead of her Can Nefertiti uncover the corruptions of ancient Egypt with [...]

    18. I just started reading the first book so basicaly I read the series backwards Even though I didn t read Sphinx s Princess I got into the story of Sphinx s Queen quickly The book introduced the characters really well and did a great job of explaining what happend to cause their situation in the begining The chapters where Netfertiti, Nava, and Amenophis were traveling in the sea and desert were very vivid and it felt like I wasn t reading, but seeing a movie played out in my head Which is a very [...]

    19. review written 2013 actually i liked this book a lot better than sphinx s princess there was suspense in it, and the plot moved quickly enough for me to keep interested and this time i actually cared about the romance subplot between nefertiti and amenophis it was good, but it wasn t great one thing i both loved and hated was the face heel turn i am using tv tropes to describe things again by thutmose and later, queen tiye on one hand, i was rooting constantly for them to realize that their par [...]

    20. Why, oh why, can t we have female protaganists like Nefertiti in YA lit Too often I find myself thinking, It s not IMPOSSIBLE for a girl to be in love and STILL be strong willed and independent So why do YA authors have such a hard time creating characters like that And then, like a ray of sunshine, Friesner comes along and makes such a challenge seem like a cakewalk.Nefertiti is a kick ass, honest, fearless girl with a heart of gold Here s a girl who says to her man, Yeah, I love you But that [...]

    21. Once again Friesner does a fantastic job of taking a historical personage and breathing enough life into them to interest the average teen Sphinx s Queen was just as well done as it s prequel, Sphinx s Princess, and the Helen of Troy books Nobody s Princess and Nobody s Prize For the astute a.k.a those who know the history surrounding the Armarna period of Eygptian history reader Friesner has also left all the clues to what likely happens after this novel ends I also have to commend the way the [...]

    22. More ratings and reviews on PriyankaReads Rating 4.4 out of 5 starsGenre Historical FictionAge Recommended 13 and up 7th grade Sphinx s Queen was an amazing sequel to Sphinx s Princess The fast paced book enthralled me and had me reading under my desk in class shhhh A new plot has risen.Nefertiti has found out that her aunt wishes her to marry Thutmose, the Pharaoh s son Thutmose s first impression on Nefertiti is bad and Nefertiti now realizes how evil Queen Tiye and her son are.Nefertiti is on [...]

    23. Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooNefertiti and Amenophis are on the run They re desperately trying to escape from Prince Thutmose Together with an ex slave, they re floating down the river in an attempt to reach the Pharaoh.They must reach the Pharaoh in order to clear Nefertiti s name After much hardship and a little luck, they reach his side, only to discover that Prince Thutmose has beaten them there Now, Nefertiti must stand before the Pharaoh and clear herself from the false char [...]

    24. The sequel to Sphinx s Princess , this wonderfully thirst quenching continuation of the valiant Nefertiti s adventures charges on With an ending that invoked my tears, this book made me feel as a close friend of Nefertiti s By the conclusion of her wonderfully refreshing, yet also painfully heart wrenching tale, one would feel the huge longing to always hold this inspiring, young female protagonist at heart Through Friesnar s expert story telling, Nefertiti guides us bravely through unbelievably [...]

    25. Some people say that the second book to sequels never turn out as good as the first book, but if you read Sphinx s Queen you would know that that isn t true Sphinx s Queen is a great book that is about how Nefertiti became the queen of Egypt It is filled with romance, suspense, and anger that helps unravel this immense plot You think forgiving someone who tried to kill you is tough, then try to forgive someone who killed you and your family Nefertiti is a beautiful yet powerful woman who doesn t [...]

    26. This second book was better than the first in some ways, but worse in others, I enjoyed the story and it moved along at a pretty good pace It did have a few side stories to it that didn t seem to really help along the plot, but were kind of fun and interesting anyways.SPOILER ALERT The main problem I had with this book was the miraculous recovery that the two main villains in this book had The author spent the first 75% of the book making you believe in how horrible the villain is, showing over [...]

    27. Conclusion to a sweet story about one of my favorite historical people I don t think it s a spoiler to know which prince Nefertiti ends up with It s something every young person should know from history but probably doesn t One thing I really appreciated about this fictionalized account is the writers idea of how the future Pharaoh Akhenaten would develop the concept of a monotheistic religion in a polytheistic world The presence of a young hebrew slave was very interesting I liked the portrayal [...]

    28. I liked this book at times but after all is said and done it had some problems 1 Nefertiti had no flaws She was a perfectly likable person and kind to everyone She was flawlessly beautiful, could dance, and was extremely smart I would have liked a few flaws thank you 2 The ending was, I m sorry, completely unrealistic It was a very everyone ends up happily ever after and all the villains of the book become saints miraculously through Nefertiti s amazing persuasion and personality Nefertiti has c [...]

    29. Sphinx s Queen follows Nefertiti back from hiding to confront her accusers and her harridan of an aunt in the hopes of clearing her name and winning control of her future It had a lot less action than the previous book, and a lot introspection and emotional work Yes, dealing day after day with people who don t like you takes work, and I appreciate that Friesner took the time to explain it in very obvious language within her storytelling No, I didn t enjoy this book as much as the first one, but [...]

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