Envy #2020

Envy Robin Wasserman Envy Kane and Harper know what they want Beth and Adam And they know how to get it Break up the shiny happy couple once and for all Miranda thinks she knows how to hit on Kane Mr Unattainable But she could

  • Title: Envy
  • Author: Robin Wasserman
  • ISBN: 9780689877834
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • Envy Robin Wasserman Kane and Harper know what they want Beth and Adam And they know how to get it Break up the shiny happy couple once and for all Miranda thinks she knows how to hit on Kane Mr Unattainable But she could take a few pointers from the all knowing Kaia, who s seducing Mr Powell, teacher en fran ais And Reed Well, he just knows how to have a good time Know the feeKane and Harper know what they want Beth and Adam And they know how to get it Break up the shiny happy couple once and for all Miranda thinks she knows how to hit on Kane Mr Unattainable But she could take a few pointers from the all knowing Kaia, who s seducing Mr Powell, teacher en fran ais And Reed Well, he just knows how to have a good time Know the feeling
    Envy Robin Wasserman

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      197 Robin Wasserman
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    One thought on “Envy”

    1. Oh my God Confession I found the first half of the novel to be a bit of a drag, just because it was so similar to Lust Correct me if I m wrong, but I ve always thought that although the books within a series usually follow the same general storyline, each book is meant to have its own individual plot s or obstacle s The beginning of Envy didn t feel that way It is around 160 pages in when everything starts to change, though new plots develop or thicken, plans are finally put into action, charact [...]

    2. Man I was so obsessed with this series when it was first released I got so caught up in the drama and this second one was great because everyone s been introduced so we can really get into all the nastiness.Stereotypical characters but it s old school so they were pretty fun when I read it It was my Gossip Girl obsession before Gossip Girl existed.Highly recommend if you love the Mean Girls high school drama type stuff I d love to unearth this series for a re read

    3. Personal Response I liked this book a lot I felt there was a little too much drama, but nonetheless it was pretty good I liked how good the descriptions were Robin Wasserman, the author, made the setting seem pretty realistic I enjoyed that there were several things going on at once There were no boring parts in it I feel this book had a little bit drama than the first book in the series, Lust It did, however, keep my interest because of the added drama Plot Envy was about Harper and Kane fina [...]

    4. I read the book Envy , which is the second book of the 7 Deadly Sins series, by Robin Wasserman Overall, the book was extremely good again there was never a dull moment The entire book kept me on my edge and made me wonder what would happen next Envy is about Harper finally getting what she wants, Adam, but with Kaia s and Kane s help Also, Kane getting Beth, which means that Adam and Beth split up Their relationship was already on the brink of being done, which made it really easy for Kaia, Kan [...]

    5. I really enjoyed reading the book Envy This story is about a group of teenagers in their junior year of high school They are almost halfway through the year and a lot has changed so far this year The title sums it up perfectly Jealously and the drive to want what you can t have forces these kids to do just that Adam and Beth are dating but Harper and Kane are determined to end the relationship to have them for themselves The things people will do to get what they want intensifies throughout the [...]

    6. Personal response I really enjoyed Envy by Robin Wasserman a lot It very accurately represented a small town school and what goes down The drama and how boring things were in Grace, CA were very similar to here I got into not only this book, but I commit to all of the Seven Deadly Sins.Plot Envy is about Harper and her finally getting what she wanted Adam Harper, Kane, and Kaia all confined in a devious plan to get Adam and Beth apart Kane asked Beth for help for the ACT s and she helped him stu [...]

    7. Personal Response This is the second book in the series So far, I have only read the first two books Personally, I like the second one better because there is a lot happening We knew who the characters were so they did not have to introduce them like they did in the first book This book had a lot of drama and like the first book, always kept me on my toes.Plot The book Envy is about an Alpha girl, named Harper Grace, and she finally gets what she wants Adam Harper, Kane, and Kaia all confine in [...]

    8. I have to be honest and say that I found this book boring and the pace of the story was really slowDon t get me wrong I love the idea of writing a series of books based on the seven deadly sins but in this case it just wasn t that great an idea To make matters worse I had to skim through some of the pages because nothing interesting happened I might have been too generous in giving this book two stars because based on my review it deserves less.

    9. i read this on the beach when i went up to the Great Barrier Reef, so i was probably so happy about being there i tricked myself into thinking this was a good book.

    10. Personal Response I gave Envy, by Robin Wasserman a four star rating I did not enjoy the sequel quite as much as the first, but Wasserman s writing has me hooked I found myself unable to put the book down yearning to read I found the language the author used to be fitting with the age of the characters The story of six teenagers high school drama was anything but boring.Plot The waiting game is not easily played by people who are used to getting exactly what they want Kane, Harper, Miranda, and [...]

    11. Envy is the second book in the drama, Seven Deadly Sins series In the first one as I read I started to learn who the characters really are and what they want In this sequel, most of the characters have already changed They have gotten to be devious than ever There is a lot secrets and backstabbing in this book Beth is tutoring Kane for the ACT s, and that is all part of his plan to make Beth fall for him Harper is helping Adam stay occupied since Beth is always with Kane It is all part of thei [...]

    12. Review can also be found on Orchids Amethysts.Title Envy Seven Deadly Sins 02 Author Robin WassermanRating 3 5In the second book of the series, you get a deeper view on the characters and their stories In addition, Robin also writes about Miranda and Kane in this book, which I m grateful for since they didn t take the big roles in the first book Harper is still wanting Adam to finally want her So along with Kane who still wants a little challenge named Beth, who is Adam s girlfriend she creates [...]

    13. Well a girl in my school library recommended this book and I am glad she did The only reason I got this one first because the first one Lust wasnt there I was overall pleased with the story, and the story is completely immersed in drama, lust, and jealousy I m guessing its some what relateable to your average small town teenager, although I wouldnt know because I live in NYCThe characters are similar and different in so many ways I wanted to rip Harpers head off the entire time reading, and Kane [...]

    14. I was still in college when I first read one of the books in this series To be totally honest, I read the third book first instead of the first Yeah, I guess I am crazy Well, I have my reason first, that s the only book in the series available then at that bookstore and I have been compelled to buy it though its not the first book, which is Lust So yes, I bought and read Pride first And I was right, it was such a good book I bought Lust and Envy too There s only a simple reason why I am reading [...]

    15. You know what I love when a book with only 231 pages takes 180 to get interesting Seriously if you re thinking of reading this only read the second half But honestly this book was a waste of my time and I see no point in continuing with this series The characters are all shallow and undeveloped Every Single one of them fits into a stereotype lacking in depth The only character that seemed to develop was Miranda yep she was my favorite even at the end.I had no doubt that the Evil Plan would work [...]

    16. The second installment to the Seven Deadly Sins series It really gives you a better feel of who these characters are and how they came to be There s an even bigger problem in this story than the last and this time, the book doesn t circle around the lust topic This time, envy is Kane and Harper, who usually get what they want, want to break Adam and Beth up only to benefit themselves There are a lot of emotional parts in this book, just to let you know There s not much to sayif you haven t read [...]

    17. Envy is part of a series called the seven deadly sins It is a novel about jealousy and envy about others A guy and a girl worked together to break up a happy couple and it worked The original happy couple blamed one another and the story has a lot of misunderstanding of different characters It makes me mad because the couple couldn t talk it over and broke up because of some misunderstanding Also, betrayal is a big theme in this book The partners got what they wanted and continued to keep their [...]

    18. Book Two of the Seven Deadly Sins by Robin Wasserman, has Harper plotting with Kane and Kaia to break up Adam and Beth I am most excited to read the third book to find out about all the deals Kane, kaia and Harper continue to come up with to ruin Beth s life But Kane thinks he will be making Beth s life better even though he is a snake with girls by taking her away from Adam, after all Adam took her from Kane in the first place Stay tuned for good timeswith this bored group from Grace Californ [...]

    19. ok this one suckered me in alot than the first still very high school but im totally ok with that now reading this one reminded me of the first couple seasons of one tree hill when i loved all the couples and couldnt decide who i wanted to be together i love all the charactersor at least love to hate them lol i was mad at myself for not grabbing the next book to take with me because i definitely did not want to wait til i got home to read it

    20. Really, I didn t think this book was as good as the first Of course, sequels barely ever are Anyways I thought the plot was good but kind of predictable Like I knew that Harper and Adam were going to end up together, just like Beth and Kane In this book, one character really annoyed me Beth for some reason, I just hated her so much in this book Anyways, I thought this one was all right but I m hoping that the third is so much better than the second.

    21. I am shamefully addicted to this teeny, dramatic, love triangle ridden series The drama is some of the best I have ever read I would litterally love to step through the pages and slap every character But, I love it If you ve been craving some quick teen read drama, check this series out P.S I d also like to say that I love that each book is named after one of the seven deadly sins, and it s a seven book series Love it

    22. This sequel did not disappoint I love the suspense, the characters, and the wicked indulgence Even though the way the characters choose to deal with their problems is so wrong, it s so understandable, and so riveting The books keep ending at interesting points I m picking up the next one right away

    23. This book got better a bit, the characters started to annoy me because they couldn t be happy with what they have with all of them hell bent ready to destroy Adam and beth but overall I d give it a 6.5 10

    24. This is a good series to read if you re looking for something mindless to escape with The drama in the lives of Adam, Beth, Harper, etc makes it easy to forget about your own life for a while and totally become of their twisted social escapades

    25. it wAS really awesome but u have to keep up with whose talking or thinking they change the narrator quite a bit and u sometimes dont realize it but it shows how envy can be taken too far and distory everything

    26. Even better than the first book, Lust I had to wait almost a year between reading Lust and Envy though because my bookstore stopped selling them Luckily I got a kindle for Christmas and was able to resume reading this fabulous serious I read this in 3 days I couldn t put it down.

    27. Envy was definitely a step up from Lust, the plot line was exciting and it wasn t as predictable Harper and Kaia s plan was devious, true The soap opera style was overlooked thats a GOOD THING

    28. I read all 7 of the Seven Deadly Sins I liked them all but I hate the ending very much They made a movie on this and I actually got to watch it a bit Its different in ways but the same in many ways You all should check it out

    29. I loved this book Filled with drama and jealousy which I m a sucker for it was great I cant wait to read Pride, the third book, and find out about Reed I hear that there is also a movie which covers the entire series but it doesnt play too often

    30. This series would appeal to readers of Gossip Girl or The It Girl Superficial, no plot, poorly developed characters Wasserman can write, but these books are not living up to her true potential.

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